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131 Night Around the World Cruise from San Francisco

131 Night Around the World Cruise from San Francisco

Seven Seas Mariner (Photo: Regent)
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  • Day 1
    San Francisco
  • Day 2
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 3
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 4
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 5
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 6
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 12
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 13
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 14
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 15
    Nuku Hiva
  • Day 16
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 17
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 18
  • Day 18
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 19
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 20
    Bora Bora
  • Day 21
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 22
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 23
    Pago Pago
  • Day 24
  • Day 25
  • Day 26
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 27
  • Day 28
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 29
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 30
  • Day 31
  • Day 32
  • Day 33
  • Day 34
  • Day 35
  • Day 36
  • Day 37
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 38
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 39
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 40
  • Day 41
  • Day 42
    Cruising (Coral Sea)
  • Day 43
    Airlie Beach
  • Day 44
  • Day 45
  • Day 46
    Torres Strait
  • Day 47
    Cruising (Arafura Sea)
  • Day 48
  • Day 49
    Cruising (Timor Sea)
  • Day 50
    Indian Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 51
  • Day 52
  • Day 53
  • Day 54
    Cruising (Java Sea)
  • Day 55
  • Day 56
  • Day 57
    Kelang (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Day 58
  • Day 59
  • Day 60
  • Day 61
  • Day 62
    Bay of Bengal
  • Day 63
  • Day 64
  • Day 65
  • Day 66
    Kochi (Cochin)
  • Day 67
  • Day 68
    Mormugao (Goa)
  • Day 69
    Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Day 70
    Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Day 71
  • Day 72
  • Day 73
  • Day 74
  • Day 75
  • Day 76
    Abu Dhabi
  • Day 77
  • Day 78
  • Day 79
  • Day 80
  • Day 81
  • Day 82
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 83
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 84
  • Day 85
  • Day 86
  • Day 87
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 88
    Suez Canal
  • Day 89
  • Day 90
  • Day 91
    Mediterranean Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 92
  • Day 93
    Athens (Piraeus)
  • Day 94
  • Day 95
    Taormina (Messina)
  • Day 96
  • Day 97
    Rome (Civitavecchia)
  • Day 98
    Florence (Livorno)
  • Day 99
    Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • Day 100
  • Day 101
  • Day 102
  • Day 103
  • Day 104
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 105
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 106
    Ponta Delgada
  • Day 107
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 108
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 109
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 110
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 111
  • Day 112
  • Day 113
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 114
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 115
  • Day 116
  • Day 117
    Caribbean Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 118
    Cartagena (Colombia)
  • Day 119
    Colon (Cristobal)
  • Day 120
    Panama Canal
  • Day 121
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 122
    Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera)
  • Day 123
    San Juan del Sur
  • Day 124
    Puerto Quetzal (Antigua)
  • Day 125
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 126
  • Day 127
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 128
  • Day 129
    Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 130
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 131
    San Diego
  • Day 132
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 133
    San Francisco

Seven Seas Mariner

Seven Seas Mariner - Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Pro: Cruise fare covers nearly everything: drinks, tips and excellent variety of excursions

Con: Prices are among the industry's highest, even for entry-level suites

Bottom Line: Inclusive nature and great service means a Mariner cruise is all about relaxing

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: March 2019
This is our 3rd Regent cruise, and 2nd on the Mariner. Happy on the 1st & 2nd cruises, but not so on this one. Let's start with the good points: * Excursions: Wide choice and well executed. * Drinks: Good variety, and ... Read More
This is our 3rd Regent cruise, and 2nd on the Mariner. Happy on the 1st & 2nd cruises, but not so on this one. Let's start with the good points: * Excursions: Wide choice and well executed. * Drinks: Good variety, and quality. Wines range is excellent. Bar staff are great, and very flexible. Shout-out to Maya in Observation lounge for her great mixing skills. * Rooms/Ship: Nothing to complain about here. Very quiet (no noise from corridor or rooms next door). Matched expectations and the brochure promises. * Entertainment: Standard fare. Not what we come on a cruise for. * Lecturers: Up there with the best we have seen. * Main Dining Room (MDR): Never denied a table. Good food & varied nightly, but a bit unimaginative. A few small hiccups with a lunch that took 90 mins to arrive, but not a show stopper. But the elephant in the room is the fiasco that is the congested La Veranda/Sette Mare. BREAKFAST (La Veranda) * The congestion is horrible. One example: Toast is made by 1 staff member, and the numerous guests waiting for their toast block the already narrow passage. * The limited space makes some guests pushy and rude; especially if time is short before an excursion. * Saw one guest served under-cooked fried eggs; she did not eat them. * Never went a 2nd time. LUNCH (La Veranda) * Best described as an unpleasant bun-fight on busy days. Continuously running out of things (Main dishes, butter, cheese, etc). When asked, staff would replenish but it just adds to the crazy congestion, frustration, and delays. * Staff will take orders and deliver - which is great is you want your food cold. DINNER (Sette Mare) * 4 nights in a row: Denied a table for 4 between 19:30 ~ 20:15. Usually told the wait was 45 mins. Or told: "Suggest you come at 18:30 tomorrow". So we went to MDR each time. * 5th time lucky, but underwhelming food. So what is the problem? As we were on the same ship just 3 months ago, and did not have the same issues, I concluded it is simply that when full (as it is on this cruise) the La Veranda/Sette Mare simply can not cater properly for the guests on board. This is especially acute if the weather means the pool grill is unpopular that day/night. Once we realised all our frustrations centred on La Veranda/Sette Mare, we simply stopped going there. The little frustrations vanished and we really enjoyed the rest of the ship & cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
I would like to give a bit of back ground info on myself so that when reading this review you can judge if it is relevant to what you deem important in your cruise experience.  My husband and I are in our late 50's early 60's we ... Read More
I would like to give a bit of back ground info on myself so that when reading this review you can judge if it is relevant to what you deem important in your cruise experience.  My husband and I are in our late 50's early 60's we have over 250 days on Seabourn, 150 days on Silversea and 60 days on Regent.  We sailed the Navigator for a month and loved that ship (even though I felt it was a little crowded at times).  We sailed on the Mariner in Nov/Dec 2018 and enjoyed the cruise experience very much.  We would sail on either of the three lines mentioned but the itinerary comes first for us.  In fact we have a Silversea cruise booked in June 2019, I will be taking my mother on the Voyager in August and we have a Seabourn cruise booked in February 2020.  In this review I won't go into the ports because there have been live blogs done of this cruise so I feel that is redundant.  What I will do is talk about the on board cruise experience.  I'm a positive person and I'm aware how fortunate we are to be able to vacation in such a luxurious way but want to give both the positive and negative views of our latest cruise so it may help others in selecting a cruise line that suits their needs whilst also giving a realistic view of what to expect and not what the glossy brochures portray. The good: Cruise director: John Baron is probably my favourite cruise director.  We sailed with him on Seabourn (his first actually) and then again on both Mariner cruises we have taken.  He is friendly, approachable a good entertainer (his show was really enjoyable) and a great trivia host.  We have also sailed with Marla (his assistant) on Seabourn many times and it is always nice to catch up with her. Compass Rose and both specialty restaurants.  Food was very good at all three of these restaurants. Wine: I feel Regent along with Silversea offer the best wines on any cruise line we have been on.  I also really appreciate the wine tasting of non revenue wines that Regent does.  I wish other cruise lines did this.  The selection of beer and spirits is very good. Cocktails:  The best of all three lines as mentioned above.  Yes, Seabourn has this new mixology cocktail menu.  Very trendy but honestly IMO not as good as Regents offerings.   Shore excursions:  I know a lot of guest really enjoy having the all included shore excursions.  I'm not a fan really as I like to do a bit of both and I know I could do that on Regent but I feel in some way I have already paid for these so I may as well take them.  I find I'm far more adventurous when sailing Seabourn or Silversea as I do a bit of both the cruise lines excursions an independent excursions.  Having said that I can not fault both the organization and the tours themselves.  They are as good as anything that you would pay for on either Silversea or Seabourn.   We did two tours that included lunch and both were a highlight of the trip. Room Service:  I really like the way Regent handles room service.  You place your order and then they call you just before it arrives to your room.  We often have breakfast in our room and it is so nice to get this call and be ready for when it arrives.  Seabourn and Silversea call you after to ask how your food was and inform you that they are going to pick up the tray.  Every time! This gets annoying and feels somewhat disingenuous.  Also when you ask for a glass of Champagne from room service they bring you a bottle.  Seabourn will bring you a glass.  So kudos to Regent for that. Quietness and stability of the Mariner:  This ship rides so smoothly in rough seas and we had a couple of days of those.  The noise insulation is very good.  Never heard our neighbour or any guests in the passage ways.  No vibration that we felt. Breads:  My husband loves bread (french bread in particular) and I will agree with him that Regent has the best bread of the three cruise lines.  Crusty French bread and great artisan breads. Internet: My husband is Tech person and he finds it very important to have good internet access so he can keep in touch with his business.  He appreciates that you can have multiple devices connected in your room.  The not so good: Waiting two hours to be served lunch in Compass Rose.  I later spoke with Ricky (Food and Beverage Manager) and he explained they were implementing a new ordering system and had some teething  problems. This did get better as the cruise went along.  We did get numerous apologies for the wait. He also let know that on our last cruise there were only 500 passengers on board and that this cruise they was at capacity with a full ship. La Veranda:  I can not tell you how disappointed we were in this venue.  Crowded beyond acceptable.  Extra tables were put in the walkway on both side of the buffet and whilst this was appreciated by guests trying to find a table it made the buffet even more crowded.  A full ship with early spring weather (some sunshine but mostly cool) and the Veranda could not handle the passenger numbers.  Management needs to have a good look at this problem.  Perhaps offering a special menu in Compass Rose for lunch to entice more passengers to dine there at lunch would help.  We just avoided going there as it was a disaster.  People bumping into one another.  Dishes running out (seafood platter) and people waiting in queues for 10 minutes to get a portion.  They just did not cope with the amount of guests trying to dine here.  People couldn't find a table, food running out, long waits for it to be replenished.  I also found the food here to be unimaginative.  This is where Regent falls down.  Seabourn's buffet is so much better in variety and quality.  I will say the pizza was good but honestly that was about it. Regent makes the best burger as sea I have ever tasted.  That is where the good ends.  Look at what Seabourn and Silversea do at night on their pool deck.  A real alternative dinning option.  The buffet on the Mariner for lunch is not great at the pool deck.  They had a Mexican buffet and Greek one day and that was just okay but they could really improve on the food offerings here. Afternoon Tea:  Again this is an area where Regent falls behind the other two lines.  Chocolate afternoon tea.  Same tea bags that you can get in any venue and a couple of the cakes were still frozen.  If it is not a special afternoon tea event, you get a small buffet and an offering of tea bags.  Both Seabourn and Silversea have a tea selection which is served at your table and on Silversea a tower of afternoon tea snacks.  Some times we like to skip lunch and just do afternoon tea but we did not do this on Regent. Entertainment:   Some good and some not so good.  The pianist Nicky was fantastic.  The Duo at the bar at the back of the ship are great in the disco but not really suited to pre- evening dance music.  An example of this is that we had a full ship and only 4 or 5 couples dancing.  They are not great and we had them on the last Mariner cruise as well.  Seabourn wins out in this regard as they have a trio and a guitarist and also a pianist so you have much more choice.  Silversea is about the same as Regent.  The guests entertainers were also a mixed bag.  The Australian entertainer was very good.  The Filipino vocalist who won The Voice (or something similar) was good the first night but not so good the second night.  The entertainment is not the most important part of a cruise for me but I do like to dance before and after dinner and we did not do much of this on this cruise as the Duo was really not good.  Summary: As you can see there are more positives than negatives and we really did enjoy this cruise.  Having said that we have never experienced so many little hiccups on one cruise before.  Yes, no cruise is ever going to be perfect or perfect for every guest on board but there were a lot of little hiccups that I have not mentioned. These hiccups happen on all cruise lines but on this cruise there were more than usual.  I have tried to be honest and balanced in my review as I think this helps perspective guests set their expectations and helps them to select a cruise lines that works for them.  I usually like to end my review with would I cruise on this ship again.  Well, yes and no.  I would not cruise Mariner on a cold weather cruise where there was a possibility of a full ship.  I would probably cruise Mariner again a hot weather cruise if the itinerary was right but it may not be my first choice. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
A great itinerary in Southeast Asia. This was my fifth Regent cruise, and found the overall experience very good, but slipped from past Regent Cruises. Ship recently refurbished and very attractive. Would have rated it excellent, but ... Read More
A great itinerary in Southeast Asia. This was my fifth Regent cruise, and found the overall experience very good, but slipped from past Regent Cruises. Ship recently refurbished and very attractive. Would have rated it excellent, but for the dining experience, which I found to have slipped compared to previous Regent cruises. Menu in the Compass Rose was adaquate, not particularly creative. Service was inconsistent for both food and wine. I understand that a major staff change was made in port, an explanation, not an excuse. Dinner in Prime 7 a big failure. Ordered a filet, medium. Received a filet well done on outside, red raw on the inside. Not certain how they did that, other than cooking meat not completely thawed.Other dining options Dining in Chartreuse a beautiful experience. An imaginative menu, perfect excecusion. Have always enjoyed Regent, bot there were enough stumbles to suggest looking at other cruise lines Read Less
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