Romantic and Honeymoon Cruises

Romantic & Honeymoon Cruising

Looking for a romantic cruise? We'll fill you in on the best cruises for couples and share our best tips for finding love and rekindling sparks onboard. If you're considering a honeymoon cruise or cruise ship wedding, we can help you plan your big day. Discover what the different cruise lines offer and how to avoid planning pitfalls.

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  • Great ship, awesome crew
    We choose this cruise to see New England and some of Canada. Anthem of the Seas is a beautiful ship. Ten of the elevators have quirky character photos on the back wall. It was a challenge to get a photo of all ten. The esplanade is beautiful with a ... Read more
  • We just wanted a short, fun getaway for the holiday weekend, and I would say overall we did get that. Having just cruised Royal Caribbean last October for our anniversary, we chose Carnival for pretty much one thing: the food. We were so ... Read more
  • AMAZING vacation on OK ship
    My girlfriend and I chose this cruise primarily for the itinerary. Unlike all of the other ships to Alaska from Seattle, this one did not swing wide into the pacific on the return trip. Remaining closer to Alaska provided great views throughout ... Read more
  • We sailed as part of a package deal with a timeshare presentation. We stayed in Freeport for 2 nights, then back on the ship for another night. I have been on 14 cruises prior to this one...the shortest. The ship was formerly operated by Carnival as ... Read more
  • A nice four night getaway
    After a rough few months I needed what is called in the industry a “Cruise Vacation.” I focused on four day trips as I wanted to avoid summer weekends which are lovely at home. Buying largely on price and avoiding Carnival there were ... Read more
  • Wonderful crew
    This was our first cruise with a big cruise line. We had taken a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on a groupon offer two years ago. We loved that cruise. We thought that a bigger cruise line with a bigger ship, more restaurants, more entertainment ... Read more