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114 Nights World Cruise 1: Stunning Skies & Halcyon Harbors
Departure Port: Cape Town
Sailing Dates
2018 Jan 7
Crystal Cruises
Crystal Symphony
Pro: Superb service and cuisine
Con: Production shows need improvement
Bottom Line: A luxurious experience with big-ship amenities
Day 1 Cape Town
Day 2 Cape Town
Day 3 Mossel Bay
Day 4 Port Elizabeth
Day 5 Cruising
Day 6 Durban
Day 7 Durban
Day 8 Richards Bay
Day 9 Maputo
Day 10 Cruising
Day 11 Cruising
Day 12 Taolagnaro
Day 13 Cruising
Day 14 Reunion Island
Day 15 Port Louis
Day 16 Port Louis
Day 17 Port Louis
Day 18 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 19 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 20 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 21 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 22 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 23 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 24 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 25 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 26 Broome
Day 27 Cruising
Day 28 Cruising
Day 29 Geraldton
Day 30 Perth (Fremantle)
Day 31 Perth (Fremantle)
Day 32 Bunbury
Day 33 Albany (Australia)
Day 34 Esperance
Day 35 Cruising (Great Australian Bight)
Day 36 Cruising (Great Australian Bight)
Day 37 Melbourne
Day 38 Melbourne
Day 39 Burnie
Day 40 Hobart
Day 41 Cruising
Day 42 Sydney (Australia)
Day 43 Sydney (Australia)
Day 44 Cruising
Day 45 Cruising
Day 46 Cruising
Day 47 Stewart Island
Day 48 Dunedin
Day 49 Akaroa
Day 50 Nelson
Day 51 Wellington
Day 52 Napier
Day 53 Gisborne
Day 54 Tauranga
Day 55 Auckland
Day 56 Auckland
Day 57 Paihia
Day 58 Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
Day 59 Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
Day 60 Lautoka
Day 61 Yasawa
Day 62 Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
Day 63 Nuku Alofa
Day 63 Cruising
Day 64 Niue
Day 65 Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
Day 66 Rarotonga
Day 67 Aitutaki
Day 68 Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
Day 69 Bora Bora
Day 70 Moorea
Day 70 Tahiti (Papeete)
Day 71 Tahiti (Papeete)
Day 72 Tahiti (Papeete)
Day 73 Rangiroa
Day 74 Tahiti (Papeete)
Day 75 Cruising
Day 76 Nuku Hiva
Day 77 Nuku Hiva
Day 78 Cruising
Day 79 Cruising
Day 80 Pitcairn Island
Day 81 Cruising
Day 82 Cruising
Day 83 Easter Island
Day 84 Easter Island
Day 85 Cruising
Day 86 Cruising
Day 87 Cruising
Day 88 Robinson Crusoe Island
Day 89 Cruising
Day 90 Santiago (Valparaiso)
Day 91 Coquimbo (La Serena)
Day 92 Cruising
Day 93 Iquique
Day 94 Cruising
Day 95 General San Martin
Day 96 Lima
Day 97 Lima
Day 98 Cruising
Day 99 Guayaquil
Day 100 Guayaquil
Day 101 Cruising
Day 102 Panama Canal
Day 102 Colon (Cristobal)
Day 103 Colon (Cristobal)
Day 104 Colon (Cristobal)
Day 105 Cartagena (Colombia)
Day 106 Santa Marta
Day 107 Aruba
Day 108 Caribbean Sea (Cruising)
Day 109 St. Barts
Day 110 St. Barts
Day 111 Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
Day 112 Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
Day 113 Key West
Day 114 Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
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14 Nights Wonders Of Western Australia
Departure Port: Port Louis
Sailing Dates
2018 Jan 22
Crystal Cruises
Crystal Symphony
Pro: Superb service and cuisine
Con: Production shows need improvement
Bottom Line: A luxurious experience with big-ship amenities
Day 1 Port Louis
Day 2 Port Louis
Day 3 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 4 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 5 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 6 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 7 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 8 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 9 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 10 Indian Ocean (Cruising)
Day 11 Broome
Day 12 Cruising
Day 13 Cruising
Day 14 Geraldton
Day 15 Perth (Fremantle)
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