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I traveled with my mom, who has mobility issues. We both wanted good food, good entertainment, and we weren't interested in a party atmosphere, so from our research the Princess line seemed to fit the bill. We hit upon an excellent ... Read More
I traveled with my mom, who has mobility issues. We both wanted good food, good entertainment, and we weren't interested in a party atmosphere, so from our research the Princess line seemed to fit the bill. We hit upon an excellent deal on a mini-suite, and so we booked a cruise on the Crown Princess from March 11-16. Embarkation was great. I indicated in advance that my mom would require wheelchair assistance for embarkation and disembarkation and everything went smoothly. We had no complaints whatsoever about the food. From the buffet to the main dining room to the Specialty restaurant (Sabatini's) we enjoyed every meal. The service was outstanding, particularly at Afternoon Tea (which we enjoyed twice). We did one excursion, the Panoramic City Tour with lunch and swimming at Cabarete beach in Puerto Plata - and it exceeded our expectations. It was well-organized, the bus was comfortable, and the driver and tour guide were excellent. The driver waited patiently for us as we were always the last to get off, and my mom's walker was stowed carefully each time we boarded the bus. At the beach we had lots of time to relax and swim, lunch was great, and the price was right - the 6-hour tour with lunch was only $39 USD. On the ship we enjoyed a movie under the stars (The Greatest Showman) which was a lot of fun, and we saw the funniest comedian I've ever seen live, (and I'm from Montreal where we know comedy) Steve Caouette. I wish we had been able to see and do more but five days goes fast, and before we knew it it was over. There were only two blemishes during the whole week, and they were toward the end of the cruise. On the last full day on our way to afternoon tea we learned that someone forgot to unlock the 6th floor elevator, and by the time we found someone to unlock it we were late for tea. Not a big deal but it kind of threw us off schedule. The biggest negative was on disembarkation day. We were told to go to the Vines wine bar for 7:30 AM. to wait for wheelchair assistance. In the meantime I got us breakfast at the International Café and as I was doctoring my coffee I put the empty sugar packets on the counter and was promptly scolded by one of the staff in the specialty coffee section. He then went to the trouble to point out the small tin garbage receptacle on the counter, threw my used spoon dramatically into a buss tub, and picked up and slammed the garbage tin on the counter and said "Garbage!" very loudly for emphasis. This was obviously a person who was overtired and stressed, and I hope he takes some time off soon to recharge. I was tired, too, after a week of travelling with a disabled person. I didn't need drama in the last hour of a vacation that was two years in the planning. Overall a great cruise and we're already planning our next one - we'd sail with Princess again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
We love leaving the Midwest in the winter and head to the Caribbean. This was a great trip! The Crown is going into Dry Dock for some upgrades and I am sure they will all be great upgrades. We were lucky and already had the new mattress ... Read More
We love leaving the Midwest in the winter and head to the Caribbean. This was a great trip! The Crown is going into Dry Dock for some upgrades and I am sure they will all be great upgrades. We were lucky and already had the new mattress and loved it. The crew was amazing and did everything they could to help. Horizon Court is still a downfall for Princess. After having been on the Regal and seeing the new set up, it makes the old design harder to deal with. Don't get me wrong, we will continue sailing with Princess for all our cruises but there are changes for the older ships that would be nice improvements. The entertainment was good and there was always something going on. You could do as much or as little as you wanted. We did back to back with Eastern and Southern and really liked the ports we visited. We had been to most of them before but we enjoy them all and returning after the hurricane damage was interesting. We feel the islands need the tourist dollars to rebuild and thrive again. The Islanders we came in contact with were all grateful the ships were stopping again. At the end of the 16 days for these 2 cruises we disembarked and walked across the parking lot and boarded the Regal for 2 more weeks in the Caribbean. In 30 days we only repeated 1 port and that was St. Thomas. Even that wasn't an issue since we had a beautiful day for the 1st visit and it was really rainy and messy the second visit. We just stayed onboard the 2nd visit and made it a "sea day". Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
I will start off by saying this was the most unfriendliest crew I have ever seen on any of my cruises. There was no cheerful hellos and it seemed as if the crew had been yelled at before we got on. I don't know what the problem was ... Read More
I will start off by saying this was the most unfriendliest crew I have ever seen on any of my cruises. There was no cheerful hellos and it seemed as if the crew had been yelled at before we got on. I don't know what the problem was but I know our group was not the only ones to see this. Most everyone we talked to felt the same. Embarkation we waited in a long line that went into the parking lot. The did not open the doors early causing everyone to wait. Disembarkation went smoothly. There were three of us in an accessible balcony room. The room was nice except for where the third person had to sleep. It was way to high up and a wobbly ladder to get up there so my 68 year old friend opted to sleep on a mattress on the floor. When you opened the sliding door there was a high pitched screeching sound that was unbearable. So the first night we slept with the door closed until they repaired it the following day. Also the door has a metal piece that is made for a wheel chair to safely go over it. Well the piece would pop up when you stepped up it and two of us tripped over it. We called twice for it to be repaired but it continued to happen. I truly hope no one gets hurt as it was really dangerous. When we met our steward Jim we asked him if we all could have two bath towels. He at first told me no only 1 per person. I was really surprised as I have never been refused this before. So I called passenger services and we were able to have 2 bath towels apiece. He also was not that great in cleaning the room and would forget to empty our trash cans. We ordered the robes for the room. They were not in the room so I had to call for them. When they came they were still wet. We hung them outside to dry but then later in the evening our steward brought us some dry ones and took the wet ones. I called to make sure of the options we had for dinner since we did the anytime dining. I was told we could go to DaVinci and Michelangelo. So we went down to DaVinci and we were told we could not eat there until after 7:45. My friend has had 4 strokes and is her left arm is paralyzed and she has a brace on her left leg and walks very slowly with a cane. I was upset that we had to leave this restaurant and head to Michelangelo. This is the reason I called passenger service to make sure she did not have to walk far. At Michelangelo we were unable to get a table for 4 of us. Three of us were traveling together and we met a nice woman who was traveling alone so she joined us. Each time we had dinner we had to have a sharing table. I was disappointed that we could not have a table for just us. The one night I asked the Maitre d if he had a table by the window and he threw his arms up in the arms up in the air in a huff. I stepped back and said sir all you had to say was yes or no you did not have to get angry. Then the following night we went down for dinner and when he went to seat us the friend that we met followed me and apparently he did not think she was with me and he yelled at her to go back and wait. He was so very rude. This was upsetting. The food in the dining room was not the best. I have had better on my last two Princess cruises. They also took the strip steak off as a staple item on the menu and changed it to a hamburger. That surprised all of us. One of the worst things to happen to us was in Sabatini's. The casino comped me and my two friends a dinner there. The women we met joined us but had to pay the $29 dollar charge. We all ordered the lobster and the artichoke casserole. The casserole was good but the lobster was AWFUL. I will say it again....the lobster was AWFUL!! I so wish I had brought my camera. Our lobster tails were black on the bottom. Mine was the worst. They smelled very fishy and the taste was atrocious. We all sent them back. We did not ask for a refund as we were comped the meal but our friend asked for them to remove the charge from her bill. They said she should order something else. She said no, that this totally ruined her appetite. The waiter got the manager (at least I think that is who he was) and he refused to give her credit for this meal saying she had eaten the souffle. OMG I could not believe what I was hearing. The lobster was spoiled and they would not refund her the money. I felt so bad for her. And for us this was supposed to be a special treat and it certainly was memorable but not at all special. I found the gym to have only 2 recumbent bikes. Which with my back surgeries is the only type of equipment I can use. It made it difficult for me to get to use the bike as they were taken when I would go down. Also disappointing was that the gym opens at 7. Most ships the gym opens at 6. And if you call passenger services they will tell you the gym opened at 8. We did not get a lot of good info from passenger services. Then other thing I noticed on this ship was the lack of communication. We had a very rocky night and day on the last full sea day. Very little communication on that day as well as the other days. Oh and the first day when they gave us the temperature they only gave it in celsius not in farenheit leaving many of us clueless as to what the temp was. The ports we went to were Amber Cove which was very nice. And Grand Turk which was equally as nice. I would totally do those ports again but not on this ship. The ship needs to be refurbished, the bathroom smelled awful and the ship did not sparkle but looked rather dirty. I read on cruise critic that it is going to be dry docked and that is why it looks this way. Not sure of this but this is what I read. Also there was an elevator out causing long wait times to use the elevators. The thing that made me feel sad was this was my two friends first cruise. And I told them about how good the food was and how the crew is wonderful. Well they did not have a good experience and this really disappointed me. I hope Princess makes some necessary changes on this ship. And I hope the crew gets in a better mood for the next travelers. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
cabin was immaculate and steward ronaldo was most attentive. it was a little on the small side, but the balcony was quite large. we did have a desk with drawers and a chair plus another chair and 2 nite tables with drawers. if there was ... Read More
cabin was immaculate and steward ronaldo was most attentive. it was a little on the small side, but the balcony was quite large. we did have a desk with drawers and a chair plus another chair and 2 nite tables with drawers. if there was anything to complain about it was that there were not enough electric outlets. there was only a double on the desk and if you were tall enough, you could squeeze in behind the tv i had the forethought to request in advance a gluten free diet. princess sent me an acknowledgement card which i gave to my waiter. he presented it to a headwaiter who became my personal menu coordinator. i was then able to have my meals specially cooked to be gluten free. i was even advised which dishes could be made at the buffets. every evening, i was shown the next day's menus and pre ordered. all the foods were delicious even ones not made special. i personally found all the staff to be most helpful and friendly. in the buffet, if i was carrying 2 plates, a server helped me carry them and found a table for me. my disabled friend had a server gather her food. however, my disabled friend was disenchanted when her suitcase came up broken. a wheel had come off and the purser's office was not very nice about it. they refused to pay for it and couldn't fix it. they tried giving her an old replacement that was in worse shape than the damaged one. otherwise she was treated with exemplary care, from the maitre d' who provided us with an easily accessible table, to the steward who took her scooter every nite to charge and returned it in the morning promptly at the scheduled time.she had wheelchair service on and off the ship. my friends and i had a wonderful trip. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
I am overcome by jet-lag, and am drinking a pina colada made with blackstrap rum, but I shall do my best to convey how fabulous our trip on the Crown Princess truly was. An idea, first, of our group. My sister (who is an experienced ... Read More
I am overcome by jet-lag, and am drinking a pina colada made with blackstrap rum, but I shall do my best to convey how fabulous our trip on the Crown Princess truly was. An idea, first, of our group. My sister (who is an experienced cruiser, and who had handled much of the arranging of this huge undertaking) and her friend from work, my aunt and uncle (in their late 60's or so, and who are quite experienced cruisers though this was their first time on Princess), my brother and sister-in-law (with their two sons ages 3 1/2 and 5, none of whom had ever cruised before), my mom and step-dad (who had never cruised before), and my boyfriend and I (who were also cruise noobs). Also, please note that I tend to be a raging misanthrope, and the idea of being trapped at sea with 3200 other people was striking a touch of terror into my blackened little heart. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale on March 1st, most of us, and since it was rather late at night, went directly (via complimentary shuttle) to the Hyatt Place North. This completely non-smoking property had incredibly comfortable beds, huge TVs, free wi-fi, and a lovely free breakfast in the morning. They also had a complimentary shuttle to Port Everglades, and got the 10 of us there in plenty of time to meet up with the last two of our party before embarkation. Once meeting up and giving our bags over to the porters, we hopped into the line. We joined the line at 12:01pm and were in our rooms by 12:30, even allowing for time to have our embarkation photo taken. It would have been even faster if there hadn't been quite such a large group of us (and Mom in a wheelchair for this bit due to a serious car accident a little over a year ago). Quite organized and quick embarkation, from what we could tell. We were all up on Baja deck with balcony rooms. Three of them were next to each-other, and they all opened up the partitions to have one giant balcony. The rooms had plenty of space, loads of storage, and the balconies were completely covered, which meant we didn't have to worry about any detritus falling from party-goers on upper decks. Some people complain about the showers being too small, but despite neither my BF nor I being skinny midgets, we had absolutely zero problems with either the size of the shower or being attacked by the shower curtain (even when showering with the bathroom door open). Half of us had the wonderful Rosa (from Mexico) as our Cabin Stewardess, and the other half had Edmundo (from the Philippines) as their Cabin Steward. I think we were all equally happy. Edmundo got the room with the little ones, and made them various towel animals during the cruise, including a monkey hanging from on of the hangers that had clips! Rosa was fabulous for us, and made sure that we wanted for nothing. We even left love notes with Post-Its on the mirror for her, and she responded in kind. She and Edmundo were always smiling and laughing, despite the incredibly long hours they work (on the last night, Rosa told us that she was done working at 10pm and back on at 5am the next morning!). We (my BF and I) found a certificate from my sister for a Balcony Champagne Breakfast waiting for us in our mailbox when we arrived to the room, which was an awesome surprise. We went in, oohed and aahed, did a little nesting, and then went down to the Piazza to get our Coffee Card, Soda Sticker, and a couple of raffle tickets. We then went up to Lotus Spa to take the tour of the spa and fitness center, and then it was back to the room to get a little snack from room service (so quick, even on Embarkation Day!) before Muster Drill (ours was in Princess Theater). Zipped through through that, and then headed to the aft open decks for sailaway. It's amazing to see how many residents of that area come out of their homes or on to their balconies to see us off. Some even had signs and banners up, and all were waving away like mad. Met a couple of people from here on deck as well, and then met up with most of the family in the Horizon Court for a nibble at the seafood buffet. When we got back to our cabin, our luggage had arrived and been brought in, so a bit more nesting was done. Because there were so many of us, with different ages, experiences, and goals for the vacation, we were able to experience a whole lot of different things. The only time we all sat down together for dinner was one night in the Crown Grill, and let me tell you, it was TOTALLY worth every single cent you pay ($25pp). They were accommodating with the young boys, bringing spaghetti for them (and bringing it early in the meal so that they wouldn't get totally bored) instead of making them choose something off of the rather adult normal menu. The service was impeccable, the food was astonishingly good, and the desserts...well, I'll just tell you that you should get the dessert sampler AND the three berry cobbler. You really don't want to miss a thing. (And if anyone can find a way to get me one of those adorable little crocks that the sampler size of Chocolate Obsession comes in, I'd be eternally grateful. I was quite restrained in not just sticking it in my purse.) My boyfriend and I were mostly nonplussed at our few Dining Room meals, as the service wasn't quite as nice as we would have liked (nor as nice as we saw other people getting). One evening, the hostess practically pelted our napkins into our laps. Guess she was having a bad day. Still, we liked the option of Anytime Dining, and none of the others had any complaints that we heard. Room service was always prompt and happy to fulfill any special requests we had. The buffets were great as well. I didn't find them to be chaotic, as some people here have said, and the food was really well done. The specialty nights in Cafe Caribe were great, especially the Bavarian Feast. We even tried something (by mistake, no less) that turned out to be a food revelation, and so I will tell you all: if you see the chocolate ginger cake being offered, TRY IT!!! International Cafe has friendly service, delicious coffee, and freshly-made donuts in the morning that are to die for. I was able to speak briefly with the Executive Sous Chef on board, and he had a lot of interesting things to say. He's been cruising for 14 years (8 with NCL, and now 6 with Princess), and he says that he actually likes Princess better. They give him the money he needs to get goof food, and when I asked him about the cutbacks and "Carnivalization" of the cuisine on Princess, he says, "Absolutely not. In fact, rather than cutting back, they're spending MORE." So there you have it, from a man who ought to know. Ultimate Balcony Dining: My BF and I did both the dinner and the breakfast. I'll start with dinner ($100/couple). If you hate being waited on hand and foot, if you hate LOADS of delicious food, if you hate incredibly competent service, free photos, and a gorgeous table set-up complete with flower arrangement and lantern for ambiance (since they don't do candles on the ship)...if you hate all of these things, DO NOT do Ultimate Balcony Dinner. Seriously. You'll be so mad when they show up right on scheduled time with cocktails and canapes. You'll be livid when you see how gorgeous your balcony looks, and when the photographer shows up to capture you in such a lovely setting. You will absolutely FROTH at the level of excellence in service, and the stunning taste of the food will make you so angry that you'll want to either fling it overboard or rub it in your hair. Especially the dessert (quinelles of mousseline, which are to die for). If you weren't rabid enough, wait until they bring cookies and maybe even fresh fruit for you to have with your champagne! We *did* have other things we wanted to do that evening, but after *three hours* of being pampered, we had to call in Fat. There was so much food that we even wound up bringing some of the fruit and most of the cookies down to the rest of the gang, who were out on their balcony playing cards. Breakfast is a bit more reserved. Your order is taken 24 hours in advance, the same with dinner. If there's anything on the set menu that doesn't agree with you (quiche lorraine, not so much for us), just mention it and they'll ask you how you'd like to substitute. They show up right on time with your breakfast, pastries, fruits, coffee, juice, and champagne, and then leave you to your own devices. Much less in-your-face than the dinner, but definitely appropriate. I couldn't handle that kind of service when I was barely awake. Sea Days: Lazy and wonderful. There were so many things to do, and yet we never felt like we absolutely had to do any of it. Pub Lunches in the Wheelhouse were delicious. The Mr. Sexy Legs contest by the pool was completely ridiculous and hilarious. We all found ways to enjoy ourselves. My uncle, who's been a professional musician for decades, brought his flute along, and got to sit in with the band in the Wheelhouse, and they liked him so much they invited him back for a second set! Princess Pop Star: A lovely experience. I qualified on the night of the first heat, and so many people came up to me during the cruise to wish me luck that really, I felt like I had already won (even though I didn't take first prize). They treated us like stars on the final night, keeping us in a VIP area, doing post-song interviews on the camera for all to see, and feeding us champagne. I definitely recommend it to anyone but the snotty. The snotty need not apply. It's too much fun for those who can't have a good time. Chef's Table: We were lucky enough to have Alfredo Marzi, Corporate Executive Chef for the whole cruise line, on board with us to conduct our Chef's Table. Apparently, he's only on the ship once a year, so it was a really nice thing for us. The food was exquisite, the wine was amazing, and again, the service was extraordinary. Once again, totally worth the extra money paid ($75/pp). They don't advertise this much on the ship, so I advise you to call and try to get on the list as soon as you board. The ship: She is gorgeous, and the crew keeps her absolutely spotless at all times. We didn't find the layout too awful challenging, even with my mother using two canes, as the elevators were never that long in coming and all seemed to be in working order. The recent drydock got her new carpets and tiles, as well, so everything was gleaming. We didn't attend the shows, so I can't speak to those. The Thermal Suite is really nice, but only buy the week-long pass if you're going to use it more than once! My brother used the fitness center every morning, and thought it was awesome. The Sanctuary was very peaceful, but also really deserted on the day my BF and I were there. Don't know about any of the other days. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for all of us. We got to see dolphins and flying fish as we were getting close to Grand Turk, and we spent a LOT of time on our balcony just marveling at the gorgeous views. I never ever felt too crowded, and felt more relaxed after being "trapped with 3200 people" than I usually do after spending time at home with minimal company. The Princess Pelicans program was great for the two young ones, and the people working there were very vigilant over their charges. We LOVE the Crown, both the experienced cruisers in our group and the cruising novices like myself. My boyfriend and I are already looking at what our next voyage will be! 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Sail Date February 2009
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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