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Cruises to Savona

Savona (Photo:Giovanni Cardillo/Shutterstock)

About Savona

Savona is located on the Ligurian Sea between Genoa, Italy and Monaco, and it's the largest town on the Riviera di Ponente (Coast of the Setting Sun).

Savona's historic rivalry with neighboring Genoa is legendary. In fact, the Genoese destroyed the port in 1528 in their attempt to take control. Even so, the port, which was not rebuilt until the 1800s, is one of the more attractive parts of the city, with medieval towers as a photo-op backdrop to cruise ships.

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  • More about Savona

    Why go to Savona?

    Pros: Savona draws fewer tourists than other Italian cruise ports.

    Cons: Savona's industrial seaport isn't much to look at.

    Bottom Line: Head to the countryside for a wine tasting, or stay in town and explore Savona's historical center.

    Currency & Best Way to Get Money

    Currency in Italy is the euro. For the most up-to-date currency conversion figures, visit www.xe.com.


    Italian is the main language spoken in Savona. Some locals might speak English, but don't count on it. It's best to bone up on some key Italian phrases, or carry a translation book with you.

    --By Ginger Dingus, Cruise Critic contributor

    --Photo: Nadja1/Shutterstock

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