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Want to brave a cruise vacation on your own? Go for it! We can explain the ins and outs of the solo supplement, highlight the best cruise lines for singles, alert you to cruise ships with solo cabins and explore the world of singles group cruises. Plus, we share our best tips for cruising on your own -- and having a great time.

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  • before i Sailed i checked here for a few reviews and didn't see many up to dated ones so i thought i would add one, it was a few ago and i did not write anything down so i will try to be detailed. This was a 4 day cruise from Long Beach Ca. ... Read more
  • Wishlist fulfilled
    I had, for a long time, a desire to cruise with Hurtigruten and when they offered showcase cruises from UK I booked the first one sailing from Tilbury. The onboard experience surpassed what I had imagined. Embarking was uncomplicated and fairly ... Read more
  • Gluten Free solo traveller
    This was my 2nd time with CMV. I chose this cruise due to the itinerary and price. I am happy to travel on any cruise ship with any company, and would usually chose by itinerary and price (specifically solo supplement - I refuse to pay a large ... Read more
  • The cruise overall was amazing. The best part of the itinerary was Coco Cay. What a long way Coco Cay has come. Service was I really great and for the most part friendly. The ship was clean, modern, comfortable, and efficient. You can definitely get ... Read more
  • Embarkation was the worst I have ever seen since I started cruising (1979). Three and a half hours in line (made Disney & Universal envious w/their lines) and no water available along the way. Only once you were in the final area did the Platinum ... Read more
  • Amazing solo Disney cruise!!!!
    Embarkation went very smoothly. The line was constantly moving, and a cast member gave out forms to fill out in line to cut down on waiting time (have a working pen with you). Security screening was quick (get rid of liquids, port authority won’t ... Read more