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6 Costa Pacifica Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

I'm sorry to have to write this and perhaps add to Costas problems, however I believe people should be able to make an informed decision. We went on this cruise with no prior views on the changes Costa has made in recent months. On ... Read More
I'm sorry to have to write this and perhaps add to Costas problems, however I believe people should be able to make an informed decision. We went on this cruise with no prior views on the changes Costa has made in recent months. On the good side we booked directly with costa UK and got a good bargain for a premium balcony cabin. if I had paid any more I would probably be more scathing in this review. Embarcation was a shambles. Rome was not the main port for embarcation, but i still ended having to queue in 4 different wrong lines after being directed by costa staff. All costa seemed to be interested in was to sell the all inclusive beverage package, which compared to other lines seems to be a good deal. This being the case, there was only water available during breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Tea and coffee was only available at breakfast time and during afternoon tea. Any other time it had to be purchased. Unless you had purchased the package or had the USA water exemption, water had to be purchased at dinner. Food at night was good, however if you missed your set dining, the only other option was to pay for food. Don't know what happened if you were on a costa excursion and came back after your seating time however. Lunch was varied, but with the same choices every day. Breakfast was diabolical. If you wanted anything either than a continental breakfast, the dining room was an option serving "International" fare. This was wait served And consisted of a full English - bacon, eggs, terrible brownish coloured beans etc., if for example you did not want eggs, this was not an option - you always had to have the lot as it was a preset plate. A Belgian breakfast - waffle and synthetic cream, an AMerican breakfast - pancakes and maple syrup and I can't remember what else as after the second day of trying to queue, and it was a long queue, I lost the will and kept to the buffets at the Lido. These were the same every day, nothing varied whatsoever, but you could get tea, coffee, water and concentrated fruit juices -until they turned the machines off. Entertainment was dire. Ok if you liked to hear the same Italian songs sung by different singers. There were good acts, one female singer, one male singer, an illusionist that was good but there was a lot of walking and prancing about, a variety show that was saved by a man using members of the audience and proceeding to pick their pockets. The dancers were average and unfortunately they put a show on every other day. There was major uncertainty about the itinerary, one of the stops was Ashdod, but this was cancelled. We were notified at embarkation therefore had no time to rearrange any private tours. Seems ironic that they could email me to remind me to book costa tours and the beverage package but not about things like rescheduling stops. At nine o clock when we were having dinner, either the day prior to a sea day, or the day before, the stop, I'm sorry I can't remember, but the port of Crete was cancelled due to industrial action at the port and was replaced with santorini. All in all the cruise was turning into a mystery tour! We had no choice but to book a costa tour for a full day in Galilee on the 7th November, but this was excellent due to the guide. We also had a wonderful meal at a hotel, which to be honest was the best meal we had all trip. They took our passports off us at embarkation and kept them until we got to Isreal despite us requesting them back for when we went ashore. We asked what would happen if we missed the ship at one of the ports, we were told that our costa card would be sufficient. I can just imagine how that would go down if we tried to book an airline ticket! The queue to get the passport back was incredible. All in all any arrangement by costa was shambolic, but no one seemed to care. I talked to several people who, for them, this was their first cruise, and have stated that they will never cruise again. Shame, as it's a wonderful experience. The entertainment staff in general were noisy, shouting even when they had microphones. One good thing though was if you liked ballroom dancing, they did actively encourage it with lessons on Deck and dance partners in the evening. This seemed to be enjoyed by a lot of people. If you want a library book - forget it, take your own. If you want games, unless you booked them out early you had no chance. All in all we have cruised with costa 4 times now, and this will be the last unless they get their act together. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
This was not our first Costa cruise. We went to the Carribbean on the Fortuna in 2010 so we knew what to expect. Again, we chose Costa because of the destinations and overall value. We were hoping for better food since the ship is ... Read More
This was not our first Costa cruise. We went to the Carribbean on the Fortuna in 2010 so we knew what to expect. Again, we chose Costa because of the destinations and overall value. We were hoping for better food since the ship is domiciled in Savonna, Italy, but it was pretty much the same; good variety but bland! Even if you like Olive Garden it gets old after 11 days! (which we don't) What was lacking in food quality was made up for in service. We were concerned that the language may be a problem, but all of the staff we encountered were helpful and accomadating. We spent several days in Rome before embarking so we did not use Costa to get to the Port. We took a taxi for about 90 euros. We arrived early and waited, but once the ship cleared customs we were on the ship in about 20 minutes. We left on time for Savonna where more passengers would board. We had the early seating in the New York New York dining room and noticed that the ship leaves port just as we were beginning to eat as evidenced by the rumbling engines! Our first day we did the Monaco tour amid kid protests. The coach ride was 2 hours each way and there wasn't a whole lot to see except to say you've been to the real Monte Carlo & Hotel Paris(Vegas' MC obviously is not on the Mediterranean!)and seen the "rock" upon which Grace Kelly lived. Oh,and the Grand Prix course was a bonus. The scenery alone made it worth it and the weather perfect (sunny 65F) Anyone apprehensive about going in November (as we were) I would not discourage them. Also, the tour guides kept saying how we were so lucky that we could just walk into so many of the churches and sites as there were no lines and they were open!! Our next day was at sea so we spent that time getting to know the ship. We did not take advantage of alot of the ships activites (spa,crafts,aerobics, etc.) Our kids did participate in the rec games on the top deck (volleyball/basketball) and the Squok Club. Kids went to the Squok club in the evening after dinner in leui of the entertainment. The Squok Club had themed activites and I thought they did a good job. They were multi-lingual so if you're kids are younger I believe their needs would be met; however, we brought walkie talkies to communicate since we didn't pay extra for international phone use. We were truly on vacation with no cell phone/internet access and limited English channels. Some ports had hot spots so we could catch up then. The upside was my kids actually read the USA Today we ordered to stay "connected"! As far as the tours, we are usually the adventureous type, but opted to book through Costa since we were first timers to Europe. I know we could have probably seen more but maybe not. We didn't want the stress and they offered reduced rates for children. The tours were grouped by language and despite being the English speaking minority this was not a problem. Booking the tours was easy & organized. I did not book in advance and for a the Olympia tour I booked the day before and they had room. I thought the guides were knowledgable and loved what they did. My favorite tours were Galilee and Jerusalem/Bethlehem. They were the most expensive but also the longest and included a lunch buffet that was very good. A much needed break from the European fare offered on the ship. The Pacifica did not go to the port of Ashdod due to security concerns. Instead we stayed over night in Haifa but this did not impact any of the tours. This cruise line and itinerary is not for everyone. My husband and I always wanted to visit these ancient places and were happy with the "snapshots" of the places we got to visit. We definitely want to return and visit more in depth. I would recommend this cruise to families who like adventure and want to immerse themselves in the culture. My children have a new appreciation for their home in the USA. Things we liked: Gelato, feral cats, porticos, olive trees. Things we hated: pushiness, driving in Rome, luke warm water, WC's. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We booked a balcony cabin on the Pacifica from Civitavecchia to Savona, Italy; Katakalon,Athens, and Rhodes, Greece; Limmasol, Cyprus; and a morning drop off in Port Said with evening pick up in Alexandria, Egypt. Our cabin was mid ship ... Read More
We booked a balcony cabin on the Pacifica from Civitavecchia to Savona, Italy; Katakalon,Athens, and Rhodes, Greece; Limmasol, Cyprus; and a morning drop off in Port Said with evening pick up in Alexandria, Egypt. Our cabin was mid ship and we found it spacious enough and comfortable -- we had a sofa, so I would imagine it would sleep a third person. The inside cabins seemed to be smaller. It was too cold most days to use the balcony -- we sailed March 3rd to March 14th -- but we did get some use of it. The stateroom amenities included a refrigerator and safe. The bathroom had a bar of soap and a dispenser for shower gel/shampoo. Our cabin steward was attentive and very pleasant. If you like a particular soap or shampoo or a washcloth, I would suggest bringing your own. We went for the ports. In Savona, we took the ship excursion to Monaco. We really enjoyed it and left the casino with both of us having won a small amount of euros. The famous casino did not open until later in the afternoon, so we did not get in there. We saw many sights and visited the church where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier were married and later buried. While we were in front of the palace, a limousine with Prince Albert in the back seat, passed us. We hooked up with another couple on CruiseCritic and planned some excursions on our own -- which saved us quite a bit of money. In Katakolon, we rented a car and drove to Olympus, then spent a little bit of time wandering the port. In Athens, we shared a cab and went to the Acropolis and the new museum, then wandered around Plaka on our own. Due to rough seas, Rhodes was canceled and replaced with Marmaris, Turkey, but we were unable to pull into port because of rough seas there, as well. Later in the day, the ship was hit with a 110 mph wind and tipped at an angle that caused plates and glasses to fly. The captain was quick to correct it, but a lot of damage had been done. Crew who had cruised for over fifteen years said they had never seen anything like it. In Cyprus, we took the ship's shuttle bus (six euros round trip per person), an option that was offered in some other ports, as well. We wandered Cyprus on our own (with our new best friends) and visited a historical museum, shopped, and visited a bakery where we bought olive bread and baklava to eat at the beach. In Israel, the other couple did another tour and we went to the Fort at Masada and had a good lunch at Hotel Hod -- where we also were able to float in the Dead Sea. This tour was half English and half French, so everything was in two languages. In Egypt, our friends cruised the Nile and I went on the pyramids, camel, and jeep tour on my own with a couple we had met on the previous day's excursion. This bus was half English and half German speakers. My husband got sick and made use of the ship's medical facility. He needed a doctor's note to get a refund for his excursion. His initial visit was 35 euros, but he had to go back three more times for shots and was also given medication. The total bill was slightly over 68 euros (including the 35 euro office visit). Our next two days were at sea. Even with the two languages, the excursions were very good. Lunch at Hotel Hod in Israel and at Sakkara Country Club in Egypt were both very tasty. Ship food, however, was rather bland. There were only a couple of meals that I enjoyed. I wished I had my jars of spices so I could add some zing to the food. Pastas were al dente -- as they should be -- but most lacked sufficient sauce and were rather dry. I did not enjoy the buffet, although they do have a made to order omelet station in the morning. Ship coffee in the buffet is not potable. We ate breakfast in the restaurant where we could get cappuccino or espresso and we also ordered more from room service. A light breakfast in your room is included, but there is a service charge for other meals. Other than breakfast, cappuccino and espresso cost money. The only drinks available throughout the day are tea and water. (That buffet coffee might also be available, but after that first cup, I never looked for it again.) There were not a lot of activities on the ship other than the traditional exercise program, bingo, trivia, etc. The shows were rather lame unless you enjoy jugglers, acrobats, and singers. One show was a crew show and another was ship talent. We went to the first 3 of the shows and skipped the rest. There were no happy hours -- as others had led me to believe. The best bar special was a five euro tropical drink at happy hour or a specific drink for each bar each day -- also five euros plus 15% service charge (almost eight US dollars). I ordered a cosmopolitan and it ended up costing about eleven US dollars. I did not notice a lot of children on the ship. I would imagine that most children would be in school early March. We rented a car at the airport in Rome and were able to drop it off in Civitavecchia. We had thought we had rented a car from Civitavecchia back to Rome, but the rental car company was closed on Sunday -- despite their having sent us a reservation reminder a couple of days before. The train station is a short walk from port. It cost us about 12 euros each to get to Siena, but it was a hassle and we lost most of one of our days in Tuscany. The disembarkation seemed quite organized. We were late arriving and I heard that embarkation included a lot of pushing and shoving. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
January 29 Costa Pacifica 11 Night Eastern Med The purpose of this review is to hopefully provide helpful information to others sailing on the Pacifica. My husband and I are not new to cruising. In fact, this was our 35th one. But it was ... Read More
January 29 Costa Pacifica 11 Night Eastern Med The purpose of this review is to hopefully provide helpful information to others sailing on the Pacifica. My husband and I are not new to cruising. In fact, this was our 35th one. But it was our first on Costa Cruise Line. Our trip began on Jan. 25, for three nights pre-cruise in Rome. We did not do a package through the cruise line but made our own travel and hotel arrangements. Our flight departed Houston to Rome via London arriving on Jan. 26. I selected a Rome hotel (Teti) from TripAdvisor recommendations that was located 2 - 3 blocks from Termini (train) station. Upon arrival, our original plan was to take the train from FCO airport into Rome. However, as we were on our way outside the departure terminal, we were approached by a man who ran a shuttle service (Minivan Service Roma). His charge was 15 Euro per person (train was 11 Euro pp). Since it was raining and we were tired, we took the shuttle with delivery to the door of our hotel. The hotel was small (probably 8 rooms), very reasonably priced, friendly staff, and included breakfast. On our first day in Rome, we visited the collosseum, forum, Parthenon, Trevi fountain, and Spanish steps. All this was done by walking - with maps from the internet and one obtained at the hotel. Second day in Rome was another self-guided walking tour to Vatican City. Although I didn't think the crowds would be enormous in January, I purchased tickets online in advance for the 10:00 AM time slot. We arrived at approximately 9:15 AM (it opens at 9:00) and we walked right in. There were no lines, so reservation wasn't necessary. But our first time there in 17 years, so didn't know what to expect. We immediately went to the Sistine Chapel and there were only about 15 people in the room. From there, we went back through the galleries and an outside walk. Somehow we managed to wander back into the chapel again. By the time of the second visit, there were probably 90- 100 people in the room. From the Vatican, we walked to St. Peter's Square (nativity was still up, as was Christmas tree). We went inside St. Peter's Basilica - what an amazing church! And the most incredible nativity was still set up inside it. On our third morning in Rome, we checked out of our hotel and walked to Termini Station. We bought tickets (11 Euro pp) at the counter for the trip back to FCO airport. We had shuttle reservations to Civitavecchia. The shuttle arrangements were made at time of cruise booking as we hadn't made plans (at that time) for visiting Rome. However, we could have taken the train from Termini to Civitavecchia for 4 Euro. A taxi from the Civitavecchia train station to the cruise terminal was 20 Euro according to a fellow passenger. The shuttle bus ride took approximately 1 hour from FCO to the cruise terminal. Upon entering the terminal, we were given a number designating the order we would be called. We had number 7 and waited 40 - 45 minutes to be called. The process was very orderly, no mad scramble to get in line. We walked to a roped off area and had our boarding passes (received from travel agent) and passports checked. From there, we proceeded to a desk where we turned in the health information forms that we were given upon entrance to the terminal. After that, we entered an area where the usual photo (standing behind a ship's wheel) was taken. And finally, we reached the back entrance to the terminal where we were allowed out in groups of 5 - 6 to walk to the ship's gangway. At the gangway entrance, our passports and cruise documents were once again checked and then we boarded the Pacifica. At the entrance, a ship's employee used a handheld scanner to scan our boarding pass codes. On the reverse of the scanner was a camera used to take our official photo. No key cards were issued to us. Our last stop upon entering the ship was to relinquish our passports which were placed in manila envelopes and receipts issued (passports were returned on 4th day). We quickly found our unlocked cabin and our key cards were lying on the bed along with other printed information. In addition, our checked luggage was already in the cabin. We still haven't figured out how they did that so quickly. Immediately after unloading our hand luggage, we went to find one of the several onboard machines used to program/activate information for credit card use. Either a credit card or cash deposit had to be made within 48 hours of boarding. All in all, the boarding process went very smoothly and efficiently. Much easier and faster than other cruise lines we have been on. Our key card indicated that we had second seating (9:00 PM). So our first stop after getting the credit card registered was to visit the maitre d'. We asked to be switched to early dining (6:30 PM). He was very accommodating but said our first night's dinner seating would be temporary and by second night we'd have a permanent assignment. At 5:30 PM, an English speaking information talk was given in one of the lounges. At that time, we were told there were 380 English speakers (3000 total passengers) on that sailing. Our first dinner was at a four person table with a couple from Canada. And on second night, we were at a 10 person table. There were 8 of us (all English speakers) with two empty seats - one couple from Canada, one couple from Scotland, one of the ship's dancers and her boyfriend (he was taking the cruise as a paid passenger and she was given permission to eat dinner with him) who were from England. After two nights of just the eight of us, the additional chairs were removed. Although we didn't attend the first evening's entertainment in the theater, it was the usual welcome aboard variety show with singers and dancers. We attended the remainder of the shows and all were good and in English. There was a magician, a cirque du soleil type show, a singer from S. Africa, a mime/juggler, Pacifica crew show, classical concert, several musical shows, and a passenger talent show. What attracted us to this cruise was the itinerary, especially Israel. The following is a breakdown of the ports and what we did. Port # 1: Savona Instead of an excursion, we decided to spend some time walking the streets and enjoying the shops and Saturday farmer's market. Port # 2: Katakolon Since our ship didn't arrive till 1:00 PM, we knew we'd be unable to take the train into Olympia. We shared a rental car with two other passengers for the drive to Olympia. Cost of car rental - 45 Euro (total) plus 10 Euro for gasoline. The entrance to the Olympia museum and archeological site was 9 Euro per person. Port # 3: Piraeus for Athens Since we had been to Athens two years ago, we decided to forego an excursion and take the train into Athens to visit the National Archaeological Museum, Agora, and plaka. Upon our arrival in Piraeus, it was raining and cold so we decided not to make the trip. When the rain stopped, we walked into Piraeus but there wasn't much to see. Port # 4: Rhodes A beautiful, ancient walled city - one of our favorites. We followed directions from the internet entering through the Liberty Gate and along the Avenue of Knights making our first stop the Palace of the Grand Masters. Since we arrived at the palace early, we missed the excursion crowds. From the palace, we continued along the medieval streets enjoying the history of such an amazing place! Port # 5 Limassol We took a ship's excursion to the village of Omodos, Temple of Apollo, and ancient ruins of Kourian (49 Euro pp). Port # 6 Ashdod for Jerusalem/Bethlehem In Israel, we took an excursion (Guided Tours - $115 USD pp) via mini-van with 8 other fellow passengers to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The Jerusalem part of that tour was wonderful but we were extremely disappointed in the Bethlehem portion. Our Israeli guide was not allowed into Bethlehem. So we transferred to another van with a Palestinian guide who later informed us that he wasn't actually a guide. He had to get permission to take our group into the Church of the Nativity and provided no history. He said we would not be able to see the Grotto of the Nativity because it would probably be a three hour wait. Not sure how he estimated that since the line wasn't very long. So instead, we were taken to a shop to see what was supposedly an urn that contained Dead Sea scrolls and then we were kept there for another 45 minutes to shop. I would much rather have spent that time waiting to see the Grotto. Others on our tour agreed. Port # 7 & 8 Pt. Said for Cairo and Alexandria In Egypt, we took a private excursion (Ramses - $120 USD pp) that included only the two of us. We had a guide and driver, both of whom were very accommodating. We'd visited Egypt once before and we chose to see the pyramids and sphinx again. Our guide arranged for us to take a camel ride at the pyramids. However, instead of doing the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (again), we opted for a sail on one of the traditional felucca boats. Afterwards, we were taken to an area for souvenir shopping before beginning the drive to Alexandria (where the ship had moved during the day) to re-board our ship. Following our last port, we had two sea days before returning to Civitavecchia. On our final morning, we had to be out of our cabin at 8:30 AM. At that time, we were directed to the New York, New York restaurant to wait. By 9:45 AM, we began the disembarkation process. Our return was via shuttle to the FCO airport in Rome. Prior to this cruise, I read on many of the Costa threads that the food was 'different'. But there was no explanation as to what 'different' meant. I would characterize the food as appealing more to Europeans than Americans. However, we enjoyed the food very much. My husband loves pasta and pizza so he was very satisfied. We never had breakfast or lunch in a dining room and instead ate those meals in the buffet restaurant. Neither meal-time buffet was as elaborate or large as we've seen on other cruise lines. But there was always an adequate variety. Breakfast included hot and cold cereals, eggs (scrambled, boiled, omelets), bacon, sausage, potatoes, a large selection of breads and pastries, cheeses, cold cuts, and fresh fruits (cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple). Buffet lunches provided pizza and fresh made pasta daily plus a variety of hot dishes. There was always some type of meat, poultry, fish, cooked vegetables, salad bar, breads, cheeses, desserts, and self serve ice cream machine. On several days the lunch buffet, also, included foods that were 'different' to me but part of a Mediterranean diet; such as calamari, octopus, and mussels. Our evening meals were taken in the My Way Restaurant. Beef entrees were very limited. However, there was one night when flank steak was offered and another night prime rib. No lobster or crab legs on the menu. But there was always a meat (lamb, pork, veal), poultry, fish, and vegetarian entree. Each night's menu had three appetizers, one soup and one salad, two pastas, and four entrees. Dessert included four items to choose from. The food was always served hot and service was prompt. The ship's interior was very nice and clean. There were a number of rooms/lounges in which to sit and the library provided a quiet place for reading. The gym was very large with a variety of machines and we never had to wait to use any. Although we didn't take swim suits, there were a large number of people who made use of the hot tubs and pools. The staff was friendly and helpful and the difference in languages was never a problem. Our evening wait staff was polite and efficient. And our cabin steward always did an amazing job in a short amount of time. All in all, we thought our Costa cruise was a great value for the money. We thoroughly enjoyed the ports, the food, shows, and service. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Costa Pacifica ("Ship of Music") is the latest ship introduced in the Costa line. We took a 10 day cruise that included Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Egypt. Pluses of the cruise: - Great interiors with plush look and feel: provides ... Read More
Costa Pacifica ("Ship of Music") is the latest ship introduced in the Costa line. We took a 10 day cruise that included Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Egypt. Pluses of the cruise: - Great interiors with plush look and feel: provides an overall relaxed atmosphere. - Excellent staff: courteous and polite staff - from the waiters to the room service; definitely a high-point of the trip. We did not like the meals in the evening (in "My Way" restaurant) and the staff ensured we got a customized menu based on what we desired to eat on a daily basis. - Child-friendly: Costa's Squok club ensured that our child was constantly engaged and we had a lot of time to ourselves for both excursions and casino activities. Our waiter in the evening took special care catering to our four year old daughter and she was always delighted to join us. Negatives of the cruise: - Expensive excursions: Rip-off and not worth the money spent; we only took an excursion in Cyprus. We talked to a few who took excursions at other locations and felt that they were way too expensive - Missing key ports: Due to bad weather (as mentioned by the captain), we did not disembark at Alexandria and skipped the port. Instead the ship was diverted to Palermo. This resulted in a lot of upset people as most of us were looking forward to the Pyramids. There was very little explanation provided and Palermo (Sicily) was a big disappointment to all cruisers (mostly Italian who ran a signature campaign demanding a refund). Overall, it was disappointing that Costa did such a poor job in communicating to its customers that they were cancelling such a key port and replacing it was an incomparable alternate. My take on the excursions and the ports of call: - Katakolon: Olympia is the only key location worth looking at. If you do not wish to take the excursion, hire a taxi from the port. We paid 80 Euros for 2.5 hours. For a group of 4 persons, this was much cheaper than the 50 Euros/ head we would have paid for the tour. - Piraeus: a cab to Acropolis costs around 15 Euros. We arrived on a Sunday - entrance is free on Sundays. There is also cheap public train service that can be leveraged. - Rhodes: beautiful city that can be explored on foot. Obtain a local map from Costa and check the city on-foot. I would not recommend an excursion unless you would like to check placed beyond Rhodes. - Limassol: this is a port where I would recommend an excursion. There is not much to see in Limassol and we took a tour to Omodos and Kurian. Nice cultural locations in Cyprus - considering the time that the ship docks for, it is too risky to go for a DIY tour and the taxis would end up costing as much. - Civitavecchia (Rome): there is a train (12 Euros return include public transport in Rome) that runs to Rome Central. An option to the excursion would be to take the train and then do the city on your own. Overall, it was a great vacation and we enjoyed the Costa hospitality. We loved the personalized care and the friendliness of the crew. However, do watch out for the money spent on the casinos (a number of our friends lost a lot of money) and the money on the excursions. As Costa used a cashless system, the numbers can add up really fast if you do not manage your finances well. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Just returned from 10 day trip and overall it was good for our family of 5. The greatest disappointment was that we missed Alexandria because of high seas but did Palermo instead. Whilst everyone was deeply disappointed, we understood it ... Read More
Just returned from 10 day trip and overall it was good for our family of 5. The greatest disappointment was that we missed Alexandria because of high seas but did Palermo instead. Whilst everyone was deeply disappointed, we understood it was an act of nature. Some good and bad points about Costa and Pacifica. Good Kids under 18 sharing with adults are free. Efficient check in, disembarkation and always arrived early or on time in every port. Crew pleasant and mainly English speaking, particularly the Philipinos. Happy hour 4-6 alcohol two for one. Teen club got the thumbs up. Outside cabin spacious, aisles spacious. Bad Tours overpriced. Fortunately we did most independently. Food nothing to rave about and more limited venues than on other ships. Pacifica's buffet wasn't open at night- only for pizza and salad. Piped music on each floor was hideously monotonous. Our floor played only one song in a continuous loop 24/7. Decor rather garish and overdone. Every square inch was decorated in clashing styles- a bit like Italy meets Vegas. Smoking allowed in most rooms. Kids awake at all hours of the night and morning. Even the teen club didn't kick in till after 11. Sometimes we felt that non italians were discriminated against. If costa is marketing aggressively around the world they should not make non Italians feel like foreigners. However, all announcements were in italian, english, French, German and Spanish and there were always english speakers at help desk. Overall we enjoyed our cruise and thought it great value for money. A word of warning about Civitavecchia- there is no cruise terminal, only a tent and it is a nightmare to find by car. Port directions and facilities need to be dramatically improved. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
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