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2 Costa Victoria Fitness Cruise Reviews

We had an amazing time during our stay on Costa Victoria mainly because of the nice friendly and helpful staff. We travelled with our 7 year old son who was treated like a Prince by all staff on the ship but mainly the animation team and ... Read More
We had an amazing time during our stay on Costa Victoria mainly because of the nice friendly and helpful staff. We travelled with our 7 year old son who was treated like a Prince by all staff on the ship but mainly the animation team and kids club. Ferdy and Sara were exceptionally good with him, most of the staff is Italian nd most of the guests were French spraking but they all made my son included and welcomed. I was happy my son made so many friends even though he can only speak Polish and English, the language is not a barrier he loved his time in the kids club. The animation team work so hard, special thanks to Ralph who was the kindest person on the ship, Francesco the sports instructor and crazy Marco. The staff at the restaurant were incredible as well and made up for the bad food at times. Donna the waitress is so lovely and helpful always smiling. The exurcions are terribly expensive, it's much cheaper to get something on the land. WE MET SO MANY nice people on the ship and on the land and visited hidden gems and that's what we are grateful for. The food, drinks packages and service charges are things we want to quickly forget about ;) Thank you to the staff of Costa Vicortia who made our journey so special Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
We sailed from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We travelled with 4 adults and 1 child. Our cruise was 3 sailings in 1 for us so three times people got off and on. I am one that looked at the reviews and thought oh it ... Read More
We sailed from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We travelled with 4 adults and 1 child. Our cruise was 3 sailings in 1 for us so three times people got off and on. I am one that looked at the reviews and thought oh it cannot be that bad. Many issues that have been reported are now fixed. Embarking in Singapore, excursions, Visas, passports and shuttles. All justified and not a problem. The bad review is due to numerous things that took place. Day 1. We were awakened at 3:30am the first night as something fell down from the upper bunk from my daughter's bed. We turned on lights to hand her back her bear when I looked over to my pillow I noticed a bug round and flat. I flicked it off the bed thinking nothing off it as I was tired and then I realized OMG that's a bed bug. I threw back the duvet to find 6 more in plain sight. I got dressed and ran down to reception. They had a manager come confirm the issue and supplied us a new cabin and asked that we follow up in the morning about new cabin. So at 4am we moved our belongings without assistance and moving our young child from bed to a cabin down the hall. The manager on duty insisted we see the dr. on board and when she told me the expense I stated we had to bites and we would be fine as it would have been over $400 for this first. It took us nearly 1 hour to get moved and no person was in sight. Day 2. We woke up had breakfast and then went to reception to find out what was to happen next. Might I add that there is usually 1 person at this desk at all times and minimum 30 min wait on any occasion due to translation issues. At this time we were told our original cabin was being fumigated and the temporary cabin was vacant the rest of cruise and awaiting manager approval to move permanently. The new room toilet broke every time we used it and cabin smelt of sewage. The maintenance came 3 times that day to fix it and in the end we ended up using the toilet in old cabin as it was not working. The AC is another issue it did not work at all. Something about a clogged vent and while in a climate of 90 degrees plus left us no other option but to sleep nearly unclothed. So the conditions of the temp cabin were just as bad as old. Day 3. This day we went on our excursion to return to room with a note to see reception. Another 45 minutes waiting in line and 30 minutes to reach a resolution. They were moving us back to original cabin due to it being ALL CLEAR. I through a fit and the reception didn't even blink an eye. She said they sold the cabin we are in for new leg of trip and stated the bugs were gone and won't come back. So instead of sit down dinner we placed our daughter in kids club and moved yet again. Since they wanted us moved before stewards came on shift. Oh I forgot that it was my holiday for a second not to put anyone else out. Seriously. So we moved back to the original cabin. Day 4. This day our Costa cards froze due to being swapped around so much so no drinks for us today. Took another 45 minutes in line to sort that out. We had been in contact with our agent in the states and that evening we received a fruit bowl for all our troubles. I guess an apple, orange and mango will fix it right. Day 5. Came back from day in Singapore to have our steward tell us other rooms around us had bed bugs too now. 6 in total on the floor we were on. After numerous fumigations they were not dying. Well great I thought. So the evening comes and after dinner we settle in for the night. Watching movies in bed on the IPad until I felt something on my leg and I jumped out. Sure enough they were back and this time 3 fold. Steward was on duty and I called him in right away to look at them. He radioed manager on duty and I went down to reception. This time I was greeted by a manager MariaLuisa. She was genuine and concerned about everything. She ordered that our clothes be washed and our bags be fumigated. We were being upgraded from inside to outside cabin far away from our original cabin. She had 3 stewards assisting in moving our things and called once we moved to ensure we settled in. Everything was fine in cabin except the smoke smell that was so bad. This evening they offered to pay for the dr. visit if required. Day 6. We had a very early morning excursion and decided since we upgraded to premium we should order in breakfast. Well they showed up 30 minutes after time they were intended to and then demanded we pay for a service we already paid for. Stated our cabin was not listed on premium and that to hand over $21 for a late and cold breakfast. I asked her kindly to leave our cabin and speak with management or steward about breakfast as we were not having it. As we run down stairs with moments to spare as out excursions was literally leaving the ship my husband got us a coffee and croissant each. On arrival we find the tenants next to us are smoking in there room that is connected to ours and the smoke was coming through the cracks in the door. This was fixed by using tape around the door and spraying our room down with a perfume of some sort. 45 more minutes in line at customer service. Our steward provided us with fruit and prosecco for our troubles with breakfast as he was unaware either about premium. Day 7. Costa Cards frozen again and more time wasted fixing something that we should not have been. This day also entailed us calling our US bank to verify in front of manager that it was not a prepay debit we were using for cruise purchases. Day 8-12 were a combination of lost excursion tickets due to them swapping us numerous times. The desk had them for nearly 6 days before telling us our Vietnam tickets were placed in the temp cabin not occupied by someone else. This was done wrong even after we told excursion desk we moved a 3rd time. Excursion for Hong Kong was cancelled after booking 2 months in advance. They were charging service charge for my child even though their site specifically stated no service for under 14. A heated 9pm argument with desk about that left me bitter and upset with Costa even more. You take what's not yours and I have stayed in hostels cleaner than that of our cabin. They froze up our friends cards too from same bank and there room became infested with bed bugs during their linen change. Day 13. Last night on cruise and we were pulled in by management about our fees. We were told our agent had been on contact with the ship and we did not have to pay gratuities in the end due to all the trouble we incurred. So the people that helped us in room, restaurant and spa won't get a fee that is made for them due to issues that customer service caused. Does not seem fair at all in my opinion and we signed the paper we would pay them on our own and we did. In the end our cruise itinerary was amazing. My daughter loved the kids club apart from the fact that while we sailed over New Year's they were due to have a party for them and cancelled it due to lack of participation. In fact it was due to crew wanting to party it up as I spoke with other parents who looked forward to the event. Oh and as we went to bed early due to closing the kids club early we were awoken at 11:45pm by a Italian screaming over intercom counting down till midnight. Not just once but numerous times and over whole PA system. By the end of the cruise 9 rooms became infested and it's rather sad that sanitation is not better. They ruined a large percentage of clothes they washed as well as they were combined with what looked to be a dark blue towel in which ever thing turned blue. So for the last week I wore items that were discolored and I disappointed as the items were still new just for our first cruise. I wasted my time with my family waiting in lines for things that should not be an issue. I spent no kidding upwards of 7 hours dealing with the customer service staff to resolve issue after issue. The pool was closed on nearly both sea days and not a lot was offered on board to do during this time. So a lot of dead time was spent in the cabin. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Costa Victoria Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.4
Dining 3.0 3.0
Entertainment 2.0 3.0
Public Rooms 3.0 3.2
Fitness Recreation 2.0 3.0
Family 2.0 3.0
Shore Excursion 2.0 3.1
Enrichment 1.0 2.7
Service 4.0 3.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.0
Rates 3.0 3.8

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