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Cruises to Vicksburg

Vicksburg (Photo:Fredlyfish4/Shutterstock)

About Vicksburg

The Mississippi town of Vicksburg owes its place in history to the Mississippi River. That's why it can be a surprise to today's travelers to learn that the town is no longer actually on the Mississippi River. The twists and turns caused by erosion mean that Vicksburg technically sits on the Yazoo Diversion Canal, built by the Army Corps of Engineers after the city was left without a river in 1876.

Before that, of course, it was the river that helped Vicksburg gain its prominence. The city on the bluff started as a wealthy port for Southern planters and, after the state's secession, became an important focal point for the Confederacy. President Lincoln famously declared Vicksburg "the key" to winning the Civil War, and sent Major General Ulysses S. Grant to pocket it. The resulting Siege of Vicksburg, where the Union achieved victory after 47 days of keeping supplies out of the city, is seen as a major turning point in the war.

Today, Vicksburg is a historic highlight on a Lower Mississippi River cruise; touring the battlefield by coach, private tour or even bike is a must. Beyond that, the town has a few small museums where cruise passengers can pass the time.

Riverboats dock at Vicksburg Landing, where there's a park and a series of murals commemorating the city's history. The streets are steep leading up to downtown Vicksburg; cruise lines usually run a shuttle up and down the hill.

More about Vicksburg

Why go to Vicksburg ?

Pros: Vicksburg played a huge part in American history during the Civil War, leaving lots for visitors to explore today.

Cons: The streets leading to downtown Vicksburg are steep, so walking may not be an option for some cruisers.

Bottom Line: With its historical sights and museums, there's plenty to see and do in this small city.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The U.S. dollar is the official currency, and ATMs can be found in the historic downtown.


English, with a serious Southern drawl!

Vicksburg Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: Mar 2019
Tour of Vicksburg batlefield was on a tour bus. We didn't get out till at the visitor center. Visitor center had displays, pictures and gave a little history of the battle. Very informative....Read More
Queen of the Mississippi
Sail Date: Mar 2018
The local guide on the Vicksburg shuttle was friendly and interesting....Read More
Queen of the Mississippi
Sail Date: May 2017
Can’t say enough about the tour of the Civil War sites we went to...amazing to see....Read More
Sail Date: Jun 2017
we took a guided bus tour through the Vicksburg battle grounds. It was fascinating...Read More
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