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3 Night Bahamas Cruise from Port Canaveral

3 Night Bahamas Cruise from Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Disney Dream
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    Port Canaveral (Orlando)
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    Castaway Cay
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    Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Disney Dream

Disney Dream - Disney Cruise Line


Superb entertainment and activity options are geared to cruisers of all ages


Short sailings don't leave enough time for all of the fun activities offered

Bottom Line

It's a solid choice for family travel, especially for those with young kids

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: November 2018
This cruise was basically the third change we had to make to our vacation plans thanks to work schedule. We originally booked our cruise with Allure of the Seas, but watching too many videos of that ship I had the impression that the ... Read More
This cruise was basically the third change we had to make to our vacation plans thanks to work schedule. We originally booked our cruise with Allure of the Seas, but watching too many videos of that ship I had the impression that the Oasis-class ships are nothing but mere floating malls in the ocean - no theme, no character. We wanted a cruise that was going to be memorable before I head to a long deployment. After much deliberation, we went back to the Dream as our last cruise with them three years was exactly just that - it was magical. This cruise went out exactly the same way as we had it three years ago. We got our transportation arranged from the airport, and the whole embarkation process was smooth like before. Once on the ship, we had our cabin on the tenth deck, middle, just below the pool deck. I found our location to be very convenient to wherever we needed to go. We had access to two nearby elevators, and the pool deck are just a deck up. We also noted that our balcony is directly below the pool deck, so like an awning, it was well protected from the elements which I found nice. The room itself had shown some age to it. I'm not sure when and if the ship have ever been refurbished, but with my OCD, I quickly found scuff and wear marks on the light switches and fixture parts that have been heavily touched through the years. Expecting a premium product for this price, it was hard for me to see past that glare of the wear. Our embarkation lunch at Cabanas were not too pleasant. It was way too crowded, open tables were hard to find, and I found some of the servers unwelcoming. Once we got our seats, we did find the food less desirable than the last time we were on the ship. We brought these issues to management and were given immediate answers to our concerns. Over the following days, we experienced the same magical moments that we had the first time we cruised with these ship. Public spaces were clean and looked just as ornate as before. For those that haven't cruised on this ship, Disney did not spare on the small details in creating their theme on the ship. Their shows were of Broadway caliber, especially beauty and the beast. Their character meet and greets were always a hit with the kids, if you don't mind waiting up to a half hour. And because this was a holiday themed cruise, they went over the top for showcasing Santa. As well, their pirate show fireworks on the top deck was an extravaganza. Hands down it was the coolest experience I've ever had at Sea. Our day at Castaway Cay was just Divine. I still can't forget how beautiful and perfect the island looked. It didn't feel over crowded and there were ample opportunities to just unwind and take it all in. Buffet services followed us there and it was great. No complaints. Food was something that this ship have to at least revamp. It was almost the same menu we had three years ago, so we were not as excited this time. Also, we were not served lobster on this cruise, not one time, which I found surprising. On the other hand, we were able to enjoy our previous favorites instead. I was about to write off Disney from our future cruise consideration after this trip, but what made us book another future cruise with them is the fact that our daughter had the best time of her life at their Kids club while the peace of mind it gave us allowed us parents to enjoy our own time at Sea. I don't think we even want to risk trying that out with other cruise lines and be disappointed. Another biggest factor that made us decide to book another future cruise with them is their customer service. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that, despite the issues we raised, we had a magical experience on this ship. Our guest manager was exemplary, and nothing short of commendable. When we disembarked, we felt highly satisfied that the cruise fulfilled our expectations. So much that we ended up cancelling our Royal Caribbean cruise for next year, and ended up prebooking our next Disney cruise with an even bigger family in tow. Disney cruises are not the cheapest out there, but the many repeat cruisers we had on board can't be wrong on going again for the Disney experience. With the amount of people already prebooking their cruise, we can't be wrong on making that decision either. It's simply the best cruise experience for families, and definitely something to strongly consider if you've never cruised with Disney cruises before. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2018
Our family just returned from our second cruise on the Disney Dream and it was juast as amazing as our first! This was the first Very Merrytime Cruise and the ship was near capacity. We had an 11:45am arrival time, but actually made it ... Read More
Our family just returned from our second cruise on the Disney Dream and it was juast as amazing as our first! This was the first Very Merrytime Cruise and the ship was near capacity. We had an 11:45am arrival time, but actually made it there by 10:45am. The line to get through the initial ID check was short and the security line was not bad (maybe 10-15 minute wait). Once we went upstairs, the terminal was packed. We were lucky to get boarding group 12. They started boarding around 11:30am and we were on before noon. Going on the ship was easy and the atrium was beautifully decorated. We were sad to see the gingerbread house was not yet finished, but they worked on it during the cruise. Lunch was at Cabana’s and the only issue I had was with the rock crab. It had an odd, musty taste and I stopped eating it. I should have mentioned it to the crew, but we were wanting to get finished up. It was very packed since the rooms were not yet ready. The time we were done, rooms were ready and we headed downstairs. We went with a deluxe verandah room and we did notice the smaller size compared with the deluxe family oceanview room on our past cruise. We were on the starboard side of the ship and got to watch the crew loading the ship. We walked around the ship and headed up to the Sail Away party and it was fun for the kids. We went down for dinner in the Enchanted Garden shortly after the show ended (first seating). Tip – if you are not able to book the first dining online, call Disney and they will put you on a wait list. We were very lucky and were assigned to first dining when we received our cards. There is also a time on the ship you can ask to change. As for dinner itself, our wait staff was wonderful and the food was excellent as usual. I had the tomato bisque and sea bass and I would say it is one of the best meals of my life, if not the best. Everyone else really enjoyed their meals as well. That evening, they had some fun Christmas shows in the atrium. The Golden Mickey’s was very good and the kids enjoyed it. For the day at Nassau, we arrived in port around 9am and we ashore before lunch. My in-laws were traveling with us and wanted to see Nassau. We were off the ship for about an hour and that was enough. Unless you have a shore excursion, just stay on the ship! It is just too crazy with all of the people pushing you to take rides or trying to sell you things. Back on the ship, we had some lunch at the quick-service restaurants on the pool deck and it was pretty tasty. Nothing mind-blowing, but hit the spot. We enjoyed the pools and my wife and 7yo son rode the Aquaduck while I took my 3yo to the Nemo splash area. We all had a good time there. We then took our older son down to the kid’s club and we had our younger son get a much-needed nap. My wife and I enjoyed some time on the balcony watching the ships parked next to ours. It was scheduled to be a very slow port day in Nassau, but there were a total of five ships that docked, so the pier was crazier than usual. Dinner was at the Royal Palace and the food was once again very good. The wait staff even brought me out an extra dessert (soufflé night!) since I mentioned how much I love them. The show that night was Beauty and the Beast and it was out of this world! The effects are simply amazing and we were glad the seas were calm so they could perform. The last cruise was pretty rocky and they had to cancel it, which broke our hearts! It was also pirate night and the shows on the top deck were a blast. The fireworks are on the shorter side (about 3 minutes or so), but totally worth staying up for. The next day was our stop at Castaway Cay. We docked around 8am and we headed off the ship around 9:30am. We saw the grand Christmas tree and there was a character meeting when we got off. The tram ride was short and a nice way to travel to our beach. The weather was perfect, but we under-estimated how strong the sun was. We were all on the verge of nasty sunburns, even with sunscreen. The water was a bit on the cooler side (maybe upper-70s), but did not take long to adjust to. My older son enjoyed the water slide and we also swam around the snorkeling area a bit. We did not actually snorkel, but just wore our life vests out and enjoyed the view. Lunch is a basic bbq with hot dogs and burgers with a variety of sides and fruit. It tasted pretty good since we were all hungry. We did some shopping and then went back to the ship. My younger son took a nap again and my older son went back to the kid’s area. My wife and I took turns relaxing in the room while the other explored the ship. We left the island around 4:45pm and it was sad to see it sail into the sunset. Dinner was in Animator’s Palate. I was still full from lunch, so I went with a lighter chicken dish (very good!). The potato soup was amazing, but a part of me wished I would have asked for the tomato bisque and sea bass from the first night again. The show in the restaurant was tons of fun and the kids loved it. We then went to watch Believe and the cast was brilliant! We saw the show back in January and it was updated from what we remembered. The genie was hilarious and the one actress singing a song from Princess and the Frog brought the house down! I would put it up with any show on Broadway right now. Both of our kids sat for all three shows, even though it was past their usual bedtimes. When the show was over, we went back to the room to get our suitcases outside for pickup and then we relaxed a bit. I caught some Sunday Night Football on Funnel Vision on the top deck and walked around some. It was a great ending to the day. The only downside for the day in general was trying to book our next cruise. I was 5th in line, but two people ahead of me were booking six rooms and four rooms. With only two crew members assisting, the people in line were very frustrated as well and I ended up just putting a placeholder card in the box. I wasted 45 minutes standing there when I could have been enjoying the ship. I know for the next time! The final morning was the same as our last cruise. We hit up Cabana’s for breakfast and the staff is not as cheerful as the other mornings. I know they are pushing to get everyone off the ship and I think it is a tactic to help people along. There is a limited menu, which is also understandable. We did have the option to go back to Animator’s Palate, but it was at 6:45am, which was too early for us. Getting off the ship was very fast and going through the line at customs took maybe 10 minutes. We were back in the garage and the trip ended in a blink of an eye. I just think about all of the people coming on and how excited they are for their trip. It is such a sad feeling to leave the amazing Dream, but we also learn more each trip. We know some things we will do differently for the next cruise and we are hoping to go back next October! Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2018
9th Cruise with Disney and 4th on the Dream. We were looking for a quick get-away for me and the wife, and love everything Disney's ships have for adults only cruisers. The Dream is absolutely perfect. Embarkation is super easy. We ... Read More
9th Cruise with Disney and 4th on the Dream. We were looking for a quick get-away for me and the wife, and love everything Disney's ships have for adults only cruisers. The Dream is absolutely perfect. Embarkation is super easy. We always use Disney Transportation from MCO and it is stream lined to the point we have nothing to worry about. We check in at our home airport and never see our bags again until they arrive at our cabin on the ship. We always arrive at the cruise terminal early, and we are usually assigned a boarding group no higher than 4. we virtually walk on the ship and start enjoying our vacation right away. This ship is very clean and we start having fun right from the beginning. We love the adult pool areas, there always quiet and we can lounge around and just do what ever! when we feel like being young again we hang out in the family pool area and watch the kid splashing around in their pool. The funnel-vision always has fun movies and on Sunday, they showed the football game. Our cabin was great, very clean, and wonderfully maintained by our Stateroom Host, Ketut. This was a last minute vacation for us, and we book a GTY 5C. This was a new and nervous experience for us, because we like choosing our cabin and location. We were pleasantly surprised when we received a 5A cabin on level 9, aft. We could walk right up to Cabanas and the pool on deck 11. The location was perfect and we will definitely book another GTY. We love the rotational dinning and we are never disappointed with the food. this was our first experience with the late dinning, and I must say I prefer to eat earlier, but we lived with it. Our wait staff was great. Jeanpierre and Gusi took really good care of use and met our every need. Animator's Palate is always fun and we love the interactive screens around the room. we dined at Royal Palace on our final evening and it was absolutely great. We loved the food and the service and can't imagine how it could have been any better. We Dined at Palo's on the second evening, and this was our first experience there for dinner. We make it a habit to have brunch there every cruise, but booked so late, the brunch was sold out. The dinner at Palo's is out of this world. I had a steak that was so tender, you could cut it with a fork. My wife was more adventurous, and had Dover Sole. it was outstanding. Our server, Berniece, made sure our every need was met and she really made dinner magical and fun. I definitely would recommend Palo's, either brunch or dinner, (Both if possible). Room services was also great. We ordered Coffee, which was delivered to our room every morning around 7 so we could enjoy a cup, out on our balcony, watching the waves go by. Then we would leisurely get dressed and head up to Cabanas for a light breakfast. We love the buffet for breakfast and lunch and Disney always has a great variety of food. I usually hit-up the dessert area at lunch, first thing, before seeing what other delicacies to enjoy. We've experienced Nassau on several cruises, so we make a point to hang out on the ship and skip this port. the weather was great so we lounged in the adult area on the upper deck and enjoyed the sun, a great drink and read a book or napped in the heat. Castawy Cay is absolutely beautiful. the adult areas are always clean and well maintained. Again, the weather was warm, but a little windy, but not enough to hamper our beach time. The drink service was great and lunch on the island was outstanding. We live for Castaway Cay and would love another 3-day cruise if they only went there and skipped Nassau all together. Just happened to run into Goofy on the upper Deck on evening and got some great shots with him. We didn't go to any of the shows. Our only disappointment was this cruise was only 3 nights. We've never been on one that short and it really seemed to fly by. we just love Disney Cruises. Read Less
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