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We have been on 22 cruises on various lines, 9 on Princess; Princess being our obvious favorite and it always comes down to the entertainment. Princess is best for an active older crowd but not ready for Holland. The evenings are always ... Read More
We have been on 22 cruises on various lines, 9 on Princess; Princess being our obvious favorite and it always comes down to the entertainment. Princess is best for an active older crowd but not ready for Holland. The evenings are always packed with things to do to the point you get frustrated cause you can't fit it all in. But, it sure beats going back to the room after the show and watching tv. We can do that at home for free. The entertainment on this ship was the best even for Princess. They had a magician Michael Misko who was actually more of a comedian. And then there was the comedian Joe Yannetty. It was a toss up who was funnier but if you like to laugh - DO NOT miss their shows. The magician was also in the Liars Club - not to be missed either. Don't waste any time when a show is in the Explorer's Lounge as the seats fill up quickly. They also had the usual game shows, trivia & bingo. The first seating in the Princess Theatre fills up but we discovered there were always seat at the later show. The production shows were also excellent. After the "Blame it on the Boogie" show, the entertainers go up to the deck party and continue. I know alot of people skip the deck party - don't. They have changed it and they bring in the "Love Boat" theme to the party - very touching and fun. We were both even lucky in the casino. We don't hang out at the bars. We went on this ship when it was new and while it needs some refurbishments, it didn't affect us at all. It was clean and all the personnel were pleasant and friendly. Service was very good. The size of this ship is perfect. While my husband likes the pool, I prefer the games. The only thing I'll say about the pool is I noticed both pools only have ladders to get in and out. The only complaint would be the mattress. It obviously needed replacing and an eggcrate didn't help much. Our steward Russell tried. Our room was always clean and he was quick at filling requests. He introduced himself as soon as we came in. The embarkation and disembarkation were incredibly quick and easy. We're platinum and that might have helped with embarkation. Our room was ready. We didn't do any excursions as we had been to these ports before. Costa Maya has a very long pier and everyone walked. It could be a problem for some. Costa Maya and Cozumel both had too many ships and passengers in port. I won't say much about the food except it was good and service was excellent tho steak was tough. We ate at Sabatini's one night - save your money - the dining room was better. Ice cream is ice milk but they sell gelato. Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
We are diamond cruisers with Royal Caribbean and have cruised with Cunard, Carnival (never again) and years ago on the SS United States. This is our first with Princess; leaving from Galveston going to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. We had ... Read More
We are diamond cruisers with Royal Caribbean and have cruised with Cunard, Carnival (never again) and years ago on the SS United States. This is our first with Princess; leaving from Galveston going to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. We had heard that Princess was a cut below RC but were very pleasantly surprised with the Crown Princess. What was most pleasing was that unlike RC, even with over 3,000 passengers (900 were children) we never encountered a crowded area, seldom found ourselves in a line of more than 10 minutes and never heard kids running up and down the halls. The ship has three main dining rooms two of which are for anytime dining and one exclusively for traditional seating. We prefer traditional. Our mini-suite was excellent with 2 flat screen TVs a tub with shower and large balcony and the price was less than RC charged for a regular balcony cabin on its ship with the same cruise itinerary sailing on the following day. The food and service in the main dining room was actually very good and compared favorably with RC. Sure, some of the dishes were a bit bland but with a bit of salt and pepper were actually quite good. On Lobster night I asked for 4 of them and went away well satisfied. To tell the truth, we thought that the Dining room meals were just a good as those in the Crown Grill at $25 per person. Even the food in the Horizon Court and Cafe Caribe buffets was not bad at all. What we really appreciated were the following: Very large gym (seldom any children), 5 Pools with an Adults-only pool and hot tubs and Adults only lounge areas (actually enforced), more than adequate outdoor lounge chairs on multiple decks (always some available), and children/teen activity areas in remote areas of the ship so that we never encountered groups of them in the halls or on the stairways. Even though it was spring break, we never saw any inebriated or rowdy college kids. Best of all, unlike RC, there were seldom any PA announcements regarding tours, sales, or bingo games -- they were all printed in the daily schedule provided to each cabin the night before. Finally, the cabins had great sound proofing. All in all, we are now confirmed fans of Princess and although we would certainly consider another cruise line if its ships can match these amenities, we'd actually choose it over Royal Caribbean. March 30, 2013 Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
After a great flight to FLL we got Hampton Inn's flamingo van to pick us up at the airport via a phone call to them that we were there. Great sleep in a very comfy bed, next morning I made hot Belgium waffles with sugar free syrup for ... Read More
After a great flight to FLL we got Hampton Inn's flamingo van to pick us up at the airport via a phone call to them that we were there. Great sleep in a very comfy bed, next morning I made hot Belgium waffles with sugar free syrup for both of us with bacon & sausage & scrambled eggs. Then at 11AM we were shuttled to the port. 4/24 Here we are on Crown, Dick greeted us exiting the Hampton Van at the Port. They asked for Elite & Platinum folks at a door & Dick got us. Takes us to a small room with 20 folks sitting there waiting for the OK to board the ship. Then we are told by deck we will board & they took A-C so we were first at the desk. C522 is our stateroom & up we go. Lunch at DiVinci's with beef tenderloin that melted in my mouth & desert was orange souffle. But we did dinner at Michaelangelo. starting with Pina Colada soup, which is a Pina Colada in the glass so we had a few of those. Then we had prime rib which has no flavor & the corn on the cob was burnt on the BBQ, why they served it was the question. But more than half hour wait for dinner to arrive was not for us so back to DaVinci as the best dining room. Great game to see 10 places on the ship between 1-4PM. They give you a card with 10 locations that you get punched per visit & then you drop it into a drawing by the CD Ron Goodman at 5PM at the pool on 15. The bed was very comfy and we had the balcony door open for the breeze until very high winds blew into the doorway squealing at high pitch, so that was closed. AC worked very well set on cold. 4/25, my 60th birthday & we wake to 3 balloons on the side of the doorway by our steward. Eddie (Edgardo) was the greatest in 31 cruises. Today is M&G at Skywalkers from 1-2PM, I am meeting folks who sign on & read us to learn about the ship they are going on. It is on 18 and elevators only go to 15. SO we see stairs on 15 & walk the 3 decks on them to a lookout but no bar. Took an hour to get up to Skywalkers & the clue is AFT elevators to 18 & the bar. SO it was over & they did their gift exchange. Got our first taste of MUTS and too bright during the afternoon to really enjoy it but at night it is the greatest with popcorn & blankets for those who wanted it. 4/26: Hot & humid in Grand Cayman, but so beautiful and great people to enjoy here. Carnival Dream is the other ship but tomorrow 11 ships! Woke to the Captain announcing a fire in the galley smoke was on lower floors but everyone stay in your staterooms & many are asleep but we thought we would wake you to tell you it is under control. If you smell smoke it will go away with the fans on all the floors. Dinner last night at Sabatini's for my BD. fabulous food and very entertaining with the use of 2 forks to serve or a fork & a spoon for pasta. You order you main coyrse, I had lobster (no extra charge) & Jerry had scallops with sea weed. Before they serve 10 side dishes, 3 I did not want. Great taste of good Italian food, then you get soup & a salad. Then the sun was going down & the sea was a mirror with the light coming thru the windows, so they loved us to finish dinner since the curtain are fake & do not go down. Burlee & Tirimisu for desert, but my BD cake never showed, still not today either. Just had lunch at Divinci's which has become our dining room with a great Matre D, and waiters that are fast with the food. Lamb with New England Clam Chowder & oyster crackers for me, Jerry had Chicken Parmigan & a great salad with various greens. The lady next to us added a burger to hers with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 4/27: Roatan is today 106 for a high with 100% humidity. Fog is everywhere as we left since we have AC & the sea doesn't. Folks are burnt to a crisp. Roatan was boring last December when we cruised NCL Jewel. But with Princess you have Carnival Corp's beach which is 1000 loungers on the beach, some under palm trees. Right hand of the beach is a sand bar that you can walk to the end of the swim area & only be in chin high water, yet middle is straight down about 6 feet out. Peace & quiet, no drunks or the silver salesmen with their cases as in Mexico. Really enjoyed it. We even did laundry for $1 for wash & $1 for dry using our Purex 3 in 1 sheets that are the blue soap & then the white sheet for the dryer. They sell $1 single use all fabric bleach, then All detergent & Snuggle dryer sheets with 2 to a package. The machines are 40 minutes per load. It was packed with wrestlers & women ironing clothes. The wrestler was bare chested ironing his shirt for dinner. Just like the Hulk! Dinner was mango soup served in a cocktail glass with a straw, then I had Jerk Chicken & nothing for desert as we will hit the International cafe for their goodies. Jerry had scallops & shrimp cocktail with the jerk chicken also. Last night we went to Wheelhouse bar for the 8PM $2.99 cocktails. Jerry had Miller Lite & I ordered a vodka martini & the gal states $6.95. I stated $2.99 for after 8PM POWER HOUR it is called. She states I can have Vodka & Tonic. SO I did & hated it. So tonight we try elsewhere. Then we get a personal invite from Captain Nash to his party Thursday from 5:30 - 6:30PM FORMAL ONLY. I said that is formal for a bar not just dinner. And it is during our dinnertime? Great waiter who also sings is from the Phillipines & named Alan. We have lucked out with getting him 3 times so far. He is also a magician changing used tables into new with tablecloths that goes up in the air & land perfectly on the middle. Then he flips napkins like a Vega dealer into position and he glassware is next for water & wine finally a champagne bucket filled with ice that he has silverware in, he moves them around in the ice & wipes with a cloth to place in their position. Very shiny! I am very tired, so I predict 11 hours again tonite with the heat we had walking back to the ship. Even jumping into the pool and then get our feet broiled on the flooring, so we knew it was 106. Then at 4:30 the departation annoucement goes out & folks on the balconies (port) are cheering a drunk guy back to the ship as he weaves & almost went into the water, but he made it to applause & yelled up "drinks for all"....... Shows are pretty boring with a Cole Porter show last night & tonite, so far no idea what else but MUTS had folks dancing to a Tina Turner concert at 2PM, Cirque Du Soleil followed but watching while laying in the sun drains the colors out. So we agreed with many that night shows win. $2.99 drinks after 8PM and served at all bars but not in restaurants, casino, or poolside. The greatest bartender is CHRIS at the pool bar. Massimino, the Matre D is the baby sitter of the year with babies he serves as well as making sure everyone is delighted at dinner, lunch and even breakfast. Egg Benedict is not on the menu but they makke it & very well I will add. 4/28: Today is Cozumel that I call shopping heaven next to E Carib St Thomas. Quite funny that we had to either get off the ship at 7:30AM or wait an hour for Carnival to dock, since they were removing our lines an then replacing both ship's lines & it is Legend not a big guy, Celebrity Soltice, and another Carnival ship way back behind Soltice that is unknown. Shows are pretty petty, MUTS has Up, Nine, Avatar & Blindside with 4 concerts. So today we are off MUTS. A hyponist is in the theatre at 7PM, a juggler is in the Atrium under the stairs as he was yesterday. We had the martini mix party with 4 bartenders who dance with bottles dropping them also. People next to us got blue ones. It was confirmed this morning that we survived the 106 temp in Routan & many were treated for heat exhaustion. We are bright RED today even after spraying ourselves with USF 15 Bull Frog. I hit the pool to cool off and then layed on the boundry as did Jerry so that is when we toasted. He had chills last night but we both slept 12 hours. So that bed is comfy in C522. Today we had a strange lunch. I had a beef roulade that was hamburger wrapped in thick fat. So I cut it into 4 & stripped it to just eat the meat. Roast potatoes with it. Jerry had roast beef sandwich that was covered in horseradish. Folks next to us had it also & pulled the meat out of the bun to eat it. The Mozarella sticks were great Jerry said since they are breaded with rye flour. A great taste. Desert was Strawberry daquiri ice cream & I had a frozen chocolate mousse call a Chocolate Clarrisse. 3 days after my BD I got my cake last night. Jerry snapped a photo so you can see the glass size cake of chocolate mousse, cake wrapped in Princess logo chocolate. One person serving. We hit Diamonds International after a 2 kt diamond tennis bracelet Jerry got me for our 30th anniversary broke. It just fell off my arm & he found it in the carpet. So it went into the case, in the luggage to go back to them. No one in Grand Caymen would change it or fix it, in fact they wanted $1400 for a 3 kt. I told them $1400 for a 4 kt was the price in Deceber when we bought this. Then Routan took a needle nose plier to it & called it fixed. It fell off as we walked for drinks. So back to the room to put it back in its box. So in Cozmel the manager of the store took it, promised to have it like new since he saw the mistakes in it. 2 hours later, as it was pouring outside, so we went back to the store, sat on their sofas, they served us Pepsi Light tha read CERO CALORIES. Not Zero! Very nice treatment and when it was done they brought it out, showed us the difference, he laughed as I counted my 49 stones but stated I now jewelry. It is polished also and the shine is incredible, SPARKLE CITY! Then he asked me to take it off, I can't & that is good ince a jewler should remove it to clean it. He told us lotion can get trapped in jewelry making the connection not tight. So clean it monthly he told me, so my warranty will be good since it is stamped by the jeweler. Sea Day Tomorrow....... 4/29: Hot stone message for both of us comps of the spa as models for a tour group. It was heaven! $179 for 50 minutes is the price. They featured Eggs Benedict today, tho I have had it daily & it is not on the menu, just ask for it. Papaya & melons also with half a grapefruit. Then we did a champagne art auction & they had a piece for $8.15 but someone beat me to it & I got $15, so I took it "Gabriela & Amelia". Princess frames it for free but $70 shipping (Fed Ex). Then I win a drawing for "Final Preparation" (2 ballerinas fitting each other) & it will match Annabella that I won on Norwegian valued at $650, so it is becoming a joke that we are art collectors. Then Wheelhouse had a pub lunch for free. Irish menu with fish & chips, Steak & Kidney pie & Currey chicken. And as we walk on 7 the Matre D of DaVinci's yells that we are late for lunch, so we go there too for salad & the swan on a lake Princess desert. Then we have Captain Nic talking in the Atrium, he is on vacation in September & is hearing he is going to Sapphire. Folks were shocked. So I am going to shampoo my hair & walk promenade to dry it then bed. Tomorrow is Princess Cays, then back to Cleveland & reality. 4/30: Our last day was Princess Cays, but waking us at 1:46AM for another fire in the galley freaked me out. Twice in a week with the Captain called for help from his crew. Princess Cays is still the same as years back but some small cottages added that have a table & chairs inside to bring out, a shower outside and they seems sold out. Princess has an amazing buffet lunch cooked on the BBQ there, fresh fruit bowls to serve yourself. The beach was rocky as you try to walk out and the water was colder than Roatan. On the right was a huge rock wall laying in the water that folks were slipping on entering the water think it was sand. No sea shells either. Snorkelers said they only saw toes which we got a laugh out of. They also have a great T-Shirt for $15. It is written upside down "If you can read this , then pull me onto the boat". Many were wearing them in the water. No Platinum/Elite lounge on a week cruise, so the Purser stated. $2.99 drinks after 8PM are Long Island Ice Tea, Pina Colada & Singapore Sling, beers like Bud lite, and bottom shelf liquor. I ordered a Vodka martini which is a shot & a spit of vermouth, but they stated it was 2 shots so $6. SO I had Vodka on the rocks at Wheelhouse & Explorer. Then I met the Martini Man at a show he did & he poured me a blue one. FREE! At the Art Auction we bought a $15 painting & I won one. Have to check these 2 out at the gallery near us for value. I also got jewelry that is artwork for the guest artist, Eric Waughn, on board all week. He did a painting everyday that folk could watch him work. It sold for $4000 for a charity. They also had a breast cancer walk that raised $95K. $60 for a silk chained necklace that is called MARTINI CITY. Eric ran to his stateroom to get it for me to see when he learned I love martinis. Jerry bought it for my BD present. The chain feels like silk. Everyone on our flight was checking it out since it was different. He autographed the lid of the can that holds it when not worn it goes in a black velvet bag then inside the storage can with autographed lid. Funny that we got off at 10AM with half the staff who were on vacation for 3 months after working 5. So we got a free ride with them to the airport. Our steward Edguardo, who we called Ed, was just amazing how he knows when we are gone morning & night. Never need a service or a do not disturb note on the door. No smokers, no one loud, other than 40 staterooms at 4PM last day rooting a drunk guy running for the ship in S formation almost falling into the water, and cheering him on. It was great to hear everyone rooting him on. Then the major applause as he reaches the gangway & he yells DRINKS FOR EVERYONE. The Executive Chef Guiseppe did a culinary show cooking 3 Italian specialties that we didn't get to sample & then we did a tour of the galley. How clean the area is & they win awards for it. Laughed that the desert cooler had a BIG lock on it. But now we are home, sleeping in our own bed was great, & it stormed this morning so we are waiting for the sun to dry the lawn that is over my calves high, but it is to storm for 6 hours starting 2 hours. SO in 1 hour I will be out with mower set on highest setting to mulch all the seed I see. I go for high after May but this is over week cut on middle setting. One of the Elite neighbors told us of a S Carib cruise for $299 including air to San Juan. I called my TA on it but it is sold out. So we are ready for another one like it. Any further questions, just ask...... Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
Crown Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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