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Cruises to Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana (Photo:Jorg Hackemann/Shutterstock)

About Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens -- located on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Darrow, Louisiana -- dates back to the 1700s, when the native Houmas people received a land grant for the area between the river and Lake Maurepas to the north. In 1803, by the time the ink was dry on the Louisiana Purchase, Houmas House had changed hands and was a powerful sugarcane plantation and sugar producer in the area. The 16-room Federal/Greek Revival-style mansion, which you can tour today, was completed in 1828 and has long been a favorite destination of day trippers from New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It's also a top port of call for riverboats, which tie up at its levee on the Mississippi River.

Film buffs may recognize the plantation as the site where Bette Davis' 1964 horror film "Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte" was filmed.

The 38-acre Houmas House complex is 35 minutes south of Baton Rouge, and an hour northwest of New Orleans.

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  • More about Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana

    Why go to Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana?

    Pros: This historic 38-acre plantation is laden with relics of the region's rich history.

    Cons: Other than exploring the plantation and mansion, there's not much to do here but New Orleans isn't far.

    Bottom Line: From the four-season garden and stunning mansion, to the onsite restaurant, Houmas House is quite an experience.

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    Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Louisiana Cruise Reviews

    Colleen Diltz
    Sail Date: Dec 2016
    A guided tour first then time to walk around the grounds....Read More
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