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10 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

10 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Crown Princess
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  • Day 1
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
  • Day 2
    Princess Cays
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    St. Thomas
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
    St. Lucia
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
    St. Kitts
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Crown Princess

Crown Princess - Princess Cruises


Great layout for minimizing crowds; recent refresh makes the ship feel new


Fewer specialty dining options and bells and whistles than on new mega-ships

Bottom Line

A simple yet elegant cruise option for adults looking for relaxation or romance

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: May 2019
We chose this cruise to celebrate my mothers 80th birthday and because of the the Ports of call.The best part of this ship was the bed other than that the entertainment on board,food quality,friendliness of staff,and the organization of ... Read More
We chose this cruise to celebrate my mothers 80th birthday and because of the the Ports of call.The best part of this ship was the bed other than that the entertainment on board,food quality,friendliness of staff,and the organization of disembarking the ship at ports of call was terrible.Our room at 7am ran out of hot water to have a shower so did everyone on our deck and the cabin attendant response to us was we didn't know how to use the shower.This was day 3 of the Cruise. In the dining room the menu was very limited but if you wanted to pay a additional $20 you could get a steak etc.The wine list was way over priced and nothing we would pay over $40 a bottle for. They also forgot my mothers Birthday and apologized they got to busy but would do the next day.We told them not to bother we will do it somewhere else.The buffet was like going to a upscale cafeteria very bland food and no imagination and the worst tasting coffee ever, glad I paid extra for the coffee card.Disembarking by tender to Guernsey took 2 hours and another 1 hour to get back to the ship.Shore excursions where almost double what I paid for the same thing and in Dublin,Belfast and Le Havre if you wanted to just go to town and wonder around you had to pay from $16 to $20 per person for a shuttle to leave the port.There is a free shuttle in Dublin but they didn't tell you that we found out by asking the taxi driver we hired that was cheaper than the shuttle.We have been on many cruises and this Princess cruise has put us off cruises for awhile.Even at the end of the cruise after paying to have them take to Heathrow to go home there was no staff around to assist us to finding our coach to take us to the airport.Our Group of 7 with another 10 plus guests eventually found our ride to the airport no thanks to the Crown Princess staff.If you like boring entertainment,activities,bad service,overpriced excursions and being nickled and dimed then this is the ship for you. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
We selected this trip to the British Isles because the itinerary looked great and the price was a good deal. We were accompanied by another couple we've cruised with many times. The embarkation went smoothly when we arrived at the ... Read More
We selected this trip to the British Isles because the itinerary looked great and the price was a good deal. We were accompanied by another couple we've cruised with many times. The embarkation went smoothly when we arrived at the port. A porter was there4 immediately to take care of our luggage so we were all set to go check in. There was no waiting line. The check-in staff was friendly and efficient. We were onboard in less than 20 minutes and able to go directly to our cabin! From the time we arrived at the port to sitting down for some lunch took 30 minutes! Impressive!! The ship is showing a bit of age, with some dings and dents along corridors, but overall is still a nice ship. The itinerary for this cruise was very port intensive and although we enjoyed all the ports and excursions we did, it was not a relaxing trip, so just be prepared for a busy trip if you intend to partake of all the many places to be seen on this trip. Many of the city centers are located a distance from the port, necessitating some type of transportation to get from the ship port to town to see or do anything. Princess did not advise us prior to the cruise that they provide a bus from the pier to city in Dublin, as well as 2 other ports. Once aboard for a couple of days, we received a flyer in our cabin, with prices of $8 each way, $16 round trip from city center and back to port. They will also provide a free bus to the port gate in Dublin, just because it is a working commercial port and the authorities do not allow guests to walk around in the port area for safety reasons. However, the free ride to the port gate then requires you to get some type of transportation to the city, so might as well sign up for an excursion or taxi to get you into town. It's quite a walk to get into the city center to see most things that guests go to Dublin to see. The ports were all wonderful and each held it's own excitement of different things to experience. Had the BEST fish and chips at a bar/restaurant across the street from Christ Church in Dublin. There was another famous...very recommended fish and chips place but it was carryout only and after walking for miles that day, we had to have a place to sit down and the bar across the street from Christ Church was perfect! I tried fish and chips in 3 other places during the trip and none compared to this place. My receipt doesn't have the name of the bar, just address 19 Fishamble Street, Christchurch, Dublin. The portion was large enough that we split just 1 order and it was plenty!! We had purchased the London Pass since our flight arrived at 5 Am and we planned on taking all that day and the next morning to see London before heading to Southampton to spend the night before boarding the ship on May 1. There are many things included in the London Pass, but I'm not sure we got our money's worth because did not use the Hop on Hop off bus to get around because they were too slow to come back around. Taxied to several places but still were just not able to see many places we had in our Passbook. We did enjoy the Churchill War rooms, which were included in the London Pass....very interesting and insightful visit. Took a 90-minute coach tour around the island of Guernsey...only 10 pounds each and was a great way to see the island without walking and still had a bit of time to see some of the port area after we returned. The residents there were so lovely and friendly! Did the typical tourist things in Dublin...Christ Church, Dublin Castle, Trinity College (the books of Kell and library close right at 5 so unable to get in to see them) Guinness Storehouse. Unless you are a fan of beer/ale, I found the $25 Euro to tour Guinness very steep to tour a distillery. They do provide you with 3 nice sized samples at the end of the tour, but since neither my husband or I drink beer, it was a bit pricey for us.....went because our other couple wanted to tour it. Went to a great dinner and celtic dancing and music at Belvedere hotel 44 Euros per person. Excellent show and we enjoyed it immensely, but heard from others on the cruise that there are many pubs that have free music and dancing, pub crawls with music and dancing, so that could be a different option for those that enjoy beer. Our final tour was from LeHavre to Normandy D Day beaches and sites. Excellent tour with 8 guests and a driver. He was very informative and animated during the tour....owner and operator of Spearhead tours. Disembarkation was bit slower than embarkation as they had passengers winding around various areas and took quite some time. Once off the ship though, claiming luggage was fairly easy....self service carts for no charge. There were porters, but they did not seem interested in helping passengers get luggage...unlike in the US! Had a private taxi back to Heathrow, 1.5 hours of relaxation. I believe the transfer for Princess is $69 per person for the bus. We paid 119 pounds for all 4 of us. It was a wonderful trip and I would highly recommend the ship and the itinerary. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
This was my 4th Princess cruise and may be my last. The cruise started in Southampton England. It just came from transitioning over from Fort Lauderdale and a good number of guests stayed on board for the second part of the cruise. The ... Read More
This was my 4th Princess cruise and may be my last. The cruise started in Southampton England. It just came from transitioning over from Fort Lauderdale and a good number of guests stayed on board for the second part of the cruise. The ship holds approximately 3,000 guests. Day 1. Upon arrival, our room was available enabling us immediate access. The room looked like it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned for a while. There was dust on the tables, headboards and lamp bases. The rug was stained and needed a good vacuuming, it probably should be replaced. The bed was made but not to the standard we experienced on prior Princess cruises. There was no ice in ice bucket, and when our steward finally filled it after asking him to do so. He never checked it again to see if it needed to be refilled. Day 3. We decided to eat breakfast in the main dining room vs the buffet. Being a party of 6 it was difficult finding a place to eat in the buffet. People would just sit there after they finished eating, taking up space for other guests to eat. The service in the main dining room was horrendous. We never experienced such a disorganized crew. It took approximately 30 minutes to get juice and coffee. When the food finally came, it was cold, and bagel I ordered was as hard as a rock. I didn’t have the time to wait to send it back since I was going on an excursion. The ship’s procedure for returning passports they had retrieved from us when first checked in, definitely needs to be reviewed and fixed. We were first told our passports would be delivered to our room. It turned out, some were delivered to their rooms and others were not. Some people were told their passports were missing when they were at the customer service desk. Some passengers were told their passports were lost, upsetting many passengers. We never received our passports so we had to go to customer service waiting in long lines to retrieve them. Another couple we sailed with said their steward knocked on their door and said he only had one passport. He said they lost the other passport. He told them to go to the customer service to see about the missing passport. The first time they went to customer service they were told their passport would be delivered to their room later in day. After waiting a half a day for their passport, they went back to customer service again and were told their passports were at the Irish Immigration terminal and would arrive the next day. They were so upset. They went back again and customer service asked if they changed rooms. On their fourth visit to customer service, the staff member finally went in back and returned with their missing passports. All they did was make up stories to try to appease the situation. They tried to dismiss my friends saying they didn’t need the passports anyway. This is totally unacceptable. My excursion in Ireland that day started off good. Then during a stop at Trinity College, the tour guide sped to the entrance leaving behind half the guests on the coach. It was impossible trying to find her, she just disappeared. We never found her until we re-boarded the bus to return to the ship. We were pretty much on our own, which was upsetting since we paid for a guided tour which we never received. Upon returning to the ship after the excursion, the line to get back on the ship was about 600 people deep. The crew kept reversing the lines, people were bumping into each other, and they actually stopped the entry onto the ship for no apparent reason. The entire crew was disorganized and need to be retrained on how to deal with crowd control. In the past Princess never charged for hot chocolate at the buffet. This was the first time we had to pay for hot chocolate while on the cruise. I cannot drink coffee or tea so I was upset to discover this new charge. Also, if you want a coffee or tea at the International Cafe, Princess now charges their guest, where in the past they did not. This is absurd. They appear to be looking for new ways to rip off the consumer. Day 9. My excursion today was in Edinburgh. The excursion was delayed by 1/2 hour due to the disorganization of the staff. Day 10. As the cruise continued, staff had finally worked out some of the kinks with the shore excursion and the food selection had improved. By the end of the cruise it appeared everyone on the cruise was either sick or getting sick. I myself got sick on the last day of the cruise. Since the cruise transitioned from Fort Lauderdale, and there were still approximately 1,200 guests on-board, I do not think staff had adequate time to fully sanitize the ship. Additionally, guests were getting off and on at different ports along the cruise. Plus waiting in long lines at the ports in the cold did not help the situation. Our room steward did not properly put our disembarkation tags where we could find them. When we finally did, we noticed they were not for the time was asked customer service to exit the ship. We had to go back to customer service again to get the correct tags for disembarkation. Day 11. We took an excursion to Paris which was definitely not long enough; three hours each way on the bus, leaving only four hours to see Paris. It would have been great while in ports such as Paris and Edinburgh they had overnight stays. Plus they should offer face masks to their guests for the bus ride to avoid getting sick. Day 12. The night before the end of the cruise, we noticed the tag was missing off the water they offered for sale, that we never used. When we looked at our bill we noticed a charge for the water. We asked our steward about the charge and he said the bottle was opened which was an outright lie. We went to customer service and they reversed the charge. Seriously, it’s going to take a lot for me to cruise again on Princess. Read Less
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