Spring Break Cruises

Spring Break Cruising

Spring break cruises are popular with families with school-age children, college students on vacation and teachers looking to get away. We can help you find the right spring break sailing — whether you're looking for a party, a family-friendly enclave, a warm-weather destination or even an adults-only cruise.

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  • On the 28th December 2018 we embarked on a New Years cruise with P&O (the prices for this particular cruise were double if not triple normal prices due to the time of year). The dramas started when we paid for priority checkin however our ... Read more
  • First cruise - best vacation
    This cruise experience was absolutely amazing. We had a very good time. The food was tremendous at every single complimentary restaurant. The buffet had so many different options. The shows offered were also very entertaining and well put together. ... Read more
  • Stayyyyy awwwwway
    Do not book this. Group of 50, Forty were sick on the last day, rooms were disgusting, food was,Well, everyone got sick, activites = zero, staff rude made it seem like they were doin u a favor. Put it like this, Dont bother with specialty dining, ... Read more
    Traveling is my forte, and a cruise was on my bucket list for 2018 with my family. Our first family holiday! Which we enjoyed thoroughly. Excellent service all round, great food, entertainment and activities. Embarkation and disembarkation was ... Read more
    Avish Rajkumar
    I left Durban port on the 19th December 2018 and the staff were excellent on embarking the ship. The embarkation and disembarkation was a breeze with MSC staff and crew assisting you all the way. I had a wonderful experience as it was my first trip ... Read more
  • My husband and I traveled alone for our 30th Wedding Anniversary on this cruise. We booked a veranda cabin on the Navigation deck via Holland and not a travel agent. Embarkation was very easy. Although the woman taking care of us had to be ... Read more
  • Bed Bugs
    This cruise was a gift and I was grateful for the opportunity, but let me be frank with you in the following description. Little did we know the disappointment we’d meet at the very entrance with their prolonged entry wait. Services bragged ... Read more