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Cruises out of Ketchikan


Cruises out of Ketchikan

We found you 1 cruise

Cruise Critic Favorite
National Geographic Venture
National Geographic Venture (Image: Lindblad Expeditions)

8 Night
Cruise from KetchikanDetails

12 Reviews
Cruise Line:Lindblad Expeditions
No prices currently available for this sailing.
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What cruise lines depart from Ketchikan?

Popular amongst many cruise lines including Lindblad Expeditions.

What cruise trip options do I have from Ketchikan?

Most commonly, cruises from Ketchikan go to exciting destinations such as Alaska.

How many days are cruises from Ketchikan?

Ketchikan cruises often range from 6-9 nights providing cruisers with a variety of different entertainment and dining options.

Ketchikan Cruise Reviews

Would make this a 6 star if possible

So you can see, we wanted more in the cruise than just open bar, good food, and fun stuff.One on excursion, I was injured and while the guide got out the first aid kit, the steward who was accompanying us helped me to stop the bleeding and made some very good suggestions that I followed (even though I was trained in wilderness first aid).Read More
User Avatar

Great Guides, Great food, lots to do

No extra charges for anything during the trip.We looked forward to all meals and the open seating so we got to know all the guests - 48 on this trip.Read More
User Avatar

Good time, good group, a bit pricey (especially with gratuity)

) was pretty tacky, in my opinion, as everyone is checked-out at the bar register on the last day, waiting in line to pay your tab, with the gratuity added on, ringing up the amount you tell them in full view of others in line and verbally confirming the amount in an audible voice, as if to shame anyone who might want to tip anything less than the $500.Since then, we had enjoyed a 4-day, 400-passenger ship river cruise on the Yangtze as part of a China tour, and an even smaller (28 passenger) riverboat voyage on the Mekong.Read More
User Avatar

Alaska and Lynn Canal

I cannot say enough about John Mitchell - who I know is going back to school but he was a great EL.I cannot say enough about James Biscardi who stayed in the shadows but made and absolutely outstanding video.Read More
User Avatar

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