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Cruises to Port Denarau

Port Denarau (Photo:NigelSpiers/Shutterstock)

About Port Denarau

Port Denarau is located on Denarau Island, a reclaimed mangrove swamp on the west coast of Fiji's 'mainland' the largest island known as Viti Levu.

Development of Denarau Island began in the early 1970s and it has been under construction ever since. Fiji's five-star hotel enclave includes seven international resorts (such as the Sheraton, Sofitel, Radisson Blu and Westin), along with residential villas and a championship golf course and racket club.

Port Denarau, a small-ship and dock with an adjacent yacht marina, was constructed in 2007 and is connected to Viti Levu by a short bridge only a few metres long. It is about 20 minutes south of Nadi International Airport and offers everything an embarking or disembarking passenger needs to fill a few hours: there are cafes with internet access, good restaurants, several bars, a children's play area, supermarket, post office, banks, several retail stores and even two-day spas. The port is also a good place to book day tours, as many tour operators are based there.

Apart from Captain Cook Cruises and Blue Lagoon Cruises (which are accommodated cruise vessels), the port serves as the dock for day-trip vessels that venture out to the offshore islands of Fiji's west coast -- known as the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands. Big cruise ships, such as those of P&O Australia and Princess Cruises, and those on round-the-world itineraries, anchor in nearby Nadi Bay and tender their passengers into Port Denarau.

From the port, you can take all-day and half-day sailing trips around the islands, fishing trips, snorkelling trips and land adventures, such as 4WD tours and beach excursions.

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  • More about Port Denarau

    Why go to Port Denarau?

    Pros: Modern, convenient facilities and great tour options.

    Cons: Passengers must tender ashore from large ships.

    Bottom Line: An easy place to while away the hours on a lazy port day.

    Port Denarau Cruise Port Facilities

    The big cruise ships visiting Port Denarau will anchor in the bay and bring you ashore to the wharf by tender. The jetties are modern and solid, so there are no worries about wobbly planks.

    If you are joining one of the local operators such as Captain Cook Cruises or Blue Lagoon Cruises -- whose offices are right there at the marina -- your vessel will be tied up to the wharf and you can walk straight onboard.

    There is a quite comprehensive and modern shopping area right at the marina where you can get staple items, snacks, clothing, a spa treatment, souvenirs and other essentials. There is also a range of quality restaurants, cafes and bars there as well as at various points around the island and in the numerous resorts.

    Good to Know

    Denarau Island is prone to flooding during cyclone season, sometimes cutting it off from Nadi town and the airport. Pay attention to weather reports, especially during the wet season (cyclone season is November to April in Fiji.) Daily average temperature is 25.5 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

    There have been instances of card skimming in Fiji; don't let your credit card out of sight.

    Fiji enjoys a very relaxed pace of life. Don't be upset if things don't happen at the pace you might expect at home. Kick back and go with the flow.

    Getting Around

    On Foot: It's perfectly easy to get around Denarau on foot using the flat footpaths or to take a shortcut across the various well-kept grassy areas. In fact, the Denarau precinct is a delightful area to just stroll around as you can stop at the various shops and boutiques along the way. A lap of the developed part of the island is just over 2 kilometres and would take about an hour, not counting coffee stops. It's not a good idea to walk the eight kilometres into Nadi town as it's likely to be hot and there are no proper paths.

    By Shuttle: A popular mode of transport is the local inter-resort shuttle, known widely as the 'Bula Bus', which is basically an open-air truck with seating installed. It's quite safe, shaded and comfortable, but can get busy at peak times. It was once a free service, but has been charging FJ$9pp (AUD$6) for the day for the last few years. Multi-day passes are available and it stops at all the resorts and the marina complex

    By Bus: Westbus is the local service: it's cheap and cheerful and runs locally and on a loose timetable (roughly 15 minutes) to and from Nadi town for just a couple of dollars. You'll need loose change or small notes for the driver and you won't have room for luggage, just a daypack. Around the port, it's a cheap alternative to the Bula Bus, just not as regular.

    By Taxi: Taxis are reliable and reasonably priced all around Nadi. Catch one at your resort concierge desk or from the rank at the marina. As a guide, a fare to the airport is about FJ$25 AUD$16).

    Currency & Best Way to Get Money

    The national currency is the Fiji dollar (FJD) but USD and AUD can be tendered without too much objection with local traders. The use of credit cards is increasing and they can be used with confidence at all the major hotels and with the traders at Port Denarau. Note: You will still find cash useful for taxis and when shopping at the local markets for souvenirs and snacks.

    Port Denarau's marina complex is the main trading point. It's where you will find the Westpac Bank and ANZ ATM.


    While several languages are spoken in Fiji, English is widely understood by tourism operators and staff at local businesses. Learn a few key words and phrases as Fijians will encourage you to engage with them; be prepared to roll out the universal 'bula', which is used as an ebullient greeting or welcome. 'Vinaka' means thank you.

    When pronouncing Fijian words, some unusual rules apply. Nadi, for example, is pronounced Nan-di. Denarau is pronounced Den-a-row (as in 'ow')

    It's important to know that agitation and impatience are seen as bad manners and the more urgently you request something, the less likely it is to be delivered quickly. Respect, too, is an important factor when communicating, so have your best manners and biggest smile ready and things will fall into place.

    Port Denarau Cruise Reviews

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    Russell Stephens
    Sail Date: Dec 2019
    We again took a short tour in a bus which was run by the locals. Not air conditioned, but good fun!...Read More
    Carnival Legend
    more steam
    Sail Date: Nov 2018
    I walked from the marina and had a look around the resort hotels on the beach. The beaches are small and nobody was swimming in the sea. Everyone were using the hotel pools. The locals can't afford to live in the...Read More
    Pacific Jewel
    Sail Date: Jul 2018
    Denarau was beautiful, tour was fantastic...Read More
    Pacific Jewel
    Sail Date: Jul 2018
    A nice port with lots of boats. We had a beer there and used some wifi. There is a Hard Rock Cafe there....Read More
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