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Canary Islands Cruises

Canary Islands (Photo: svf74/Shutterstock)

About Canary Islands Cruises

A Spanish archipelago with a flavor all their own, the Canary Islands are closer to Africa than Europe. Yet with status as a major destination for British travelers, the Canary Islands provide enough fun-in-the-sun activities, as well as stunning mountains and deserts, to make this a popular stop for Transatlantic and Western Europe cruises.

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  • More about Canary Islands

    What is the best time to cruise to Canary Islands?

    The Canary Islands, which are a part of Spain, are a year-round cruise destination, but most popular in the winter months when sun-seekers are looking for an escape from the cold.

    Which cruise lines go to Canary Islands?

    If you're looking to sail the Canary Islands, you'll want to check with Europe- and UK-based lines like P&O, Fred. Olsen, Cunard and MSC. For an exclusively Canary Islands itinerary, you'll want to sail on tall ship Sea Cloud, but other luxury lines like Silversea and Azamara feature Canary Islands ports on more inclusive itineraries. The port of Tenerife tends to be included on a number of cruises as ships reposition across the Atlantic Ocean. For more: Canary Islands Cruise Tips.

    What are some things to do in Canary Islands?

    Soaking up the sun is the main pastime in the Canary Islands, but the region also has a rich history and boasts many natural attractions. From the Naval Museum in La Palma to Teide National Park in Tenerife, there are plenty of options for anyone needing a break from the beach.

    Do you need a passport to take a cruise to Canary Islands?

    Yes, a passport is required for Americans on cruises to the Canary Islands.

    What should I pack for a cruise to Canary Islands?

    The weather is warm year-round in the Canary Islands, so pack for the beach and long days in the sun -- don't forget sunscreen. This is part of Europe, so a note that other holidaymakers might be dressed a bit more chic than your typical tropical getaway.

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