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1 Costa Port Canaveral (Orlando) Cruise Reviews

I unfortunately have to start my review out by saying our Costa Fortuna cruise was lacking in so many ways that it was really the only bad cruise out of 11 cruises that I have been on. To begin with embarkation was at best a Joke. Although ... Read More
I unfortunately have to start my review out by saying our Costa Fortuna cruise was lacking in so many ways that it was really the only bad cruise out of 11 cruises that I have been on. To begin with embarkation was at best a Joke. Although we arrived early at the port approximately 11:00, by the time Costa started checking everyone in they had 2 people doing this procedure. The process was taking so long, and there was no organization at all in the terminal that people were becoming irate. There were 2 people while in line that became ill, one collapsing totally becoming injured and there were no ship personnel available to assist. I personally felt that these families were left to fin for themselves but just by chance someone in line who was a nurse in training was able to assist until an emergency crew showed up. To my knowledge no Costa people ever assisted. When the Costa crew up front were told about it and asked to get help they did not seem overly concerned. We ourselves ran into an issue with our registration as they asked us for our documents and I explained they were done electronically and I was then told that we still needed to present a copy of them up front. My fault on that one I guess. So we had to fill out everything again on paper at that time which meant getting out of line to do so, they would not accommodate us doing it there after we had stood in line already over an hour. Additionally there were no chairs left to sit in and no tables to write on, and barely room to stand so that procedure was in itself extremely difficult. Be aware if you do things electronically, and make sure you have a pen with you in case of emergency, as you may need it. I figured electronic meant they pull it up there but they seemed to only find my name. And to add to that we had to re-register our charge card on board days later again being told that it gets screwed up on about 20% of the people at boarding. Continuing on with the embarkation we were funneled to the 11 floor where we were to wait at the buffet until our room was ready to occupy. That is normal for most cruises we have been on in the past but at least on the other cruises the buffet was open. This one did not open for another hour. And we found throughout the week the buffet hours seemed to be very odd and short as compared to other cruise lines we have been on. In reading other reviews on this ship I have to agree, service in the dining room was just fair. Be prepared for 2 hour dinners at a minimum with 15-20 minutes between courses. The waiter messed up our order a couple of times, and although corrected he just did not seem to be paying attention during the order process or throughout the meal. I really think they just had too many tables to wait on per waiter. If you are someone who drinks much tea or water you can hang it up as like others have noted you will not get refills often if at all. We went to the dining room 3 nights then just gave up and went to the buffet after that, which never started until 7:00 and only for 1 ½ hours. As far as the buffet is concerned it seemed minimal on variety but if you like pasta you are good to go although I felt it was lacking in taste considering this is an Italian ship. I personally cruise for food and entertainment and the food was lacking. As far as entertainment again I was a little disappointed. They did have an excellent pianist one night and one other night we had a very nice show including lasers, excellent dancing including a River Dance type show by the dancers and some additional talent brought in from off the ship. But it seemed that much of the entertainment was for the most part for a much older crowd. If you like Elvis and hearing songs like "I did it my way" and "Santa Baby" repetitively for 7 days then you would have been happy. One sad note on the spa, they did not open until 8:00 the first day out and then 7:00 the days after that. I know many people go to the gym very early in the morning so don't count on it on this ship. Additionally the few exercise classes they did have were centered around the pool area with people drinking walking in amongst the people exercising. I'm sorry, but when you have a multimillion dollar gym to work with, utilize it. To my knowledge there was not one step class or aerobics class the entire week although they did have about a dozen Reebok step setups stacked in the gym. I did also notice a few machines down needing repair. They were repaired about 4 days after the cruise began. As others have also mentioned the crew just did not seem friendly unless you spoke Italian. There were many Americans, Germans, and French on board and they very obviously did not get the same attention. Our room steward did speak to us when we passed him and was polite although we did not know who he was for the first couple of days as he never introduced himself and we never saw him in our room. But he did a very nice job keeping things cleaned up as needed and getting a repair to the room fixed that we needed done. Additionally all of the room Stewards and Stewardess were friendly and always spoke as you passed them in the hall. The crew in the buffet and dining areas though were not only unfriendly but really just did not seem to enjoy their jobs and seemed driven. Shore excursions on this ship is a buyer beware type of thing. We had one excursion cancelled 2 days before boarding ship, not in time to reschedule before taking off and then find out that many of the shore excursions that were online were no longer being offered at all once we got on the ship when we tried to rebook an alternative. We only did 2 through the ship but one that we purchased through Costa in St Maarten was just plain bad, not worth the money and totally unorganized. You book your excursion but do not know the time of it until you get their "Today" newsletter which one night we did not get until 11:30 so trying to plan a day in port is pretty much shot. Our excursion did not leave the dock until 1:00 and left an hour late and was 2 ½ hours long. You were supposed to be back on the ship at 4:30 so that left Zero time for delays. Although it was booked through the ship I still do not like cutting it that close and so we took a Taxi back to the ship early. Additionally the shore excursions were unorganized at the pier. Would it hurt to hold up a sign to let people know that a certain excursion meats at a certain location as other cruise lines do? People were wondering around asking each other if they knew where the Costa excursions were meeting and if it was the one they needed. I hate to have so many negative things to say about a cruise, as in the past there may be one thing here or there that is subpar and we truthfully go with the flow and are very easy going on cruises. Unfortunately Costa blew this one from the word go. This is the first time I felt like we did not get our money's worth on a cruise. We will cruise again and already have one booked but it will not be with Costa. I find it hard to believe they have the issues they do being owned by Carnival. Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
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