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8 Cruise to Nowhere Spring Break Cruise Reviews

My husband and I went on our first cruise for our 10th Anniversary and it was absolutely amazing. Check in went smoothly, even though they were very busy, the staff were very polite. Embarkation went well, we only had to wait 20 mins ... Read More
My husband and I went on our first cruise for our 10th Anniversary and it was absolutely amazing. Check in went smoothly, even though they were very busy, the staff were very polite. Embarkation went well, we only had to wait 20 mins for our group to be called. Staff were great and all very helpful! Housekeeping were very helpful and friendly service, no request was too much. Always saying hello to us as we walked down the hall. Our cabin was just what we needed. We spent more time out and about than in our cabin. Couldn't get the aircon to work though. Food: Plantation food at dinner was a bit meh, but breakfast and lunch were great. Waterfront was lovely. Waiters were very efficient... but felt like they were hovering for our plates as it was so busy. Disembarkation went very well also. We had such an amazing time, next time we will take the kids!! The best holiday we've ever been on. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
When I booked this "cruise", I knew there would not be much cruising involved. However, if I'd known the boat would be completely stationery except for 8 hours during our whole stay, I would not have booked! When did ... Read More
When I booked this "cruise", I knew there would not be much cruising involved. However, if I'd known the boat would be completely stationery except for 8 hours during our whole stay, I would not have booked! When did the Michelangelo move? Once, for a short hop between our initial mooring at San Basilio and our main mooring at the Giardini Bienniale; once for a two hour meander around the North Lagoon (no stops, no commentary); and a short cruise down to Chiogga and back (two and a half hours each way). When we booked, the brochure said the ship sailed to Murano and Burano but apparently larger ships are no longer permitted to moor there. DINING AND BEVERAGES The Michelangelo is fully inclusive - all meals including unlimited beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and water (including bottles of water to take on excursions). The bar is open most of the day and very late into the night. The meals are all a set menu with no choices. Helpings were generous but there was a weird disconnect between the published menus and what was served - for instance: - "orecchiette" on the menu became plain penne on the plate; - "roman piccata" was pork schnitzel with spaghetti and the wrong sauce; - "caprese" salad was made with mozzarella instead of bocconcini; ..and so on. It felt as though Head Office had created an Italian menu to suit the ship's Venetian location, but the chef had never tasted Italian cuisine and just made it up (I recommend he spends some time with Google to find the recipes, and eats a few meals at real Italian restaurants!). The British guests seemed happy with the food but the French passengers were critical and said it was well below what they expected from Croisieurope. We were disappointed with the standard but felt it must've been difficult for a kitchen of four people to cater for so many passengers, so if there was a tendency towards institutional cooking perhaps it was unavoidable. EXCURSIONS Some passengers had booked inclusive of all excursions - we had not. The Doge's Palace is walking distance from the ship's mooring at Giardini and the queue is short, so apart from the commentary (which was good), we felt we had wasted our money on this excursion and should have done it ourselves. The trip to Murano and Burano seemed expensive, considering that local excursion operators do a similar trip for 20 euros which includes Torcello (which is more interesting than Burano). The ship goes to Chioggia on the last full day, from where there's an excursion to Padua. Chioggia itself is a large town with a few old buildings on its main street, and is not worth a visit (the Michelangelo staff recommended the fish market "with lots of interesting fish" as the highlight of the town...). We chose not to go to Padua as the excursion sounded rushed. The cruise back along the edge of the lagoon was pleasant on a spectacularly sunny day, but it would've been far better with some basic commentary telling us what islands we were passing. ENTERTAINMENT We were concerned that the entertainment consisted of ONE local musician on two of the evenings, but we need not have worried as she was a brilliant clarinetist who also sang, played the piano and acted as DJ. The large lounge had ample space for all including a good dance floor. SUMMARY This is not a cruise! To be fair, it is not Croisieurope's fault - the Venetian authories have severely limited where larger ships can go in the Lagoon. However, perhaps that means it's time for Croisieurope to reconsider whether it's worth offering this "cruise" at all, or be more imaginative about the way they run it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
This is our 5th cruise with Carnival and it will probably be our last. Sad to say because the Cruises to Nowhere fit our schedule as well as our budget. I'm not the type of person to complain if there weren't any chocolates ... Read More
This is our 5th cruise with Carnival and it will probably be our last. Sad to say because the Cruises to Nowhere fit our schedule as well as our budget. I'm not the type of person to complain if there weren't any chocolates left on my pillow or anything like that so take this as an honest review. We received an email that they are trying something new---staggered check-in and to arrive between 1pm and 3pm. We arrived at 12:55 and stood on-line (outside in the heat) for about 3 hours :-( No one came out to tell us what the delay was. At one point, my husband looked at me and asked if I was okay. I sat down in the shade in order to get out of the sun. I don't mind waiting but as least let the passengers know what's going on. Once we arrived inside the port, we had a number stamped on our boarding passes and were told to wait (again) in a section. At least we were able to sit down but it felt like we were at the DMV. This was just terrible. Now, we finally got inside the ship and went to our rooms to use the restroom and put down our luggage. We took no more than 2 minutes and we rushed up to the Lido desk to have lunch. Once we arrived, the buffet was being shut down. I would have appreciated if they stayed open longer due to the looong wait to check-in. By this time it was almost 5:30 and our first day was pretty much gone. Normally, we check-in in about 90 minutes and this allows us time to enjoy our first day. Not this time, due to the standing in the sun for hours, everyone was pretty much pooped. Now on to the fun part.....I am African-American, so please don't get the wrong idea when I say this. However, there were quite a few other African-American's on board who clearly had zero class. I am all about having fun and enjoying myself but there is a time and place for everything. There was a lot of cursing and talking extra loud and I really didn't appreciate it. Our party consisted of my husband, step-daughter, parents and brother. Each one of us was ready to go once we were back to the port on the last day. Now, back to the ship, our cabin steward cleaned our room the next morning and later around noon, we went back to change our clothes. The steward knocked on the door and about 3 seconds later, entered without giving any of us a chance to say come on. I asked if I can help him and he said he wanted to know if we needed our room clean. I said that he already cleaned it this morning and he left. That was VERY fishy to me. I did send Carnival a complaint on-line regarding that. Also, they only had karoke one time at 2pm. I like karoke in the evening when people are ready to have a good time. Not at 2pm, and some folks are still waking up. We didn't have toiletries in our cabin, maybe they are trying to save money, not sure. I look forward to the lobster tail dinner on the second night but that was ONLY offered for an additional charge. This is the first time in 5 cruises that the lobster tail wasn't included. On the second day, we went to play one of the trivia games. It was over in 15 minutes. Normally, they play 2 or 3 games in a row. Also, many of the night clubs and bars were closed at random times of the day,not sure why. The pool had also been closed, we heard it was due to kids playing around, again, not sure. You know how the serves come around and offer you the drink of the day in the cute plastic container, we were asked only once the entire time. I don't drink much on vacation, but I would have appreciated if I had been asked more. We decided to go to the art auction. Normally, they serve champagne as you walk in. This time, we waited for about 20 minutes and the presenter said that there was a delay with the server. At the auction, we were given 3 stickies for you to put on artwork you would like to see them show so that you can (possibly) bid if interested. After we took our time walking around and placing the stickies on work as instructed, they never showed ANY of them. My husband put a sticky on 3 pieces, not one was showed. Again, we aren't sure why. The ship itself is very nice. We liked the pink/shell/oyster/pearl decor. One plus, was the Asian band that plays R&B music and also good music to dance to. They are really good. Give them a try next time you visit one of the bars. There was also a Latin group that we heard as we were passing by and they had some really nice music to dance to. All in all, I really enjoyed Carnival up until this point. Perhaps I will try them again on a different cruise. Maybe the Cruise to Nowhere is no longer for us. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
If you know the difference between Machiavelli and McDonalds, between France Soir and Hog's Breath, between the Park Hyatt and the Holiday Inn....... then this is NOT the cruise for you. Booked a year in advance. Dreamed and ... Read More
If you know the difference between Machiavelli and McDonalds, between France Soir and Hog's Breath, between the Park Hyatt and the Holiday Inn....... then this is NOT the cruise for you. Booked a year in advance. Dreamed and planned of each minute of the 3 days, not only my first true holiday in 15 years but also my 40th birthday, and the reality was in truth more like a nightmare. Men in their 40s, who got tattoos in the 20s when they had 6 packs, now have kegs and sttttttttrrrrrrrrreeeeettttttccccchhhhhhhed out dragons, tweety birds and naked ladies, consider it acceptable to wander around topless with 2 to 4 drinks in hand throughout the ship. Put a shirt on boys, we don't want to see it and you shouldn't be showing it anywhere outside of the pool or your bedroom, not in public drinking, shopping and dining areas. Crowds and queues, substandard bidvest type food, none of the luxury gourmet experience detailed and promised. The one half way decent meal required an additional payment as it was a specialty restaurant. Given the amount paid for this cruise in a top suite, to not have this included just ended up being insult to injury. Having as mentioned, booking a year in advance, I think we paid the highest rate on the entire ship as we had booked the very first suites (below the single royal suite) on this cruise and had therefore paid absolutely the highest price with no discounts or OBC inclusions or the like that were offered over the next 11 months prior to the cruise. We got NO discernible special treatment despite having booked in an Owner's Suite and in fact had our first nights restaurant reservation cancelled due to a private party despite having booked some weeks (basically when bookings opened) in advance. Given that this booking was to celebrate my 40th birthday, this was not a good start. Cancelled our drink package after day one having not actually been able to get to a bar to order an inclusive drink. Did eventually get a refund. Room service, despite the poor quality, was efficient and crowd free. Room attendance was good. Cabin was very nice and ended up being our sole refuge and one enjoyable aspect of the trip. Expected to spend 20% of our time in there but probably ended up closer to 70% to avoid the incessant crowds. Fortunately it was lovely if a little dated, and requiring better maintenance and cleaning - found a pair of brand new Gucci socks in the packet in the drawer, didn't quite compensate us for the rest of the issues. Binoculars were a nice touch. Basically the cabins are a little like being at the Windsor or the old Hilton on the Park (pre renovation) in Melbourne. You are not getting a Langham, Crown or Park Hyatt Experience here. They are comfortable and functional - but given this was a top suite seemed a little underwhelming. Concierge club was worse than the worst hotel lounge or airport lounge anywhere in the world. The canapes for the evening cocktail hour were put out at the start and were either all taken and not replaced or left to develop bacteria over the next few hours. No replacements no health standards or safety just a plate of nibbles unwrapped and dumped on a counter. Basically if you want to go for a total piss up for 3 days with people that don't have tastebuds and you really like crowds then this is for you. If like us, this sounds like HELL then AVOID and don't waste your money. I know if you can't say something nice you shouldn't say anything at all but I really don't want anyone else who envisaged the romantic and luxurious version of cruising to be fooled/duped/conned/tricked into believing this is it! PS Booked through RACV and not worth the bother, if you really are a sadist or just have to attend a bucks/hens weekend which is all this cruise is good for, then book direct with RC. Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
My wife and I have sailed with a number of cruise lines , but to be honest Royal Caribbean has never been one we have through personal choice fancied travelling with. However, in light of the extensive media there is in the UK as to how ... Read More
My wife and I have sailed with a number of cruise lines , but to be honest Royal Caribbean has never been one we have through personal choice fancied travelling with. However, in light of the extensive media there is in the UK as to how 'wonderful' their cruises are my wife and I decided to give them a 'fair and open' chance to prove us wrong by taking a two day sampler cruise to nowhere. We specifically chose this cruise as there was not a planned port of call as we know that when in port, venues etc are closed onboard and therefore with them being open it would gives us a good opportunity to in effect make a personal review, to decide whether we would book a longer cruise at a later date. About 4 days prior to sailing, we received an email to say the ship would now make a port of call stop to Cherbourg (France) which defeated the reason why we chose the cruise in the first place. Day one - Embarkation at Southampton, this was swift and fairly painless and was much inline with our normal experiences of the port. At check there were people giving out information sheets advising of the revised cruise to include Cherbourg due to Custom & Excise regulations which would have prevented them opening the spa and casino etc......... As they needed to be seen to dock in international waters. Once checked in we went onto the ship and having not eaten anything we made our way up to the buffet restaurant. This was about 11:30 in the morning, and already the hot food was not only 'Luke warm' but totally tasteless. I had two different types of chicken, which were in addition to being Luke warm, were so over cooked I could have leathered the soles of my shoes with them. As a couple who previously owned the rights to use a 3 bedroom time share villa in Orlando, we are fully appreciative of our experiences of American service, but as we sat and ate our meal, the body language and indeed verbal language of some of the staff, really surprised us. Later in the day, after un-packing our luggage in our cabin, we made our way to the 'freedom' style restaurant to make a reservation for a table for two for our preferred eating time, to be advised that they only make reservations for tables for two at 17:30 or 17:45. When we sat down for our meal (which typically on previous cruises we would expect to take around 90 minutes over) we were in and out in less than 40 minutes...was like being on a conveyor belt, indeed the waiters were clearing plates of the first person, before the second had finished. Day Two - the buffet restaurant started cooked breakfast from 7am, because of medical tablets I have to take, this was absolutely perfect, however on reaching the buffet at 07:02 yet again the so called 'hot food' was at best described as Luke warm.......... My hash browns were actually cold. We chose not to get off at Cherbourg having been there número use times independently. Our evening meal experience mirrored that of the previous night....... Conveyor belly, but unlike the previous night where the food was quite tasty, the main course was at best described as tasteless. We ended up in the drinks/ entertainment lounge on deck 5 that has an eastern name (had a mental block as to it's name as I write this). We were two of about 18 people in there and after waiting 10 minutes for a drinks waiter to come to us, we walked out. During this time, the waiter spent the whole time chatting to the person behind the bar, and took drinks to one table only........ Totally appalling! Day one and two......... During the cruise the open air 'inline skating' rink was shut because the track was wet!!!!! ............... The general store (duty free) was shut displaying a sign, that as the ship was not leaving territorial waters for international waters they could not open; but that is exactly why they added the port call to Cherbourg for to ensure they were in international waters. My wife wanted to go rock climbing but on each occasion we went to the wall it was shut, and I was advised by a teenager that he had been told it was shut for the duration of the cruise. The most ludicrous issue was that on a Cashless cruise to play the casino including slots, we had to go to the casino cashier to physically 'BUY' dollars as the slots could not be used by entering your cruise card as the facility was not available on the cruise. So we were charged 3% to buy dollars, whereas had we known, we could have brought some along with us, as we keep a supply of dollars at home. To be honest we feel totally let down by Royal Caribbean, indeed the UK Head Office has not even responded to a let of complaint sent, which does lead us to a total negative experience. We fully appreciate others will say RCI is the best thing since sliced bread, but it would be interesting to see what your genuine thoughts would be if you experienced what we did! Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
After a 60 minute wait we boarded the ship at 1pm, dropped off our luggage at the cabin, and had a quick lunch at the Lido buffet. We enjoyed everything about our cruise, especially eating in the Britania Club restaurant, most of our ... Read More
After a 60 minute wait we boarded the ship at 1pm, dropped off our luggage at the cabin, and had a quick lunch at the Lido buffet. We enjoyed everything about our cruise, especially eating in the Britania Club restaurant, most of our meals were taken there, we were looked after most royaly by our waiters Emmanual and Dennis. Nothing was too much trouble for them, eg. extra sauces, extra vegetables. A bonus of eating in this restaurant was having the freedom to eat when we chose, without the cost of the grills. We ate fish and chips at the Golden Lion one lunchtime, always very popular,and sometimes hard to get a table. We had afternoon tea most days in the Lido buffet as there were long queues at the Queens room, and we had previously enjoyed this experience on the Queen Victoria. Ditno, out cabin steward soon knew our routine, and our cabin was always cleaned on our return from breakfast, he also regularaly checked if there was anything else we needed. We had a wonderful sailaway from Hamburg on the Sunday,the marathon had been held earlier in the day, and crowds lined the banks to wave us off. I have read previous reviews of this cruise, and I can only comment on our experiences. We had a wonderful cruise, we were treated with respect and friendliness by all,and we are counting the days for our next cruise on the Queen Mary for the Queens Jubilee. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
Our cruise from Southampton to Bruge, a two day taster cruise that left on the 25th March 2011 and returned on the 27th March and cost us £350 per person plus extras, was a big disappointment I'm sorry to say. As quite experienced ... Read More
Our cruise from Southampton to Bruge, a two day taster cruise that left on the 25th March 2011 and returned on the 27th March and cost us £350 per person plus extras, was a big disappointment I'm sorry to say. As quite experienced cruisers we wanted to taste the delights of P.& O. which we thought would be a real treat and cut above the others (Royal Caribbean and Princess). From the very beginning organisation was a real issue. We arrived at the cruise terminal (Southampton) to be handed the colour coded cards with letters on, with no explanation as to the procedure other passengers filled us in, and over an hour later waiting in a huge hot hanger (please please tell me that's air conditioned in summer ?) we were called. Then you que for check in, then you que for security now I understand that some queing when dealing with 3000+ passengers must be inevitable but there are ways to handle large groups with courtesy and tact rather than making them feel like cattle, and this was not attempted here.We arrived on board and a few staff were "hanging around" and we managed to find out where are cabin was ,but on previous cruises this has been handled as a warm welcome with smiles and grace, not so here.Best Bit of cruise was the brass band on the dock which played us off, magic. Our cabin was adequate, with furnishings as expected but the overall feel was that the decor, fabrics and flooring were very tired. A small TV on which little information was ever displayed and PAY per view films ! unlike Princess or Royal Caribbean where the latest movies run for free, with plenty of choice of other channels and information is updated daily in a rolling show recorded by the cruise director. (Dont even think P&O have a cruise director).In the bathroom were decent size toiletries, but a shower curtain rather than a door. In the Room were tea and coffee making facilities and a fresh daisy, all small nice touches. On the balcony, nice furniture two loungers, one foot stool (every one else had two??) and an occasional table (what do occasional tables do the rest of the time? [I digress]).We went for a wander around the ship and came back to find our case had been left outside someone else's cabin, luckily we walked past that particular cabin so reclaimed our case !!! can you imagine the problems we could have had had we not been lucky enough to spot it?There was no explanation of where we could eat (this was the major problem of this cruise there was never any information or help or organisation), we ended up on the deck eating hot dogs and burgers although, I believe, we could have eaten a nice afternoon tea in the buffet but no one told us!The restaurant was pleasant, the food and service excellent, we had first sitting 6.30pm and a table with two other couples and although we were strangers we got on well and I have no complaints about the restaurant and my partner was pleased to note that on the formal night people were denied access to the dining room if they were not adhering to the specified dress code. The breakfast (which we took in the buffet on deck 15) was also excellent with masses of choice and very nice food. My partner had full English and I had continental with fruit and yogurt all lovely and well presented. We will give credit where credit is due the staff and food served on this ship were top notch.The entertainment on board for this two night cruise were awful, a bad comedian, two X-factor rejects, a sub standard tribute to the four tops and a George Micheal tribute act. I hope that normally on longer cruises the shows would be good but might have expected at £350 a head for two nights we deserved better. The crew also seemed to think this was a "Party Cruise" nobody billed it as a party cruise when we booked it, it was described as a "Taster" and we expected a taste of P.& O.'s usual standards.Bruge and the shore excursion- We booked the four hour tour, boat ride and shopping advertised as "A Taste Of Bruge" £40 a head.Our coach was half an hour late leaving the ship due to lots of chatting and checking lists by the P&O staff, so we were instantly late starting our walking tour. No problem for the guide who was 6'4" with a stride to match and decided to do the whole thing at top speed with no "comfort stops", in the end three of us ladies had to demand a toilet break which went down very badly and he went into a complete sulk when half the group decided not to continue with the tour and make their own way back to the ship (at considerable expense). If I were you I would book the "Bruge at your own pace" (£28)which is basically a transfer to and from the ship and look round Bruge at your leisure. A lady however told me that this was also fraught with disaster for some people as when they went to get the buses back, some how the buses filled before every one who had paid were seated on them. The driver of the last bus refused to carry these passengers, despite their having tickets and turning up in good time ( one was even in a wheelchair), and left them to make their own way back to the ship, ten miles away. Perhaps to make your own way to and from Bruge via the train is the best option as many more experienced passengers did. Bruge by the way is lovely. The boat "driver" we had was very funny and we tipped him because he was the best bit of the tour.Disembarkation- We have been on many cruises and are used to the system, you keep the bare essentials with you and put your main case(s) outside the night before you dock. In the morning those who want to get off quick (and didn't put their cases out the night before) get off first. Then the others are kept in different lounges and called in order (usually colour coded) to avoid chaos, no one ques for longer than necessary and you wait in comfort! That's how they do it on other ships, not here though, lip service was paid to the organised way, we waited for the calls for disembarkation but after nothing for an half an hour my partner went to find out what was happening. He was told by a member of staff that they'd abandoned any attempt at organisation and everyone was now queing (3000+ people) to leave the ship by one gang plank!!! madness which we then had to join. What a rubbish way to end a rubbish weekend. Everyone was hot,tired and very fed up, it didn't have to be like that, the fact that the ship was late docking should not have caused this chaos.When we got home a P.&O. brochure was awaiting us, and leafing through I was amazed to find that this ship is only 3 years old, it has not aged well. It needs a deep clean and preferably a complete refurbishment, it needs someone to organise the staff and provide more information, where are the little cards with maps of the ship ? (so handy on other cruises we've been on). The staff need to up their game be polite and informative (one spoke to me so rudely he alone would have put me off P.& O. single handedly) the general attitude seemed to be it's only a two day cruise we dont give a damn about the passengers. You will not be surprised that we will not be travelling with P.& O. again and are having our next cruise with Princess, they know how to treat their customers (and we've already booked it).It saddens me that a great British company has been reduced to this. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
As we only had one night on board to sample this new ship from NCL I can only give my impressions on what we managed to see and do in the limited time available to us. So very hard to choose which ones to go and do but in the end this is ... Read More
As we only had one night on board to sample this new ship from NCL I can only give my impressions on what we managed to see and do in the limited time available to us. So very hard to choose which ones to go and do but in the end this is the review of our encounter with the not quite finished Norwegian Epic. I will start with the check in as this seems to have caused a bit of stir amongst many people. Our e-doc suggested that embarkation would start at 10.00 a.m. We arrived just after this and initially everything seemed to be running smoothly. We were given a colour coded card (orange) at the initial reception desk outside the terminal and then passed through security in all under about 10 minutes. It was then upstairs to wait for our colour to be called for the actual check in. We waited for near on an hour before the first colour was called and check in started. We were about the fourth group to be called forward. It was only then that the announcements started, initially asking people who had already checked in to take a seat and await their colour to be called again for embarkation. We checked in without problem and moved back to the area we had first waited only to find that now there were no longer any seats available, meaning we had to stand to wait. All the time the girl on the PA was asking people to sit down await the next stage. Quite where she expected us to sit, "God only knows! Anyway not long after that they announced that they were closing the check in desks, we assumed that this was because of the bottle neck that we were now caught up in. Possibly another hour passed before the big announcement was made about the new arrival time at Southampton. Full refunds were offered to those who had arrangements which meant they could not cruise along with an offer of up to €100 per person for any addition costs incurred. All this was conveyed by means of a typed letter which was handed out by NCL personnel. Not a problem for us and more of a bonus as it meant we had an extra 7 hours on board. Eventually embarkation did start but only after another long wait. All in all it took us over 4 hours to go through the embarkation process and when you consider what was going on behind the scenes then I don't see this as a big deal. I have read other stories of people who turned up later and didn't even get into the terminal building until after 1.00 so can only consider our selves lucky by comparison. Given the unprecedented circumstances, I am in the opinion the NCL handled it well enough, sadly though not well enough for many others. After we got on board it was a case of finding our cabin. We found moving round the ship very easy. The main through fares on the lower decks have ample room for all to get around and they also feel spacious too. There are one or two pinch points but none that will hold you up at all. Very interesting to see a pair of escalators between decks 6 & 5. The lifts at the aft don't stop at 5 but you can take the stairs down one flight in that area. The main elevators we used were at the aft and opened directly onto the main central area on decks 6 and 7. I thought this worked well and again gave the impression of space. The decks which contained accommodation had the usual set up for lifts and stairs. Surprised to see the buttons on only one side, not like the new Celebrity Solstice class ship where they are on both sides of the lift door. We found our cabin (9257) but unfortunately the seapass would not open the door. It was a case of going back down to customer relations and getting new cards issued. We were not the only ones that this had happened to either. First thoughts upon gaining entry to the cabin were "Wow". The wave balcony cabin certainly does look fantastic. A mixture of dark wood and mirrors with buff colour upholstery and worktops intermingled. There is loads of storage and hanging. 2 full height mirrors. The one nearest the balcony giving the impression that the balcony is even bigger than it is. Every little area seems to have a space to store something, even the back of the sofa has doors which house life jackets and extra bedding. There are coffee/tea making facilities in the cabin and the sockets are cleverly hidden under the worktop behind a door with a cable port to allow you to stand items on the top. A mini bar and safe are also incorporated into the wall of units which I personally think looks really impressive. I would give the cabin10 out of 10 for design and layout of this area. Now the bad bit, the washing and toilet area has been totally cocked up in my opinion. I will start with the layout of this particular area of the cabin that we stayed in. As you walk into the cabin from the corridor there are opaque glass doors and panels either side of you, one housing the toilet and the other the shower. Both cubicles are accessed by sliding doors and there is a non carpeted wet area between the two. Closing the area off from the main cabin there is a curtain which pulls across to obscure the goings on behind. Unfortunately, this does not cut down any sound especially from the toilet cubicle, either when flushing or conducting any other business. There is a small gap at the top of the doors by the sliding door track which seems to allow all the noises going on behind the panel to transmit to the rest of the cabin. The toilet flush seemed particularly loud even with the door closed. In order to then wash your hands you need to pull the sliding door open to get to the sink. You could argue that you need to wash your hands every time you go into the cubicle but it still seems an odd configuration. The sink is very small and when washing your hands, water goes everywhere including the bed! I feel this set up will not be very popular with many people staying in these cabins. A solid hinged door panel to the toilet in the style of the rest of the cabin would have been more appropriate. The shower I can live with but the toilet is a different matter. Indian shadow puppets spring to mind. I could tolerate this set up on a cruise but would have to say it not ideal and considering it is a brand new ship and design then some questions need to be asked especially WHO likes to been seen sitting on the toilet? Due to the short amount of time on board we elected to eat within all the free areas. The food in "The Garden Cafe" was on par with our experience on Celebrity Equinox and the layout enabled easy access with little or no queuing and the food was of excellent quality. Our only grumble was with the free drinks, the drinking water had a very strong taste of chlorine and the tea selection was short of other ships as there were some favourites missing. The other area we ate in was O' Sheehan's bar and grill (open 24 hours) which we found the fare to be very tasty albeit a bit slow on service. All the other eateries were only viewed and looked to be nicely laid out; maybe we will sample these in the future. The evening entertainment we booked was the Blue Man Group and we can only say is, what a fantastic spectacle. Not to be missed and thoroughly entertaining. The theatre is compact and the stage can be viewed well from all areas. Whether it was because of miss management or under staffing but no body had their booking checked on entering so we could have on this night just turned up and gone in. We were not able to view the Spiegel Tent and were turned away a couple of times when we asked to see inside, one can only assume they want your money before they let you see inside. The pool area has some really cool looking water slides which will give many folk hours of fun. Slightly confused by the amount of shaded sun loungers, there seem to me to be more shaded ones the ones in the sun but having said that we never got to see the area on Deck 19 as it was closed because the area had not been finished. I think that the kids will love this ship; the areas dedicated to them appear to be well thought out and look very appealing even to an adult like me. I am not quite sure what to make of H²O area, nothing happened here while we were on board and can only assume that it will be more of an evening venue with a big screen under the stars. To summarise, the Norwegian Epic will undoubtedly be talked about for some time to come and sadly not everything will be positive. The bathrooms in the cabins will cause much debate and can only be a negative thing for what I consider a really great ship in other areas. I would consider her for another cruise but the price would need to reflect the negative. Read Less
Sail Date June 2010

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