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3 Europe - British Isles & Western Cruises for the Disabled Cruise Reviews

The itinerary looked good 7 stops in Greenland and 3 on the way, although we ended up with 6+2. Very poor organisation throughout. We parked in the adjacent car park and had to wait for ages for the shuttle bus to take us to the ship. ... Read More
The itinerary looked good 7 stops in Greenland and 3 on the way, although we ended up with 6+2. Very poor organisation throughout. We parked in the adjacent car park and had to wait for ages for the shuttle bus to take us to the ship. On board for the first time we had to find our own way to our cabin - no greeting. Lifeboat drill was a shambles - no-one on the stairs to direct us, people milling around in all directions and staff did not know where stations were other than their own. The life jackets deserve replacement; I'd hate to have an emergency on that ship. There was a chargeable bottle of water in the cabin when we arrived, but the cabin steward was happy to take it away. He was the best thing on the ship, efficient, cheerful and willing. We had booked an excursion on Narsarsuaq to see Eric the Red's settlement in the afternoon of 29th July. In the morning we were tendered ashore to see the town. We returned to catch the tender back to the ship just as one was leaving at 11.21. No worries - we were due to meet in the Discovery lounge at 12.00 for a 12.30 departure, the ferry takes less than 20 minutes so we'll be on time - so we thought. The next ferry arrived at 11.44 - a bit tight but we'll be OK. The ferry did not go straight back however, but we bobbed about in the ocean until 12.32, causing us to miss our excursion. Over 3/4 hour for a 20 min trip! There were two platforms in use on the ship, one appeared to have "our" intended excursion tender on it (I guess they were waiting for us to arrive), the other was not being used until it was eventually decided that the one we were on would tie up there. You can imagine our feelings when we tied up just as the excursion tender was leaving. When I complained at the Excursion Desk I was told that we should not have gone ashore in the morning! Then to top it all we were told at the Excursions Desk that I would still be charged £100 for the excursion although our non-arrival was due to their incompetence. I later complained to Head Office, but they merely stood by the ship decisions. The staff incompetence was further shown at another tender port which we arrived at in late morning. Their ship's paper stated that tender tickets would be given out at midday from the Tour Office (mid-ships) and would passengers please not queue before then. As anyone with half a brain would expect, by midday the queue stretched from the Office, past the shops, right through the restaurant and out onto the aft deck! Dining - food average (nothing special) but it was often only warm by the time it arrived at our table. If we ordered a starter and soup both were collected at the same time and the soup was kept at the serving area so it was cool by the time we got it. Service was slow and our table was always the last to be served. The wine waitress was efficient and cheerful, the others less so. Aerosol cream on supposed Irish coffee. Afternoon tea was very repetitive. Double cream instead of clotted cream on scones. Breakfast croissants dry and tasteless; toast cold. Very poor choice of cheeses. Rust was evident over the ship. The woodwork is in need of re-varnishing. The steps used to get to tenders have a joining bar across each step such that it moves dangerously when stepped upon. The resident entertainment team is very good; the lead male dancer was outstanding. The layout of the show lounge is poor respecting the view from most seats apart from the front row. Although English is the accepted language, most of the crew are foreign. The captain spoke his own brand of English which was very difficult to follow over the loudspeakers when there was an announcement; he was rarely seen during the cruise, even at "his" cocktail parties - which were non-events. On formal nights few men wore dinner jackets. I even saw one man in shorts in the show lounge on a formal evening. No-one seemed to care. Would we go again? You're joking! Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
We have just arrived home after back to back cruise on Magellan we did the Christmas Market cruise to Rouen and Honfleur . Before the cruise started we were told that there would be no Christmas market at Honfleur it started the day ... Read More
We have just arrived home after back to back cruise on Magellan we did the Christmas Market cruise to Rouen and Honfleur . Before the cruise started we were told that there would be no Christmas market at Honfleur it started the day after we visited how can CMV make a mistake like this . On arriving at Tilbury we had paid for car parking I find it hard to believe that there were no blue badge spaces for wheelchair users we were expected to leave my wife at the terminal while I parked the car in the docks and got a bus back this is not good enough .We spoked to a car park attendant who let us park outside the port , when we booked through CMV we were told that we could not park outside the port as there was building work going on , when we arrived there was no building work going on , there should be blue badge spaces for the disabled out side the port. We were on the boat in under 30 minutes , the food was very good only problem it took 30 minutes to find a seat. The cabin no 6153 was a good size plenty of draw space . The only problem was the air conditioning was blowing out cold air we told the steward twice nothing done about it went to reception next day still nothing done went to reception again in the evening finally they got someone to look at it and he could not fix it so we were cold all the time this is not good enough CMV must have known that it didn't work we spoke to many people whose heating never worked . ROUEN Were told the evening before that there would be a shuttle bus to take us into town and we needed to get a ticket at 3pm wo we arrived at 2.25pm most of the ships passengers were there then it was announced over the tannoy that tickets would not be issued till 3.30 we got our tickets at 4.10 on bus no 22 so we said we would get a taxi .Why was we not given the bus tickets the evening before with the daily information paper like other cruise lines then we would not have to que for so long. We were told by a member of staff that there were 3 steps at the bottom of the gangway and that we would be helped down when we got to deck 5 there were hundreds of people thereafter 25min we got to the gangway then we see that the gangway was all steps so I went to find somebody to help after 30 min someone came all while my wife is sitting by the gangway getting cold and bumped into they said that 4 crew would carry her down the steps I was not happy about this that is really health and safety I said that we would not go ashore (we have been on over 30 cruises this is the first time we have not been able to go ashore). I make an appointment to see the Captain or Cruise Director in the end we saw the Guest Services manager we explained to him what had happened and how my wife had felt he didn't want to know just saying they would have carried her down the steps not taking into account how my wife felt she was terrified but he didn't seem to care about that .There was no reason that I could see as to why a flat gangway could not be used. I also said that if that when he was announcing about the tickets he should have said that there were steps to get off boat and that wheelchairs could not get off then we would not have to waste 3 hours and all the problems. The next day we had got breakfast but not started to eat it when there was a announcement they were using a flat gangway but would be changing it for steps in 15 minutes time so we left our breakfast and rushed to deck 5 we got off no problem there was a shuttlebus but no romps for wheelchairs so we had to walk a mile to town no thought again from CMV. Arrived back at ship and step gangway no crew members there to help so I had to go onboard to get some help we waited for 35 minutes for them to show up it was really cold they couldn't care less my wife was eventually carried on board. So we had been on a Christmas Markets cruise but had not seen a Christmas market NOT GOOD ENOUGTH. We cancelled our tips which I think most of the passengers done .We stayed on the ship for the next cruise to Antwerp this cruise was no problem we had the same cabin so cabin was still cold still nothing done about it .Talking about the cold deck 9 was always cold with a lot of people sitting in there coats many people complained but nothing done about it. And to top it off when we were leaving the ship at Tilbury crew members stood and watched me struggle getting off with the ramps and slops they didn't offer to help me they just watched. So will we travel with CMV again NEVER they do not care about disabled people Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
Cunard advertise their holidays as 5* but having travelled on the Queen Mary 2 as a disabled passenger I struggle to give them 1*.After the travel agent told Cunard my husband was disabled and in a wheel chair and that we would have to ... Read More
Cunard advertise their holidays as 5* but having travelled on the Queen Mary 2 as a disabled passenger I struggle to give them 1*.After the travel agent told Cunard my husband was disabled and in a wheel chair and that we would have to have oxygen equipment installed in our room - they said this wasn't a problem and they send us the relevant paperwork to complete. We booked our holiday and we paid for a balcony room on the 11th deck. We were asked if we would take a free upgrade to the 12th deck - we accepted thinking as it was an upgrade it should be better. We were sent the disability form to complete and we notified them again that oxygen would need to be installed in the room. We booked in the Hilton Hotel, Southampton as this was advertised in the Cunard Brochure we booked our cruise from. I requested a disabled room and paid with my credit card a month before we were due to sail - and I arranged for oxygen to be delivered to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel they didn't have any disabled rooms left, this resulted in my husband being unable to shower the next morning. Service at the hotel that night was appalling there was a two hour wait for a table for an evening meal and we waited 90 minutes for a sandwich and a drink. Being on medication you need to eat food and this caused us further problems. The next morning was no better 1hr wait for a table for breakfast again a problem if you need to take medication. The bus taking us from the Hilton to Southampton Docks had seen better days. As my husband is disabled we were allowed to board the bus before all the able bodied people. As we carry portable oxygen with us I was asked to leave my hand luggage with the wheelchair and was assured it would be with the wheelchair when we got off at Southampton. As my husband and I were waiting to get off the bus I could see my hand luggage being taken away. I got off the bus and caught up with it (it contained all my husband medication and I hadn't put a label on it as I expected it to be with me at all times). I now had my husband sitting in a wheelchair with my hand luggage and portable oxygen and the bus driver is trying to move off with me and my husband in the way. I asked the luggage porters who are milling around for help but no one will help me.I manage to move my husband and everything out of the way with no help from the porters. I managed to move us to the area that you can request help and a porter was found and took us to the 12th deck. On the way to our deck the porter told us that we couldn't access all the banks of lifts as the 12th deck had restricted lift access - this meant we had further to walk when ever we left our room or made our way back.Oxygen equipment which I had arranged was delivered and installed in our room. Just after we left port a motor started up somewhere below us and the whole room started vibrating - I had my bag on the bed and it was up and down. With severe medical problems we should not have been put in a room with severe vibration and due to the oxygen equipment being installed we couldn't ask to be moved - it did cause my husband problems through out the trip. The crew were not very disabled friendly - when we have cruised on other ships if they see someone arriving with a wheelchair they offer you assistance in finding a table not on Cunard there is not offer of any help. The quality of the food very disappointing as its suppose to be 5*. Trips not very well organised for disabled -â€" one trip we booked the guide said follow me and he was going down steps - I asked him how can I follow with the wheelchair and he replied *find your own way down to the 1st deck and we will meet you by the bus* being fit i was ok for me but somebody elderly may not have found their way on their own to the bus. When we did get to the bus the sits allocated for disabled people had been taken up by the able bodied people so once again you were disadvantaged due to mobility problems. Getting off the ship at the end of the holiday is not very friendly - on the morning of disembarkment no help is offered from your room, you must find your own way down to 3rd deck and then help is available. The guy in charge of this has no idea how to organise anything, to cut a long story short after 1hour of waiting I asked how much longer we would be as my husband needed to go back on his oxygen supply - He put the clipboard in my face and said if I could do a better job than him to do it. Then he turned to one of the porters and shouted so everyone heard *we had better get rid of Mr Williams now*. We boarded the bus back to the Hilton and the driver said he couldn't take my husbands wheelchair because people had too much luggage but he did relent in the end. On the way back to the hotel we had a mini crash - and driver didn't even ask if we the passengers were OK. For disabled people I would not recommend the Hilton Southampton or sailing on Queen Mary 2. Even through the shore excursions are labelled as low, medium and high you need to also take in to consideration the gang ramps you need to use to get off the ship at any of visiting ports not very disabled friendly on this cruise. Also, if this had been our first cruise we would never cruise again but I do know that other cruise liners treat disabled people with dignity and respect. Considering we also paid 22$ a day in tips on top of the cost of the holiday for service we didn't receive. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011

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