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Cruises to Shenzhen

The Shenzhen City Skyline, A Major City in Guangdong Province, China (Photo: HelloRF Zcool/Shutterstock)

About Shenzhen

A sprawling city adjacent to Hong Kong on mainland China, Shenzhen is home to some of the world's tallest skyscrapers, a handful of entertaining theme parks and shopping galore. Shenzhen cruises typically feature shopping excursions and visits to World in Miniature, a popular theme park.

Don't miss the Cantonese food on offer in Shenzhen. Congee, dim sum and hot pots are all on the menu at restaurants throughout the city. To burn some calories, hike up the nearby Nanshan Mountains for unforgettable panoramic views.

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  • More about Shenzhen

    Why go to Shenzhen?

    Pros: Explore a toy-sized version of attractions around the planet at World in Miniature.

    Cons: Like many Chinese cities, Shenzhen suffers from smog and poor air quality.

    Bottom Line: You'll never get bored in this dizzying modern metropolis.

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