Romantic and Honeymoon Cruises

Romantic & Honeymoon Cruising

Looking for a romantic cruise? We'll fill you in on the best cruises for couples and share our best tips for finding love and rekindling sparks onboard. If you're considering a honeymoon cruise or cruise ship wedding, we can help you plan your big day. Discover what the different cruise lines offer and how to avoid planning pitfalls.

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  • Weather was nice at least
    Terrible food a 0 out of ten. Worst food for a cruise I’ve ever had, nothing talsted right. People did not speak English as a first language so no chit chat and hard to communicate, rude and slow. Long lines and no sense of urgency. Very ... Read more
  • This was our 8th cruise and we were celebrating our 25th anniversary. People ask, “which cruise is your favorite?” I always answer the one I’m on. We had a wonderful time. The crew made us feel special. We received a free bottle ... Read more
  • Love to Cruise, Despise this Ship!
    Sixth year of cruising, worst experience yet. The customer service was great, however, based off past experience , I just believe the quality of the food on the ship was poor. The pizza was overlooked everyday in Windjammer and the burgers were ... Read more
  • Zuiderdam Needs to Be Retired
    We took this 11 day cruise because of excellent experience on the Westerdam a few years ago. This was our "bucket list" trip through part of the Panama Canal. Unfortunately, this is one of the oldest ships in the HA fleet and most ... Read more
  • Cruising through Spring Break
    Our cruise was great! Only downer was we went during spring break and there happened to be a senior trip on board too. Which is fine but, there were a lot of drunk 18 year olds that were not fun to dance near during the theme nights. I wish there ... Read more
  • Awesome cruise vacation!
    Loved our first time cruising on Celebrity... Great ship, fabulous food (in Blu) with superb service. Live music around the ship was also very good but the production shows were dreadful. Awful, nasal voices murdering current sounds with their ... Read more
  • The one where it all went wrong...
    little britain
    Where do I start.....? The cruise documentation detailed the wrong port in Hamburg. I actually had to point it out to MSC UK that the address was wrong and they sent out second documents a few days later which still had the wrong address in and ... Read more