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7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Allure of the Seas
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Allure of the Seas

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Caters to every type of cruiser: families, couples, adventurers, food- and wine-lovers.


Upselling is rampant, and extra fees can quickly add up.

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If you want a fun-filled cruise with plentiful activities, you can't beat Allure of the Seas.

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Sail Date: September 2018
This was my third cruise with Royal Caribbean (once on Liberty of the Seas and once on Oasis of the Seas). Total party of 3 adults. I’ve also sailed two times with Carnival and once with Norwegian. In looking at the ship overall, ... Read More
This was my third cruise with Royal Caribbean (once on Liberty of the Seas and once on Oasis of the Seas). Total party of 3 adults. I’ve also sailed two times with Carnival and once with Norwegian. In looking at the ship overall, I guess a lot of the wow factor had been gone due to the fact we went on the sister ship the Oasis of the Seas two years prior. That being said, the layout is amazing and we still had a great time with plenty of things to do onboard. The service was very attentive--even moreso than the Oasis of the Seas. People would always be coming by, asking how we felt about the cruise and the service. Many smiles shared all around. They would always be checking to make sure the public bathrooms were clean and well-stocked. While there were many people trying to upsell things, like specialty dining or pictures and such, I never felt pressured into buying any of it. I felt the service on the Allure was better overall than the Oasis or the Liberty. Elevators were slow (which is to be expected) at peak times like after a show, and be prepared to have to literally stop at every floor more often than not. Just when you think there is no more space for another person to fit, there will always be another person who will want to squish themselves in, so hopefully are all friendly people! Pre-Cruise: We stayed at the Hampton Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port and it was a great experience! The price was great (about $130 after taxes and fees) for two queen beds. Breakfast was included, which had a full array of cold and some hot foods (cereal, scrambled eggs, sausage, pastries, bagels, toast, waffles, juices) along with 24/7 coffee and tea and water availability. They also give you a free bottled water when you check in and if you want when you check out. Free wifi. Room did smell a bit musty before the AC was turned on and you can see some wear and tear, but everything was clean. We took a LYFT to the cruiseport, which was about 11 dollars and change, and it took about 10-15 minutes. Since there was three of us, we did not need a LYFT XL, but a word of caution. If you are 4+ people each with good-sized suitcases, I suggest that you consider paying for the XL side, as one of the sedans could not fit all three of our suitcases in the back and we had to put one in the front seat instead. Alternatively, you can take a shuttle, which was about 8 dollars per person from our hotel. The weather on the day of embarkation was horrendous, and at one point it was almost like hurricane-force winds and heavy downpour. Make sure to have your passport ready to get past security when getting into the cruiseport area. Luggage was dropped off with the luggage porter, and this was the first time I felt pressured to tip right off the get-go in such a rude way. Thankfully, the luggage came to the stateroom without any issues right when we went to the room at 1PM (earliest time they let you go to the room). Getting into the ship was quick and we went to eat at the Windjammer around 11:45AM, which must have been the magic time as by the time we were leaving, there was a queue to get in. Cabin: Pre-cruise, we actually saw an amazing deal for suite guarantees, which guaranteed a suite (not junior suite) which only ended up being 1000 bucks per person! That being said, our family does not care so much to be in the room besides for sleeping, so we went ahead with someone lesser. We left our room fate up to the RCCL gods and went with a neighborhood balcony guarantee, in which we lucked out and were assigned to cabin 10303 in the boardwalk. This was coincidentally exactly two floors below our room when we went on Oasis--I think the chances of us getting this room is higher because we are three adults, as these rooms have the sofa bed for the third guest. I thought the sofa bed was comfy, and the blankets were not too heavy/light, and the pillows were good as well. Now our room had obvious signs of aging. For one, the shampoo dispenser was cracked and broken, yet no one came to fix it until I called to have it done. Our sink was also clogged, in which I had to ask them to fix as well. I understand why they have to be so small, but it was ridiculous to try to wash your face with the sink, as you will splash and make a mess in doing so. The water in the sink and the shower were either hot or warm. No possible way to get cold water. I did not bring an extension cord, but I did have a multiport USB charger, which worked fine. I tried bringing a multi port plug in, but unfortunately it did not fit on the electric plugs in the room. They have the three regular ports on top of the desk with additional plugs in the back side under the desk. For some reason, they had a clock with outdated iphone 4 and below charging docks in the room as well. For the blankets, they do cover over with a fresh sheet, but looking at the blanket for the bed was kind of...gross. I could see blood stains from who knows how long ago and obvious discoloration. Also, they do not change the sheets at all during the course of the cruise. We did make a small spill on one of the sheets with soda, and our steward continued to use it during the entire cruise. I do not know when the last time they vacuumed as well, as there was blonde/white hairs (I’m asian so I know those aren’t mine!) pilling on the carpet in some places. If you bring back a mug of tea and want it cleared, our steward did not take away the mugs ever, thus we had to leave it outside of the room. It did not appear that they cleared those empty plates and cups often on our floor, as I would see them left in its same place almost all day. But some fellow guests were pretty liberal in what they left outside their room (some person even left a used baby diaper outside in a dish, gyah!) Plenty of storage space by the desk and in the closet. For those who are light sleepers or like to tuck in early for the night, I suggest that you do not consider a boardwalk balcony. Although the soundproofing lock does a great job blocking away most of the sound, it still very audible to hear when they are doing the Oceanaria water show (they do a late night showing several days in the week). My family slept like the dead, so we can no problem sleeping through it all. We also heard a lot of door slamming from our fellow guests at all hours as well. Additionally, you can probably hear the toilet flush a mile away by the noise it makes. If you did get my room, make sure you also close the door completely, as the door does not automatically close shut all the way. Air conditioner in our room worked well. Television did not have many channels and nothing was worth watching. We did not order room service because of the fee now tied to it, but they have basic things like salads, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and a small kids menu available. Continental breakfast is free of charge. Phone calls to the stewards, maintenance, and for dining were all equally awful. Expect to be on hold for quite some time before someone picks up. Internet: One of the reasons we love going on the Oasis-class ships is the high speed internet. We were able to get a great deal pre-cruise where we got two lines for only 19.99 per day (compared to the 15.99 per line onboard). Streaming tv on sea days and at night was pretty bad though--expect it to be super choppy, but no issues with simple web browsing and facebooking. RCCL does have the cruise app which is nice to check your stateroom balance, your reservations, menus for each restaurant at night, activities, and so forth. As a complete side-note, I do play Pokemon Go, and will make note to my fellow players regarding the playability of the game on shore. The cruiseport itself does not have a pokestop, but plenty of spawns (not really many Heracross’s or Corsola though). St. Martin had a handful of stops and pokemon spawns, but the connectivity there was awful through Verizon’s roaming. Labadee surprisingly had several pokestops and gyms along with pokemon spawns. Puerto Rico was awesome for pokemon and pokestops all around. Dining: The first thing I did upon entering the ship was go to Giovanni’s and schedule my dining reservation. I purchased the BOGO option for dining, which was an amazing deal as long as you do not mind eating at a speciality restaurant on the first formal night. I already picked the time for my first restaurant pre-cruise (6PM--we are early eaters), and they picked Giovannis for us (which is good because this is what we wanted). When you first go to your stateroom, they give you a welcome pamphlet that tells you where you are going to eat and at what times for the BOGO deal. You can change to whatever restaurant you want if you speak with any specialty restaurant rep (I was chosen SAMBA for the second day, but we rescheduled for Chops Grille instead for 5:30PM). If you do not go early, prepare to eat either pre-6PM or 9PM or later. Giovannis was absolutely amazing. My family and I tried about 5 different apps to start off, which were...okay. The best thing I had was the pork belly app, while my parents preferred the octopus. The main course is where they blew us away. I ordered the filet mignon, and it was perfectly cooked. The sides were also well seasoned. My mother ordered the shrimp and she said that the sauce was amazing. My father ordered the branzino and he enjoyed this well. We ordered the half-portion of the clams pasta and bolognese, in which we all agreed the bolognese was the better of the two. Despite our full bellies, the waiter insisted that we try their “sampler” of desserts, which ended up being these huge portions of their desserts: cannoli, tiramisu, and chocolate brownie with caramel sauce. The tiramisu by far was the best--you definitely do not get that level of alcohol tones when eating the tiramisu at the Windjammer. Waiter informed me that if we wanted to return back to this restaurant later on, we could seek him out and he would give us a 50% discount the next meal. Very tempting. Chops Grille was good, but not amazing. I felt the highlight of this restaurant was their appetizers. Once again, my family tried a bunch of different apps. The candied pepper bacon was delicious, but my favorite thing was their lobster bisque (very indepth flavor of lobster and it is not super sweet and heavily creamy like most other places). My parents preferred the crab cake appetizer (they do not skimp out of the crab in it!) so much they ordered another crab cake for dessert instead of something sweet. The entrees is where they fell sort of flat. My mother enjoyed her shrimp dish, but not as much as Giovannis. I ordered the bone-in ribeye, which was dry and overcooked. My father ordered a NY strip, which was pretty standard. We ordered many side dishes, but none of them particularly wow’d us or stood out. For dessert, I ordered the red velvet cake, which was great and nothing like the one they serve upstairs in the windjammer. Service at both restaurants was amazing, and unlike the other dining packages where you pay the tip on top of the cost, the BOGO has the tip cost already factored in. That being said, because the service was so great, I gave both of our servers additional tip on top of it. As for the dining room, we only went to the dining room one night, but did My Time Dining. You have the ability to call dining reservations from 9A-4P and schedule a time, versus just showing up without a reservation. I called ahead of time first thing that morning, but the only time slot available was 5:30PM or 9PM. This was for the second formal night so of course the family and I all ordered the lobster. During our last cruise on the Oasis, they gave us warm water lobster tails, but this time on the Allure it was cold water ones. Without even asking for a second, they brought over a second tail, stating that the portion sizes were small. The first one was cooked perfectly, but the second ones were stuck to the shell and near impossible to eat. As a side note, while we were standing outside of the dining room (American Icon), the staff members at Izumi were trying to promote a 50% off deal for the restaurant instead. As we stayed in a Boardwalk Balcony room, we had the EAT DRINK PLAY benefits attached to the room. Upon entering our stateroom, there was the refillable soda cups already there for us to use. We also received a free lunch at Johnny Rockets. We went on the last sea day here, and were glad to get a seat inside to avoid the scorching hot sun. We have eaten at Johnny Rockets plenty of times off the ship, and the quality of the food was the same. I hear that they now increased the cost to $11 per person, but that with the exception of milkshakes, you can ordered as much food as you want and have soda included. My mother and I both ordered the salad and my dad a burger, which all came out well. My mother wanted to try the BBQ chicken melt they had, but they forgot to put the BBQ sauce on it, and it was unflavorful and boring even when they added the sauce on after. Our server didn’t know we existed at the start, but later on was very attentive to our needs, thus we tipped him extra considering it was a free meals also on our end. We tried the Boardwalk hot dogs and the donuts, which require no upcharge. The boardwalk hotdog (The Sicilian) I had was better than the regular ones they had upstairs in the Windjammer. The donuts were nothing to write home about, but they are convenient to pick up (in hopes that people used the tongs and didn’t grab with their hands…). For pretty much all other meals, we went to the Windjammer, as we prefer convenience more than anything else. Since once again we are early eaters, we never had to wait in the queue to get in, but saw plenty of lines leaving. Breakfast was always the same in Windjammer (we enjoyed having miso soup available every day), but on the last sea day they offered free mimosas to everyone). Lunch tended to be pretty similar for the most part as well. At dinner, they always had a theme night, whether it was Caribbean, Indian, or BBQ. The last sea day, they had the best surprise for dinner. Lo and behold, there was an iced seafood bar filled out shrimp, calamari, mussels, baby scallops, crawfish, and even crab arms! The crab arms must have been too popular though, because they ran out fast and had to replace it with even more calamari. They always will have a station section with pasta/sauce, burgers/hot dogs, indian/asian food there. Fruits were primarily melons and pineapple. Salads were fresh. They did have a chocolate/dessert bar on one of the themed nights (maybe the BBQ night?). RCCL should consider cutting down the portion sizes of the desserts though, as I feel people want to try everything. So much I saw was being thrown away/wasted. Free drinks included unsweetened tea, some fruit of fruity beverage, water, hot tea, and coffee. They must have made some changes to service in the Windjammer, as I did not remember them being so attentive two years ago on the Oasis. There were always people coming around, asking us if we wanted refills on our drinks, offered us desserts and other things. They were usually quick to clean up after people left. Sorrentos had pretty solid pizza (well, I call it fake pizza since it’s closer to the pizza you buy frozen and microwaveable over something you get in a restaurant), that was warm and crispy. Not too greasy. At Central Park, I did try the sliced roast beef sandwich that many people rave about, which was okay, but I felt that they sliced it too thick for my liking. They offer burritos and sandwiches hot for lunch, along with packaged foods like asian salad (shrimp in it) or egg salad sandwiches. In the morning, they do fruit cups, yogurt, and hot breakfast options. Pretty much the only place I could get a complimentary bag of potato chips on board as well. Cafe Promenade was always open, and I had some of the cake there, which was the same as what they served upstairs at the Windjammer. Was a nice place to refill on coffee and tea. We do not drink alcohol, so none of us bought the alcohol package. I did notice on Day 6 (the last sea day) on board, they had signs out for a “10 DRINKS SAVINGS CARD” that said: “10 DRINKS FOR ONLY $79. SHARE THIS PACKAGE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS! VISIT ANY BAR ONBOARD TO PURCHASE YOUR CARD” We did have our soda cups from the boardwalk promotion and there were spots to refill in the Windjammer, Wipe Out Cafe, and on the 5th floor by Sorrentos--I did notice that as the days went on, those machines started smelling bad (people dump their drinks into the drip trays, which likely sat there for who knows how long). Sodas always went flat quickly, but it was nice to have. Entertainment: Overall, I enjoyed the entertainment on board. We booked our reservations for the shows ahead of time, thus we did not have to wait on the sidelines to get in. Be prepared to come about 30 minutes prior to the show if you want half-decent seats though, or you may need to sit behind a pole. They do block off sections of seats for the Star Class/suite people (three whole middle row sections in the theater), where they had people stationed on each side to tell people to sit elsewhere. Man, did I feel for those workers, as they would have people arguing and complaining about not being allowed to sit there. They do open up the seats right before the show starts though. They tend to sell popcorn (yes, “sell”) for about two fiddy outside of the shows, which in the end I feel is a smart decision for RCCL. I could only imagine the mess you would see everywhere if popcorn was free. I feel like people would be more careful not to spill and drop it all over the place knowing they are paying extra. Oceanaria, the water show, was similar to the one we saw on Oasis. Never ceases to scare the crap out of me watching the divers who jump at the way top. There were two different ice shows. How to Train Your Dragon show was really just for kids, and we felt bored watching it. The Ice Games show was awesome and the costumes were great--wouldn’t miss this one for sure. Mamma Mia was great too, but at times I would think to myself...is this really appropriate for children as well!? Having conservative parents, even I would feel a sweat drop when I saw them grabbing breasts or making sexual jokes. The singers were great and the show has a lot of energy. My parents enjoyed the show a heck of a lot more than CATS (which they left during intermission on). The cast of Mamma Mia came back to do Blue Planet...which was not what we were expecting. We thought it would be more acrobatics and such, but for the most part, it was modern dance in crazy odd nature costumes singing to popular songs that related to nature. I would probably not go back to this one. The Ronn Lucas show was entertaining, but I feel like I may have seen him on a different ship before. Solid entertainer if you need a good laugh. I’m getting on in my years (30s are a rough time!), thus I did not end up going to the late night comedy shows. Activities On Board/Fitness: We are not the type of family to go to all of the events, like BINGO or karaoke, so I cannot comment on that. I did enjoy the zumba classes they had on the sea days, and thankful that they moved it to the promenade indoors, as having to do it outside on the basketball court on the Oasis was brutal because of the sun. The dance classes were fun. I loved watched the flash mob dancing and people of all ages joining in. I am not brave enough to try to flow ride or the zipline, but I enjoyed watching my fellow passengers doing so. Having a boardwalk balcony room give you “exclusive” time to use the rock climbing wall, but we did not use it. I did not bother going to the spa this time. I had a “complimentary” facial in the past on Oasis (you have to pay tip), which was nothing special. The gym was large with a lot of machines, but I preferred going on the walking/jogging track instead. The biggest issue was some of the fellow passengers. It requests that walkers stay on the right and allow the joggers to pass on the left, but several passengers every time I went on the track felt the need to link arms or walk slowly in rows of three, walk in the wrong direction, or even just stand there and block the way to take pictures at the aft area, looking at you with constipated annoyed faces when you try to pass by them. The casino was open and always awaiting to take your monetary donations. Those quarter machines can be super addicting though! They have low limit tables usually during the early afternoons on sea days. One of the few places where you can smoke on board, thus I did not spend that much time down there. The promenade at night and on embarkation day was usually crowded as heck. Especially on embarkation day because it was pouring rain, or when they were doing the $10 on everything on the table sales. Central Park, while I do like the layout, I did not find any particular reason to hang out there beyond going to eat at the restaurants, as the air circulation was not that great. The hot tubs and pools were pretty crowded on sea days and right before sail away at days at port, so my family and I would try to come in a couple hours before sail away to spend some time without being packed in and to find a nice chair in the shade. One of the jacuzzis was broken and didn’t seem to get fixed for the course of the cruise. Didn’t seem to have any issues with bratty children jumping around--seems like the ones that joined their folks in the hot tubs kept to themselves and were splashy-free. Mini golf is straightforward, but another nice free perk to have if you are bored. The merry-go-round was a treat, even if you go on without children, haha. Despite the thousands of people onboard, I felt that there was still places to go hide away for some quiet time. I personally like the jogging track aft area, where most people would just go to read. The library was claustrophobic-feeling and pretty lame. Some person was studying in there, but making an awful lot of racket (mumbling to himself while listening to something), so I chose to read elsewhere. Ports and Excursions: As we had been to all of these ports in the past, there was no need for us to book a tour or excursion. St. Martin: We stayed on the Dutch side and did not bother to go to the French-side, as we know that our beloved Serafina’s is no more. We walked ourselves from the pier down to Front Street, which took about 10-15 minutes on foot--there is a sidewalk to avoid traffic. For those who do not need a fancy pants beach, they do have a beach in that area. I saw many signs that offered two chairs, an umbrella, and 4-5 beers/drinks for a total of only 20-25 bucks, which I felt was a good deal. We did not go to the beach ourselves, but spent a couple hours walking around front street. The stores were pretty boring (lots of souvenir and jewelry stores) along with some run down small casinos. The locals did not seem pushy at all about pushing you to buy things. We went back to the ship for lunch and enjoyed the almost empty pool and jacuzzis for hours. Be mindful that when people come back to the boat--it is that odd hour between lunch and dinner, thus places like the Wipeout Cafe and the Windjammer were incredibly packed with lines during these hours. Our next place was San Juan. We first did a quick tour around old San Juan. As soon as you get off the ship and to the main street, there will be people trying to get you to join in on their tour. The buses all looked clean and were air conditioned. They take you around old San Juan for about 1-1.5 hours before everything opens (since you come into port around 7-7:30AM) and stop at a few places for picture opportunities. These tours charge 15 dollars a person, which I felt was reasonable, and you can choose where you want to be dropped off (either at one of the forts, in downtown shopping area, or back at the ship). We chose to get off in the downtown area and walk around. We decided to try Cafe Cuatro Sombras, which had good reviews on yelp. Their guava slathered bread was delicious. They were once known for their locally grown coffee, but the barista informed me that the hurricane wiped out their entire supply and thus has to come from elsewhere. I also tried the hummus and red pepper, which was also good. After we looked around Old San Juan, we took an Uber to Plaza Las Americas, which is a big shopping mall about 10 minute driving wise from Old San Juan. Was only about 7 bucks and change to get there. Really, in the end it is just like a large mall you find in America, but we enjoyed walking around outside of the heat. Took an Uber back to the cruiseport after that was about 8 bucks and change originally, but we had some issues come up on the ride back, where the Uber driver “forgot” to say that the ride was completed and drove off and kept it running for quite some time before I force cancelled it and complained to Uber’s customer support. Needless to say, I did not give the extra tip that I usually leave to my Uber drivers, but Uber was quick to reimburse me for the wrongfully charged addition. It is always a good reminder to be cautious when using Uber/LYFT, as not all drivers are honest and will try to take advantage of tourists/outsiders by taking extra long routes or dragging out costs by doing shady things. Right by the cruiseport, there are people selling souvenirs and fake designer bags (haha). They did ask people for photo ID when getting back into the cruise boat, so make sure to bring it with you. Our last stop was at Labadee, Haiti, so of course it was a beach day! We had no problem finding a place in the shade and enjoyed watching the zip liners go by. I heard it is now about 100 bucks for the 45 second ride down, which is too rich for my blood. If you do not want to lug the chairs yourself, there are people who offer to help out for the sake of receiving tip. They do offer lunch on the island at several food stations, which consists of burgers, hot dogs, spare ribs, chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, fruits and so forth. Not too many options for those vegetarians/vegans out there though. They have free tram rides for those who do not want to walk, but we chose to go on foot, which was not a bad walk at all. The bathrooms were kept clean. The souvenir place was a bit overwhelming, but I did not feel pressured to buy anything (I bought vanilla coffee there as a gift though!). Fellow Passengers: Overall, we felt that people were well-mannered and courteous to their fellow passengers. No issues with people blasting loud music, cursing and being excessively rude. We chose to go at this time in hopes that kids were all back in school and the number of children would be minimal, but there were still many kids on board. Given the thousands of people on, it is to be expected to have bratty, unsupervised children here and there. One of the nights at Giovannis, some little kid was wailing and crying the whole time and the family just let her sit there and cry while everyone was trying to have dinner. Another time in a show some lady was sitting there with her crying baby and didn’t get up to leave. Some parents did not care that their children were running and bumping into people. But then you have the children who sit quietly, are well mannered and behaved (I felt this time it was the majority), and try not to get in people’s way. They tell you numerous times to not use flash photography during shows, people plenty of people do it anyway. Some people had no awareness of others around them--had this same family of people constantly knock over my drink and be pushy during a show. Some people had no hygiene awareness and would let their dirty clothes drag in the food at the buffet areas, so I strongly suggest you reach for the food in the back rather than the front. There are always plenty of workers asking for you to be happy happy and washy washy. It is amazing to see how much more culturally diverse cruising has become over the years and it was a delight to talk with fellow passengers about their lives back at home. Expect motorized scooters aplenty. Some people had pets on board, but the pets were always tucked into someone’s arm and did not seem to bother anyone else. None of them actually seemed like dogs for medical reasons (none of them were wearing official vests or were used as seeing-eye dogs). They have a small spot off to the side on the jogging track for animals to do their business there. Now that they took away expected dress codes, formal nights are not what they used to be. Many people showed us to dining in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops. I guess part of me misses seeing people dressed up to the nines, but I for one do like comfort more than anything else. My dad is relieved he does not have to pack in a suit and tie anymore. Disembarkation: I was amazed on how fast this process was, as it took much longer to get off on the Oasis. We had a flight at around 2:15PM leaving from Fort Lauderdale, so we were put into group 16 scheduled to get off the ship around 8-8:15AM. We actually went off around 7:55AM, and all of luggage was out and waiting for us. For those who are naughty and brought items on the no-no list, there is a large table with all the banned items when walking off the ship for you to reclaim (I saw irons, humidifiers, extension cords, and all sorts of whacky gadgets there). If you do not have Mobile Passport app on your phone, I strongly suggest you download it and fill it out. For those who have completed it, you get a special cut the entire line from the masses exit to go straight to the customs officer. You still need your passport for the person, but literally it took us 30 minutes to get off the ship, go through customs, and get an LYFT to the airport (arrived at the airport at 8:30AM). LYFT costed 11 bucks and change. Final Thoughts: Would we go back? Heck yes! Read Less
Sail Date: September 2018
After not having taken a cruise since 2017 my wife and I decided to cruse one again so we shopped around and decided on this cruse as we wanted to try one of the larger cruise ships. So we looked at this itinerary and as St. Martin we had ... Read More
After not having taken a cruise since 2017 my wife and I decided to cruse one again so we shopped around and decided on this cruse as we wanted to try one of the larger cruise ships. So we looked at this itinerary and as St. Martin we had not been to and as we have sailed out of San Juan previously we had not seen much of San Juan we decided to take this cruse. We flew down to Fr. Lauderdale the day before the cruse and stayed at the Spring Hill Suites in Dana Beach which was a nice hotel. On Sunday Morning we got up and had breakfast and booked a 10:45 AM shuttle to Port Everglades. We arrived at terminal 18 at Port Everglades at 11:00 AM as we had selected the first cheek in window to board the ship. We dropped our luggage with the porters and headed into the terminal to check in if you have the Royal App on your device the check in goes very fast the only problem we had was a minor one as my wife photo did not up load properly. Also Royal Caribbean is no longer requiring that a health questionnaire be filled out after checking in we proceeded to get our Welcome Aboard photo taken by the ships photographer and headed to the waiting area as the ship was not ready for boarding. Since we have gold status with Royal Caribbean we waited in the gold section the boarding area which is huge and once the higher status guests we boarded. We boarded the ship at 11:45 Am we had our boarding passes scanned on our phones we headed up the gang way and boarded the ship on deck 5 which is where you begin to notices Allures sheer size and volume this is where the ships Royal Promenade is located and it is huge. Much bigger than the ones we have found on the Explorer. Navigator and Mariner of the Seas, After stopping to find out about a soda package we decided not to get one due to the cost of the package. We headed to the Windjammer for lunch and it was already packed after finding a place to sit we got lunch. As our rooms would be ready at 1:00 PM we headed to find our room on deck 9 forward since the ship it so wide there are cabins going across the entire front of the ship with both inner and outer corridors. We found our room and our sail and sign cards were waiting for us in an envelope on our door. We entered our room and it was spacious and our shore excursion tickets we waiting for us. Shortly after we arrived our luggage was delivered and we unpacked for the week, we had plenty of room under the bed to store there of our pieces of luggage. One of our small bags and our carry on fit in the large closet. One thing we were grateful for was that our cabin was not a virtual cabin but it did have a large flat screen TV and plenty of storage space both in the bathroom and around the desk. After unpacking we and since it was raining off and on we headed to our must station for the mandatory passenger Evacuation drill our muster satiation which was a staging location was in the fitness club where we were shown the safety video which also shown on the cabin TV’s. After a brief announcement for the Captain we headed up to deck 16 to watch the Ship depart from Port Everglades. Once we were out to sea and since we had an 8:00 PM reservation to see Momma Mia and since we had our time dining we headed to the American Icon Grill our assigned dining room and had a delicious dinner. We were done with dinner by 6:45 PM. We headed back to our cabin where we met Karen our cabin steward. We used the bathroom and headed to the Amber Theater on deck four to watch Momma Mia. Since we had reserved the show we had our Sea Pass cards scanned and found our seats. The show is a full show staged exactly as it was on Broadway with a 15 minute intermission. After the show we stopped on the Royal Promenade to try the Pizza at Sorrento sans the shops as well. We then headed tour cabin to get tom rest as we had two day at sea to enjoy the ships facilities. On the first of two seas days we got up and we had breakfast in the Windjammer. After breakfast we go ready and checked out the Royal Promenade as my wife was interested in the Zumba class that took place on the Royal Promenade on sea days. While she was in the class I had a doughnut from the promenade café which also has sandwiches as well. After the class we checked out the Shops on the Royal Promenade and I dropped my wife off at the Spa for her massage. While my wife was at her massage I checked out the ships Boardwalk and had a coffee and doughnut at the Boardwalk Doughnut shop. I also went and walked through the ships Central Park which is a wonderful location with shops and a beautiful garden. I then went and picked up my wife at the Spa and we headed to the Windjammer for lunch. After lunch we returned to our cabin and changed to our bathing suites and spent the afternoon on deck 15 at the pools. Around 4:00 PM we headed to back to our cabin to get ready for dinner as it was formal night. After changing we headed to dinner and we stooped on the Royal Promenade to have some photos taken. We then headed to dinner. After another quick dinner we headed to the Boardwalk where we rode the Carousel and checked out the shops as it was quite Warm we decided to return to our cabin and change before the Ocean Aria Aqua Show at 8:30 PM. We then returned to the Aqua Theatre for the show which was quite spectacular. But since the Aqua theatre like the Ice Shows in studio B are very small get there early to get good seats for the show. After the show we were still hungry so we headed to the Royal Promenade for a snack before heading to bed. The next morning was our second day at sea. We got up had breakfast once again at the Windjammer and after breakfast we spent some time up on deck 15 enjoying the view and I had a cup of coffee at the Wipeout Cafe and I was able to Watch the Zip line and the Flow Rider. We then checked out the shops in Central Parks the ships park and visited the Park Café. When then checked out the sales on the Royal Promenade, the casino and our photos in the photo Gallery. We also vested the next cruse desk to check out cruses in Asia that my wife was interested in/ my wife then returned to our cabin for a nap while I went to the Royal Promenade and saw the Dream Works Parade and which was quite good. After I watched the Parade I returned to the cabin and got my wife and we headed to the Park Café for lunch is advised on sea days this venue can get quite crowded at lunch time but the sandwiches are freshly made to order. After lunch we went to the Boardwalk where I had the Hot Dogs at the Boardwalk Dogs and we met Shrek at one of the many DreamWorks met and greets held throughout the ship, We then returned to our cabin to change to our bathing suites and we spent the afternoon at the pool and then we had an afternoon snack at the wipe out café before returning to our room to change for dinner. It was Caribbean night on the ship and every one was dressed in their colorful shirts. We walked along the Royal Promenade where checked out the sales and we got a sample massage from the spa which resulted in us booking a couples massage for the next evening we then went to dinner when we got to our assigned dining room we were offered seating in the Silk dining room on deck 5 which serves the overflow for our time dining. After dinner since we had no shows scheduled we returned to our room and went to bed since the next day was our first port day. The next day was our day in St. Maarten we work up early and got breakfast at the Park Café on deck 8. As may wife was getting ready I went up on deck and say the ship was docked and we were not alone in Phillipsburg as docked at the next pier was the Caribbean Princess. After getting some pictures my wife and I went and got our souvenirs and returned to the pier to meet our excursion which had a meeting time of 9:45 AM the guides showed up at 9:50 AM and kept the whole group lined up until 10:15 Am when they went to load the coaches and then head over to Maho Beach where the features are the beach and the planes landing at nearby Princess Julianna International Airport , The beach is nothing spectacular and is not very big for all of the visitors with some rock at the top of the beach being the only place to leave you belongings while you are in the water. But it was fun to watch the planes land right over your head as you enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean. We stayed at the beach from 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM when we loaded the coach and headed back to the ship where we arrived at 3:30 PM> We got cleaned up got something to eat at the Park Café and went to our 6:00 PM appointment in the Spa for a couples massage which was quite relaxing After the massage we went and had a late dinner in the dining room and then stopped to check out the 70’s disco party and then returned to our room to get some rest as the next port was an early arrival into San Juan. As we had an early tour in San Juan we woke up and had breakfast at the Solarium Café which offers almost a full breakfast. The ship was docked at I believe pier three in San Juan which is near old San Juan. Since we needed a few items we did not bring enough of we were hoping to head to a drug store before our tour. After breakfast we headed off the ship and while my wife checked out the street Vendors for souvenirs. I went across the street to the Walgreens located in the Sheraton Hotel however when I arrived the store did not open until 8 AM but down the block and next door to the Ralph Lauren store was a CVS that was either open 24 hours or opened at 7 AM where I was able to make my purchase since we had time before our tour we went and dropped off our Purchase in the cabin. When then went to the pier where we would the meeting location for our tour. While waiting a local woman was selling bottles of water for a buck so I bought some water. At 8:40 AM we met our guide and headed for our mini bus for our tour and we were loaded and left at 8:45 AM and a wonderful tour with our knowledgeable guide Joel who was outstanding the tour ended with drop off at the ship at 12:30 PM and by 1:00 PM we were on board and headed to the Windjammer for lunch followed by the DreamWorks sail away party in the Aqua Theatre. After the party we checked out the sales on the Royal Promenade and headed to our cabin for a nap before going to dinner. After our nap we headed to the dining room for dinner. After dinner my wife went to watch a movie in the Aqua theatre while I went to the comedy club to watch some of the NFL opening game. Since the game was delayed due to rain and I head back to the Aqua theatre to join my wife. We then returned to our room where I watched the first half of the football game and then we went to bed as tomorrow would be our third and final port of call for the cruse. We woke up got into our bathing suit and had breakfast both in the Windjammer and the Solarium Café we then watched the ship approach into Haiti. After dropping my wife off at the cabin to prepare for our day at the beach. I then went back up on deck to watch the ship being backed into the expanded pier at Labadee, Haiti. We decided to head to the beach at 10:30 AM after taking some photos we walked over to the ocean beach and after picking up our floating beach matt we got a lounger and left our stuff and headed to the beach which we had to walk down as our end of the beach had a lot of rock. I do recommend using water shoes to prevent getting any cuts on your feet we both took turns using the mat to float on and one of the ships photographers took our picture in the water. After some time at the beach we returned to our lounger and got dried off and went to a nearby pavilion for a barbeque lunch and then it was back to the beach for some more time with the lounger we then took the tram to the market to buy some souvenirs. We headed back to the ship to prepare for the last formal night of the cruise. We had an early dinner in the dining room since we had reservations for the 8:00 PM showing of Blue Planet which is a Las Vegas style review featuring the cast of Momma Mia and the acrobats from the Aqua Theatre and was outstanding. After the show we checked out the movie showing on the big screens in the aqua theatre and then headed to bed. The next morning we woke up got breakfast at the Windjammer and after breakfast we checked out the sales on the Royal Promenade and bought our photo in the photo studio. We then returned to our room to begin packing as this was the last Sea day and the last day of the cruise. At 11:00 AM we headed to the aqua theater for Let you entertain me which was aqua show featuring characters from the DreamWorks film Madagascar and it was a quick show thein it was very hot in the theatre. Since it was our Anniversary and we could not get dinner reservations at Izumi Hibachi for dinner we decided to try to go for lunch which we enjoyed again Izumi’s meals are priced on a per item bases and it was terrific. As are the chefs who put on a show while cooking your meal. After lunch we returned to the cabin to use the rest room. As we had reservations for the 3:30 PM performance of Ice Games in Studio B the ships Ice Rink. The show was great but not as great as show we have seen on other Royal Caribbean ships and since it was based on the popular board game Monopoly and some parts of the show were obviously promoting the ships features. After the show we went to finish our packing and we then went to a late dinner which was the slowest meal of the entire cruse. When then returned to our cabin to put out our bags and since it was an early day we headed to bed. We woke up finished up our packing and headed to the Windjammer for our final meal as the ship had docked in Port Everglades. After breakfast we mead sure we had all of our belongings and stayed in our cabin until 7:45 AM when we headed to the Amber theatre on deck 5 to wait our tag number to be called which it was at 8:15 AM we left the ship found our luggage and went through Customs which was very quick as Customs declarations are no long required we called our Lyft and were picked up at 8:30 AM and were dropped at Fort Lauderdale International Airport by 9:00 AM. All in all we enjoyed our vacation on the Allure of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2018
Got to the ship a little early and was a little confusing because one person in our group had expedited and we had passcards instead of passbooks. They told us we could all check in together but didn't know how to handle the passcards so ... Read More
Got to the ship a little early and was a little confusing because one person in our group had expedited and we had passcards instead of passbooks. They told us we could all check in together but didn't know how to handle the passcards so ended up going through normally which in all fairness wasn't bad - took about 30 - 40 minutes to get onboard. We had an early flight so debarkation went extremely smooth. We left the boat at 6:30 am with our luggage and couldn't have gone any smoother. Didn't have to wait on luggage or "my time to leave". The cabin was clean and well cared for. Our steward (Carlos) was awesome. There was never a time that he was not there for anything we needed and he kept the room in tip top shape and of course loved his towel art. And really the entire crew was awesome. I don't think i had any negative experiences. The main reason the ship did not get a 5 star was because of the food. Other than the main dining room, the food was mediocre or worse. The food in the Windjammer was tasteless and at times not suited for consumption. I did eat breakfast at Johnny Rockets one morning and dinner at Johnny Rockets one night and both times the food was great. Ate at the main dining room twice and both times the food and service was awesome. Could not have had a better experience. The Windjammer needs to reevaluate their food and quality of food. I didn't get to see much in the way of shows but the shows i did see were great. The excursions were great - was really disappointed in Labadee's shopping area. The locals made it extremely hard to shop without being harassed. Had to leave the shopping area without being able to look at everything i wanted to look at. Overall had a great time....however will not cruise on this ship again because of its size. Felt like we were not at sea but in a huge hotel. Read Less
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