Norwegian Epic Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean

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7 Night Caribbean - Eastern Cruise
Departure Port: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Sailing Dates
2017 Nov 18 Dec 2 Dec 16 Dec 30 More
2018 Jan 13 Jan 27 Feb 10 Feb 24
Mar 24 Dec 15 Dec 29 Less
Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Epic
Pro: Jam-packed with 24/7 entertainment for singles, couples, families and groups
Con: Confusing corridors and congested main decks
Bottom line: Fun, fun, fun for everyone
Dining choices include 24/7 pizza delivery
"New wave" cabin design a futuristic first
Day 1 Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Day 2 Cruising
Day 3 Cruising
Day 4 Tortola
Day 5 St. Thomas
Day 6 Cruising
Day 7 Great Stirrup Cay
Day 8 Port Canaveral (Orlando)
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