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Cruises to Savannah

Savannah, Georgia (Photo: f11photo/Shutterstock)

About Savannah

As American cities go, Savannah is positively ancient. The British established it in 1733, but Georgia didn't become a U.S. state for 55 more years. This port city, nestled along the Savannah River, was a major player in both the American Revolution and American Civil War, and plenty of historic buildings date from those eras. And, while you might think that a visit is relegated to reliving the past, the truth couldn't be any more different.

To be honest, Savannah is a bit of a shape-shifter. Depending on who you are and how you like to experience a new destination, this grand dame will show you a different side. History and architecture buffs can roam the city's squares and parks to their heart's content to see and learn about the figures and buildings that made Savannah what it is today.

Active adventure-seekers will see its raw beauty on the Savannah Riverfront and nearby Tybee Island, which old-timers call Savannah Beach. Shoppers will stick to the boutiques that line River Street, Broughton Street and the open-air, 18th-century-era City Market. Foodies will be amazed at the variety of cuisines, and photographers will be captivated by majestic 100-year-old live oaks draped with Spanish moss.

While only a few small-ship coastal cruises call on Savannah, it's a fantastic place to visit, even if you don't arrive by ship.

The best part about Savannah is its authenticity. You get the sense that Savannah doesn't put on airs for anyone, and what you see is what you get: a Southern city that treats visitors just like its very own good ol' boys. Visit Savannah, and we guarantee you'll be smitten.

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  • More about Savannah

    Why go to Savannah?

    Pros: Charming Southern city with moss-draped oak trees, quaint squares, historic buildings and fab dining scene.

    Cons: Humidity! If visiting during the summer, get up early and explore before the midday heat.

    Bottom Line: Historians, sailors, foodies and those who appreciate the quirkiness of the south will love Savannah.

    Savannah Cruise Port Facilities

    American Cruise Lines' Independence and American Star dock at River Front Plaza on River Street. Day trip river cruises also dock along River Street in different locations. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you busy along River Street's promenade.

    Good to Know

    Savannah is the epitome of a "walkable city," so wear comfy shoes with support since you'll traverse a lot of old cobblestone streets. Wear a hat (wide-brimmed if you're fair skinned), apply sunscreen, and either bring some water or stop at any of the city's cafes, bars or restaurants to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    Getting Around

    On Foot: Savannah was meant to be explored on two feet. If arriving by cruise ship, you'll disembark and start exploring off River Street, which parallels the Savannah River. Then, picture a rectangle with many of the city's attractions inside. It's bounded by East Broad and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard with Liberty Street (parallel to River Street) connecting them. City Market is a 10-minute walk, and the historic district is just a 20-minute stroll. Popular Forsyth Park is beyond those boundaries, but you can still walk (though it will take a half-hour).

    By Public Transportation: Savannah offers free shuttle bus service via two routes -- Downtown and Forsyth Park -- with 24 stops. The Downtown bus connects the upper historic district, downtown squares and attractions with the main visitors center, as well as parking areas on Liberty Street and at the Civic Center. The Forsyth Park route goes down Bull Street, up Drayton and down Whitaker between Johnson Square and Forsyth Park. Also look for the Savannah Belles Ferry, which links River Street (at City Hall Landing) with Hutchinson Island across the river (at the convention center). Look for purple signs that say "DOT," and board the free purple vehicle that stops. Buses run every 10 minutes and have Wi-Fi.

    By Taxi: Taxis are available in Savannah, as are rideshares like Uber and Lyft. A Lyft trip between River Front Plaza and Forsyth Park will run you $6 to $8.

    By Rental Car: Skip the rental car unless you plan to explore beyond the city. You can easily get everywhere you need to go by walking, using the free bus and ferry system, or paying for a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing trolley.

    Currency & Best Way to Get Money

    Currency is the U.S. dollar. There's an ATM at 115 East River Street, just a few feet from where ships dock at River Front Plaza. You'll find bank branches and additional ATMs across the city. For example, there's one at 303 W. Saint Julian Street (at Jefferson Street), a one-minute walk from City Market, and another that's inside Parker's 24-hour convenience store at 325 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, between W. Harris and W. Charlton streets (a two-minute walk from the historic district).


    English is spoken in Savannah.

    Savannah Cruise Reviews

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