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Cruises to St. Francisville

St. Francisville (Photo:bill/Shutterstock)

About St. Francisville

Located about an hour north of Baton Rouge and an hour south of Natchez, St. Francisville is known for its antebellum homes, and for bed and breakfasts set in historic homes. There are fewer than 1,800 residents in St. Francisville, but it has an atypical sophistication for such a small Southern town.

It's the second-oldest town in Louisiana (after Natchitoches), tracing its history back to a 1730s church and burial ground named after St. Francis. But its settlement really began with land grants from the King of Spain to Anglo-Americans after the American Revolution, and a street plan made in 1807. Locals say St. Francisville, set on a narrow bluff 115 feet above the Mississippi River, is "2 miles long and 2 yards wide."

Visitors today will find several indoor antiques malls, boutiques, a bookstore, and a small museum and shop run by the West Feliciana Historic Society. There is an exhibit about John James Audubon, who lived here and painted many of his Birds of America series in the area, where he also worked as a tutor. Among items for sale around the holidays were angel ornaments made from balls of cotton, which is grown in mid-Louisiana.

More about St. Francisville

Why go to St. Francisville?

Pros: There are many well-preserved historic antebellum homes and plantations throughout St. Francisville.

Cons: There are quite a few sights here, but the town is small and there is not a ton of variety among the attractions.

Bottom Line: St. Francisville is small town with lots of Southern charm and plenty of history to take in.

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Currency is the U.S. dollar. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.


English is the language spoken here.

St. Francisville Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: Mar 2019
We were only half a day here. Didn't take the included plantation tour (but were told it was nice). Bus ride would have been an hour. Didn't take bus into town because that was an hour ride also. So two hours round...Read More
Queen of the Mississippi
Sail Date: Feb 2019
Added at the last minute due to the change of itinerary. They did a great job and it seemed seemless. Took the excursion to Rosedown, Tami the tour guide and Stanley the driver were a hoot! Stopped in town for a...Read More
Queen of the Mississippi
Sail Date: May 2017
Beautiful homes to see...not a lot there, but the tour guide made it interesting and fun....Read More
Queen of the Mississippi
Sail Date: Mar 2018
We enjoyed the Rosedown Planation and tour. It was fun to see the local housing but the shopping stop at Grandmother's Buttons was a waste....Read More
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