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7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

Carnival Vista
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Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista - Carnival Cruise Line


Tons of fun with a water park, IMAX, ropes course, sky-high bike ride and brewery onboard


Dining room menus repeat too often and dishes dubbed too fancy by Carnival's passengers

Bottom Line

An action-packed ship with more activities than you can possibly do in seven days

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: February 2019
This is going to be a LONG review so if you want to skip you wont hurt my feelings!! I really truly do not understand all the hate reviews for this ship. We found it to be amazing!!! Granted we're pretty easy to please since we are ... Read More
This is going to be a LONG review so if you want to skip you wont hurt my feelings!! I really truly do not understand all the hate reviews for this ship. We found it to be amazing!!! Granted we're pretty easy to please since we are not at work but still! We received an email the Monday before we sailed asking us to not show up to the port until between 1230 and 100 due to disembarkation issues. Odd but ok. We flew out of SLC into IAH the day before the cruise and stayed at the Marriott hotel there in the airport in an M Club room. Cannot begin to say how much we enjoyed this hotel, location and amenities!!! We arrived at 11 that morning and we had a room waiting for us as well as some breakfast still left in the club. So nice to get some food after getting up at 3am to get to the airport!!! We took an Uber from the hotel to an Outback Steakhouse and holy moley we took our lives in our hand with our driver Bertha. Never given 1 star on an Uber driver but man it was scary!!! Found the people at the steakhouse that worked there very nice but the patrons were so RUDE!!!! Pretty much everyone we encountered from Texas on this trip were very rude (but then there was a really rude woman from N Dakota telling the poor Carnival worker off so it's not just Texas) but man rude rude rude rude rude! This theme continued through the entire cruise Day 0 - Embarkation Sunday morning we went down to the airport to get on the transport. It was nice, organized and well ran. (well except for the people who demanded the bus turn around so they could go look for a lost cell phone on a shuttle from their hotel to the airport) Got on the bus for our 1 hr and 45 min bus ride to the port. Rainy and cold in Houston but as we got closer to Galveston it did warm up. The port at Galveston.....WHAT.A.MESS!!!! I've been out of SEVERAL ports and this one was the most unorganized messes I've ever seen (well until debarkation). Waited for 30 min just to get the bus into the terminal parking area. The port area is just way too small for the 2 big Carnival/RCCL ships in port. People trying to get OFF the ship and those of us trying to get on does not make a nice port experience. We had Faster to the Fun and boy was it worth every single dollar spent. Getting on the ship took maybe 15 min and we were walking into the atrium. I wondered how I'd feel about the new atrium look and I have to say I LOVED IT! Made our way up to the Lido for some lunch and then headed to our room 9430 to check it out. We had our luggage by 2:30 that day and that is the earliest we've ever had it. Asked for our beds to be made into a king but they were still twins. Once we met our room steward he fixed it for us~easy no muss no fuss!!! Went to the muster drill at the reflections restaurant. Easiest muster drill we've been through except for those who didn't think they had to attend. Though they did say SEVERAL times NO SMOKING on balconies and yet people were smoking and vaping 5 min after that drill on their balcony. I HATE the cigarette smoke and will avoid the areas designated for smokers but the rudeness of smokers on this trip confounded me. Vapers ALL.THE.TIME (1 deck down and 1 cabin forward from us the dude vaped day and night...no idea how he had time to do anything else) After that we headed back to our room to watch the sail away from Galveston in the fog. We had anytime dining and being able to check in for a table through the HUB app was super awesome!!! Never waited more than 10 min for a table. I do have to say that I did not really like the anytime dining for the simple reason of being sat so close to others. If I wanted to dine with people I would have indicated that. I really disliked that part of it. I think this is one of the worst things on the entire cruise. We got put by 2 women who were nice enough but we really didn't want to make small talk and yet we had to. It wasn't ideal for sure. We learned to just go to the check in desk and request a table for 2 without anyone near us and problem was solved. Didn't really do much the rest of the night just hung out on our balcony/room and got ready for the next day. Day 1 - Sea Day I woke up at 7 so I headed up to the Tides Pool area to get a couple of chairs where we could hang out all day. Got 2 chairs up on the 11th deck that were fabulous UNTIL I realized that smokers can hang out there. We moved down to the 10th deck with an umbrella. It was MEH at best but that is due to guests nothing to do with Carnival. The amount of jazzies and rude people on this cruise confounded me. I'm not thin by any stretch of the imagination but my god.....the amount of people in mechanized chairs was astounding!!! We hung out at the pool most of the day but finally got tired of people so we went down to our room. It was lovely to sit on the balcony until our cabin mates next door decided that we needed to listen to their gospel music blaring from their bluetooth speaker! That type of stuff drives me insane. We saw people in the Lido Marketplace blaring their gospel music, singing to karaoke on the lido deck by the Tides pool in Chinese/Japanese whatever that ALL of us were subjected to. I've never encountered so many rude people making others listen to their music choices.!!! I was also unhappy with our room choice JUST due to the fact we listened to carts being rolled over our room ALL. FREAKING. NIGHT.LONG keeping us awake. We had a sound machine and ear plugs and they did nothing to mute it so beware if you have a cabin near 9430 you'll be kept awake all night with a sound like rolling thunder but it goes on for a few minutes every hour!!! I had contemplated getting a Havana cabin but after looking down from our cabin we could see their deck chairs and well no thanks!!! Day 2 - Sea Day My daughter got sunburned the day before so we decided to get a covered couch on the deck overlooking the beach pool. GREAT place to hang out!! Close to the action, 1 floor away from the bars and food. Spent the day just watching people, reading, napping! Total relaxation!!! Tonight we had dinner at the Cucina Capitano. Delicious as usual except for the jerk next to us making comments on the fact that we shared our dinner together. He was super judgmental and annoying but yet again not Carnival's fault!!! Went to the punchliner. Had a GREAT time there!!! It was crowded but we still snagged a nice seat on the side. The only bad part was the actual cruisers! The employees worked SO HARD to make a good experience for people. I appreciated them!!! Day 3 - Montego Bay This was the one and only day we encountered a line for breakfast but if we would have gone down to Oceans Plaza Taste Bar we could have eaten a continental breakfast quicker. Got off the boat and took a tour to the Secrets resort. BEST MONEY ever spent! Adults only. NO children, all inclusive including drinks! Great time!!! Pretty much best option for Montego Bay. Only a 5 min bus ride!! Towels supplied! Just beautiful!!! Went to 555 and that was a delicious dinner!!! Day 4 - Grand Cayman Woke up to mostly cloudy skies but got off the ship at about 8 to do some shopping. It became more gray and overcast as we shopped but it was nice to get the stuff we wanted. We had booked the stingray city for families from 10 until noon. At about 9 the skies opened up and it poured rain. I mean it was raining so hard we couldn't see the ship from the port. Bought some ponchos and they helped some but it got cold and windy and the ocean was so choppy so we finally decided to get a refund and go back to the ship. Headed to the tender where I cut my toe open and was bleeding. We were freezing but not Carnival's fault again. Got on deck and the housekeeping crew were handing out dry towels. It was lovely!!! Went to the room and took a warm shower but our shower was clogged so we had to have them come and unclog it. Took about 15 min but it was nice to get done. Yet again not their fault some hairy guest stopped up the shower!!!! Tonight was Valentines night so they gave all the women a red carnation. Nice touch!!!! Day 5 - Cozumel Took an excursion to Isla Pasion. What a GREAT excursion!! All Inclusive, food and drinks included. Beautiful island!!! Spent about 3 hours there. HOT and sunny day!!!! Decided to skip the dining room as there was nothing that sounded good so we went on deck and had pizza and then watched the dive in movies Day 6 - Last Sea Day Woke up and it was HOT! It was a lovely sea day and apparently the nicest they've had in the last 4 months. Bought a build a bear for St Judes and then went to go pack. OMG packing to go home is the worst!!! Ate dinner in the dining room and I think I got a touch of food poisoning because I felt awful the rest of the night into Sunday Morning!!! Day 7 - Debarkation NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!! We had FTTF so we ate breakfast at 7:30 (it was nice to have a full breakfast unlike other cruises where you get bagels and yogurt) and then headed to the reflections dining room to get off at what they said would be 8:45. Turned out we waited for at least 1000 + people to carry off luggage and then at least 100 wheelchair people (that we'd seen all week walking on their own but come disembark day they now needed a wheelchair with their 60 family members) but we finally got off at 10 ish and then boarded a bus that was filled to capacity for the more than 2 hours thanks to traffic. Watching adults need to play cards to pass the time also confounded me. I mean you should be able to just be on a bus not yelling and screaming every 30 seconds about who won or who cheated. MISERABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made it to the airport to board our full delayed flight home!!! Some thoughts.......9340 sucks for noise but it's a nice cabin during the day!!!! Sitting so close to others in the dining room was mega uncomfortable and I did finally go ask for a different table on Valentines Day because of this. The amount of rude people just beware! People were the only major issue we had on the ship and sadly nothing the ship can do to make people kind! Oh and KIDS....I've never seen so many kids on a Carnival cruise as I did on this ship. I like kids (have 3 of my own who are now grown) but the temper tantrums and the running around unsupervised while parents looked the other way was disheartening! I cant say I'd EVER (no I KNOW I wont ever go back)go back to Texas! Give me Miami, Orlando, FLL, NY anywhere but Texas but I can't wait to go on the Horizon out of Miami next February in a Havana aft extended balcony on the 9th deck!!! Still LOVE Carnival just hated the guests on this cruise!!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
This was our first time back on Carnival in a couple of years. First the good. Vista is a nice big ship with lots of on board activities. The crew was really friendly, always smiling and went out of their way to be helpful. We had an aft ... Read More
This was our first time back on Carnival in a couple of years. First the good. Vista is a nice big ship with lots of on board activities. The crew was really friendly, always smiling and went out of their way to be helpful. We had an aft balcony 9074. This is nice big cabin and the balcony is much bigger than standard and is fully covered unlike the aft balconies on the other decks. If you are subject to motion sickness this is where you want to be. We usually eat most our meals in the dining room. Be sure to download the Carnival app. You can request your anytime dining table without having to go to deck 5. The food was typical cruise food and was mostly good. A couple of times nothing jumped out to me so I got a flat iron steak and it was good. On some days they served brunch there. The steak and eggs were great. The dancing waiters at dinner were fun and invited everyone to dance with them. We didn't try any of the specialty restaurants. The lido was pretty good but anything that was especially good had a long line. The last time we were on the Glory there was a seafood shack that was part of the lido. On vista it is a charge per item place. Guy's barbque was good. I liked the soft serve frozen yogurt. The entertainment was typical Carnival which is good or bad depending on your taste. It's why we don't normally do Carnival cruises. If you are a young person that likes your music ear ringing loud and girls with very little clothes it's great. The pg comedy shows were very good. The others get fairly raw. We liked the outdoor movies. They have a counter to check out a blanket which was nice. Movies on demand in the room had a lot of good movies for free. Others were $4.95. There is music all over the ship. Mahogany Bay on Roatan is a nice alternative to a typical cruise port. You just get off the ship and walk to it. Lots of shopping and beach with lots of places to sit. Unlike every other private island we have visited none of the food was free. If you want to ride the skylift over it costs $13 per day. We got right on the ship because we didn't get there till 2:00. I am in a wheelchair and they took great care of us all over the ship. Getting off the ship we waited for a little while but were at our car by 10:00. You can see your pictures and check your bill on the tv or on your phone with the app. There was a $15 laundry charge on my bill which we did not do. They promised to take it off but never did. We used to sell cruises and have been on most of the lines and have lost count of the cruises we have been on. I don't remember hearing so many negative comments about a ship by frequent (mostly Carnival) cruisers. The fact that so many things cost extra and the long wait times for elevators and most anything worth doing seemed to be big. Also the lack of good shows to go to at night were universal. We used to live in Atlanta and had multiple ports to drive to but Galveston is limited to Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We will fly from now on instead of going on this ship. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
I plan to post a more detailed review on our cruise but overall we were pleasantly surprised by the Vista. Based on reviews we had read we were expecting a ship that was crowded, long lines, etc. but basically it was the same as other ... Read More
I plan to post a more detailed review on our cruise but overall we were pleasantly surprised by the Vista. Based on reviews we had read we were expecting a ship that was crowded, long lines, etc. but basically it was the same as other ships we have sailed. The good: + The crew - everyone we dealt with with were polite, professional and contributed to us having a great cruise. + A big shout out to Matt who must have been born to be a Cruise Director, he really is a natural and contributed to our cruise experience. Funny, funny, funny... + Music - I finally have been on a cruise that I liked (most of) the music. From the band Farmer to the Piano player (Josh) and the other musicians, "the horns" etc, we really enjoyed the music. + Music #2 - Actually had live music for one of the shows, not too many cruise ships doing that nowadays and it was a pleasant surprise! + The food - we did not have one single bad experience related to food. From the MDR, Steakhouse, Iguana burritos, Guys burgers as well as the buffet, the food exceeded our expectations (this is one area we were really concerned based on some reviews we had read) + Big TV - we had an Ocean suite and while we didn't watch it that often it was nice to have a full size TV in the room! ++ A big "thank you" to the medical crew that took care of my better half, very professional, friendly, understanding and efficient - really exceeded my expectations! The not so good: (and really these are minor, certainly didn't take away from the cruise) - The design of the Liquid Theater is OK but could have been better. At two floors it is smaller than the theater in the Breeze, the floors are flat so back rows don't have a good view, additionally, the posts block many views as well. I took a few pictures that better show that I will have in my review. - Balcony had 3 chairs and one table, would have preferred one chair, table and lounger. - Disembarkation - They parked us in the Reflections restaurant but we couldn't hear the announcement and subsequently were delayed getting off the ship. This can be improved on, someone should be in these areas making announcements (I heard that other areas had the same problem). Read Less
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