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Want to brave a cruise vacation on your own? Go for it! We can explain the ins and outs of the solo supplement, highlight the best cruise lines for singles, alert you to cruise ships with solo cabins and explore the world of singles group cruises. Plus, we share our best tips for cruising on your own -- and having a great time.

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  • Ship is outdated
    Our mini suite was nice , but the bathroom was outdated and rusty. Deck chairs were old and dirty. The ship seems to cater to the 70 plus crowd. I did not have a lot of fun on this cruise . If you are under age 60, I would suggest Royal Caribbean ... Read more
  • I chose this cruise to get a little bit of sun, rather than sit at home watching the rain. This being my third time on Azura, I thought I knew what to expect. Embarkation went smoothly, and I was in my cabin swiftly. I noticed that the plug in ... Read more
  • Another wonderful cruise on the escape!
    Cabin fever1111
    A fun and relaxing cruise. There is so much to do each day that I missed some much to do, so little time. I liked reading on deck with drink in hand. Never had an issue finding a place to lounge on deck or by the pool. I heard ... Read more
  • Gorgeous ship
    The ship was gorgeous. The Pro's Many things to love here. The food was phenomenal. And I loved the fact that most of it was casual, without the sometimes rigid seating arrangements and times I heard some cruise lines use. I was able to eat ... Read more
  • Recent cruise 3/22-4/1/2019
    I had a cruise credit with NCL that was expiring. I selected this cruise for itinerary. The price was fair for two but I feel it unfair to double the rate for one person. I do not eat or require twice the food or service. The ports were ... Read more
  • 50th birthday cruise
    I'm platinum on NCL and Carnival. I prefer not to fly so I generally cruise out of NY or Baltimore. I chose this cruise as it was my 50th bday and didn't want to do the usual 7 day cruise to the Bahamas. I took my entire family on this trip (8 of ... Read more