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Cruises to Clarksville

Cumberland River, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA (Photo: Kristi Dollar/Shutterstock)

About Clarksville

One of the oldest towns in Tennessee and the fifth-largest in the state, Clarksville is not named for that song byThe Monkees, but for a Revolutionary War hero, General George Rogers Clark (who happened to be the brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition). Situated near the confluences of the Cumberland and Red Rivers, it's long been an important river city.

Its most notable historic attraction -- Fort Defiance -- was built in preparation for the Civil War on a high hill overlooking the rivers. The gun emplacements and barracks there changed hands several times throughout the conflict.

In the years after the Civil War, the city was known for its fine, dark-fired tobacco and abundant agricultural offerings. During World War II, Camp Campbell was established on 42,000 acres in Kentucky, just north of the city; the camp is now known as Fort Campbell and the military influence, both historical and current, can be felt throughout the town.

Many visitors might remember Clarksville from the January 1999 tornado that crashed through downtown. The F3 tornado -- some 880 yards wide -- tore through town and caused nearly $75 million in damages as it destroyed 124 buildings and damaged 562 others, but left no casualties in its wake. Today there are few signs of the disaster save a mural and statues devoted to telling the story of the tornado.

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  • More about Clarksville

    Why go to Clarksville?

    Pros: The Riverwalk lets you experience the river from another vantage.

    Cons: Streets leading to downtown are steep and can be difficult for some cruisers.

    Bottom Line: Friendly locals, a good brewery and many good restaurants and shops.

    Where You’re Docked

    Riverships dock at McGregor Park, where a small playground and close quarters to the Cumberland River Riverwalk attracts locals and families. During the Christmas season, the park is transformed into a walking tour of holiday lights, including a large light display shaped like a paddlewheel boat. A parking area by the street provides easy access for land-based tours provided by cruise lines, but also taxis and other transportation options. Downtown proper sits on a bluff on top of the hill, so getting there requires a walk of about 10 minutes.

    Currency & Best Way to Get Money

    The U.S. dollar is the only accepted currency in Clarksville, but debit and credit cards are accepted by most restaurants, shops and taxi services (inquire if you're in doubt). ATMs are available across the street from McGregor Park and throughout downtown.


    English is the primary language in Clarksville.

    Clarksville Cruise Reviews

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