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We boarded on March 2nd 2017 for A ½ World Cruise of 65 days. The ship is old, but very stable and met all my requirements for a 3 Start rating. The cabins and facilities were as expected- not 5 Star but we were not expecting that. ... Read More
We boarded on March 2nd 2017 for A ½ World Cruise of 65 days. The ship is old, but very stable and met all my requirements for a 3 Start rating. The cabins and facilities were as expected- not 5 Star but we were not expecting that. When booking, it was confirmed, by multiple emails, that our cabin was to be midships. We were allocated one 2nd from the bow and were awoken periodically by the thrusters and anchor chain coming on at odd times directly under and above us. Going to the reception, we were met by an unfriendly notice ‘Don’t talk to us about relocation as we are full’! So much for public relations! The staff at lower levels, from 23 countries, was excellent, however, at a higher level, they seemed wanting! The captain, Felipe Souza, was very friendly when approached – one on one - but seemed to be out of place as an ambassador, looking intimidated by any public role. Under him seemed to be a problem. Senior staff did not mingle or interact! On boarding we went, by invitation from the Captain to a ‘Captians welcome drink’, to be met by waiters……… I had reason to speak with a senior manager (Alister) after a letter of complaint. Not having typing facilities available, I hand wrote a 2 page letter outlining some concerns. He set up a meeting and said that ‘my handwriting was so bad that he could not read it’! So much for public relations! He asked me to outline my concerns and said that he had made some notes – that was it. To others, he stated that ‘that was only your opinion. We happen to disagree with you……’! Again, so much for public relations! The music on the ship was average. They had a resident American keyboard player who was brilliant. The also had a singer who was good. During the voyage she was replaced by a (Very good) West Indian singer. On one occasion I sat through one session and half of the next, WITHOUT KNOWING ONE OF THE SONGS. I don’t know what era songs they were but the were not suited to ur age demographics – 50 to 90 years of age! Then you would sit in the Captain’s Cabin, listening to music you did not know, and they would walk off for a ‘break’, except that these breaks lasted fpr an average ¾ hour+ during which time all atmosphere was lost, and people simply left to go to their cabins. No background music was available until a lot of us complained, and then it was put on sporadically. We, and many others, do ballroom dancing, and wanted some strict tempo music suitable for this type of dancing. It was put on for us on occasion, but without seeming to want ot do this! Lastly, we have been on many cruises, and usually a band asks for requests. Not so on Magellan. They seemed to operate from an I pad to a pre-planned programme and that was it. The main theatre was usually ice cold! This required us to rug up to watch a variety of excellent shows by an excellent 13 person show team. Stuff like…. Le Mis ….. Phantom of the Opera etc! Excellent! The band too, was really good, but when on the stage could not crack a smile and, while playing great music, looked like they were conducting a funeral. The biggest gripe of all, and one that caused a mass meeting of cruisers to complain and form an ‘action group’ was the Indian Visa Problem. When we booked and paid everything was settled, we then got a phone call that it was urgent that we apply for an Indian Visa. ‘We could not board without this’ we were told! One week before sailing!!!! The travel Agent said that this would cost $550 and that they had only just been advised of this requirement. No visa – no boarding! We said that, as it was only an 8 hour stay over in Chennai, we would forgo the visa and stay on board, but, no, that was not OK! ‘What if we were shipwrecked?’ was the reply! No visa – no boarding! They arranged this for us for and we duly boarded only to be told by the Indian officials in Chennai ‘why did you purchase a visa if not going on shore?’ Some Americans had to fly interstate to get this ‘urgent’ visa at the cost of $1000s extra. CMV declined to accept blame for us collectively having paid around $500,000 for visas that were only necessary IF one went ashore! This is a disgrace and CMV seem to just write it off as something from the past! ‘Would I use CMV again’? Probably ‘yes’, as the cruise, ignoring these serious irritations, was as expected and we made fantastic friends! Want more details? Mikeauret2@gmail.com Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
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