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Celebrity Apex dining options are top notch. You can elect to dine at nothing but the included restaurants and be totally satisfied with your meal in terms of selection and quality. Specialty restaurants, ranging from a French bistro to superb steakhouse, are certainly worth trying though. There are Celebrity Apex drinks packages with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Free Restaurants on Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship

The ship offers four smaller dining room options, rather than the traditional cruise ship approach of one main dining room, which helps meals feel a little more intimate.

You can choose from Tuscan, Cyprus, Cosmopolitan and Normandie. Each serves the same varied menu as the others each night, with a small selection of dishes exclusive to that restaurant. Guests can pick a set dining time or elect to dine on a flexible schedule. Dinner is served in all restaurants, while lunch and breakfast options depend on the day.

Light bites are available at various venues throughout the day, including our favorite cruise ship coffee shop, Cafe al Bacio, and the Spa Cafe. Eden Cafe is a quiet, hidden gem tucked into the corner of the massive Eden complex. It's open for breakfast and lunch, offering items like muesli and egg sandwiches or salads and wraps. The best part is the outdoor seating, which is quiet and filled with art; it's a feast for the senses.

Once a cruise, on the last sea day, Celebrity Apex will go all out, serving dishes native to the places the cruise visits. So a sailing from Greece will feature traditional dishes from the home country, with options in every restaurant at lunch and dinner. It's a true dining takeover that cruisers really embrace.

Oceanview Cafe Buffet

Celebrity Apex's buffet, Oceanview Cafe, is a light and bright space offering multiple stations. Choose from build-your-own salads, an extensive carving station, a huge pasta section and more desserts than you could get through in a whole cruise.

Self-service isn't permitted; crew serve you at each station. Drinks are ordered and delivered tableside.

Blu for AquaClass

Available exclusively to guests booked in AquaClass cabins or those in suites, Blu offers healthier dishes, emphasizing simple yet tasty ingredients.

Luminae for Suite Passengers

Luminae is open only to Retreat passengers. The menu is fairly small, but passengers here can order from the menu in the main restaurant as well. Look for dishes from renowned chef Daniel Boulud.

Tip: Menus for every restaurant are available on the Celebrity app, so you can get a sneak preview to help you pick which venue you'd like to try.

For-Fee Restaurants on Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship

Whether you're craving sushi, steak, or something more fanciful, you'll find it at Celebrity Apex's specialty, for-fee restaurants. If you think you'll want to try more than one specialty restaurant, look into Celebrity Apex's dining packages, which could save you a little money.

Tip: Visit Raw on 5 for lunch rather than dinner. The menus are pretty much the same, but you won't battle for reservations the way you might at night.

Also, look for days when the Magic Carpet is on Deck 5 as an extension of the restaurant for an expanded menu and world-class views.

Dinner on the Edge

This is a once-in-a-cruise kind of meal, where passengers can dine on the Magic Carpet as it's positioned on Deck 14. Don't expect a set menu. Instead, you'll get a spectacular spread of whatever the chef fancies. Think whole lobster and pasta or upscale gyros, all as part of the same meal. The sunset views are not to be missed. You'll need reservations.

Le Petit Chef at Le Bistro

Maybe the best way to describe the experience at Le Petit Chef is "whimsical." This restaurant offers a whole experience, as the menu is set to coincide with a full-on animation show that plays out on your table and plate. Watch as Le Petit Chef prepares a course, which is then served to you -- looking remarkably like it did in the animation -- in real life. This is a fun one for both kids and adults. For the best experience, you should stick with the set menu, but if you have allergies or preferences that prohibit that, you'll still enjoy yourself. Expect a meat course, a pasta course and dessert. Several different shows are offered, so if you really love it, you can see it another night and not catch a repeat.

Eden Restaurant

Wake views abound at Eden, which serves contemporary dishes next to an open-air kitchen, so you can watch as chefs prepare your meal, which might include slow-cooked halibut or a yogurt and beet bowl, served with fresh, hot pita. The restaurant is part of the Eden complex, so you can catch glimpses of the entertainment going on without being distracted by it, because you're seated a level below.

Fine Cut Steakhouse

So. Much. Meat. And it's all well-prepared and seasoned, from the petite filet mignon to the ribeye and the New York strip. There’s also a selection of fish and chicken. Fine Cut is located just off the Grand Plaza, the ship's heartbeat at night, but it's surprisingly quiet for dinner. Still, you can hear the action and jump away to join in if you wish.

Rooftop Garden Grill

$ (lunch), $$ (dinner)
This under-the-radar spot offers barbecue-style foods in an open-air setting. The venue itself is gorgeous, located on Deck 15 at the back of the ship. Tables are surrounded by greenery and subtle windscreens designed to keep your salad from flying off your plate mid-meal. Menu options include racks of ribs, loaded fries and chicken wings.

Raw on 5

This Japanese restaurant has a high-level seafood game. You can choose from sushi and sashimi, noodle bowls and towers of seafood, meant to be shared. The sushi chef prepares rolls in an open kitchen, so you can watch the artistry. Talk to guest services, your concierge or your Retreat Host to find out when the Magic Carpet will be located on Deck 5, next to the restaurant. It serves as an extension of Raw on 5, offering a slightly enhanced menu. Prices are a la carte.

Le Bistro

This French-themed bistro is only open for lunch. (At night, Le Petit Chef takes over.) If you want all the bread, mounds of fries, delicate mussles and a variety of fresh-made sandwiches (think brie and apple), this is the spot for you.

Our Favorite Restaurants on Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship

Fine Cut is our favorite onboard because the menu is varied, steaks are consistently perfect and sides and desserts are excellent accompaniments. If you've got kids, Le Petit Chef is sure to be a hit. And if you want a casual meal in the open air, with a little bit of romance as the sun sets, pick Rooftop Garden Grill.

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