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9 Night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

9 Night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

Carnival Legend
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Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend - Carnival Cruise Line


Plenty of fun activities, free food options, a thrilling water slide and adults-only deck


Outrageous decor is not to everybody's tastes

Bottom Line

Family-friendly ship with American touches but an Australian vibe

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: May 2019
Hi all, here's our family's thoughts on the cruise ports! Enjoy. Seattle We rode the train from the airport. It wasn't too long of a walk, but it was some distance. The cost is only about $3 per person and it took ... Read More
Hi all, here's our family's thoughts on the cruise ports! Enjoy. Seattle We rode the train from the airport. It wasn't too long of a walk, but it was some distance. The cost is only about $3 per person and it took less than an hour to get to the downtown station. That station is located about 8 blocks from pikes market and 3 blocks from our hotel. Pikes Market - I agree with the reviews online that its a bit overrated, unfortunately. The structures are run down, possibly to preserve its original look, but as a tourist I found it dirty and unkempt. Lots of homeless milling around, though not very aggressive. We found the original starbucks, which isn't inside the long market. The line wasn't long to get into and we snagged some "first starbucks" mugs. We had a couple of different seafood plates from the various vendors and, sadly, they were only just ok. This was probably the biggest let down. The Monorail - Our trip thru Seattle coincided with the Folklife Festival at the space needle so we took the monorail over there. That was a nice festival that didn't cost anything to enter. We passed on the space needle ride because of the cost. I didn't see any lines of people so I think others were discouraged as well. The distance from the Grand Hyatt to the cruise terminal was way too long so we snagged an Uber, best choice of the trip to this point. He got us there in 10 minutes and dropped us off right in front. The boarding process was better at this port than in Galveston. No need to stand in line for your key cards, they're already in the mail bin at your cabin door. We breezed right onto the ship at 1:30pm. The Cruise: gets an 8/10 and here's why: Port 1: Tracy Arms Fjord: This is an amazing trip down a scenic pass. It takes all day, going at a slow pace. U almost miss meals because every mountain and every waterfall is amazing. We spotted Orcas, Humpbacks, and seals on the way. There is a spotter on the ship and if you keep your tv tuned to the forward facing camera channel, she comes on whenever there's something out there. PRO-TIP: Get a balcony room. We had a balcony room so that worked out perfectly! The ship stopped fairly close to the glacier, our ship was even surrounded by many icebergs. Its a sight you won't get anywhere else. Port 2: Skagway: We docked and had previously booked a jeep rental on our own. The city's downtown is about 1/2 mile's walk on a sidewalk next to a road hardly used. It was very safe, scenic, and easily done by most. Follow the crowds and you really can't take any wrong turns. The jeep rental company was ok (I'd rate them an 8/10). Their site indicated cb radios but we didn't have one. They also had a preloaded cd of information to listen as you drive along but our Jeep wouldn't pause/stop/ff/rewind any of the tracks. We turned the volume all the way down. We bought their insurance for $50, instead of providing our own. That saved us from having to do a pre and post vehicle inspection and possible hassle with any damage. The jeep is perfectly sized for a group of 5. Make sure you take your passports since you cross into Canada. The drive was amazing. When you get to Carcross, go over the lone bridge and make a left where you see a sign for Hospital/Police. It would be nice if they made better markings at this point because there's an awesome tourist information area there, with some shops. If you don't turn here, the small town ends pretty much right there. We saw other Jeeps just keep going straight another mile to Emerald Lake, which is beautiful and as far north as we ventured. On the way back, we stopped at a Suspension Bridge attraction a few miles south of Carcross. I think they wanted $40 per person entrance fee, just to talk on a suspension bridge. We decided that money would be better spent elsewhere so we didn't go in. Back in downtown Skagway, there's a bakery that makes flat bread donuts, definitely stop by and have one for just $7. PRO-TIP: Take a cup or baggie with you, there are many waterfalls you can pull over at where you can grab a handful of gravel from its base. You never know what you'll get! Port 3: Juneau: We booked, thru the ship, a helicopter tour. I believe the company's name was Tesco. From other's advice, we booked as late in the day as possible: 11:30am. That gave us time to shop in the morning, drop stuff off at the ship, and then find our excursion guide. When we found him in the designated area, he informed us that our trip had been cancelled due to heavy fogs and drizzle in the area. I was down but not upset. He explained, in a great way, how safety and visibility were a priority. A shadier company could have taken our money and flown us in the fog but not these guys so I give them credit. PRO-TIP: If you have an excursion cancelled, you can go to Guest Services and get a cash refund. We waited until our gratuities were charged, then got a cash refund for the rest. Port 4: Ketchikan: Of all the ports, this one was my favorite and I recommend you take the same excursion as we did. Some months back, we booked a 2 hour flight-seeing excursion on our own thru Flight Wings. They have great reviews most anywhere you look online and absolutely deserve it. Once your ship docks, walk over to the large Visitors Center nearby. Next to it is a parking lot of vans and one is labeled with their logo. Its a nice short drive, about 10 minutes to the plane. Look for bald eagles all over the place. We boarded the float plane and off we went. Words wouldn't do the views any justice but trust me, it was amazing. We landed on a lake far into the mountains and explored for about 30 minutes. So many pictures! My sole complaint is that Ketchikan is a short port day. For us it was 7am-12:30pm. We felt rushed after the flight. One oddity I did notice is that there's a free shuttle van with a Walmart logo that comes to the pier. People got off with walmart bags. I bet trinket prices were better at Walmart. PRO-TIP: Bring an empty bottle and snag some genuine Alaskan lake water. We also took back some twigs that had beaver teeth marks. You can't find those just anywhere back home. Port 5: Victoria: We arrived late in the evening and only spent about 4 hours at this port. There is very very little to see on the pier. Basically 1 store. You'll need to board a bus - $15/pp or rent a cab to take you somewhere. We got off, looked at the one store, then back to the boat. PRO-TIP: Check your dining time because on this day, everything was started (and finished) early! Plenty of people were wandering around looking for food because the dining room was closed. Closing thoughts: Boarding was better in Seattle than other ports, not sure if Carnival is changing things. Laundry was a bit slow and temporarily lost 2 blue jeans for about 3 hours. The shows were great and they allow you to film and photograph, unlike before. Lido had the chocolate lovers feast on an afternoon that I didn't go up there, still mad about that one. The Platinum guest party was still great and open bar. Cruise Director Jen was one of the more lively I've seen and wish more would take her lead and energy. Dress in layers, as the temps absolutely changed +- 20 degrees. Be ready for showers. Skagway had slightly cheaper souvenirs. Maybe 1-2 dollar difference than the other stops. Take a credit card with no international fees so you don't get stuck with Canadian change across the border. A point is taken for the weirdly short stops at Ketchikan and Victoria. A point is taken for the lack of bargains at the onboard shops. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
First, I always look to cruise on the smaller ships and the Legend was perfect. I was a solo cruiser and met people on social media that were going also. Not singles. Families, couples, etc. I flew from Philadelphia so I had a 6 hour ... Read More
First, I always look to cruise on the smaller ships and the Legend was perfect. I was a solo cruiser and met people on social media that were going also. Not singles. Families, couples, etc. I flew from Philadelphia so I had a 6 hour flight. Embarkation and debarkation - It was easy on and easy off. Everyone was on and off in no time. I was disappointed that no Carnival staff welcomed the group I was with when we stepped on ship. It had been 3 years since I was on a Carnival ship. Where is my card to open my door? We all looked dumbfounded. I walked to the service desk to ask and she told me they were all in an outside mailbox at each room door. Staff needs to be there to help with anything as we step on board. Ship - Please hire me to redo the decor! The theme was gaudy and actually had no theme. I do like the ship. It is a smaller one and and I never got lost. I liked the lay out. We had a warm and sunny week, except for one day of drizzle. Kids were in the pools, and one had the glass roof partially closed. I enjoyed the serentity area for adults only only for the big hammocks so I could lay on one. The mini golf course was used a lot by people. Cabin - I had an oceanview Rivera Deck (1) mid ship. 1167. I loved my room. I always prefer a lower deck. I was solo so the one outlet was okay for me. If you are 2 or more, get ready to share the outlet. The hair dryer was fine for me. I have shoulder length hair and it is powerful. It is in the small drawer and no need to plug in. It is powered up under the dresser somewhere. My bed was the two together and I also had a couch. TV sucked. Only a CBS News channel for a regular live TV station. There were movies anyone could buy to watch for only $4.99. There were two free movie channels, but I had no clue the schedule of what they would be. My cabin steward was wonderful Since it was only me and I make my bed in the morning anyway, I had him tend to my room in the evening only. He made my bed neater, turn down service, new towels, and other small tasks. Even I got some towel animals. Dining - I did anytime dining and liked it. Being solo, I was always asked if I preferred to dine alone or share a group table. I dined alone with my book, and was waited on the same as 2 or more. The food was average, but had good choices. The wait staff was excellent and they sure hustle to get everyone served. Two nights I ate dinner at the lido deck buffet. The Blue Catina and Guys Burgers was always busy. Don't bother with the seafood on the Lido Deck that is extra. I ordered the lobster roll and for $14.00 it was a waste of money. Portion was small and the sauce on top was too much. The Lido Buffet was always good. The salad bar was great and a good addition on the Lido deck. Entertainment and activities - The entertainment looked like the same theme as I saw on previous ships. The Brits....no thanks. Motown.....I wanted to see again but never got there. The Rock Music 80's was fantastic. The Michael's crafts activity was fun and even dad's were there! Service - Excellent. Spa- The worst. I know they have high prices but after a 6 hour flight, I went for a relaxing pedicure. Never ever again. Even with my eyes resting, the staff member never shut up and kept telling me I have dry skin, buy this, buy that. Horrible experience. Gym & Whirlpool - I used the whirlpool in the gym to soak my legs and knees each night. It was clean and relaxing. Beautiful views. Ports and shore excursions - Every one I did and others did were enjoyable. I did these and liked them: Skagway I did the Gold Panning, Sled Dogs, and 40 Below. Do it. I loved it and not crazy expensive. Juneau, I did the Glacier Explorer. It drizzled that day so had my raincoat and walked the trail. If anyone has any walking issues, it probably is not the excursion for you. It was a 45 minute round trip walk to Nugget Falls and the glacier, Ketchikan - I did not book anything but went to the Lumberjack Show and got my tickets right there. If you are active or former military or law enforcement, it's $5 off your regular ticket. I started talking to the employee about something, and once he heard I was former law enforcement, I received $5 off. The show is awesome! It's one hour and a lot of fun. Get off the ship early since you do not have a full day. Victoria, Canada is a mandatory stop. I decided, on the ship, to book the one hour horse drawn trolley tour. I loved it. It was so much fun. Bring a jacket though since it is in the evening. Other than that, I went back to the ship. This was my first time to Alaska, eighth on Carnival. My sister always goes but had no interest in Alaska, so I went by myself. May 28th is early in the season and the best. There was mixed ages, families, couples, etc. I saw all the kids at Club Ocean and could see they were having fun. I will return in a few years. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
My husband and I sailed on the Legend years ago and left with the overall impression that the decor was extremely gaudy and the overall experience was so-so. However, when friends picked this cruise and invited us along, we opted to join ... Read More
My husband and I sailed on the Legend years ago and left with the overall impression that the decor was extremely gaudy and the overall experience was so-so. However, when friends picked this cruise and invited us along, we opted to join them for their company more than anything else. Here are my overall impressions of our experience this time: Embarkation and debarkation - some of the smoothest I've ever had. We were on and off in no time. I especially love the Port Valet program. If you're flying a participating airline, this is a no brainer! Do it! Ship - it's still gaudy. All those molded plastic urns are a bit much! I felt like we were looking at cremated remains. Cabin - we had an aft vista suite, 7347. I loved the extra space and the jacuzzi tub. But can I say one thing? Outlets! Outlets! Oulets! We had one place in the dressing room area in order to charge things. I brought along a multi-plug and USB port (dont' bring a surge protector because it may be confiscated) and we were fine. But it would really be nice to have outlets by the beds. The balcony was dirty and needed a good cleaning. I know it was from the soot from the smokestack, but one morning I went out an wiped down the railing and the chairs before our friends arrived. The caulking in the tub was cracked, one of the bathroom cabinets was scarred up and one of the walls had a dent from the door handle hitting it too hard. Little things, I know, but still make an overall impression. Dining - we did anytime dining and found it worked well for the most part. I was disappointed that there was no escargot available at all. The food was average, at best, and often not served hot. The wait staff was exceptional, however, with the exception of one woman who appeared to be a supervisor of some sort. She had a scowl and we saw her actually grab a crew member by the arm and drag him off somewhere. That's a definite HR no-no! The lido deck buffet was okay, but times were not always conducive to our needs. Guys Burgers is a nice addition. Entertainment and activities - I came on vacation to relax, so I didn't do many activities. The variety, however, was very good and trivia seemed to draw large crowds. The shows were some of the best I have seen at sea. This was an extremely talented cast. Don't miss the Epic Rock night show. Amazing! Service - overall, it was very good. Our room steward Antonio was very accommodating, despite the fact that we were in our cabin a lot to enjoy the balcony. Ports and shore excursions - I did not do any Carnival shore excursions. I enjoyed the ports, especially Glacier Bay. We had PERFECT weather which made it even better. The only port I was not crazy about was Icy Strait Point. Perhaps if we had done an excursion, it would have been better. There's not much to see or do there. We walked to Hoonah and back just to check out the town, but again, not much there. It's not a touristy place by any means. It was nice to see, but again, just not my overall favorite. Overall - this was my fourth time to Alaska, second on Carnival. My very first trip was on the Carnival Jubilee in September of 2000. The weather is definitely less rainy in May, so I highly recommend going early in the season. Four years ago, we cruised on the Celebrity Solstice and found it to be more to our liking. Again, this time we cruised with friends who picked the ship. We had a great time with them on this Alaska adventure. Read Less
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