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We had no idea Princess Cruises were catered for the elderly, (live and learn). - There was a constant flow of "American" fare, unexciting for us, since we enjoy piquing our palates, frozen seafood-sometimes overcooked, lots ... Read More
We had no idea Princess Cruises were catered for the elderly, (live and learn). - There was a constant flow of "American" fare, unexciting for us, since we enjoy piquing our palates, frozen seafood-sometimes overcooked, lots and lots of beef, no wholegrain breads or pasta/rice, some breakfast items like oatmeal, fruits, yogurt and toast were cut off at 8:00am on day of disembarkation, even though supposed to go to 10 am. (Disembarkation went till 10:30) - Many. many smoking areas on the ship, not well assigned, apparently randomly spaced. We had to deal since it was on the way from buffet to our room, not so great. - Many, many, very, very drunk folks. - Cruise entertainment got old after the first day, was kitschy at best. - Stingy with the good free stuff, like soft ice cream. Had to wait on line (to get served, not self serve like Disney) for a tiny cone with 12 jimmies...and got a snide leer for going back a second time in one day...yet very easy to get buckets of beer-ugh! - All beverage purchases include tip, yet also have a line item on your bill (for you) to fill in a gratuity..no exceptions. Soda for $3.49....we bought the "package" up front, that came with a signature cup, only to find out that waiting on line at bars was a hassle if you were seen with the "soda package cup"...the "tip" was charged up front with the package so crew was not motivated to fill your drink cup at a bar, which was the only way to get your prepaid soda...we would have to wait until all the "tipping" passengers got their drinks first...even though we had been pre charged tip for the 7 day cruise on day one....frustrating and disappointing! - crew are not trained to let you pass when there isn't enough room for two in a pathway... - level of service and courtesy after final, additional "gratuities" are handed out goes down to zero, nil, zilch...btw, gratuities are added to your room charge daily, $11.50 per person per day...not sure how much the working crew members, like cabin stewards and table waiters get, and how much goes to the un-working-maitre' de-type-people! - passenger services proved very inefficient, I called in a request for my daughter's 18th birthday celebration twice, and visited with the request once, was assured room balloons and card, yet nothing came. - beach excursions to Cayman Island are a waste, do your own thing with a taxi...better to find your own in every port except Cozumel. - Princess Cruise website is archaic and unmaintained at best, hard to preplan and prebook because of it. Now the good stuff.. - food available at all hours - room service, although very limited in menu, would deliver within 15 minutes of ordering! Amazing! - lots of elevator space for wheelchairs, well utilized . There were times when we opted to take the stairs, which were almost always empty, to allow one more vehicle and navigator on. - spa very big, great massages and facials, best I've had on any cruise ship. - fitness center huge, well run, well equipped - entire ship was kept very clean, all the time - room stewards are very obliging, as are your dinning room waiters. I substituted the fat loaded second course with a sorbet almost every dinner time and our waiter was always at the ready with it. - The Crown Grill had some of the best lamb chops I've ever tasted, and awesome dessert....$25 per person flat rate, and you have to reserve before you get on the boat... - laundry room well placed, well equipped and maintained, not unreasonably priced - disembarkation was well organized Things that bothered me but may not bother the majority- -There is a very apparent ethnic and social divide among crew...Asians at the bottom, then Hispanic, then Eastern Europeans, British at the very top. -There were apparently less than 1% non white passengers on the ship, awkward for us being 3 of those 30 or so.... Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
Crown Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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