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Cruises to Burlington

Burlington, Iowa (Photo: Eddie J. Rodriquez/Shutterstock)

About Burlington

Burlington, Iowa, is a small American city located a few hours southeast of Des Moines -- the state's capital -- along the Mississippi River. Residents and tourists alike take advantage of the Mighty Mississippi to enjoy activities like fishing and boating. Burlington also benefits from an abundance of natural attractions, including hiking, biking and walking trails, nature preserves, farms and expansive parks.

Crapo Park and Arboretum is a popular option for visitors who want to enjoy views of the sprawling river and check out exhibits on Burlington's natural history. For some of the most spectacular views, head up to Mosquito Park, which sits on a high bluff overlooking the river -- you might even catch sight of an eagle. For those less drawn to the outdoors, there are also a number of galleries and museums in the area, as well as a historic district filled with notable sites including many stunning steepled churches.

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  • More about Burlington

    Why go to Burlington?

    Pros: Opportunities to explore the legendary Mississippi River abound in Burlington.

    Cons: The outdoors is the biggest attraction in Burlington, so if that’s not your thing your options may be limited.

    Bottom Line: This small American city is a beauty offering many attractions, especially for active cruisers.

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