Gourmet Food Cruises

Gourmet Food Cruising

Food is an integral part of cruising. If you're looking for gourmet cruise food, we can point you toward our favorite cruise ship restaurants and food-themed cruises (Top Chef, anyone?). If you just want to know more about onboard dining and what's new in cruise food, check out our tips on buffet etiquette, healthy dining and eating in port.

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  • Family Cruise
    I would never recommend anyone to go on this cruise line. NCL Escape was horrible, from the service to food. Lets start off with the dinning experience. It is freestyle dinning, which means you go when ever you want to eat. We waited every night at ... Read more
  • Almost a Luxury Cruise
    Paul Toretta
    I took this cruise because it was a James Beard Food Cruise. The suite offered very little I wouldn't pay extra for it. This is the second time I booked on this cruise line and was disappionted both times.The communication was not good aboard ... Read more
  • Viking Homeland cruise
    This was our first "ocean" cruise with Viking (we previously did a river cruise). This company REALLY knows how to take care of their guests. They ship was just the right size and so beautiful. Our room had plenty of space and they ... Read more
  • Overall, nice cruise-however very frustrating how they try to CONSTANTLY nickel and dime you to death. You have to pay extra for a "drink package"-yes-even water you have to pay for. You have to pay $12.95 per day for internet service, you ... Read more
  • Impeccable on the Danube
    The biggest question mark about booking this cruise is whether you like group excursions or not. You'll be paying for them whether or not you partake because all ports have multiple excursions available at no extra charge. If you don't mind ... Read more
    We went on this cruise because it was a good way to see Europe without having to plan out the whole trip. The ship was great! All of the crew was AMAZING. The food was really good too! Our family ate on the boat for almost every meal. There were ... Read more