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7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Miami

7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Miami

Carnival Magic
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    Grand Turk
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    San Juan
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    St. Thomas
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    Amber Cove (Puerto Plata)
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Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic - Carnival Cruise Line


The best of Carnival's Fun Ship amenities, always served with a smile


Lines can be long; surprisingly few free dinner options

Bottom Line

With activities for all ages, Carnival Magic is perfect for multigenerational cruising

Cruise Reviews

Nothing is 100% so 4 stars. Well happy Halloween. Just returned from the Halloween cruise on the Magic. Halloween night was great as usual. First I will give a bit of my disappointments. Not many. 8 day cruise. One afternoon mashed ... Read More
Nothing is 100% so 4 stars. Well happy Halloween. Just returned from the Halloween cruise on the Magic. Halloween night was great as usual. First I will give a bit of my disappointments. Not many. 8 day cruise. One afternoon mashed potatoes. That’s it, we only do the buffet so maybe in the dining room. Hate the dining room because of the 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Other things to do than just sit and wait for your food. Then hopefully you will like what they bring. Food on the buffet was blah as usual. The butter needs to be changed to something different. What they did was put super thin whipped butter in a jar and you dig it out. It is so thin, (How thin is it?) It slides right off of the knife before you can get it to your plate. They supply a clean butter knife for each use. Even if you use a spoon, you then need the spoon to put it on anything you have on your plate. The knife is useless. The best way I have seen on a ship was squares of butter and you get them with small metal tongs. No foil, no mess. Now for plastic straws. What they are made of I have no idea. However it is a very bad idea. They are thick and in a short time go completely limp. Yes limp. They will hang down over the glass rim. The hole will close up completely. So you either get another, or ask for a plastic straw. My wife would not drink using it. She said the texture was disgusting. Guy’s Burgers were never hot. Just warm. Deserts were mostly cakes. Not much of a choice at all. We purchased the fish and chips. Not bad. But the next afternoon they had fish on the buffet. That was excellent. The TV in the room was a small 21”. Not a sharp picture and only one news channel CBSN. Now for the good. They now have a thin metal stirrer for your tea or coffee. They have a tiny spoon at the end. You do not toss them out. They wash them. So no wood waste as with the wood stirrer. Our room was an ocean view deck one. 1335 excellent location and it was very, very big. 4 big closets, two bath rooms. One with a commode, a shower and a sink, the other with a sink and a tub with a shower. Had a clothes line over the tub. Great for drying the bathing suits. The curtain over the window was ceiling to floor, wall to wall, a black out curtain. Real nice. The bed was super comfortable. The ship was in basic good repair. Clean and comfortable. Cool but did not freeze to death as on many other ships. All the shows were very good, one great one. Went to see 4 of the comedian’s for general audience. One was outstanding and left the ship the next day. My wife does not laugh much. With this guy. She could not stop, tears in her eyes. In the casino, I have not seen this before. They have handles about a third of the way down on the back of all the chairs. Made it so easy to pull out a chair. They were beautiful looking and very comfortable. Smoke in the casino was not bad at all. Almost un-noticed unless you sat down to someone smoking. The Deli was excellent. Something I have not seen on other ships. They always had fresh French fries. Nice golden brown straight cut. So I would get a warm Guy’s burger and go get the fry’s form the Deli. Nice! At 11:30 they had a small buffet for an hour or so. Chicken noodle soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, meat ball subs and a few other items. Very good. By the way. For the very first time on carnival, always super hot soup. Excellent. The steak house was awesome as usual. Carnival has the very best steak house out of all the cruise lines we have been on. Even the sea day brunch with the steak and eggs, excellent. Getting on was easy and fast so was getting off. Just keep walking. We left our room about 7:45 AM, they would like you out by 8:30 AM. We left our luggage in there and told the steward we would be back before 8:30 AM to get them. Not a problem. One major thing I like about deck one is the elevators. No one on them when you get it. Other than someone getting off. So when you want to get off with your carry on, so nice. This time the ship had to places to debark. Deck 2 and 3. What a great idea. I just walked up one deck instead of waiting for an elevator. We were mid ship and so was the gangway. Walked right off. So there you have it. A great cruise for a great price. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
My husband and I were on the Carnival Magic for the second time (first was August 2018). We took this cruise to celebrate both our 45th birthday. This was our 11th cruise, 10 with Carnival and 1 with RCCL. Overall ship maintenance. ... Read More
My husband and I were on the Carnival Magic for the second time (first was August 2018). We took this cruise to celebrate both our 45th birthday. This was our 11th cruise, 10 with Carnival and 1 with RCCL. Overall ship maintenance. 1. The most important issue (I think) comes from the A/C system! We've been roasting in our cabin, mislead by the guests service who called maintenance even though, that we learned later, they knew it wouldn't be fixed. Other passengers complained about it too and we all been told the problem would be fixed the next day but never happened. There were also some public areas where the A/C was barely to not working at all. Again, when people complained they were told that there was no problem! 2. This ship is way more rusty than all other ships we've been on, regardless of the class and age (we've been on Fantasy class, Conquest class and Dream class). 3. Throughout the week we could smell sewage odor in differents part of the ship. The first evening it was stronger in the Atrium and when guests service crew were asked about it they pretended not to smell anything and reply they would send someone to spray with air freshener! 4. Windows were so dirty that we couldn't take pictures through it. In the past we could see crew members hanging around the ship at every port of call to clean the windows and ship. By the amount of grime accumulated it seems like it's been a while since they did. 5. In the Lido dinning room, over the tables, there is air vents with nothing to prevent dirt from falling. Food and drink... 1. We noticed a very big decrease in the quality of the food. I'm not saying the food was not good but the quality and taste in general wasn't what we normally see with Carnival. On the other hand we tried the steakhouse for the first time and it was amazing! 2. The water available on the Lido from the drink fountains tasted terrible and the limonade was way too strong. We've been drinking the ships water and limonade since our first cruise and never experienced something like that. 3. For the first time on any of our Carnival cruises, the service in the dinning room was average, at best. We experienced on our previous cruises excellente and personnalized service but on this particular one we felt neglected and rushed. Housekeeping 1. Our stateroom stewart was really nice and was doing a great job. When we told her about the room temperature she managed to find us a fan despite being rare due to the large number of cabins with A/C issues. She even wrote a special note on the mirror for our birthday. 2. From the public restrooms to the dinning rooms and the corridors, everything was really clean. Entertainment and activities 1. The playlist production team was fantastic. It was their first week on the Magic and we couldn't notice any hesitation or discomfort between them. 2. The Cruise Director, Leigh, was doing a great job. He is enthusiastic and easy to approach. 3. We tried to go to the Punchliner comedy club 2 or 3 times but the club was already packed 30 minutes prior to the show or the line up to get in was so long we coudn't get in. Ports of call 1. Half moon cay, as always is a nice stop. It's a perfect beach and relaxation day. The only thing I would say is there is not enough umbrellas. 2. Grand Turk was also really great. It's a really great place for people who enjoy snorkeling without spending big money on an excursion. 3. Amber Cove is a beautiful place with a pretty nice pool area. There is 2 waterslides that you can access for free and a zipline for which you have to pay. In conclusion, I do not recommend the Magic until it has undergone major work. As for the ports of call, if you enjoy a lot of beach and pool these places are for you! Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
This is our 8th Carnival cruise and it was probably the best yet. Embarkation was quick and easy. Arrived at 11 and was on ship by 11:30, even though had arrival appointment for 12-12:30 . Just have your ID ready along with your ... Read More
This is our 8th Carnival cruise and it was probably the best yet. Embarkation was quick and easy. Arrived at 11 and was on ship by 11:30, even though had arrival appointment for 12-12:30 . Just have your ID ready along with your boarding passes to be scanned. Carnival holds the safety briefing inside in different areas of the ship, including the dining rooms, lounges and the main show room. It will depend on your assigned muster station. It is mandatory, they will scan at least one person's sail and sign card from each room but will ask where each member of your storeroom is and if they are visibly present, then their name will simply be electronically checked off. They will call out names of people who have not been accounted for until they show up, then they begin the briefing. The briefing itself went quickly. We watched sail away from deck 9 foward in a semi-secret location (see photo). We stayed in room 9216 which is a adjoining room but never had any issues with noise, however our balcony divider had to be wedged with a plastic bottle one very windy night as it was constantly banging. Our room steward Christian and his team were great, they cleaned our room once a day as we requested. We had the option of once or twice daily cleaning but chose only mornings. Christian was available pretty much all day so if we ever needed anything we just asked. We requested a daily filled icebucket which he never forgot. Never smelled any sewage as mentioned in other reviews on this floor, just cleaning products. I never noticed any issues with the ship itself, the crew was constantly cleaning and maintaining her thru out the cruise. We ate breakfast at the northern lights restaurant 3 times and it was very good, the buffet wasn't bad either for breakfast. Lunch mainly consisted of Guy's burgers - they are so good and usually look for our cruises based on whether the ship has a Guy's burger joint on it or not! We had downloaded the Carnival app and used it to request a table for supper because we had YTD and by the time we got to the restaurant our table was always ready. Our service team Rodren, Aarron and Richard were great, they delivered excellent service and set a high standard. They were in a section that included table 119 where we sat at or near. The app will assign you a random table so each night when when we got to the restaurant we always requested to sit in their section, which was usually accommodated. On the last night, there were no tables available in that section and were seated in a different section. Rodren and his team set a high standard so we had high expectations. The service was lacking in this other section we were sat in. It took forever to get bread or water and they never even gave us menus yet when they finally showed up they asked us what we wanted. Good thing the Carnival app shows the menus because we made our choices that way while we were waiting to be acknowledged. Entertainment was led by the Cruise Director Leigh, who was full of high energy and funny. He was probably the best CD I have every seen, the music trivia with DJ CUE was outstanding . We went to the 88 keys, America rocks and Flick shows held at the showtime theater, all were pretty good. There was one technical difficulty at one show which was quickly resolved. The best show was John Heald's marriage show that had us laughing from start to finish. The comedy club was also very good with Michael Lebovitz and Edgar Rivera, the PG and 18 + shows are basically the same except for profanity used at the later shows. We were disappointed that there were only a few nights of comedy shows as on other cruises they had them practically every night. On this cruise if you went on the first night it was a repeat the next show. Our first stop was Half Moon Cay which is a tender port, the wife and nephew had a early shore excursion and I was able to tender to with them even though I didn't have an excursion which I was happy about. We met at one of the restaurants with all the other excursions and were on the first tender out. I left them at the shore excursion kiosk on the island, grabbed all the gear and headed to the far end of the beach which is quieter and less crowded. The buffet on island was burgers, chicken and assorted salads. We left at around 3 pm and there was a line up, but found that the wait was for people taking so long washing their feet of sand at beginning of the line. There is 2 washing stations but people were only using one so go around to the other side it's much quicker. Grand Turk was our next stop. We got there at around 11 am and the Carnival Pride was also in port. They got there earlier. We booked Gibbs Cay Sting Ray Adventure thru Carnival. We again met at a restaurant and were first off the ship. By the time we got to Gibbs Cay the rays had eaten already and were not as plentiful because the Carnival pride had already been there. However we did manage to get photos with a ray. The snorkeling wasn't that great, thre arent much fish there, we have seen better. They caught fresh conch and showed us how it is taken out of the shell and we had a chance to sample a piece. There are a lot of the conch that is not as edible and that is what is fed to the rays. The excursion ended with rum punch on board only, then ended down the beach by the ship at the Reef Shark Bar and Grill where we were provided with complementary chairs, umbrellas and free shuttle back to the port. We could have walked down the beach but chose the 2 minute ride. We ate some of their food which was very good. We could have went back on the ship to eat then return to the beach but it's always good to sample the local cuisine. I believe this particular bar and grill are affiliated with Carnival, the property is big and seems to be growing. Amber Cove was our last port. We booked Damajagua waterfalls thru Ismael taxi tours. Technically it's 27 waterfalls but we only did 12, which was plenty. Because Ismael taxi is not a Carnival affiliated excursion, we had to walk 15 minutes to a meeting point outside of the port walls where we met Ishmaet at 9 am. It was a 30 minute ride down a main highway to get there. We had a wonderful day of sliding and jumping down the falls. We also were provided with a lunch which was very good. We left the falls by 1:30 and had plenty of time left to shop in port. We had to get back on the ship by 3:30. Disembarkation was quick and easy. Because we had an early flight, we received a letter in our stateroom with attached luggage tags #3 if we chose to have our bags waiting for us when we disembarked. We chose to do so and waited in the showroom and were instructed us at 8:30 that we could leave, even though our # wasn't called. We were thru customs and in taxi to airport in less then 30 minutes. Overall a great experience and I am looking forward to next year where we are considering the Magic once again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
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