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14 Night Canada & New England Cruise from Bayonne

14 Night Canada & New England Cruise from Bayonne (Cape Liberty)

Celebrity Summit
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Celebrity Summit

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Why Choose Celebrity Summit?


Smaller size means consistent service; heavy emphasis on food and wine, with good results


Despite refurbs and Solstice-class additions, ship is more than a decade old and it shows

Bottom Line

The ship presents some of the best features of Celebrity, without being too overwhelming

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: March 2018
Our very first cruise, we are in our late 60's. Four of us booked the Rock N Romance cruise that sailed from March 3-8. The ship was wonderful. The attentive staff was great. We never had any situations with our room or the service. ... Read More
Our very first cruise, we are in our late 60's. Four of us booked the Rock N Romance cruise that sailed from March 3-8. The ship was wonderful. The attentive staff was great. We never had any situations with our room or the service. Because we all love music it was the perfect first time cruise. Styx were fabulous, Air Supply superb, The Guess Who put on a great show. I loved the Cher show.....she did a great job. All the bands on the ship were great!! The Queen Review at night was fun!!! He had Freddie down to a T. There was always something going on to do or see or listen to. The band members were all over the ship and very accessible! We were 12 inches from Michael McDonald. He was so gracious and signed my husband's drum head. We ate twice near the bass player from The Guess Who. Everyone on board was very polite, professional and very helpful. The food was good, lots of it and a good variety. They would bring you a dish that they thought you should taste because it was so good. By the second day they knew what you drank!!! Happy Happy wait staff. Considering they leave their families behind for 6 - 8 months to come and work on the ship. Think about leaving your family for months just to go to work and service others. Pretty impressive and the all had great personalities!! You know you booked the right cruise when you have a crisis!! A MEDICAL CRISIS!! My husband got very ill ( from a premedical condition) and the medical staff on board were great!!! they flew into action, made sure he was well taken care of AND made sure I was taken care of Too! When we had to disembark the ship to be taken to the hospital in the Grand Cayman Islands, we left with written instructions on who to call and their names and titles. They sent staff to our room to help our friends pack our stuff so we could take our belongings with us. They even made sure we had food to eat. We were taken by tender boat to the dock and all the way my husband had a lovely nurse Donna at his side. All this time I was wearing a black beaded bracelet given to me by Tasso, the Safety Captain on the ship. He took it off and said to me "my grandmother gave this to me. She got it in church. Wear it and know that God will be with you." As I was crying I thanked him. How thoughtful and caring. The Medical staff on the Summit is fabulous! The doctor knew just what to do and what to say to help us feel safe and secure. When we were taken to the Health City Facility, a 30 minute ambulance ride, I was told that thank goodness we were on a Celebrity cruise. They are wonderful and are very good at handling medical emergencies. I agreed. We had the best of care from the most caring staff of doctors, nurses and cruise line staff. They even made sure we got a message back to our friends before we left the ship. Although our cruise was cut short by 2 days due to the emergency, I am so grateful we were on a Celebrity Ship. They know how to treat there customers. I have been in contact with customer service to review charges and medical services. Thank God I took out the medical insurance and GEO Blue international travel insurance. Don't leave home without it!! We will go again because I know the ropes now and have confidence in the entire staff of Celebrity! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2018
Let me start out by saying that this cruise was our 5th. We have done 2 Norwegians and previously we have been on Celebrity Silhouette and Reflection. After some serious research we have decided to remain loyal to Celebrity as they seem to ... Read More
Let me start out by saying that this cruise was our 5th. We have done 2 Norwegians and previously we have been on Celebrity Silhouette and Reflection. After some serious research we have decided to remain loyal to Celebrity as they seem to suit our life style. We like good food, exciting cocktails, fantastic service and an older more refined crowd that still likes to enjoy themselves. We chose Summit this year because of the Caribbean itinerary. We want to go to places that we have not yet been which starts to get a little difficult after having been on 5 cruises. Summit is an older, smaller ship than those we have sailed on in the past however, reviews were good and a smaller ship can be a more intimate experience they stated. We opted for the Aqua Class having done Concierge class on past Celebrity Cruises. In a nutshell, it was explained to me by Celebrity Aqua Class generally includes all the amenities of Concierge Class plus additional perks such as access to exclusive Blu restaurant and the Persian Gardens Spa. The boarding process was painless and stream lined. One of the first things I noticed once on board was the age of the ship. Although maintained well one could not help but notice the rust that is inevitable when saltwater comes in contact with steel. Having never sailed on an older ship one could not help but feel a little sad to see what was once been a grand lady of the seas starting to show her age. Not a deal breaker but lesson learned. After taking a walkabout the ship we were ready for some lunch. Upon arriving at the main dining room we were informed that the lunch this day was only for Concierge Class. Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, stop the clock. We're Aqua Class. Aqua Class is higher on the food chain than Concierge and Blu is not open for lunch. Where are we to eat? Well, where else...the buffet. People cruise for many reasons. Some people cruise for the all you can eat buffet. We're not one of them. If you've never been to the buffet on a cruise ship it’s a feeding frenzy. I don't want to come off as an elitist, I’m not, it’s just that we are more quality than quantity although we have been known to enjoy the buffet for breakfast and coffee on port days before an excursion. OK, not a deal breaker just another lesson learned. Blu was nice with amazing service. The staff were attentive, remembered our names, preferences and always seated us quickly. The food was what I would consider average. After several nights we started comparing the Blu menu to the Main dining room menu. This night we liked what was being served in the main dining room so we decided to eat there. It’s a different experience. Blu is small and intimate. The main dining room is grander with its 2 story ceiling to floor windows, grand stair case and is more akin to the tradition of cruise ship sailing from days gone by. “Table for 2 please.” “What’s that? Were Aqua Class and we have to eat in Blu?” “But we don’t care for the menu in Blu tonight. I’m sorry sir but you must eat at Blu”. And before we could say a word the hostess was on the phone with the matra de at Blu explaining to him that 2 of his diners had gone rogue and were currently off the reservation, no pun intended. We returned to Blu where our matra de was waiting for use. He seemed genuinely disappointed in us. We told him that we love Blu, it’s just that this night we decided to go for a change. Would it be possible to order off the Main Dining room menu? After all both restaurants share a common kitchen. We were told that this would be nearly impossible and would take forever. Do you see where I’m going with this? Perhaps we are just not Aqua Class people. Perhaps, just perhaps were are Concierge people. After it was all said and done we were able to get the meals from the main dining room in Blu but not without feeling a little like pains in the ass. OK, I have yet to have a bad day on a cruise ship and these turn of events were far from doing so. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering wrong. There is nothing wrong with the meal. I just didn’t care for it. Getting back to the age of the ship. Did I mention that it was starting to show her age? She was. And along with that it seemed that a lot of things were not working as they should. No deal breakers but accumulatively it started to become a Nuisance. Let me give you a couple of examples. Our refrigerator in our room didn’t work, no problem they replaced it however the new one never really got to temp. My card would not work in the door to our cabin. It would work for a while and then it would just stop. I literally had to have it changed 4 times. The door to the balcony would not stay open in high seas. I would put the deck chair in the door way to keep it open while we slept. The bottom of the shower door did not make a good seal and the bathroom floor would fill up with water during showers. We did the best we could until the seal completely fell off. I told our cabin steward about this and told him that I would leave the seal in the sink. The remote for the TV did not work and had to be replaced. When we had returned to our cabin it still had not been repaired. One night we stopped into the wine cellar for a happy hour. My wife had 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, her go to drink and I had a Monkey Shoulders Scotch. Keep in mind I am not a Scotch drinker I ordered it because I like the name. The next morning we saw a charge on our account for $70.00. When I enquired about the charge I was told it was for 2 glass of wine and a glass of scotch. Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, stop the clock. I have the Premium Drink package. Did I mention that I was Aqua Class.? Shouldn’t your bartender give you a head up if you are ordering something out of your package? Shouldn’t you have to sign something if you are ordering out of package? I was pretty sure I did not sign anything and I told the Guest Relations Rep that if I did I would own it but I don’t think I did. And to add insult to injury I would have enjoyed the scotch a hell of a lot more had I know what I was paying for it. In the end they voided the charge. Anyhow I’m rambling. Despite this less than stellar review I still love Celebrity and I have already booked my next cruse on The Equinox in Jan 2019. I still feel that Celebrity is a great value and will continue to cruise with them. Hope this is helpful. More to follow....................... Read Less
3 Helpful Votes
Sail Date: February 2018
The Celebrity Summit is great cruise ship. It is very easy to move about the ship. The food was fabulous. We do not buy into the extra dining experiences we choose to eat what is included. If you like cooked to order, steak, fish, pork ... Read More
The Celebrity Summit is great cruise ship. It is very easy to move about the ship. The food was fabulous. We do not buy into the extra dining experiences we choose to eat what is included. If you like cooked to order, steak, fish, pork chops, hamburgers and even hot dogs go to the back of the Oceans dining and you can have it all. Each night they had an extra cook to order we had Salmon, and Prime Rib on night. Very good. They also have great pizza and pasta bar. The homemade ice cream, and cookie bar was Wonderful!!! The buffet offered lots of food choices. One afternoon there was a dessert extravaganza!!! Delicious! We did eat in the dining room two nights. The staff was great and the food was wonderful. We usually only eat once or twice in this setting. Remember that they do not allow suits or flip flops into the dining room. Our cabin was 2178 ocean view. Roberto was our steward and had 22 years working with Celebrity. That tells you a lot about a company!! We had 4 in our room with the option of a 5th. It would have been crowded but would have worked. There was plenty of storage. I actually had not had this much storage on the other ships that I had traveled on. They even had room under the sink!!! They do have a hair dryer but that was a joke. My 1875 hairdryer is my travel companion. Plenty to do on this ship!!!! Make sure that you take advantage of the extra night parties. They are very fun. There is music all over this ship all day everyday. If we did not like the music in one place we moved on to the next place. Dance classes are a couple times a day. They also have many Game show like activities. Very well attended and loads of fun, The Cruise director Patrick was a blast. The shows at night were great. There was an Ariel group that was amazing. There was two comedy acts on two of the nights. I would much like to see more musical shows. Not much of a comedian show lover unless in a small venue. Would have been perfect for one of the night club venues. Are ports were Bahama's Nassau. We choose to do our own tour that I found on Pintrest "Walking tour of Bahama's" Worked great then walked to Junkanoo beach which is very close. About a 10 minute walk to the ship. We were suppose to go to Punta Cana but the captain said that the weather was not good and that we would be going to San Juan Porto Rico. We did not see much hurricane problems in the port. The people in Old San Juan do not have electricity and said the other part of the island is very bad. The people of San Juan sure were excited to see that a ship had come in. One store owner was so excited that she would have some money coming in. This was Celebrity's first ship to return to this area.We have been before and went to all our favorite places and stocked up on the goods. We also went to St. Thomas there was 5 ships in this day so it was very busy. You can tell that the hurricane did a lot of damage in this area. We took a trip to Megan's beach. The beach is beautiful and very easy access to bathrooms, drinks and food. You can rent a chaise lounge for $10 and they give you $5 back when you return it. There is a few picnic tables if there also. Service was great everywhere we turned. One problem that we had and I would say make sure you stay on top of. Our trip included everything, Wifi (did not use) I shut off when I'm cruising. On board credit, drinks and tips. Everything but the tips went smoothly. We looked on our account on the TV in our room and they had been putting the tips on each day. I went down to correct this problem. They had to call someone to make sure that this was part of our plan. This took a long time. I finally go tired of waiting and told them to take all tips off and I will tip myself (we always tip people extra) The one guy at the desk got all snippy with me but smiled and fixed the problem, We booked our next cruise to Alaska on board and this was great. We got extra credit for booking on the ship and the shore excursion specialist explained to us some of the great excursion opportunities that they have in Alaska. The Summit does show some where and tear but all in all the ship was an excellent ship. Read Less
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