Senior Cruises

Senior Cruising

The best cruises for senior citizens span the gamut from bucket-list destinations and adults-only cruise ships to cruise lines that cater to multigenerational families and travelers with medical conditions or disabilities. Whether you're looking for onboard learning, relaxing sea days, themed sailing or fine dining, we can help you find the perfect senior cruise.

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  • Never but cruise insurance
    Alaska destination offered online. Was talked into buying insurance. Had a small medical problem. They charged huge amount of money for consult and 10 pills. They said they did not know how to get our money back. Knew nothing about insurance. ... Read more
  • Inspiration isn't inspiring
    We used to love this ship, but once we got on board, we found it had changed. Just came from a 4-day cruise and dad to say, the ship isn't as good as I remembered. We boarded and went to our inside cabin in the empress deck, only to be met with a ... Read more
  • We chose this cruise because we had been on it last year and this time instead of Sitka it went to Skagway which we wanted to see. We had enjoyed the Sun the last time so booked it again. The staff are very friendly as it is a smaller ship, the size ... Read more
  • Wonderful Cruise
    I love cruising. I live in Austin, TX and wanted to visit NYC. Friends recommended Bermuda so i thought that I would cruise from NYC to Bermuda. Bermuda is beautiful. it is clean, friendly, and interesting. There is a lot to see and do but it is ... Read more
  • Travel dates September 10, through September 17 2017 out of Galveston, Texas. First, I like to state that I am a Crown and Anchor Diamond level member, but I also enjoy gambling and the perks (comps) that should come with gaming at any casino. ... Read more
  • We scheduled this cruise to celebrate my wife's 70th birthday. We enjoyed Specialty dining at 150 Central Park and Chops. The menu at Chops has changed since my last visit and in my opinion it has improved. My wife had the filet and I enjoyed the ... Read more
  • We chose this cruise as we had never cruised before and the Western Med seemed like a great destination. We booked our flights through Royal Caribbean and they booked one flight with a Iberian number, one with a BA number and both ended with us ... Read more