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6 Costa Victoria Cruises for the Disabled Cruise Reviews

Having chose this cruise for its destinations, we where surprised to find that this ship was exceptionally old and the food was exactly the same. The food in the buffet was unappetising and always luke warm and most times cold. The lack of ... Read More
Having chose this cruise for its destinations, we where surprised to find that this ship was exceptionally old and the food was exactly the same. The food in the buffet was unappetising and always luke warm and most times cold. The lack of hand sanitation was incredible, every other cruise we have been on there has been hand washing stations all over the ship, not on Costa! Yet there are signs and displays saying about washing hands etc, though no facilities. No waiters to take your drinks order on Piu Gusto package, if you didn't drink wine or water you had to go to the bar your self. The dining room was ok but the food wasn't much better and the noise as several times the staff and crew decided to do impromptu dances etc and to celebrate the captain or crew making a grand entrance that ruined dinner. The crew very rarely smiled and the poor waitresses in the bars etc mainly all philapino bless them working 15 hour days and hardly any appreciation though the captain and crew expected us to do a song and dance for him doing his job as they where. Also this is a multinational boat be prepared for exceptionally loud announcements in several different languages, the last being English so if the boat was going down we would have drowned! Dining the food was often repetitive and luke warm or cold, the waiters did their best with the tools they had. Activities we did not take part in any though there was some dotted all around. Cabin staff where ok but only came once a day. Most of the staff where ok but the odd few did spoil it by not even being able to smile. Entertainment was ok but also a bit repetitive as with a lot of other things. the bulk of the passengers where italian as its an italian line. Alas some passengers where quite rude and abrupt which spoilt the whole experience The worrying thing is Costa will not read this and wont respond so it will just continue, this was like going from first class to economy! Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
Greatly recommend to those who are keen to go for a cruise managed by a poor management who always put on an "unhappy" face on all their cruise with no proper instructions given and when questions were raised by their guest to ... Read More
Greatly recommend to those who are keen to go for a cruise managed by a poor management who always put on an "unhappy" face on all their cruise with no proper instructions given and when questions were raised by their guest to their crew, the standard reply was "I don't know, please check with another crew.". Also if you do not wish that the crew to enter your cabins, do remember to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign at your door as our room was entered multiple times for no particular reasons even though we didn't call for housekeeping and we realised that our laptop had been touched ( as we left room for a short time to attend their concert, we left our laptop open and when we were back, it was closed and the whole room was pitch dark - even side table lights were offed. ) When asked to the information counter, they said we didn't put "DTD" thus the crews can enter and leave anytime they like. Toilets were filled with moulds at bathing area, beds were stained with black stains even after a housekeeping session done.. Smoke can be smelt along the corridor of the cabins, insufficient kettles available as well. The adapter given by the crew had sparks coming out from it when it was plucked it and when asked for an exchange, the crew said that they ran out of it. Long queues during meal times and there was no one controlling the crowd nor guiding the passengers. Ice cream stall only open for 1 meal throughout the 5 days of cruise. Speciality restaurant does not offer all indicated food items and we were not told before we sat down for our meal. Waste of money. There is 3 eating area for the passengers, however, only 2 is available as 1 is converted to "FOR SUITE" passengers only. We purchased the non-alcoholic beverage package but the crew would keep on telling us that the non-alcoholic drinks are not included and we had to pay extra (don't buy package as they don't honour it). No proper lightings near the swimming pool where some kids are found running in dark as well which is very dangerous. Entertainment were the same for the 5 days. Poor management on disembarkation and embarkation as well as no proper direction nor instructions given, announcement system is also not clear. Overall, its a waste of money and time, both my partner and I are very displeased with the service provided, management control, experience, condition of the cabin and the embarkation and disembarkation process. This is not our first time cruising on a cruise liner but it will be the first time and LAST TIME cruising with COSTA VICTORIA. Read Less
Sail Date December 2017
I am eager to write this review in order to increase this cruise rating. After my mom paid for this cruise, she did a bit of research about Costa Victoria. Mostly was awful, so we almost cancelled our cruise and let the money go instead of ... Read More
I am eager to write this review in order to increase this cruise rating. After my mom paid for this cruise, she did a bit of research about Costa Victoria. Mostly was awful, so we almost cancelled our cruise and let the money go instead of wasting our time. But it is our last trip with my brother before he went overseas, so we decided to go. And seriously, this is my first cruise and it is AWESOME! well, for me the ship was huge (although they said it's a small ship). Food was FREE (even for semi fine dining version), unlimited and great (especially for indian food), but you have to pay for other premium drinks. the timing was PERFECT (23 Dec at 22.00 until 27 Dec 14.00). I respect all of the crew members that give their best effort to serves us day and night with their best smile to ensure our best experience on cruise (THANK YOU!). The cabin design is old fashioned, but CLEAN, they clean our cabin twice a day. Endless parties and event for sure. Definitely WORTH IT for their value for money. To get this personal, I'm 22 yrs old and I came from Indonesia. Not really the best cruise for my age, but I totally recommend this cruise for FAMILY who had kids around 12 yrs old. Read Less
Sail Date December 2017
I choose this cruise because I wanted to try a different experience and I expected a little more from an old, Italian ship. I have cruised before Star Cruise Virgo & Gemini. I would say they are so much better. Bascially, it is ... Read More
I choose this cruise because I wanted to try a different experience and I expected a little more from an old, Italian ship. I have cruised before Star Cruise Virgo & Gemini. I would say they are so much better. Bascially, it is just like any other critiques that i saw from the internet about the ship. For the first day, it was already a hectic. Nobody told us where to queue for checking in onboard. My boyfriend and I checked in our luggage and went straight to ask for more information about checking in. We were told from a costa uncle that we just have to queue along with the crowd and wait for our colored tags to be called. First we arrived at the scene, the crowd was overwhelming. Everything were just not organised. There was no line to queue. Everyone was just queuing in whatever way they like. So we queued along with them. After about an hour, my boyfriend realized we were in the wrong queue. We are Singaporeans and yet we are queuing at the foreigner's passport side. Nobody even asked us whether we are Singaporeans or not. So we wasted an hour plus queuing for what is not supposed to be for us.It was really ridiculous given that we arrived at the terminal 1 hour earlier and could have already be inside the ship rather than queuing for the wrong queue. Following, we checked in to our cabin and we started boiling water. The water tasted WEIRD! The water has a taste of metal and salt. I cannot believe even water doesn't work for us. We even had to purchase 1.5 litres of water bottle to drink fresh mineral water on the cruise. So we couldn't even make hot water to enjoy the teabags in the room. We pay for the cruise, the onboard gratuities and yet we have to pay for fresh mineral water too. It is seriously too much. After settling everything, we decided to turn in for the night. Our bed were 2 single beds joined together so both of us slept on different single beds. The next morning, my boyfriend had bites from bed bugs. It was terrible. Initially, we did not know whether it is a bed bug or mosquito bites. Hence, we just shrug it off. After the 2nd night, the bites got worse for my boyfriend. It was huge, red, swollen marks. So, I decided to write a note to the housekeepers and requested them to sanitized the bed. And they did. The service crew also called to check in on this matter which was professional. Not that I wanted to pursue this matter but it is just not right to do things halfway. Everyday the housekeeping team would make the cabins. However, i realize they did not take the effort to sanitized it properly. If they did, there would not have any bed bugs. The reason why i say they never sanitized our beds every time is through the smell. The day when they sanitized our beds was when we complained about the bed bugs, right away after they make our cabin, we could smell the sanitizers. Yet, for the other days, there are none. The next ridiculous thing is dining. The ciabatta breads was SO HARD that i could throw the bread and knock out someone.The food was not that bad. However, it was just a repetition. Almost every lunch and dinner for ala carte, the food is very similar. It was like the chefs do not know how to cook other dishes other than the same old dishes. We had the 'sherbet of the day' - pineapple for 3 days straight. How is that sherbet of the day? More like sherbet of the whole trip. It was like as if the pineapples from the buffet line had too much leftovers and they just come up with the idea of using the pineapples to make sherbet. Some food from the breakfast buffet line was also cold when we were the FIRST few customers to enter the buffet. This is just too much. I did not expect the 'beforehand prepared food' to be piping hot. However, I could have at least expected warm? The service from the buffet line was relatively okay. When we queuing for our lunch and dinner in the ala carte restaurants, the service staff actually allowed some customers who cut queue to enter the restaurant! That is so disappointing. People queued for a reason and it is to be fair. The worse thing is that the service staff actually allowed the customers who cut queue to enter the restaurant without even trying to stop them or asked them to queue. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF A QUEUE THEN?! At the last day of our cruise, we had lunch at a ala carte restaurant. We were the first few to get our orders done but we waited for the longest time. I do not blame the service for being slow because they are serving a lot of customers. The most outrageous thing is what I actually heard from one of the waiters. As we waited 1 hour for our appetizers, I asked one of the waiter (who is not in charge of serving food to our table) about our food. The waiter said:" Hi madam, this table is not my responsibility. You have to wait". My immediate reaction was like WHAT?! How could a waiter say that our table is not his responsibility when he did not even take the effort to check for our orders. Even if our table is not in charged by him, he should not even say that our table is not his responsibility. Anyone who had worked before F&B would even have the brains to know that whether or not the table is in charged by you, you should at least try to give a satisfactory reply to the customers. Moving on, the swimming pool was literally SALTY! I had mosquito bites a few days ago and i went swimming. The moment I dipped myself into the pool, i could feel my mosquito bites with intense pain. It was like putting salt onto my wound. Even my face was extremely painful after i swam a few rounds. Both the spa's swimming pool and the main pool is salty. It is not worth the swim. I swim to relax but instead it spoiled my mood. Last but not least, I would say i pay a rather absurd amount for the cruise. It is not worth the money. Everything onboard is by USD which makes it more expensive. On the trip, i had more worries than anything. It is supposed to be a fun-filled relaxing holiday but it turns out to be the worse. In total, i pay an extra 52 USD for onboard gratuities with a sum of $500+ of cruise fees. This cruise is totally not worth the money for the treatment i received. Other than the above mentioned, the staff of costa was rather friendly. Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
We took this 21 day cruise on Costa Victoria which departed from Singapore on 19 December 2013. I apologise in advance for the length of this review...it reads like war and peace. However I thought it was important to "highlight" ... Read More
We took this 21 day cruise on Costa Victoria which departed from Singapore on 19 December 2013. I apologise in advance for the length of this review...it reads like war and peace. However I thought it was important to "highlight" just how bad this ship is and how bad Costa as a company are, to spare anyone else the holiday from hell, without first being made aware of all the problems. So settle down, pour yourself a nice long drink, take a couple of valium and celebrate that you were not on this cruise!!! Although we hadn't been advised prior to embarkation, this cruise was made up of a number of "back to back" cruises i.e. a 7 day cruise, a 5 day cruise and a 9 day cruise. We visited many ports around Asia and the itinerary was nothing short of fantastic. However, unfortunately I cannot say the same about the ship. We have cruised in excess of 20 times, with a number of cruise lines. This was our first cruise on Costa and without doubt it will be our last. It was the most distressing and upsetting experience. I am therefore reviewing Costa Victoria itself and not the ports visited. Embarkation was a nightmare. The departure hall was full to bursting, with nowhere near enough seats. My mother required wheelchair assistance onto the ship...but finding a wheelchair and assistance was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Eventually we boarded the ship and the Costa employee pushing the wheelchair deposited us in the bar, which was close to where we had embarked. He asked us to wait there for a couple of minutes. We never saw him again!!! It was almost 1.5 hours before Costa staff were able to find anyone else to assist my mother to our cabin. We had booked a premium balcony cabin. Despite being advised by our travel agent that this would provide a larger cabin for my mobility challenged, elderly mother, this was in fact incorrect. All balcony cabins on Costa Victoria are the same size. A premium cabin is (allegedly) located in a privileged position on all of the ship's decks and provides "special" benefits such as preferred dining time for dinner and breakfast and cabin service 24 hours a day. That is it!!!! The cabin we had booked was 10329 on deck 10. This cabin was cramped and was an obstacle course for even the fittest and most mobile of people. Although Costa were aware that my mother had a mobility problem they were not at all interested in my concerns for her safety. We did not book a disabled cabin as Costa only permits people in wheelchairs to book disabled cabins. All the disabled cabins are inside cabins. In my opinion the balcony cabins are not suitable for the elderly or infirm. The element on the kettle provided in the cabin was very rusty and the smell from the kettle made me heave. The cabin's were dusty and looked tired and dated. This ship is 15 years old and it shows in the cabins. I believe the carpets have been replaced in the cabins....it didn't look like anything else had ever been replaced. Announcements made on the PA system could be heard loudly and clearly in the cabins, no matter what time of day or night they were made. We didn't particularly enjoy being woken at 7:00 a.m. or whilst having a nap at 17:00 p.m. to an announcement that tours were still available for the remaining ports of call. The mirror in the bathroom was more rust than mirror. The floor in the bathroom was wooden...and wood rots in damp and wet places. The heel of my shoe went through the bathroom floor at one point... All cabins on deck 10 suffer from noise from the deck above. The pool and bar are above deck 10. From early morning until early evening we were deafened (no exaggeration) by the noise of sun beds and chairs being scraped across the floor and people walking to and fro. Then late at night there was the noise of chairs being scraped across the floor, music and dancing. Don't forget we were in a premium cabin...in a privileged position! We were told by the crew that this is a common problem for all the cabins on deck 10. We know of many, many people that asked to move cabins. During the first night of the cruise, after leaving Singapore, the seas were a little rough. At some point during the night I was woken to an almighty crash and found that the heavy safe had fallen out of the wardrobe onto the cabin floor. So, not only was the cabin an obstacle course, the safe wasn't safe!!!! Also the air conditioning grills rattled incessantly....it was like having a 40 piece orchestra playing next to your ear, whilst trying to sleep. I rang and reported the problem and was told I would have to put up with the noise. No toiletries were provided in the bathroom. The ship constantly stunk (and I mean stunk) of sewage. We were told this had been caused by passengers continually flushing inappropriate items down the toilet instead of using the sanitary bags provided. What sanitary bags? None were ever provided in our cabin. We never had any hot water in the sink in our cabin, although it is important to wash hands in hot water to kill any germs or bacteria that may be present. Throughout the cruise it was very difficult to get to speak to someone at the front desk as there was always long queues of complaining, disgruntled, unhappy people. Our cabin balcony and table were filthy...they were filthy when we boarded the ship and they were not cleaned during our time on the ship. The beds in the cabins are low, so if you have hard shell luggage which we had, it is not possible to store them under the bed. This meant they had to be stored on their ends at the bottom of the bed...which made it impossible to move from one side of the cabin to the other. There were no chocolates on the pillow on this cruise and no announcements made by the captain or officers either. In fact rumour had it that the Captain didn't turn up for the Captain's cocktail party, which he had been due to host. We were never given any information about the ship's position, as is usual on other cruises. The only news available on the ship was via Euro News, which even on the English channel was in German. The daily newspaper was never available. The wardrobes contained a rusty rail with 12 fixed hangers which were virtually glued to the rust on the rail. You needed to have Herculean strength to move them. The hangers were the large variety so it was impossible to put any additional hangers into the wardrobe. So...12 hangers for 2 people on a 21 day cruise. Also there isn't a laundry on the ship for the use of passengers....you have to give your laundry to your cabin steward. As an example it was £6 to wash and iron a pair of ladies trousers and £1 for each item of underwear. During our time on this ship they didn't have any guest speakers or port information, other than what was included in the Today daily programme. The safety drill was a complete joke. We were told that it was mandatory that all passengers attend the safety drill. We were given a card at embarkation that had to be taken to the safety drill and handed in, so they could ensure everyone had attended. If, for any reason, passengers did not attend they would be required to attend a safety drill the following day. We were unable to attend due to my mother's walking aid going "walkabout" and she was unable to walk without it. The following day, when we left the cabin to go for breakfast at 10:00 a.m. I noticed there was a piece of paper in our pigeon hole advising that we had to attend a safety drill at 09:30 a.m. that morning.....As a result we never attended the safety drill and heard nothing more about it. Very worrying considering the sad outcome of Costa Concordia. The timing of dinner in the main restaurant changed regularly...sometimes it was almost daily. Water with dinner was never offered....you were expected to buy bottled water. No coffee after dinner was offered...you were expected to buy and pay for coffee in the evening. You could buy drinks and water packages, which I believe were good value. However all the passengers on the same booking were charged for the drinks package, whether they wanted it or not and this was not practical for us. The drinks on this ship were the most expensive we have ever encountered. Some evenings it took 1 hour plus to get wine (whether you were on the drinks package or not). Most evenings it took almost 3 hours to be served 2 courses. The service in the restaurant was appalling. The staff on the whole were lovely but there is a very low crew to passenger ratio and therefore due to under staffing, the crew that are on there are massively overworked. Tables in the main dining room and buffet area were constantly dirty and not being cleared from the previous diners. However the officers that ate in the main restaurant where constantly served promptly and quickly....always arriving for dinner after us and leaving before us. Almost every evening we were so late finishing dinner that we were too late for the late show. The buffet was the worst buffet I have ever seen on a ship. The plates were small.....the size of a medium tea plate. They did not provide any trays in the buffet either. We concluded this was to stop people having a number of plates of food. Most evenings the buffet was only open for 1 hour and some lunchtimes too. Therefore if you were unable to eat the dinner in the main restaurant (and this happened to us on a number of occasions as the food was so bad) the only dining option was the pizza restaurant on deck 12. In fairness the pizzas were really, really good...but there are only so many times I can eat a pizza. Breakfast in the buffet finished at 10:00 a.m. and on sea days we missed this. A late "continental" breakfast was provided in the pizza restaurant. It was the same items every day, and, for us, virtually inedible. One day we asked if it would be possible to have some toast. We were told yes, it would be possible. When it came I picked it up and the underside of the bread had not been "toasted". The other side of the toast had grill marks on it. I asked the Head Waiter if the bread had been fried on one side, rather than being toasted and he replied yes.....we haven't got a toaster!!! The food in the buffet on the whole was okay, if you don't mind a limited variety and like small portions of mainly Indian and Chinese food. If you want to lose weight this is the cruise for you. Water and coffee were only available in the buffet in the evening if you were prepared to pay for them. On more than one occasion we were subjected to the Maitre D' and Head Waiters screaming and shouting at waiting staff. The majority of the officers onboard this ship were rude and aggressive and not at all pleasant or polite to passengers or crew. Their manner was one of aggression and finger pointing towards passengers and crew. As I mentioned earlier, this was a "back to back" cruise. On the first changeover day there were about 50 passengers that were continuing with the cruise. However they must have forgotten about us....there was no food or drink available at lunchtime (not even coffee or water) and when we questioned this with the F&B Director we were told, very rudely, that the ship had to be cleaned and made ready for 2000 passengers that were boarding that day and they didn't have time to provide lunch due to crew shortages. There was absolutely no consideration for passengers remaining on board. All of the safety doors were closed on turnaround days, although no notification was given of this. This meant that we had to walk miles and miles and miles to find the lift and buffet as none of the doors we usually used were open. You are not allowed to bring any food or drink onto the ship and this rule is strictly enforced. Whatever is found is confiscated. This also applies to irons, kettles, alcohol, swiss army knives etc. etc.. This ship is all about money, money, money i.e. making as many cost savings as possible and getting the passengers to spend as much as possible. The service charge of $11 day is compulsory and cannot be removed...no matter how bad the service. I know....I tried. They did not have any complaints forms....I assume they had run out....We were told by the crew that the service charge is not passed onto them; Costa use it to offset the cost of paying the crew. Therefore 1900 passengers paying $11 per day is $20,900 or £12,500 per day....a nice little guaranteed earner. It was not possible to change the pool towels provided during the day if e.g. they became wet or dirty, as the cupboard by the pool which contained clean pool towels was always locked. I had continual problems with the internet. The internet is very expensive on this ship and on several occasions I logged off from the internet and received the message "you have successfully disconnected from the internet and the counter has stopped" only to find out that the connection had continued and used up all my credit. Twice I complained about this to the front desk. I was told it was my fault as I hadn't logged off correctly. Despite promising me that they would escalate my complaint to the IT department, they never did and they refused to make any refund. A great scam to get money for nothing. When we received our final bill, the total was $xxx and 63 cents. Costa had then taken the liberty of rounding this up to the next dollar. Whilst we are talking about a very small amount of money, if you multiply $0.37 by the number of cabins on the ship it is yet another opportunity to get money for nothing. Finally the day of disembarkation arrived in Hong Kong. My mother was taken off the ship in a wheelchair by a member of the crew. He opened the door to enter the terminal building to see a flight of stairs and no lift!!!! He asked an officer where the lift was and he was told there wasn't one. I asked how my mother was expected to get into the terminal building without there being a lift and the officer shrugged his shoulders. She managed to walk down the stairs with some difficulty and the crew member carried the wheelchair down. The next obstacle was escalators to move up to the arrivals hall. It would have been very dangerous for her to use the escalator, so we had to wait while they contacted the manager of the Harbour City shopping mall, where the terminal is situated. The manager came and allowed us to use the goods lift!!! If she had been unable to walk at all I dread to think what would have happened. We were not given any prior warning that there was no disabled access at Hong Kong. There is a saying that you get what you pay for. However it should be noted that we paid £3200 per person for this cruise (excluding flights) which works out at more than £150 per day, plus a further $11 day (dis)service charge. It was the worst experience we have ever had on any holiday, let alone any cruise and my advice to anyone would be to avoid Costa at all cost!!!!   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
just returned from a week on the Costa Victoria and could not fault it, i did not want to get off the ship. embarkation was a breeze free shuttle provided by Costa from piassa Roma to the port and then luggage taken, and strait to check ... Read More
just returned from a week on the Costa Victoria and could not fault it, i did not want to get off the ship. embarkation was a breeze free shuttle provided by Costa from piassa Roma to the port and then luggage taken, and strait to check in, i arrive around 2pm and was on the ship in 20 minutes every thing went smoothly and even helped to the cabin. a good size inside cabin better than some and near to the central lifts with glass elevators this was quite stunning. the Costa Victoria is mid sized and has a sedate interior con-paired to the newer Costa ships but that suited me fine. lots of quite spaces if needed and lots of things going on around the ship if you wanted to be-lively. on the 7 th deck there was a small inside pool and spa area this was a nice place to get away from the hot sun and and action from the two pools on the top deck. there were quite a few children on board of various aged and the team that look after them did a good job keeping them happy with lots of things going on. i found the entertainment on this cruise some of the best i have ever had and to keep so many nationality happy this took some planing. the sinfonia restraunt had two sitting one at 7 and one at 930 pm and around 600 passengers at a time the service was good and the food choice was good not so much steak or beef as American lines but thoroughly enjoyed the food. and the x1 package is very good value and with good table wines provided . as the cruised progressed the happy hour in all the bars kept extending to later as the prices our on the high side so this was a welcomed relive. i found the trips on the pricey side and on the two occasions paired up with the French on tours but both sides kept quite so at least we all herd the commentary. found the crew very friendly and the animation team worked very hard with lots of things going on. i felt that we could have done longer port time as in one port just over 5 hours with tendering even though fast and efficient it was just not long enough. this is my second on Costa and thoroughly enjoyed this and will be back on another costa ship. i have sailed with 4 other lines and this is well up there in service and standard, good 4 star line Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Costa Victoria Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.4
Dining 3.0 3.0
Entertainment 2.0 3.1
Public Rooms 3.0 3.3
Fitness Recreation 2.0 3.0
Family 2.0 3.0
Shore Excursion 2.0 3.1
Enrichment 1.0 2.7
Service 4.0 3.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 3.8

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