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7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Celebrity Edge (Photo: Celebrity Cruises)
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  • Day 1
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
  • Day 2
    Key West
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    Grand Cayman
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
    Costa Maya
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
    Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge - Celebrity Cruises


Beautiful and innovative with outstanding accommodations and extensive dining choices


Expensive upcharge restaurants, spa and drinks; nighttime entertainment lacks variety

Bottom Line

A hip-at-heart ship that may challenge the expectations of experienced cruisers

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: March 2019
This ship might be right for you but not even close for us. Well, where do I start? The positives are a short list. So let’s start there. The ship is beautiful, IF you like that type of ambiance. Glass, glass, glass not 100% clean, lots ... Read More
This ship might be right for you but not even close for us. Well, where do I start? The positives are a short list. So let’s start there. The ship is beautiful, IF you like that type of ambiance. Glass, glass, glass not 100% clean, lots of steel and marble looking flooring. The crew is the most wonderful crew I have ever been with. 70 cruises and they were the nicest and most helpful they could have been. Celebrity picked the cream of the crop for the crew. OK, that is it for the positives. Now, Not talking about temperature, it has a very cold feeling. Hard and void of color. 90% of the seating is not comfortable at all. Either not cushioned at all or thin cushioned hard seats. Most seats are impossible to sit back on unless you are 8ft. tall. If you scoot back on the seat, you feel like a little child with your feet straight out. On deck 15 for get it completely. Total waste. There is no sitting comfortable at all unless you are eating. By the way, check out the specialty dining prices. Not worth those prices. Unbelievably high. So far out of wack. Stained carpeting throughout the ship. No excuses for that at all. The show at the EDEN is a total joke. Look at several YouTube videos of the ship. Especially that one. You will laugh and scratch your head wondering what the heck are they doing. Hopping around, jumping like frogs etc. Lots of wood statues that look stupid, one big black horse on deck 15 totally out of place on any ship. So much wasted space. On deck 5 from the elevators to the BLUE dining. You walk through a hall that is blacked out with sparkled flooring that is lit with ultraviolet lighting. The walls are all mirrors. More wasted space. Not enough places to enjoy in the evenings. Very few bars. The music is very limited to say the least. Only ONE location on the ship and is crowded most of the time. Deck 3,that is the martini bar. Not big at all with very limited seating. Those seats are Okay. Many sit at the cappuccino bar on deck 4 directly above the martini bar to listen to music on deck 3 coming from the martini bar. Those seats are NOT comfortable at all. Activities are very limited. Disco dancing with head phones to hear the music. A few trivia’s where you use paper and pencil. Other trivia where you use an iPad or iPhone to play. If you are not super, super fast. There is no way you will win. Very few of those anyhow. Instead of Bingo they have Deal or No Deal. That is also a big rip off. You pay $25.00 for a card that has the 20 cases on them. A random pick of who will play. There are 2 games per session. That was twice during the cruise. As the person that was picked to pay, picks a case, you turn over your case on the card to reveal the amount. If it matches theirs, you have one case that is good. You must get at least two, to get anything. The first 6 tiers are nothing more that match play in the casino. Meaning if you get two cases you now win $5 for match play all the way up to $200 match play. Then you must get 7 matching cases to win $500 and 8 matching to win $1000 the most I saw was 4 matching and they won $50 match play. Meaning you come up with $50 and they give you $50 to play in the casino. It is not cash. The only person that gets cash is the actual person playing that got picked. One person got $1.00, another $50.00, another $125 and the last was $396. The vast majority only got one case that matches. No Bingo, We miss bingo. Yes one slot tournament 7 day cruise. They had only one regular tournament. $25.00 to play. Only a 2 min. game. There were two free ones. Those were 1 min long. They gave away fake earrings. The last tournament was for women only on woman’s day. Same winnings. They have archery, I played, once and got the highest score. You get nothing. They call it an experience not a competition. They do not have a mini golf on the ship. They have putting on the carpet in the EDEN on deck 5. You putt to get it in a cup for points and the winner gets a prize. How exciting! They have 4 dining rooms. We did not eat in any of them, so I cannot say anything about those. We ate in the buffet. What we did eat was good. However, unless you are a master of the world, there is no way you know what is in those pots. I cannot ever pronounce most of what they were serving. Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Asian. Also Grilled, pork chops, minute steak, chicken, fish 98% of this exactly the same every lunch and dinner. Most of the deserts were all cake. EVERY DAY, lunch and dinner 98% the same. One roasted pig, with the head. Roasted duck. Enough pork every day to stuff a horse. I was told we missed the southern fried chicken. Do not know how. My wife had the New England clam chowder. It was so spicy she could not eat it. Since when do you spice up that? Even the roasted potatoes were very spicy. Most all even said spicey on the name plate. Only the soup was hot, temperature wise. . Nothing else was hot. Mostly warm to actually cold for the hot items. The meatloaf was actually cold, not even warm. Isn’t the food to be at a certain temperature to keep it safe? The buffet in the evening was sparse with people. Guess most ate in the 4 dining rooms and the specialty restaurants. The burgers were good and the fry’s. The hot dogs were not good. They had breaded fish. Not fried long enough. The inside of the coating was not done, gooey. Also, I do not like warm fish. The blood line, the black stuff. A lot of it. Gives it that old fish taste, Terrible. The mashed potatoes had a lot of the black that you usually cut out of the potato. The layout of the ship it dumb. At the stern is the pizza, mid ship is the buffet forward past the Olympic pool is the burgers and fry’s. That is a long walk. All other ships put those close to the buffet. The is no way to stay out of the rain going from the buffet to the burgers. Never had a chance to try the magic carpet. It was either locked or dining time. Once on deck 5 it was open but totally packed. When dining, it was on deck 14. The table cloths and the women’s hair were blowing all over the place. How can you eat in that condition? All the seating between the buffet and the mast grill get soaked when it rains. I am not talking about the lounge chairs by the pool either. Lunch at the EDEN “Forget it”. Sandwiches and soup. Not only do they have very little. There is no seating with tables to eat at. Woops, yes there were 4, 2 seats each. The state room was small but nice. Drab, no color. The sink was way too long taking up a lot of counter space. The shower stall was excellent and big. The toilet has a fast short flush. Guess to save on water. Problem, you needed to flush it 2 or 3 times for all to be disposed of. One guy told us he like the sink to wash his clothes in the nice big sink. Really! I am posting a few pictures. You may laugh. One is the soap they give you. It has coarse something in it. Looks like ants. You look at it. No sense posting pictures of the ship. You can see them all over Google. Cabin was the ocean view,regular window. If you like a bed that is super hard. It is for you. The couch, the same. Closet is very small but fine for 7 days. Safe is super small. On the other hand the TV is very big. The amount of money they spent on this ship and get terrible satellite reception. Docked in Key West, the NEWS channels were not watchable. The ship can handle the rough seas extremely well. One tour we took was in Grand Cayman. It was called “Trolley Roger”. Only $34 each to be an hour long with a pirate conducting the tour. My grandson wanted pictures of the pirate. This is what it ended up being. A jeep pulling a boat looking bunch of seats. Well, no pirate guide, just the driver and the tour, from the time we got on till the time we got off, only 40 min. long not an hour. That is about it. Well, I am sure I missed a lot. I cannot figure out who they are trying to cater to. Definitely the very wealthy. So many on the ship were the uptown type of people. Those that show off all their very expensive clothing and jewelry with their noses in the air. Two very nice ladies, one was the others maid. Showed us the castle they live in, in England. I said, nice castle, she replied only a small one. Only has 7 bedrooms, 2 cooks and a chef, 3 maids and 3 care takers for the lawn and flower garden. Showed us a picture of the buffet they through for a party. Made the one on the ship look very bad. As I am sure you can figure out. This ship is not for us. Needless to say we will never cruise on the EDGE again. We previously booked the APEX and I cancelled it. Maybe for you, but not even close to our cup of tea. This ship is NOT for children. Not much for them to do outside. Really nothing to do but drink, drink and drink more. Try to listen to music you might like. Only two places to really do that. The shows were good. The comedian was fair. You may love the ship. To each their own. Not the usual cruise ship you would expect. RCCL Serenade of the Seas for the ones who love a nautical theme ship with great food. A lot to do and a serene ship. Also Not for children. The Harmony. You might think crowded. This EDGE was actually crowded. Not the Harmony, so big and people just scatter. Awesome food and awesome for children. So many we talked to agreed. You may not believe this, but two liked it. So that’s it. Pardon the pun, but our opinion. Celebrity missed the boat with this one. Happy cursing!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
We were excited to book this cruise because it was a new ship. Our cabin 7315, Sunset Veranda, was very nice. The veranda was very large but there were only 2 regular chairs and a tiny table out there. They need to add a chaise lounge and ... Read More
We were excited to book this cruise because it was a new ship. Our cabin 7315, Sunset Veranda, was very nice. The veranda was very large but there were only 2 regular chairs and a tiny table out there. They need to add a chaise lounge and a larger table, to enable having breakfast on the veranda. The rooms are decorated well, with plenty of storage. Our room had a small sofa, but it was very low, hard and uncomfortable. The bed was great. The bathroom was also very nice. Larger than most with a roomy walk-in shower and Hans grohe shower head. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They provide a watered down product that doesn’t lather. The disappointment came with the food. Dinners in the main dining rooms were below average. We dined in two of the specialty restaurants, the steak house and Le Petite chef. Both of these were good. The steakhouse had the best quality of food and excellent service. The cost to dine In Three specialty restaurants with a package is $137.00 pp. if you don’t have a package, the cost is 50.00pp. The cost is too high!!! We thought the entertainment was good. They had a comedian (Rondell) who did two shows. This guy was great. The entire audience laughed so hard, we couldn’t catch our breath. The orchestra was also good. They provided complimentary drinks (limited selection) if you were gambling in the casino. Nice! Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
We are a couple in our mid fifties and this was our 16th cruise, first on Celebrity and we absolutely loved it! Embarkation in Terminal 25 was so efficient; I had checked in at home and we only had to have our picture taken upon ... Read More
We are a couple in our mid fifties and this was our 16th cruise, first on Celebrity and we absolutely loved it! Embarkation in Terminal 25 was so efficient; I had checked in at home and we only had to have our picture taken upon arrival. We were allowed on the ship at approx. 11:30 and I think we were one of the first ones on besides a group of visitors. We put our things in our Aqua Class stateroom and went to find some lunch. The only choice at that time seemed to be the buffet. The food there was excellent- so many choices; fresh fish, vegetables, bakery items, carving station, small steaks, I could go on and on. Our cabin was 9293 and Aqua Class. The bathroom was beautiful, shower had four different water types; handle spray, rain, waterfall and side spray. Plenty of storage in there and a drawer under the sink. The bed was firm, but very comfy and nice white comforter and pillows. Large flat screen tv- and at least 15-20 free movies to choose from daily-besides the live tv that was not much there. Some pretty good choices that are fairly new releases. Lighting, temp, tv, blinds could be done from app on phone. Blinds could be adjusted to various heights to allow some light in from the floor up, but that had to be done with the buttons by the window. Jury is out on the infinite veranda, we liked it just fine but also love a true balcony, nothing to ruin your cruise. Storage was great. Shoes under the sofa, closet for hanging items and plenty of drawers, some that you don't realize are there until you pull on them by the lighted decoration. I brought 3 large magnetic hooks that worked well on the walls for some extra hanging space to dry swimsuits etc. The quality of the food was amazing. We did not have one bad meal or dish. We ate at Blu numerous times for breakfast and for evening. All meals there were very flavorful and the staff went out of their way to get you what and how much you wanted. (Escargot for DH and shrimp cocktail for me, yum, I miss it already) Demar and Wulan took great care of us:) We also tried specialty dining in Eden (weird, but fun to try once) food there tasted great and was done with such careful precision by their Michelin star chef Nicolas (sp) Our table was right by the open kitchen. Drinks there were also kind of weird, mine tasted smokey. Fine Cut Steak- very good lobster and ribeye and great service. LePetit Chef was so much fun to watch and the food there was among the best on the ship. We had everything that matched the performance. Roof Top Grill (lunch) huge burgers, club sandwich, fresh chopped salad, killer French fries. The bar area is the one place that could use a little bit of adjustment. At certain times of the day the bartenders were overwhelmed with customers making the wait times a bit long. They would do their best, but there was no time for interaction or special requests. That would be at the pool bar most of the time and at the martini bar right before evening dining or entertainment there. Hard to sit by the martini bar, seats were at a premium and there were 3-4 taller chairs at one part of the bar that were designed so ridiculous that a person sitting there had a hard time staying in the chair due to the angle of the seat pitching forward- too funny watching people sit there! Again, little time to chat with the bartenders so no relationships built like on other cruises we have been on, therefore less extra tipping, sorry. Was hard to get those yummy blue cheese olives too, they would kind of forget that you asked for them. Port stops were typical: Key West was my favorite as I had not been there before. We took the Conch train tour (fun, 1-1/2 hours) then walked around and went to the Hemmingway house $14pp a little much but it must help feed all those cats! Went to Sloppy Joes Bar for nachos and drinks- loved it there. Kermits for fresh key lime pie and back to the ship. Costa Maya- a stop created for cruise ships- had an expensive drink and went back to the ship. Cozumel- Fury Catamaran- nice boat ride, ok snorkel (30min) and beach time with beer/soda. Don't waste your money at Bubba Gump Shrimp like we did, go back to the ship. Grand Cayman - did a Viator tour that started way too late 2pm so we had to rush through our rum tour, tasting, lunch and back to the ship by 4:30, we did not have time to go to 7mile beach. Had some shrimp/drinks (VG) at Margaritaville before the tour. Disembarkation was awesome as well. Took our own luggage off at 7:30 am and headed to the airport. Taxis were short that am, due to there being like 8 cruise ships in port. We got jammed into a van with 10 people. I think he would have tried to put some on the roof if he could have to take us to FLL airport. We got there too early, can't check-in prior to 4 hours before your flight. We should have stayed on the ship a little longer and had a nice breakfast. All in all - we had an incredible week on the EDGE. We came home to snow, 31 degrees, and a lot of work to catch up on. I for the life of me cannot understand all the negative reviews. This place was truly Eden to me. Someone to make my bed, meals, drinks and trip me around the Caribbean. Please go with an open mind and enjoy the different innovations around the ship. Oh, yeah, and if you want to find a library they had a cart in Eden where you could get a book or drop a book or bring your own Kindle. Enjoy, we certainly did!!!!! Read Less
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