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Cruises to Torshavn (Faroe Islands)

Torshavn (Photo: Roland Zihlmann/Shutterstock.com)

About Torshavn (Faroe Islands)

Though best known for its Viking history, Torshavn -- the capital city of the Faroe Islands -- is an interesting city with lots of opportunities for cultural exploration and active excursions. Hiking and sailing are popular diversions here, but there are also several attractions for less adventurous travelers, including Torshavn Cathedral and the Nordic House cultural center.

--By Shayne Thompson, Cruise Critic contributor

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    Torshavn (Faroe Islands) Cruise Reviews

    Sail Date: Mar 2020
    We arrived on a Saturday, and by the time we had gotten off the boat the shops had all pretty much closed (at 2pm, so be warned!). The tourist information had some options for local companies if you wanted to wing...Read More
    Viking Sky
    Sail Date: Aug 2019
    Included tour: Faroe Island Vistas Great guide and amazing scenery. We learned a lot about living in the Faroe Islands....Read More
    Marco Polo
    Bridie Robin
    Sail Date: Jun 2019
    We went on the coastal villages trip for £52 each. Good value for money and we got to see a reasonable amount of Streymor, which is beautiful, helped by the lovely sunny weather. Another great day....Read More
    Marco Polo
    Sail Date: Jun 2019
    Four of the six tours were cancelled due to the boat being late in. We left Kirkwall late due to poor tendering by Marco Polo, but it wasn't clear why the short delay in the journey could not be made up. Alternative...Read More
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