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2 Cruise & Maritime Voyages Singapore Cruise Reviews

We chose CMV for the itinerary that started in Singapore and ended in London 46 days later. The ship was a total delight - small but with many stylish lounges, a walk-around promenade deck, two sunny pools, and three free restaurant ... Read More
We chose CMV for the itinerary that started in Singapore and ended in London 46 days later. The ship was a total delight - small but with many stylish lounges, a walk-around promenade deck, two sunny pools, and three free restaurant choices in addition to the buffet. Our interior cabin 4117 was spacious, quiet, and very steady during windy portions of the trip. Since George and I enjoyed every day on board and would do this cruise again, suffice it to say we really liked the food, entertainments, spa services, reading lounges, cabin attendants, cruise directors, casino folks, craft classes, passenger choir, afternoon tea, the informative lectures, and so many other aspects of this cruise. The ambience was relaxed - like being home - rather than super luxe. That made the cruise restful. With many sea days, we were able to read some great books. How nice is that - cruising along and reading? We did not buy a beverage package and survived quite well on tea, coffee, water, and an occasional Schweppes Bitter Lemon over ice. Lovely cruise, lovely staff, a variety of cuisines, and at a good price. Thank you CMV!!! Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
As a retired travel agent I cannot believe that CRUISE N MARITIME advertised and sold this cruise Vasco Da Gama, departing from Singapore on Apr. 23, for 46 days as a “totally REMODELED” ship, which is not the case. I saw this deal ... Read More
As a retired travel agent I cannot believe that CRUISE N MARITIME advertised and sold this cruise Vasco Da Gama, departing from Singapore on Apr. 23, for 46 days as a “totally REMODELED” ship, which is not the case. I saw this deal and called my travel agency who is a very large agency in the USA. I never heard about CRUISE N MARITIME, and neither they. I checked the reviews in internet and the ratings where very good, so I decided to go for it as the itinerary and amount of days were perfect for the celebration of our birthdays and anniversary on May 14, 18 and 25. We made reservations, and anytime that we had doubts about anything, our agency would go and check with Cruise n Maritime offices in USA, which could never give an answer without checking with their headquarters. Seems to me that they had not been totally trained… but that is ok with me, as maybe they did not have enough time. We got into the REMODELED SHIP on a rainy afternoon. What a surprise I had when entering the ship and seeing water coming inside the public areas and being collected in buckets all around those areas. Fans had to be working for several days before everything was dry. The public areas were indeed beautifully remodeled. The exception to the above was that all the panoramic windows in the public areas like floor 7, 8 and 11, that were and are very dirty. Those windows had never been properly cleaned, I guess for a very long time, and not even the rain can help with that issue. And also, all around the ship there are many areas that show the rust. My cabin 9147, cat. 14, was remodeled ok, nothing great, but there were many issues: - Balcony. Too much rust. White paint constantly falling in the floor of the balcony. - Sofa bed. Brown, many areas were already tearing apart the fake leather, showing white spots. Looked very worn, but I tried to ignored it. - Chair inside the cabin. The material was very clean and good but the wood was never updated and had lots of scratches. - Bedskirt. Material was rotten. - Lamp by the window. There is no switch that turns this lamp on and off, and to do so you have to reach for the cable behind the minibar fridge and turn off the current. - Bathroom – I could not believe the bathroom. The bathtub… which they call Jacuzzi, is as old as the ship and has never been refinished. It even had cracks and looked dirty. I also tried to ignore. We never complained. Some of the faucets for the Jacuzzi were missing and I did not complain either because I was not going to use it. Only the shower. The material of the outside bathtub curtain is rotten. And then only after a few days, the bathtub and sink started having problems with the drainage. I complained and requested to be fixed, and they sent the boys who clean the room with some products… when they said it was fixed, I opened the water and showed them that it was not working. Finally the plumber came.. it worked for one or two days… and I kept requesting the plumber, which could only get temporary results. Then, there was water coming out of the drainage of the bathtub and the toilet WITH FECES!!!! I knew the plumber would not be able to solve the drainage problems ever. I kept being patient. Next another big problem… one day after returning from one of the trips, I started to fill the sink to wash some of our intimate clothes and the water was dark. I opened the toilet, flushed it and the water was dark. (I even keep some of that water in a glass bottle to be examined if necessary). I reported it, and first they sent someone saying the water was ok, until finally admitting to the problem. We could not have a shower. Went to the reception again and finally they accepted that there was a problem in the whole ship because during the day the water had been shut down. I asked them why there was no previous notice with such a problem. First I was told that they did send the information to the cabins – which was no true – I guess they did not know how to answer to that, and later on they said that water had been closed without them knowing anything about it. Someone was sent again to my cabin and they said I would have to wait until next day to have clean water and could have a shower. I requested a bottle of water for cleaning the mouth, face, etc. It was provided free of charge and we waited until next day when the problem was gone. - Air Conditioning. The round control without temperature digits for the air conditioning only shows “cooler and warmer”. But no matter how you moved it, it does not work and there was dust coming out of it. I kept reporting it but nothing worked out to fix it. - Halls on deck 9. The whole hall of deck 9 on the odd numbers, most of the time has a horrible smell. Something wrong again with the drainage… - Aft elevators. These are the most used elevators because of the dining areas and back pool. Two of the four of them have never been able to be repaired. Not one single day they have worked. There is no way you can enjoy the peaceful and perfect cruise I was hoping for. And then finally, almost one month after, on May 18, (my 68th birthday) they offered us to change the cabin. Due to the fact that my husband is 90 years old, I had booked a cabin close to the elevators and on the back to easily reach all the dining rooms and also close to the back balcony where he could go and come to the cabin easily for the use of the bathroom. The first cabin that was offered was cat. 15, very close to the one we had and seemed to be in good condition…. I accepted it, but then it was only good for only 2 people and we are 3. The 2nd. Cabin, cat. 14, was all the way to the front. I did not accept it because the distance was too long for my husband to walk every time to the dining rooms. Then they offered cabin 9223. Has a cleaner bathtub and does not have problems. The position was good for him. Fine. The air conditioning has a control with numbers that you could easily change for the wanted temperature. We accepted it. I had to call that same day because there was no sound in the TV… and the blinking on the phone could not be deleted. Yes small things, but why not checking everything before sending us there? Then on May 21th the outside temperature was cooler. I tried to raise the temperature on the AC, from 23 but the control showed only 23 no matter how high you tried to change it. I reported it. Yesterday, May 22nd we came from the tour. The room was cold. Finally today, May 23rd, the temperature has reached 25 degrees. I also want to say that I had no problems with the beds in cabin 9187, and in this cabin 9223 the shaking on the bed is horrible, no matter how calm the sea is. I am frustrated for having so many issues. I am not the only person with problems and complaining. Many people have been changed to other cabins. Many people are dissatisfied. I wish my cabin was the only with problems, but that is not the case. I have been over 20 cruises and I cannot believe all what is happening in this ship. I know that this ship was owned originally by Holland America and that it has always had many problems of the same kind. My brother was one time in a suite and even there he had problems. I can’t believe that problems have not been fixed after so many years. If that is the case, I don’t think Cruise and Maritime Voyages will be able to fix them. When I made my reservations I did not know it was the same ship, as there are others ships from HAL that did not had that problem. I saw that the ship capacity is for 1,600 passengers and it showed that were very few cabins available so I thought it was almost full. Many categories were not available. Then when arriving in Singapore, I was told that there are only 800 passengers on board. For me that means that many cabins were not available because of the problems there are. I don’t know. It is not fair that the “trip of my life”, with such a wonderful itinerary, has had so many problems. In the dinning room of the 7th floor, where we had to go for dining, the waitresses sometimes were sweating because of the heat. It is gross to see that, and I feel really bad for them. I also have stop some of them in the ship and asked them if the air conditioning in their rooms is too cold –because I heard it- and they all confirm it. I also want to tell you: - The staff is great at all levels. They cannot be any better. - Most of the night shows are very good, as well as the stage. - The tours are well planned and I am very satisfied with the guides, except for the tour in Athens (Panorama tour of Athens, coach 5), that the tours guide was a very old lady with a cane, the microphone was not working and nobody could understand, the windows had humidity inside the glasses of the window, so you could not see outside. She at a time, told the passengers to shut up, or she would stop talking, which a tour guide should not do. The tour left late and returned 45 min. earlier. I reported it as soon as I arrived. I have been on the tourism industry all my life and never see something like this happen. I have pictures of the bus’ plate in case you are interested in having it. Your representative in the bus was very nice, but there was nothing that he could do to change the situation. - And the best thing I applaud is the food. We are vegetarians, and we have enjoyed many gourmet choices. On May 26. 1:00am. I could not sleep again due to the noisy and weird vibration that is under the bed in that cabin. Went to the reception and they said they will give us another cabin. 9:00am. Finally they gave us cabin 9032. That was the only available… because it is at the front of the ship, now my husband has to use the wheelchair all the time because it is very far for him to walk to the dining areas. 9:30pm. Since 5:00 pm I reported that there was not cold water in the sink and that I could not close it to wash my underwear. How are we supposed to wash our teeth? With hot water? I lost another day and was not able to visit Naples, because I finished at 3pm transferring everything. The air conditioning only works when I call them and they have to raise or lower the temperature. I cannot do it myself because the control is the round one like in the first cabin and it does not work. 4:00 pm. I wanted to wash something in the sink. There is only hot water. No cold water at all and the sink does not hold the water when I try to close it. How are we supposed to wash our teeth? With hot water? Went to reception again, the plumberS came again and now the sink is working and we have cold and hot water on the faucets of the sink. The plumber mentioned that there are different kinds of problems with the temperature of the water. Some cabins very hot… some cabins cold. 9:00pm. The problem with the sink and the hot water still going on. 10:30 pm. Finally, after 4 times coming to the cabin the problems are solved. Hot water when you open faucet, have to wait and then water is becoming cold. People are calling the ship “Fiasco da Gama”… After getting home I called my travel agent because she had given us a credit as a gift to be used while cruising. It was a significant amount, but the reception denied it. My travel agent made the complaint and they finally send me a check for that amount. I had made several complaints to the cruise line concerning all the problems with 3 cabins. I had to send the complaint to my travel agent which then send it to them but they don't even bother to respond. I wanted to be compensated for all the problems, but nothing. Some people has been compensated with credit for future cruises in other countries, but the USA office says that that is not truth. They are not reliable. They do not take responsibility for all the problems encountered. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
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