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Cruises to Dresden

Dresden (Photo:Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock)

About Dresden

Dresden's churches, palaces, museums and squares are among the finest in Germany, but the grand baroque domes and spires that form the skyline today are something of a miracle. The city has a long history as the rich capital and royal residence of the Saxon empire, but fierce firebombing raids by Allied forces during World War II completely destroyed the city center. Nearly 45 years under Communist occupation saw little restoration.

It was only after Germany was reunited in 1989 that determined citizens could begin to rebuild, exactly replicating the splendor of the past. Art treasures that had been hidden away have been restored to their rightful homes, and this small city (population 500,000) once again features art, music, architecture and culture exceptional for its size, earning it the nickname "Florence on the Elbe."

The handsome city straddles the Elbe River with scenic paths along the water and bridges connecting the two sides. Most of the important sites are in the restored Old Town (Altstadt). Some choice shopping and a scenic bicycle path along the Elbe are on the opposite bank (Neustadt).

More about Dresden

Why go to Dresden?

Pros: This beautiful city is packed with sights and attractions, including palaces and churches, museums and more.

Cons: A lot of the city had to be reconstructed after World War II, so what you're seeing is often not original.

Bottom Line: Dresden is a small city, but has a lot to offer visitors who enjoy exploring culture and history.

Where You’re Docked

Riverboats anchor on the edge of town. There is no formal dock area; a gangplank connects to the riverbank and the road or walking path into the city.

Dresden Cruise Port Facilities

There are no facilities directly at the ship because the town is so close by, less than a 10-minute walk or a very short taxi ride. Ships may also offer shuttle service for the short trip.

Good to Know

Dresden is a small city, and although it's quite safe, watch out for pickpockets in crowded places.

Getting Around

On foot: Almost all of the don't-miss sights are in the compact center of the Old Town and are easily walkable. The Royal Palace, opera house and Zwinger museums all are clustered around the stately Theaterplatz (Theater Square).

By Bus or Tram: Bus and tram lines are convenient for further exploration. You can find transit maps and information on the DVB Web site. Tickets can be bought at the stops or aboard, and schedules are posted at each stop. Riding is on the honor system, but fines are steep if inspectors board and find passengers without a pass. The Dresden-City-Card offers good value for those visiting several museums. It gives unlimited access to all public transportation and entry to 12 city museums for 24 hours. The card is sold at the main tourist office and at many hotels. Pick up transit maps at the tourist office, as well.

By Taxi: Taxi stands are located at the main sightseeing locations; rates are moderate. Taxis don't line up by the dock, but you can easily walk or shuttle into town and find one there.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The euro is the local currency. Visit XE.com for current exchange rates. ATM's are plentiful, and major credit cards are widely accepted.


German is the native language. Museums have printed information in English, and some English is spoken in many restaurants and shops, but a German-American dictionary may come in handy.

Dresden Cruise Reviews

Viking Schumann
Sail Date: Oct 2015
Dresden is a beautiful city. The ship was docked a short ten minute walk from the city center which allowed us to come and go as we pleased....Read More
Viking Beyla
Sail Date: Apr 2016
We visited a number of places on our own as we had been here before. The tour of the Treasure Rooms was very good....Read More
Viking Beyla
Sail Date: Nov 2015
who photo-shopped photos of modern Dresden back to their 1700's appearance based on period paintings and peopled them with actors dressed in period costume....Read More
Viking Beyla
Sail Date: Aug 2015
Good...Read More
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