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7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral

7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Harmony of the Seas
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  • Day 1
    Port Canaveral (Orlando)
  • Day 2
    Perfect Day at CocoCay
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    San Juan
  • Day 5
    St. Thomas
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
    Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


One of the largest cruise ships in the world offers plenty of choice


Can feel crowded and busy, despite clever design to combat congestion

Bottom Line

Fantastic ship for families and those looking for great entertainment and activities

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: August 2019
We came all the way from New Zealand to come on harmony of the seas. We were not disappointed. Ship is just amazing. We personally did not find it crowded. Staff were fantastic except 1 man at guest services. Besides that really could ... Read More
We came all the way from New Zealand to come on harmony of the seas. We were not disappointed. Ship is just amazing. We personally did not find it crowded. Staff were fantastic except 1 man at guest services. Besides that really could not fault anything. We had inside cabin as doing Alaskan cruise 2 weeks later. Saved balcony for that one. Inside we were actually impressed. Size was not to bad as had smaller. We enjoyed a cafe on deck 8 it was called park cafe located in central park. We are there for breakfast and some lunches. We went to chops and grill. That was our favorite. Wonderland was good and different. Worth a try. Central 150 good to. We were not totally impressed with Izimu hibachi as had better .also we would not rave about Jamie Oliver's. Shore Excursion were good. We just think it was a great experience. Shows and the entertainment were world class. Best we seen on a cruise ship and I've done 21 cruises. Best cruise Director ever I have seen on a cruise. Dennis I'm pretty sure his name was.we would go again if lived closer.we just loved it. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2019
My husband and I have been on many cruises and we have been on two Royal Caribbean before, but never on a ship this large. I was worried that it would be so crowded, but that was not our experience. SHIP The ship itself was ... Read More
My husband and I have been on many cruises and we have been on two Royal Caribbean before, but never on a ship this large. I was worried that it would be so crowded, but that was not our experience. SHIP The ship itself was beautiful. There were so many areas to explore. Central Park with the live trees was really nice as well as the boardwalk with the carousel. The main promenade has lots of shops and restaurants and was decorated nicely. There was the bionic bar, and the rising tide bar. There were many venues for music and dancing. There were waterslides, the abyss (a dry water slide) an ice skating rink, two rock climbing walls, a miniature golf area, ping pong tables, a basketball court, 2 flow rider areas and a water stage area for performances. CABIN We chose an inside cabin and were on deck 8 which was a great location. The cabin was laid out nicely and there was plenty of storage. Our room steward was good, not great. He made towel animals 3 out of the 7 nights. Room was always clean and he came twice a day. ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment was excellent. We saw all of the shows. Grease was fantastic with a very talented cast. We saw two ice shows. The second one, I-Skate was really good. The first one 1887 about the French Revolution was a little strange, but still good skating. There were two comedians we saw at the Attic and in the theater. They were both excellent and we laughed constantly. They also had a headliner who was a juggler/comedian and he was really great too. Very warm and interacted with the audience and really entertaining. The water show at the aqua theater was good too. There was one strange guy who was spinning a lot but the things they did from the diving to flying in the air, to walking a tightrope, to the synchronized swimming was fantastic. They also had 2 parades through the promenade which were nice and they had karaoke every night which was actually fun and lots of music and dancing in different clubs. They had some belly flop and cannonball contests in the pool on sea days and those were very funny although very crowded. The only show we thought was very strange was Columbus, the musical. It was a comedy musical based on Christopher's cousin. They sang modern songs and it was the same cast who performed Grease. Definitely our least favorite. But overall the entertainment was top notch. Make sure you make all reservations before getting on the ship for the shows. They are all free and then you don't have to stand in a standby line and hope to get in. DINING We had breakfast at Windjammer most mornings. Food was good but it was usually very crowded. We ate also a few times at the Solarium Bistro for breakfast. They had the same things that they had at Windjammer on a smaller scale, but it was much quieter and calm. If we were on ship during the day (only 2 sea days), we would eat at the Doghouse (good hotdogs in the boardwalk area) or at Minibites for hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, etc. Once we went to the Windjammer for lunch. There was also soft ice cream on the pool decks that was really popular. When we boarded, we ate at the Park Café and it was very nice with paninis, salads, etc. For dinner we chose my time dining because we didn't want to be stuck to a set time. We did make reservations before getting on the ship for all dinners which is very smart to do. We ate at the Icon Grill on deck 3 and had the best waiter and helper ever. We ended up requesting them every night and were able to sit in the same place. Our guys were Iwayan and Ketut and they were beyond fantastic, catering to our every need. We were with friends so there were 4 of us each night. All food was good and there were plenty of choices every night. Sometimes we even got two appetizers because there were so many great things to choose from. High praise for the food and staff at American Icon. We also had pizza at Sorrentos one night after a show. It was okay. SERVICE Service overall was great. All workers were pleasant, helpful and said hello. No complaints at all. PORTS Coco Cay- was fantastic. We have been to many cruise ship islands and hands down, this was the best. They have everything there and it is laid out so nicely. The beach areas were great with a ton of chairs and umbrellas. There is also a huge pool with a swim up bar, large enough for 2,200 people!! They had a DJ and the pool although crowded, was really fun. They had some kid areas for them to play and with the waterpark, that left the pool to have more adults which was nice. There was ziplining, for a fee, a cool hot air balloon ride for a fee, and an awesome looking water park (which was expensive) but lots of families were there and it looked really cool. There were 3 places for lunch and the food was the best and most varied of any ship's island food we had. Top notch and it was nice that there were 3 different places to get your food so depending where you sat, you went to the closest place and it was not overly crowded. We really had a great day there. Kudos to RC for making their island so great. There were also plenty of little shops and stores that sold Bahamian goods. It really was a perfect day at Coco Cay. Costa Maya-nice port and so many things to do right at the port if you didn't want to leave. We did a tour not with the cruise as I can always find better, less expensive , smaller tours on my own. We went with Native Choice tours and they were great. We went to Chacchobben Ruins and to Bacalar 7 colors lake and had lunch. We had a great tour guide and a very nice day. Roatan-we went to Little French Key as we have been there before and love it. It's a small private island with everything included and there is so much to do there. Great day. Cozumel-We have been there many times and this time decided to make a reservation at Mr. Sanchos beach club. This was $55 pp for all you can eat and drink all day. The place was great. It included kayaks and the ocean was beautiful and so clear. They had two pools with swim up bars. The entire staff was great and worked their butts off. There was lots of shopping there too. Highly recommend for a relaxing day. EMBARKATION AND DISEMBARKATION Both went very smoothly and no problems whatsoever. Good system they have. Although the ships holds 6,600 passengers and we were told it was full, it never felt overly crowded. Things were spread out really nicely. We loved their nightly themed parties in the promenade that had 80's and 90's, etc. We loved trivia at the Schooner Bar and loved the informal talk and questions with the captain and some of the head officers. One of the nicest thing I have ever seen was a tribute they did to all of the Veterans. It was held on the last sea day. The captain, cruise director, and head hotel guy all were elevated at the rising tide bar with an American flag draped and recognized all Veterans from all wars who served and people that have passed. There were a lot of Veterans on board visibly moved. They had a bugle player play taps, had a moment of silence, then our cruise director, Dennis sang a beautiful rendition of the star spangled banner while all of the ships officers lined the promenade. The chef even made a gigantic American flag cake for the passengers to enjoy afterward, The entire event was really moving and really nice. Kudos to RC!! The pool areas were crowded as they always are especially on sea days, but that is expected so although you are like sardines, it's okay. Because you can also use the water slides (3 of them), zipline, rock climb, use the flow rider, play golf, basketball, ping pong, etc. as another option besides the pool. There were plenty of chairs in the pool area so we were always able to find something. We have no kids so we cannot speak about that but they did have a great kid pool section for the little ones. The gym and spa also seemed nice although we did not use them, we walked through. Overall, a fantastic vacation on a truly beautiful ship with so many things to do!! Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2019
We got to the port around noon and was disappointed to find a long line at security. It took about 30 minutes to get through the line. After getting on board, it took another 20 minutes to get through the line at the buffet. I guess we got ... Read More
We got to the port around noon and was disappointed to find a long line at security. It took about 30 minutes to get through the line. After getting on board, it took another 20 minutes to get through the line at the buffet. I guess we got there at the same time as everyone else, because after that there was no line. For the muster drill, they let you meet in different areas, but did not allocate enough space. Our number was in a small part of the dining room, and we were forced to stand all packed together. They now show you a cheesy video that takes a while. The ship itself is impressive, and there are lots more activities than other ships we've been on before. However, there are also long lines sometimes. For the pizza, for the elevators (which sometimes seem to take forever), the flow rider, the zip line, and even for My Time Dining at certain times. We've done My Time Dining in its different forms on 3 cruise lines, and had never had the issues we had on this ship. On the first night, they insisted on giving me a regular reservation time of 5:15 even though I made it clear to them that was too early and I wouldn't be able to make it most nights. Then, every night when we go there later, usually around 6-6:30, they would lecture us about coming earlier the next day. Every night they did this. It was really ruining our experience. On lobster night, they sent us to the main dining room on the 4th floor, which apparently was a complete surprise to our waiter. He and the woman who was told to take us up there had an odd conversation about what we were doing there (since this was about an hour into the early set dining time). He tried to be polite to us, but you could tell he didn't want us there. I really don't understand why the dining staff at the Harmony made My Time Dining so hard. The entire point is to be able to come when you want, yet they tried to make us feel guilty every day for doing just that. The waiters themselves were actually quite good and efficient. I was impressed by how quickly the dinner service went, typically about and hour and 15 minutes or so. While there were a lot of activities scheduled on the ship, the staff running them often seemed unprepared, confused, or just bad. They had a different person running the trivia each day, and that person typically couldn't pronounce the questions (or answers) correctly. We've gone to tons of trivia sessions on numerous ship and have never run into this problem before. We even witnessed an argument between a passenger and a crew member over whether one of the answers was correct. This was also a first. For one of the dance sessions, the guy started 10 minutes late and ended 10 minutes early, for a 30 minute session that was actually was only about 10 minutes (3 songs). The dance and fitness sessions held by Sergio were great though. He was really the only entertainment staff member who seemed to take his job seriously. Most of the rest of them seemed like they were just going through the motions (and poorly at that). The staff at the windjammer buffet and the other dining locations were very efficient though. They would take your plate and clear the tables as soon as humanly possible. On several occasions in the windjammer, we had RC employees stop to ask how everything was and if we were happy with everything. The food in the dining rooms was pretty good, but lacked variety. The fool at the windjammer wasn't so good, especially for breakfast. The eggs were runny, the bacon didn't taste right, and the waffles/pancakes didn't taste fresh. They didn't seem to push alcohol as much on this cruise, which we appreciated because we don't drink. The kids got a non-alcoholic drink from the robot arm. Why do they charge a service charge for a robot-made drink? We had an ocean view balcony cabin which was nice. Unfortunately, we had a 'service animal' in the room next to us. It was a little fluffy shih tzu which would bark periodically. I don't know what service a shih tzu provides besides keeping his owner company, but it didn't seem quite right on a cruise ship. We got guarantee cabins which turned out to be a mistake, because RC put our kids in a cabin very far away from our cabin. We were given our cabin as soon as we booked, 4 months out, but our kids weren't given theirs until 2 weeks before sailing. We won't be booking a guarantee again. We had reservations for most of the shows, but that turned out to be unnecessary except for the first night (Grease) and the water show, which was always packed. Grease was inappropriate for children. The water show was impressive, but ours was cancelled halfway through due to the rain. The ice skating show was boring - our kids all left about 15 minutes in. The comedians they had were ok, not great. The kids enjoyed the juggler/comedian. We paid for the all digital photo package, which is $310 onboard, but they give you a $30 discount if you buy it within the first 2 days on the ship (it was only $250 online before the cruise). We got 300+ photos taken, and at least 100 of those were good ones - we even had them take individual photos of the kids - so we got our money's worth. Their photo kiosks only work during certain hours when manned by their photographers. That was annoying. After paying for the package, I was given a website I could go to to see all the photos I purchased. It didn't work that well, but they said it was still in the testing phase. Disembarkation was the smoothest we'd ever experienced. We were allowed to stay in our room until our number was called, immigration only took a minute as they do facial recognition now from the passports, and were walked right out of there with no wait. Read Less
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