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Want to brave a cruise vacation on your own? Go for it! We can explain the ins and outs of the solo supplement, highlight the best cruise lines for singles, alert you to cruise ships with solo cabins and explore the world of singles group cruises. Plus, we share our best tips for cruising on your own -- and having a great time.

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  • My boyfriend and I sailed on Oasis of the Seas in early 2016 and wanted to try out a smaller boat. With only two people, the Oasis was just too large and crowded for our taste. We opted for the Enchantment because of its size and the length of the ... Read more
  • We came into this cruise with high expectations. All we ended up getting was a beautiful over-packed ship where we couldn't even get a table in the windjammer(the buffet) to sit and eat buffet food. everything was a wait and packed so much i didn't ... Read more
  • I wouldn't recommend it.
    The best thing about this cruise was the cabin. It was quite comfortable and spacious. Although the furnishings weren't the most modern, it was very well maintained and clean. The service was hit or miss. Sometime good other time exceptional ... Read more
  • Not a bad cruise
    I went with a person that had never cruised see wanted to see cuba. Some of the staff did not under stand and some was a little nasty, no extra for them ,but I give my waiter some xtra and the young man that cleaned my room.Embarkation was good ... Read more
  • It was ok
    I was underwhelmed by this cruise. It was my first time going on an Oasis class ship on Royal Caribbean, and I was expected to be blown away, but I wasn't. My original cruise was postponed beacuse of Hurricane Irma, so I chose to take the future ... Read more
  • I only went on this cruise as part of a Singles Meetup group with 94 passengers going. Went to the Special Needs counter in the embarkation area of the terminal at the Port of Miami. Submitted my forms and received my ID card. Was never told to go ... Read more