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13 Costa Genoa Cruise Reviews

EMBARKATION This took about 40 minutes end-to-end, which was much faster than other cruises I have been on. Disembarkation at ports was well managed and fast, aside from one occasion when it was complete chaos after a docking delay, ... Read More
EMBARKATION This took about 40 minutes end-to-end, which was much faster than other cruises I have been on. Disembarkation at ports was well managed and fast, aside from one occasion when it was complete chaos after a docking delay, as passengers were not provided with revised timings. Timely information was provided on the procedure at ports, plus advice on local customs, tourist vulnerabilities etc. Immigration officers were invited on board to process visas on the way to India, which was an excellent arrangement, providing a smooth transition and additional time in port. PASSENGER PROFILE Costa predominantly use images of people aged 30-50 in its’ advertising, which is misleading. About 90% of the passengers on this cruise were aged 65 – 85 and vast majority were Italian. These factors heavily impacted Costa offerings in terms of food, entertainment, activities and excursions. An on board Costa Cruise Consultant confirmed that passenger age group, activities, entertainment, and excursion types are broadly similar in nature from ship to ship and cruise to cruise. CABINS My cabin was serviced every day with a bed linen and towel change, for the mandatory fee of 10 euros. All the cabins I saw of the same grade as mine, were of a slightly better size and similar specification to other cruise lines I have sailed with. Some passengers had problems with blocked toilets or broken air conditioning, but these were remedied very quickly by the maintenance team. The cabin minibar had sweets, snacks, soft drinks and beer. 1 litre of mineral water was 2.90 euros, so people filled their empty bottles from the machines in the restaurant, although there were labels telling them not to. A 45g tub of crisps cost 2.75 euros, but you could also buy crisps from the main bar on deck 5. 24/7 room service food and drink charges were very reasonable. Breakfast in the cabin was huge, delicious, and excellent value for money at 5 euros. STAFF The staff were a multi-national lot, generally very efficient, keen to please and all spoke some English, how much they understood was another matter. Some of the staff at Customer Services had developed a patronising attitude, which was really infuriating. This was probably from dealing with an endless line of people who could not work out how to access WIFI on their phone despite comprehensive instructions everywhere, or who were irate when staff served queue jumpers and told those queuing to wait their turn. Attitudes were better at the Excursion Desk, where passengers could often not operate the excursion information point. When making a complaint or trying to change or cancel something at either desk, the first response was often ‘we can do nothing’. You needed to be very determined to get past this. MONEY From Oman to Malaysia, taxi drivers, those touting goods and tourist trap shops usually took US dollars, but local shops only accepted local currency. Customer Services dispensed and changed dollars, but not local currencies, even to credit your Costa account. There were several errors with my onboard account. I was charged for minibar items I did not consume and debited twice for excursions. INTERNET As Internet access at sea comes via satellite, it is very expensive. Most people seemed to have bought an advance package. The speed was extremely poor and the only time I could logon to Internet banking due to online security time outs, was when most passengers were ashore. DRINKS Drinks were on the expensive side at 5 euros for a large lager and 7.70 euros for a G&T, plus a 15% service charge. I was glad that I only drink alcohol occasionally. I spoke to people who had bought alcoholic drinks packages only to find that water was not included, and soft drinks packages that only included certain soft drinks, often not their favourites. THE BUFFET RESTAURANT Food was always plentiful at the buffet, though it was not very imaginative. At breakfast the buffet was open for around 3 hours. On offer were bowls of watery flavoured and what they called granola, which was oats already soaked in watery yoghurt mixed with chopped fresh and dried fruit. There were usually bowls of separate dried fruit and on rare occasions nuts. Cereal wise I saw rice pops, cocoa pops and sometimes cornflakes. On the hot counter you could find crisped up, greasy, fatty, bacon and strong-tasting chipolatas (I never worked out what was in them), together with scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs in shells, or fried eggs. There were slices of griddled beef and pork (sometimes bloody), for breakfast too, which weren’t bad, if a little chewy. Usually, these appeared at lunch and dinner too. Pancakes were always on offer. Bread-wise there was a lot of choice, from 2 slices of tasteless, cardboard like white toast wrapped in a paper napkin, to delicious pizza bread, crunchy bread sticks and lovely sourdough. There was also a range of sweet spreads. One counter was arrayed with delicious cakes doughnuts and pastries, another had cold processed meat slices, and a third had a selection of fresh fruit. These 3 were transferred to the rear pool area for an hour after full breakfast finished. Free tea and coffee were provided. Black tea was the usual European tasteless dust, and fruit teas were weakly OK. Coffee came from urns or machines and I found it foul. You could buy extremely good barista coffee and lovely ice cream outside the deck 9 buffet. At lunchtime the buffet was usually open for 2-3 hours. There was one active cooking station, which reheated precooked pasta in a deep fat fryer and added sauce or heated up sauced versions in a wok. There were also a couple of daily pasta bakes with bowls of grated parmesan, herbs, garlic and chili flakes – the only hot food fix I got on board. There were lots of griddled meats with minimal or no sauce. Only roasted meats always came with gravy, the lamb was hideously glutinous and the chicken dry, but the beef was very pink and delicious. Sometimes there were meat casseroles, stuffed meats or meatballs in gravy. Fish and seafood were often breaded and deep fried or deep fried in their shell if soft shelled and fiddly to eat. Mussels in tomato sauce were always good and ran out very quickly. There were very limited fresh and frequently overcooked vegetables, plus rice. In addition to hot food there was a salad bar, together with cheese, packs of biscuits (and butter if you asked), plus a couple of tiny desserts and fruit. Alcohol and branded soft drinks were on sale in the buffet at all meals, and a lot of people had wine or beer. Tea or coffee were not on offer. There was an included burger/hot dog bar outside the main buffet restaurant open for most of this time. If you could get the chefs to toast the buns, the beef burgers and hot dogs were fair, less so the reconstituted chicken. The salad bar had less choice than the main buffet but, there were often lovely mixed green leaves and rocket. This also was the only place you’d find chips/French Fries. Between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, cakes and the same desserts as for lunch and dinner were on offer with tea, coffee and water. Dishes at dinner were the same as at lunch and similar from day to day, except that the burger bar was closed. The buffet was only open for 1 hour in the evening and no tea of coffee were provided. My mother would call the buffet food plain. I would call the buffet food bland. Considering the destinations, I had expected a world food approach as provided on previous cruises. I also missed fresh cook stations for things like stir fries and omelettes/pancakes. Temperature measurement at hot buffet stations was noticeable by its’ absence, and meat was often tepid. Thankfully, food turnover was usually fast so there wasn’t much time for bacteria to develop. I heard of no food poisoning incidents on board. Table clearing was very enthusiastic, which made it difficult to eat all your meal in the same place. Plates were whisked away if no one was sitting at a table. The only alternative was to get all courses and drinks at once, or for one person to get food for two, which was not easy as trays were not provided. MICHELANGELO RESTAURANT 1965 Breakfast at my included sit-down restaurant had the same self-service items as the main buffet but, offered less choice. Italian lunch was 12-1:30 every day, which I didn’t bother trying. I ate dinner in the sit-down restaurant 8 days out of 26. This was because the 18:30 sitting was too early for me, especially if I had been off the ship and ate lunch late, or only managed to make afternoon tea. The 20:30 sitting would have been a better choice. The dinner menu was usually 5 courses, starter (3), main (3), salad, cheese and dessert (3). Soup, salad and pasta portions were a bit larger than fine dining. The menu changed nightly with a country, or a chef’s special theme. Limited house wine and water were provided. There were also some standard alternatives if you did not like anything that day, plus others at additional cost. In general, the food looked much better than it tasted, although service was excellent. PIZZERIA PUMMID’ORO & CLUB RESTAURANT The pizza restaurant on the level above the main buffet was open lunchtime and evening. It got busy at lunchtime towards the end of the cruise, when people became bored with repetitive nature of the buffet food and were willing to pay a little something. I did not try this or the reservation only Club Restaurant. ACTIVITIES The majority of activities lasted half an hour. Holiday camp style games took place around the mid ship plunge pool or in bar lounges. These were run by enthusiastic staff called the ‘Animation Team’ usually in silly costumes shouting in Italian. A small number of the same people seemed to really enjoy them. The Animation Team also ran bingo, super bingo, morning bingo, midnight bingo, dance contests, karaoke, singing contests, card and board games, general knowledge quizzes, music quizzes, picture quizzes, video quizzes and encouraged dressing up in different colours or themes for the evening. Members of the Animation Team were very friendly and outgoing but, doubt if any of them would make a living as a professional presenter or entertainer. Some basic language lessons were on offer. These were run by Costa staff who spoke the language in question, rather than a qualified teacher. There was forethought or structure, even about where to place the whiteboard in the room. A few useful phrases were provided and sometimes a bit of information on places we were due to visit. The Italian course was of the longest duration, the most organised and comprehensive. There were a lot of different types of dance lessons, which were OK to fair, as they were often far too crowed. I assumed the teachers were dancers. The lectures were about ports of call and included a lot of interesting information. Unfortunately, they were designed and delivered in a far from engaging manner, which made it very hard to pay attention. Creative sessions for adults were run most days for an hour or so, making things such as masks for evening events. The free fitness sessions were good fun (though in Italian), and over attended, so it could be difficult to participate. There was one shelf of old, tatty English books in the ‘library’, which consisted of a couple of locked bookcases in the Internet area, opened once a day from 15:30 to 16:30. The spa ran daily beauty seminars, the gym fitness competitions and the bars frequent alcohol tasting sessions, many of which were designed to get you to buy something. There was even a charge for a behind the scenes tour of the ship! The on board shops sold branded goods at fancy prices and nothing practical like toothpaste or shampoo. These had to be bought ashore if you ran out, which was difficult on most Costa excursions. It was not possible to buy newspapers or magazines on the ship, but cigarettes could be purchased from one of the bars. Quite a lot of people smoked, but this was confined to designated external areas. There were a couple of pop-up shop days, with cheaper clothing and accessories. The huge photographic gallery on deck 4 was usually empty, most passengers making use of the cameras on their mobile phones. Some people had their arm twisted into having portrait shots by roving photographers, but I have no idea how much they cost. I never visited the spa, as I was told that treatments were much more expensive than at home. I saw a special offer for 1.5 hours of relaxing treatments at the spa for 139 euros. I also did not visit the gym as I was nursing a minor injury during the trip. There were occasional exhibitions of things like ice carving and fruit carving by chefs which were quite interesting. ENTERTAINMENT In the evening, the lounge bar on deck 3 usually had a singer/guitarist or singer/pianist (also in the deck 5 piano bar) - mostly Italian numbers or cheesy oldies. It was often difficult to have a normal conversation as the volume was so high. I only saw people dancing Strictly Style. The large lounge bar on deck 5 had a great duo when we left Genoa, but they were replaced by a band mainly playing Italian numbers I had never heard of and singing in Italian. They were also extremely loud. Dancing was Strictly Style unless more popular music was played or it was a 70s, 80s 90s night etc. The theatre hosted twice nightly shows of a maximum of 45 minutes. These were single act or on board dance troupe performances, rather than variety shows. A tenor billed as opera/pop performed, but after just one aria he launched into lounge singer numbers. This was a shame as the guy had a great voice, although very little stage presence. Another singer played the theatre performing a set which included some more modern music. Hardly anyone went to see his second performances and attending one myself, I understood why. Google had never heard of him, so perhaps he was a moonlighting member of the crew? In the last week, the Mario Rosini Trio and Talia Alexis joined the ship providing better quality entertainment, albeit still with an Italian bias. The dance troupe, often performed in the large lounge bar on 5 too, contriving performances around themes, such as the circus, the sea, Romeo and Juliet, Bollywood etc. People told me that these were of a very good standard. There were also other events such as a cocktail party, dance with the officers etc. The disco only played club dance music. The age profile in there was lower than I had expected on the cruise, but this was because it included off-duty Costa staff. I very much enjoyed the disco from midnight to 2am on Saturdays and during the week from week 2. On Sundays it hosted a Single Party, which I did not attend as I was not interested in grabbing a great granddad. There was only one TV channel in English, BBC World News, plus a German news and a French news channel broadcast in English. Reception of the BBC and the German channel in English was lost completely about 2 weeks into the cruise. The Costa English Movie Channel had films on a loop, but I never managed to work out when they changed or got repeated and no schedule was available. After two weeks I had seen all the films on offer (where were mainly released in the last 2 years), which I thought was extremely poor. The TV music channel was international, up to date and very enjoyable. EXCURSIONS Ports of call: Genoa, Rome, Olympia, Crete, Salalah (Oman), Mumbai, Mormugo (Goa), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Phuket (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Penang (Malaysia), Klang (Malaysia), Singapore. On other cruises, I have explored independently from the docks, and did so at a couple of early ports on this cruise. From Mumbai onwards, places of interest were often over an hour away and/or involved heavy traffic. I investigated local alternatives but, decided to go with some more expensive Costa offerings as they guaranteed return in time for embarkation. This was a good decision as the ship was delayed for over 2 hours on a couple of occasions due to Costa excursions stuck in traffic. In general, Costa excursions were sight-seeing or relaxing somewhere, there was nothing much more challenging than walking tours (other than one trek), which were at a snail’s pace. Excursions I joined often featured one souvenir shop, selling the usual trashy tourist tat at exorbitant prices. Most tour guides allowed no time to get money from an ATM, find WiFi or to get lunch if it was not included in the excursion. Some passengers told me that their guide had not planned any toilet visits during their 7-hour trip. Excursions I booked in Port Klang and Singapore (finishing at the airport), were cancelled by Costa because there were not enough people to run them in English. Luckily, I could join German speaking tours instead. CONCLUSION They say travel is about the journey not the destination. For me the destinations were great, but the journey was extremely boring, particularly the 6-day and 3-day navigation. Had some of the most interesting ports not been at the end of the trip, and if I could have changed by flight, I would have flown home early. I do not enjoy sunbathing but, could amuse myself during the day by taking part in some of the activities or reading a book, evenings were the worst. I could choose between sitting in a bar on my own (I rarely drink alcohol), gambling (not my thing), poor quality entertainment (aside from a couple of decent artists the last week), very loud inaccessible entertainment (I had no earplugs or Babelfish), a dance troupe show (not my thing), or a movie (reruns from week 3), in my cabin. Annoyingly, I often nodded off waiting for the one place I enjoyed to open - the disco at midnight. For sole use of an interior cabin of Costa’s selection, with no extras I paid £1638. Others I asked paid 1638 euros or 1638 Australian dollars, so got more of a bargain. Hotel service charges of 10 Euros a day amounted to 250 euros, a BA flight from London to Genoa cost £45 and a Qantas flight from Singapore to London £420. Excursions came to 660 euros and Internet packages 220 euros (= 1 G&T a day with 15% service charge). Including spending money for additional food and drink on board, the 26 day cruise cost £3250. Things are usually cheap for a reason. I future I would be happy to pay more and get everything included on board, plus a pool I could actually swim in, a movie theatre with current films, a proper library/resource centre, more exciting world food, quality international entertainment with a programme of shows, and properly qualified people delivering enrichment activities. I will also ensure that I match the typical passenger profile more accurately. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
We selected a long cruise taking us through the Mediterranean, around the English Channel and through the Baltic sea to St Petersburg. The itinerary was good and because we selected an outside balcony cabin, we were quite comfortable ... Read More
We selected a long cruise taking us through the Mediterranean, around the English Channel and through the Baltic sea to St Petersburg. The itinerary was good and because we selected an outside balcony cabin, we were quite comfortable throughout the journey. The ship itself is a large liner and pretty much to the standard you'd expect. Entertainment is, well, entertaining and our cabin staff were friendly and helpful as you'd expect. However it kind of goes down hill from there! From day 1 the embarkation, on-board organisation and meal experience was disastrous. (1) Embarkation was 3 hours standing in queues despite some elderly people we noticed having a lot of difficulty. There were no crew members checking on the health and happiness of guests and a bit of care and HR in this regard (maybe some water thrown in) would have done heaps toward the initial experience. Perhaps Costa should realise that the first experience is critical. (2) Many waiters, bar staff and service centre staff are rude and should be made to walk the plank. We understand that working 11 hrs per day for 6 months on end, whilst (apparently) on minimal wages will toll heavily on most people. However, they're pretty much a surly unhelpful lot. It's hard to put this into words as no particular incidents stand out from the rest. Basically it's an attitude problem. With the exception of some, you get the feeling they just don't like you. Maybe they should go somewhere else? Maybe management should take a good look at this problem? (3) Tours and Cost-a-lot. The magic show isn't restricted to the theatre. In-fact, there's lots of "slight of hand" when it comes to this part of the cruise. Cost-a-lot arranged shuttle buses in every port to take people to and from town centres for about Euros 15 each person. In most cases town was quite close and could be walked or public transport was available for 1/10th of that price. When querying this prior to docking, Cost-a-lot excursions desk referred you to the help desk and vice versa with no-one apparently knowledgeable of where they were heading or willing to give advice. The on-board shops were a rip off to which we fell victim. We purchased 2 Invicta watches, which were said to be discounted by 75%. During the purchase i asked if the discount was genuine or not. We were assured it was. It wasn't at all! When researched we found that we could have purchased these same watches from various retailers cheaper than what we did and without any discount. We also noticed that the alleged 75% off was offered to guests coming on board throughout different parts of the trip as a "once day flash sale". This is a good trick Cost-a-lot! In Australia, we call it lying. (4) Food and Restaurants. OMG! The Bellagio Buffet (the zoo) is something to write about. The food from cruise start to finish is lacklustre and cold. Don't be late, though! If you don't covet a table and defend it with your life a good 45 minutes before it opens, you'll wait 20 minutes in line before you get something to eat. Pushing and queue jumping is normal. Piling food on plates is normal - then because it's too much to eat, discarded. One tip i have for "the zoo" is to have the salads in a different place to that of being before the hot food containers. This will alleviate people standing at the front of the line picking and choosing a bit of this and that cheese and lettuce whilst there's 200 people behind them waiting to get some hot food. The Bellagio needs a total revamp. Sit down restaurants were more civilised and the food was okay for the most part. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
Price and destination were the main reason for choice of this cruise. Re-positioning cruises are always good value, but can be lacking in things to do. They just seem happy to get you on board, but not much choice when you get there. ... Read More
Price and destination were the main reason for choice of this cruise. Re-positioning cruises are always good value, but can be lacking in things to do. They just seem happy to get you on board, but not much choice when you get there. Staff were excellent. All very friendly and worked very hard to please. I think over all entertainment was very very POOR. Not up to usual standards for a 3 week cruise. No big shows, no professional dance troupe. I expect more than 3rd rate entertainment, for 21 night cruise. Food was very nice but usually served a little on the cold side. Soup was hot in restaurant and we had a great choice but in buffet nothing was in servers to keep it hot. Always a very good choice, but don’t want to eat my meal with most of it luke warm. Good salads and fruits. So very disappointed. Over all would never go with Costa again. Disimbarkation was a shambles. Cheap but not cheerful. Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
This is our worst cruise experience. The ship circulates in the west Medit. Sea and stops at several ports. At every port there are people getting on or off the ship. The newly boarded people are, as usual, very excited, which makes this ... Read More
This is our worst cruise experience. The ship circulates in the west Medit. Sea and stops at several ports. At every port there are people getting on or off the ship. The newly boarded people are, as usual, very excited, which makes this ship extremely noisy. There are people running and shouting at small hours in the hallway every evening. The cleaning and preparation crew move the chairs, drop heavy boxes, mop the floor using heavy machines from mid night to early morning with no consideration that there are people sleeping under the dining area. We had 7 sleepless nights on the ship. In addition, the dinner on this ship has also a lot to be desired. All members of our family (3 people) had severe diarrhea on board. The dinner has very few choices of cheap dishes. We went to the formal dinner once and never did again. The buffet was so-so and was very crowded. There was only one counter that offers fried eggs in the morning and the line was half mile long every morning. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
This is our second time on Costa Favolosa and how it has changed in the last 2 years.Firstly I must tell you that although other's complain about Costa cruises we have only sailed with them and always found them to be good.We are now ... Read More
This is our second time on Costa Favolosa and how it has changed in the last 2 years.Firstly I must tell you that although other's complain about Costa cruises we have only sailed with them and always found them to be good.We are now Pearl members and only been cruising for 3 year. Embarkation was excellent as we arrived very late and was on the ship within 30mins. Our room which was balcony cabin 1031 was spotless good size and very comfortable, the cabin steward kept it in perfect order. We were on the all inclusive package which we have always had and found it very good value however there is now a premium piano bar which has changed since last time we were on the ship which was a cocktail bar,now means you cannot get a drink in this bar anymore, and I must say that the pianist was playing to himself each night as there was not anyone in there.What a shame as this is a lovely bar for couples.Costa what are you doing. Breakfast which has always been available in the buffet restaurant has changed from international to continental only and no show cooking what so every.We are British guests and like our cooked breakfast which we had down in the main restaurant however there also was no show cooking and everything was cold and preheated, TERRIBLE. Evening meals were not much better WHAT HAS HAPPENED COSTA. Entertainment very poor as I have already stated one bar premium drinks only and another bar shut.Waiting staff in both bars and restaurant's poor as this has been cut down again, tables never cleared fast enough in the buffet restaurant and had to wait quite a while for a drink in the bars, poor service. All in all we will never go with Costa again we complained and even asked for a complaint's form all of which were not taken seriously. Good Luck Costa CUT DOWN AND LOSE CUSTOMER,S Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
BEWARE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EXTRA (HIDDEN) COSTS NB: Skip to the five bottom categories if you simply want to read about our major complaints. My partner and I booked a last minute deal for a Mediterranean cruise on the Costa ... Read More
BEWARE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EXTRA (HIDDEN) COSTS NB: Skip to the five bottom categories if you simply want to read about our major complaints. My partner and I booked a last minute deal for a Mediterranean cruise on the Costa Fortuna departing from Savona, Italy on April 10, 2015. Our cruise ship visited Marseille, Barcelona, La Valletta, Cagliari, and Civitavecchia. We were immediately blown away by a free room upgrade to a balcony stateroom and the experience of being on our first cruise ever (for a very reasonable last-minute price). We also liked the money-less Costa Card system on the cruise ship and appreciated that we did not have language barrier issues, as most of the cruise staff were bilingual or multilingual. We chose to evaluate each category separately, as only certain aspects of our cruise experience were negative enough to affect our overall experience. DÉCOR: Although we thoroughly enjoyed our spacious balcony stateroom, the tastelessly tacky common areas of the ship were very overwhelming and did not make for good photo opportunities. Too many patterns and styles were mixed (rather unskilfully). PHOTOS: To avoid aesthetic issues regarding the ship’s gaudy decorations, we could have paid for decent pictures taken by a professional photographer with a plain background. There were also opportunities to purchase cruise memory photos for a fee, since a cruise ship photographer took our picture upon boarding the cruise ship and at a few dinners. We might have been willing to spend around 15 Euros for digital copies of all the pictures, but the cruise line only advertised outrageously priced hard copy photos that were priced individually. No thank you! HOUSEKEEPING: Our primary housekeeper was welcoming and approachable. He was very informative when we initially boarded the cruise ship and he was very diligent about cleaning our room twice daily. He also delivered the “Today” magazine (itinerary) once per day. Our only complaint is that it took a long time for things to be restocked or replaced. When we purchased water from our mini-bar, it was not restocked for a couple of days. Also, housekeeping tended to take away our blue swimming towels (presumably to clean them) and not replace them for days. This was rather inconvenient. We also never received our copy of the free “Tour” magazine in our room (detailing the excursions available to us), so we eventually asked for one at the excursion desk. ENTERTAINMENT: Although many of the casual musical entertainers were very skilled, the volume was far too high for us to appreciate the music properly. The sounds were so loud that it was difficult to order drinks, speak to customer service, or even make a phone call from the front desk (to report a missing phone to our phone company). We also felt (as musicians) that the live music would have been better without the synthesized drum tracks in the background. The theatre shows were neat but nothing too remarkable. We did not bother with any day programs. AMENITIES: The pool was very nice - its warm temperature and the fact it was a saltwater pool pleasantly surprised us. We would have enjoyed the hot tub more if it were actually hotter than the swimming pool. (For some bizarre reason, the pool was much warmer than the hot tub!) We did not get around to trying the water slide, but it looked very fun! We did not try the spa, either. DINING: Although the buffet food left something to be desired, dinner was incredible! The menu options were plentiful, each course was delicious, and everything was presented tastefully. Our two servers at dinner were very friendly, as were our assigned dinner companions (there were 8 people at our table). The free “Today” magazine delivered to our room clarified the dress code for dinner. It would have been nice to know before we packed that there would be a formal dress code at dinner on three separate occasions, though… We ate at the back of Raffaello (lower level) during the late sitting. We really enjoyed sitting at the back of the restaurant because it was quieter and less busy. BAR/LOUNGE: The servers and bar tenders in the common areas were always available and very prompt. We noticed that they used an efficient napkin system whereby they placed a napkin at our table after asking if we would like anything. This conveniently prevented us from being ignored accidentally or being harassed into buying something (or simply leaving the area) to be left alone. Regardless, we often took our drinks to our room simply because the music was far too loud and it actually hurt our ears. (It would not be good for two musicians to lose their hearing!) EXCURSIONS: The staff at the excursion desk were lovely and recommended excellent excursions for us based on our specific interests. They could also describe from memory what each excursion entailed, which was very impressive! We were very pleased with our purchases: “La Valletta” (La Valletta, Malta), “Nora and its Excavations” (Cagliari, Sardinia/Italy), and “Baroque Rome” (Rome, Italy and Vatican City). Although “Nora and its Excavations” was less impressive than our other two tours, we later discovered that our day was much better than anyone else’s (as our dinner companions all chose to stay in Cagliari and were less than impressed). Thus, the tour had good value. There was never a long queue to purchase excursions, but it was a little annoying to wait up to half an hour for latecomers to get on the tour bus. Also, Costa would cancel an excursion if too few English-speaking people purchased tickets by the night before. Consequently, we had to discover Marseille independently, as our main interest was not going on a shopping tour (the only tour offered in English at this port). Regardless, discovering Marseille for ourselves was a great experience. We also chose to explore Barcelona by ourselves, since we were already familiar with this city from a previous visit. However, we were surprised that we needed to buy coach tickets from the port to the city and vice-versa, they were only about 5 Euros per ride. POOR RULE ENFORCEMENT: The (unsupervised) groups of children noisily running around the pool and doing pencil dives into the hot tub were very irritating. None of the staff ever addressed the issue, despite the fact one supposedly cannot enter the hot tub until one is 16 years of age. Although there were always plenty of staff close by on the cruise ship, nobody showed any initiative when children were being disruptive. EXTRA (HIDDEN) COSTS: We disliked that the cruise line forced more money out of us for basic things that really should be included in the upfront price. We were often forced to buy bottled water (even during a full day at sea) without being offered a free tap water alternative that was safe to drink. Also, we were often forced to pay for a snack between lunch and dinner because were assigned a late dinner time (9:00PM) and all of the included (“free”) food options on the cruise ship were closed when we returned (hungry) from excursions. We were also surprised by an extra 60 Euro service fee at the end of the cruise, which should really have been added to the upfront price, since it is calculated via a “per day” basis and visibly upset many customers settling their bills on the final departure day. We were also surprised that we had to purchase shuttle rides between the port and the city (although perhaps that one was a little most reasonable as an add-on price, as people on excursions did not require this service). POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – APATHETIC AND RUDE: Most of our complaints concern customer service. Customer service often had a long queue (not enough staff). Additionally, customer service was apathetic and even condescending when customers voiced concerns. On the third morning of our cruise, we tried to buy the 25 Euro all inclusive drinks package for our full day at sea. When we experienced difficulty doing so, we visited a customer service representative, who was quite condescending to us. We explained it was not advertised in the “Today” magazine advertisement that you must buy the drinks package for your entire cruise and that only a daily price was advertised. Her response was simply to pull out a different advertisement in a booklet where it said (hidden in the back of the booklet in small print, separate from the obvious terms of use information) that the deal was only available if you bought it for 6 or more days. She did not even try to make a 5-day exception based on the misleading advertising or even simply agree that this condition was unclear on the advertisement and record our complaint for future reference. She also failed to mention there were other drink packages that might better suit our situation. Perhaps one of those might have interested us. She merely quoted policy in the least personal way possible (except for her condescending tone, of course). Customer service was also very complacent about our lost phone. Apparently, since they did not consider Costa to be legally liable, nobody could not be bothered to contact the tour company about our phone’s potential whereabouts or simply reassure us in any manner whatsoever. When we voiced our displeasure concerning this lack of initiative, the agent (Elena) gave us the run-around and refused to let us speak to her manager upon request, even after her manager’s shift began! Eventually, after waiting nine hours and refusing to simply be quoted policy, we convinced Elena that it was worth letting us speak to her manager to make us go away. Her manager was more useful and reassuring, although customer service still has all my contact information and (to this day) has not contacted me about my phone’s whereabouts. Interestingly, we called the excursion company ourselves after the cruise finished and ascertained some information about the phone’s whereabouts (it was left in the coach and set to be returned to Costa and then mailed to us). We have sent Costa two emails so far, with no response. We have also tried to call them, but their satellite phone causes complications. We are sincerely unimpressed, as we are not sure what they have done with my phone and whether they are competent enough that we will ever see it again. DISORGANIZED - THEY ALMOST LOST OUR PASSPORTS: Embarkation took a few hours, despite our early arrival at the cruise port. Settling our bills and checking out was also a nightmare. They literally told us the night before we left that we could not pay cash until the next morning, and then they told us the next morning that the deadline for us to pay cash was the previous night. Although Costa insisted on taking our passports for the duration of the cruise, they experienced great difficulty locating our passports when we disembarked from the cruise ship. We stood there for over fifteen minutes watching a member of staff look frantically for our passports. We almost had a heart attack! (It might be a little hard to leave Italy / go back home without them…) MYSTERY PHONECALL: For some reason, we received a phone call at 3 or 4 AM on the morning before our departure. The man on the phone wanted to know my name. I told him in no uncertain terms that it was late and he had called the wrong number. According to other reviewers, members of staff sometimes call your room late at night if they want to hook up with you (a woman). Anyways, we were less than impressed that we were woken up with a phone call – even less so that unwarranted late night phone calls occur regularly enough for people to write about them in their reviews. We did not book a cruise to be woken up unexpectedly or sexually harassed - thank you very much! Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
Drill prior to sailing was poorly demonstrated. Everyone stood around at their muster station which was on deck. For those passengers who have never sailed before, there was much confusion as to how to put their life jackets on, etc. ... Read More
Drill prior to sailing was poorly demonstrated. Everyone stood around at their muster station which was on deck. For those passengers who have never sailed before, there was much confusion as to how to put their life jackets on, etc. The explanations in the event of an emergency were very poorly explained. We are talking from experience as to how it is done on other ships. Our waiters in dining room were unfriendly and had no idea how to serve the dishes. You do not pass a hot dish over a child's head. It was only after we spoke to the Head waiter that this was corrected. Cutlery in between courses were not changed. The waiter takes your cutlery off the plate and puts it on the table! The food was invariably cold. If we returned a dish, a replacement was hardly offered. When ordering soft drinks, the glass was only half full. We brought this to the attention of our waiter more than once and he told us to complain to the Head Waiter. One is paying for a full glass, not a half. On a positive note I would like to commend Costa for their fantastic assistance to us and our family in helping us celebrate our Passover Seder night on board. They went out of their way to assist us and were truly interested. We had the honor of the Executive chef joining us together with the Matre D We had the best cabin steward we have ever had in all of our several cruises. He was so efficient, in his quiet and friendly manner, he did a superb job. We hope that our recommendation to his supervisors will help him get a promotion. He so deserves it. The cabins were comfortable, beds were excellent although the bunk beds for the children were a little bit dangerous when the sea was rough. A sofa which opens up to a double bed could have been safer. Entertainment was very good and kudos to the Costa production singers and dancers. The Shore Excursion office should have all the information on all tours when making inquiries. In booking tours , we asked questions about the excursion and were always told, I don't know. Is it not their job to know? Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Our bad cruise experience on the Costa Luminosa. Dec 2-20th 2014, from Sovana Italy to Miami, 18 day transatlantic cruise. Here are a list of negative things we experienced from our cruise recently on the Luminosa by Costa: We had a ... Read More
Our bad cruise experience on the Costa Luminosa. Dec 2-20th 2014, from Sovana Italy to Miami, 18 day transatlantic cruise. Here are a list of negative things we experienced from our cruise recently on the Luminosa by Costa: We had a panoramic suite # 8374. Renesa our room steward was very well trained in cleaning and housekeeping with 7 years experience she told us. But everything else was horrible !! 1:No one seems to know what they are doing in the Costa Cruise I took. Upon getting off the ship I called the night before and the clerk said if I was a US citizen I did not have to go to the theater for immigration checkout. In the morning I was told I had to go to the theater first. Which later turned out to be false. Unacceptable. 2: I was supposed to have priority disembarking with the Panoramic Suite. Not so. I was given a white luggage tag and told to wait in the long waiting line for debarking like the rest of the cabins. No one knew where we had to go, and it was one big mess of over crowdedness of persons everywhere. The staff did not know what to do and gave false information and directions continuously. Unacceptable. 3: The butler service I was suppose to get daily was non existent. I did not get daily service calls from the butler and only saw him twice. The first butler put dirty sink water in my suite in room thermos, so I had him dismissed due to negligence and irresponsible actions. Another butler came and I saw him only twice during the entire cruise. No service as promised. Unacceptable. 4: The rooms constantly reeked of smells coming in from the bathroom drains and sinks as well as the ventilation system . So we had to leave the balcony door open continuously. Unacceptable. 5: There movies on the ship were all at a surcharge of almost 9 Euros. No free movies or on board activities accept some stupid silly games and poolside cha cha cha lessons which was the same thing every day and night in the lounge. Just lessons 1,2,3. Stupid and totally boring with no diversity. Unacceptable. 6:There was no live entertainment or shows in the theater lounge accept one acrobatic skit which was nothing and the rest were all prerecorded shows on film. Unacceptable. 7: The food was horrible, over cooked all the time, over salted. NO bran muffins or dry granola for breakfast, the dry cereals were very low quality . Unacceptable. 8: The food servers did not know how to speak English very well and often misunderstood and/or did not understand at all the orders or questions . Unacceptable. 9: The food servers did not know how to service, properly serving the food, pour coffee etc…correctly Unacceptable. 10: The pancakes we ordered were barely warm in both the upstairs buffet and the breakfast sit down restaurant in the mornings, and often were out right cold. Unacceptable. 11: The water machines for clean drinking water were constantly out of order. I was told they were waiting for parts in the next dock. But the same problems keep occurring and the machines were constantly out of service during the entire duration of the trip. I took many pictures of this. Unacceptable. 12:The ice cream machines were out of service for the entire duration of the trip and were being prepped for the next cruise on the evening of the 19th , as I took photos of the machines to show they were being prepared for the next cruise to be operational. So we were cheated and cut off from this service without any notices. Unacceptable. 13: The gym smelt moldy all time and inadequate ventilation for clean air and pure air was not available . The air system was not working correctly. Unacceptable. 14: The bicycles and treadmills did not have any of the on screen programming working for viewing news or TV or whatever. Only one program was working from the entire selection and it was only in German. Unacceptable. 15:The Spa was a joke. The water in the dead sea Jacuzzi was cool-warm, never hot by Jacuzzi standards. The steam room and sauna was not working correctly and the sitting rock relaxation chairs were not hot or just slightly warn. This was a joke. Unacceptable. 16:Gala night the prime rid was as tough as rubber and the Matre de that was on then also complained to the chef that t his was unacceptable . This Matra de from Italy flu back home from Catalina for his vacation for two months on the 16th of Dec. Unacceptable. 17:The dinning room occasionally had some waiters and wait employees from the Philippines doing some short skits with music which was in such bad taste. Where they wore white gloves and held there crotches in sexual suggestions and rubbing their buts to the ground in some very bad taste type of choreography . Horrible and very much sexual suggestive. This was done three times for a total of around 54 minutes each time. Garbage and like some side street show, not one expected from a professional and experienced cruise line. Unacceptable. 18: I called to have my jacket pressed for the Dec 18th gala dinner and the house keeping person came., not the butler. And brought me back the jacket wrinkled everywhere , worse than when I gave it to them. I took photos of it and had to call the desk to complain and they took the charge off . He promised me that it would be back to my satisfaction without any wrinkles in it, or it would be free. The way I got it back is as if it was never pressed and only held and given back to me after being bungled up more, since it was in worse condition when I got it back from when I gave it to them. What kind of service and company runs a business like this? Unacceptable. 19: I had to go upstairs every night to find clean water from one of three machines to find out which one was working correctly so I could fill my in room thermos. I had to service myself constantly. Unacceptable. 20: The water machine sensors did not work correctly and need to be updated with modern equipment. The ice machines were constantly out of ice and a ice chest had to be put on the side for ice for the passengers since the machines were not working most of the time. Unacceptable. 21:The buffet in the aft of the ship on the deck where the rear pool is was closed all the time. Unacceptable. 22: The middle of ship pool was netted off and not in use most of the trip accept for the last few days of the cruise . Only the pool at the aft was open and the Jacuzzi. Unacceptable ! 23: The overhead closure in the middle pool area was closed most all the time , even in good sunny weather and was only opened the last few days of the cruise. Unacceptable ! 24: No one told us we had bottled water service in the restaurants without state room class until I accidentally found out by asking why another table was getting bottled gas water each night by the glass. Unacceptable. 25: A fire broke out on engine 4 early AM when we were at sea crossing the Atlantic. We were told constantly by sources that the ship was going to abort the cruise and stay docked at St. Johns so the engine could be fixed with parts being flown in. Then we heard another story that were going to have the option of being flown home from there. Another story was that if they could fix the engine the next cruise set for the 20th -27th was going to be reloaded to another Costa cruise liner. This was just added stress and did not allow us to make adequate preparations for our trip outside excursions , which we always booked from outside the ship and never used the ships excursions due to lack of trust and professionalism. 26: I have videos and the passenger Gabriella in 8303, and the Ken and Eric in room 8376 also experienced many of the same problems and complaints and you can contact them directly . ken and Eric said they were going to complain to Carnival cruise lines once they got home. 27: I also have videos of the passengers who were complaining about the dirty and unclean air in their rooms air supply and many passenger got sick with coughing constantly during the entire trip including my wife. I have recorded videos from many passengers confirming this . Videos available upon request. 28: Costa still has pending per-authorization charges, from Dec 13th, 2014, that they have not released from my credit card account as of this date still pending Dec 29th 2014 at my bank. One week after they charged the final invoice for my service charges. More proof of their slipshod operation and lack of experience, and professionalism in accounting and the industry . The food was absolutely terrible, not edible many times, over salted,. Over cooked and just bad quality without exception. There are other things as well. But I am frankly burned out on logging all the things and issues that were negative . I also need to mention that while crossing the Atlantic Engine #4 caught fire in the early AM and all the power went out in the ship. This was around 5 AM. The engine was eventually fixed . The ship was running on the other engines for a few days. I had direct view of the engines path in the water since we had the Panoramic Suite on the 8th floor overlooking the entire back and right side of the ship. I brought all these issues up to the desk as they were happening and only got a line of empty chatter, and false promises most of the time. I sent a copy of my complaint here into Costa cruise line administrative office and was totally ignored. Not one word or reply. Just be aware when your booking a cruise with this ship what to look forward to. Maybe they will change things in the future since they are docked in Miami now for 2 months doing the Caribbean area. But I seriously doubt it.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Costa may be part of Carnival Lines now but they are miles away on being even close to the Carnival or Princess Lines. The only positive on the 18 days was the serving staff both in the restaurant and bars. The worst part was having 18 ... Read More
Costa may be part of Carnival Lines now but they are miles away on being even close to the Carnival or Princess Lines. The only positive on the 18 days was the serving staff both in the restaurant and bars. The worst part was having 18 days of the most horrific food I have ever encountered on a ship or even for that matter on land. The menu choice was poor. The translation from what they thought they were serving in Italian into English was wrong, wrong, wrong. The food was prepared in a manner that it didn't matter what you ordered it all tasted like a wet paper bag. No flavour whatsoever,. I truly believe there are no adult octopus in the sea. The ship served all the baby ones during my cruise. Another favourite almost daily in some form or another was pumpkin. I think they secretly had a pumpkin patch on board. As there was not other option at dinner you had no choice but to eat in the dining room. On the last night on board I was presented with 2 steaks both horrific and sent them back. One was cooked like shoe leather the other although cooked med-rare as requested tasted like a mouthful of water and no resemblance to beef whatsoever. They close the buffet at 6:00 (unlike other cruise lines which always offer that option). Your only recourse was a pizza and beer at a charge of $5 Euro after 6 p.m. Lunch was also a mess in the buffet. Rude people jumping the line and butting in. Spread out over almost 1/2 of deck 9 and once again the food was terrible and cold. You would try and walk around to all the stations to see what was offered and by the time you finished you would forget or could not find what you had decided on. Lessons are learned in life and one I just learned is that this was definitely my first and last cruise on Costa Lines. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
My wife and I sailed on the Costa NeoRiviera on November From Savona to Dubai. We flew from NY to Istambul and spent three glorious days before heading to Genoa to embark on our cruise. We arrived in Genoa went to the Best Western City ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on the Costa NeoRiviera on November From Savona to Dubai. We flew from NY to Istambul and spent three glorious days before heading to Genoa to embark on our cruise. We arrived in Genoa went to the Best Western City Hotel checked in an took a taxi to Portofino for the afetrnnon.. Next day took a taxi to Savona for $120.00 Euros. Savona cruise terminal is about half hour from Genoa and check in was very quick. NeoRiviera is a new concept from Costa, longer stays on ports, better food, more intimate and oprn seating. This was our first Costa's cruise after more than 80 cruises taken on Celebrity, RCCL, Carnival, Princess, NCL, Cunard, Holland and Renaissance. Since this was a repositioning cruise the concept was not applicable, only the food was much better than other Costa cruise according to other Costa's passenger we asked. Food on the MDR is eatable but not much selection, food on the buffet is good but also limited, the pizza is bad. Costa will nickle and dime on everything, pizza is free from noon to 3 pm and small fee there after. Coffee and water is only available during dining hours, water and coffee in MDR is not free. Room service very limited and small fee is charge, in cabin breakfast is also very limited and also small fee is apply. We usually have breakfast in our cabin but only had it twice on this cruise. The itinerary was the best part of this cruise, we stopped in Rome we took Rome on your own since we been to Rome before, visited Reggio Calabria took a cruise tour and enjoyed it very much. Heraklion was a short stop, took an independent tour and visited Knossos Palace and had lunch in the city. Cruise line had to cancel visit to Haifa Israel due to security concerns, everybody was very dissapointed, stop in Port Said to visit Cairo was also cancelled for same reason, but we stopped Eillat, Israel and took a cruiseship tour to Masada and the Dead Sea. Luxor was a long ride from Port but we liked it. One of the highlights was Petra in Jordan, was everything we expected and more, amazing to see it in person, awesome. We stopped in three Oman' s ports and not much to see. Abu Dhabi was added to compensate for cancelled ports and we took and independent tour, visited the city and went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, very beautiful and interesting. Finally we got to Dubai, what a great city we arranged with Great Adventure Tours to pick us up for a city tour, a Desert Safari tour and we loved it. Dubai is a most city to visit, we stayed three extra days and had the time of our lives.. Costa's NeoRiviera had some good things but failed on many others, the shore excurtions desk was baddly run, we found out our excursion was cancelled night before and no one cared to let us know. Entertainment was mediocre at best and cruise director had to apoligized due to a noshow from a local act, the theater was packed with passengers. We know Costa is an Italian cruise line and is a little different than other cruise lines, we did not like it and we are more than sure if we have a choice we will not cruise with them again. The ship looks good and is very well kept, nice and clean. Cabin are on the small side.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Don't take it! We did it on her first week and we regret the money we spent. Yes, Diadema si new and big but don't expect services as on the other ships or cruise companies unless you are OK with spending thousands of dollars ... Read More
Don't take it! We did it on her first week and we regret the money we spent. Yes, Diadema si new and big but don't expect services as on the other ships or cruise companies unless you are OK with spending thousands of dollars more for the paid services on board. Diadema is made that way is driving you to the paid services. For example, in the regular restaurant during diner, the food is coming very late, cold and most of the time with no taste. Also there is no buffet dinner on the entire ship. You have to go to the restaurant every night and if you don't like the cold and no taste food, your only choise not to go to bed empty stomach is to pay 25 euro per person plus drinks and eat at the paid restaurants and ONLY if you are lucky enough to get a table. We were NOT! People are litterally fighting for a cup of free coffe during lunch and some sweets and fruits! There are too many passangers and not so much help and stuff. The helpers are walking like ghosts on Diadema - they are too exhausted and they also look freightened by the supervisors who are yelling of them in front of the cruisers if something is not OK. If you are calling trhe Customer Service from your cabin or from any phone on the ship, you need to be very patient. You will hear music for 20-30 minutes until someone is picking up and than again 2-3 hours until someone appears at your door. Back to food, forget about eggs at breakfast. They don't serve eggs, ommlets or anything with eggs. The lines for breakfast and lunch at the buffet are the longest I ever seen on a cruise. Same with the lines made on each stopping port at embarkation. I am sorry to say all of this because we are Costa fans. We hope some of the problems will be repaired in time. There is one good thing about Diadema thou: the entertainment! Excelent singers and performers, great dancers, live bands, DJ's, excelent drinking bars, excelent entertainment team. Thumbs up for them because they saved our vacation. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
The ship is very clean, but nothing special decco wise, excellent staff, good stops in the main, artists in the lounges good, shows mixed but not bad. that ends the good points. Bad points are - no port info, at Livorno, no info regarding ... Read More
The ship is very clean, but nothing special decco wise, excellent staff, good stops in the main, artists in the lounges good, shows mixed but not bad. that ends the good points. Bad points are - no port info, at Livorno, no info regarding shuttle to the centre, on disembarking we found there was no shuttle, when enquiring on the dock we were met with a shrug. FOOD this is our worst experience in 19 cruises, indeed poorer than school dinners 50 years ago, evening meal in the dinning room consisted of 4 starters - 1 salad either 2 soups and 1 appetizer or 1 soup and 2 appetizers, 2 pasta's, main courses 1 meat, 1 fish and 1 veg dish, cheese and a choice of sweets, including ice cream which is the only time and place ice cream is available, all other cruises we have been on have also included a selection of dishes available every day !, on day 3 the fish course was sea bream which had the head and tail on, and not filleted which i didn't fancy so i asked if anything else was available, and was told beef, which wasn't recommended, thin and tough, or chicken, i picked chicken which was thin and tough, it was what is served at the hot dog station, came with french fries, no garnish, no tomatoe, no veg of any sort. Next night was Captains night, dress elegant. Evening meal 2 soups 1 of which was meat balls, 1 appetizer, Morrocan meat balls, meat course consisted of a dessert spoon of mashed potatoes 2 pork meat balls and tomatoe jus. Next evening mains consisted of i salmon which i'd had at lunch or lamb on white rice, the lamb was 6 small pieces on top of a mound of white rice, no jus, 1 st piece o k, 2 piece i took out of my mouth just gristle, 3 rd piece i managed to cut the gristle off, 4 th piece unable to cut, 5 th piece o k, 6 piece managed to cute the fat off.After this we decided to eat in the self service, something we had never done in previous cruises, Eat there a couple of times, and then found a menu started to appear outside the dinning room. One evening had rabbit on the menu, decided to try the dining room, expecting saddle of rabbit, or dear i small piece of potatoe, 3 rabbit bones, 1 st bone found approx 1 tea spoon of meat, 2 nd bone some vertebra with skin, no meat, 3 rd bone salvaged about a dessert spoon of meat, i can not ever remember a worst meal. We had a A I package, didn't really have any info what was on it, but on 2 nd night in the theatre i asked for a Gin and tonic ( Bombay ), which i was given, after the show we went into one of the lounges asked for the same, and was told it wasn't available on the all inclusive, i said but iv'e just had it, she said your card will not except it, check your card !, when your receipt arrives you can not see the price, just a place for your signature, your card is returned to you with you copy folded around the card with the price out of site, on checking i found i had been charged 9.8 euro's for the Bombay Gin & tonic. It was suggested i go to reception, which i did they said nothing they could do go to the theatre, i replied will there be anyone their - yes, no one at the theatre, but along comes the cruise director with another guy, explained the position, and was told he was the cruise director and didn't deal with bar issues but the bill was correct, accompanied by his finger waging in my face, i waged my finger back, and was told don't wag your finger at me !, i am the cruise director, at this the other guy asked him to step away while he called the bar manager , bar manager arrived, called the waiter, who said i asked for Bombay Gin ,which i had but i thought i should have been told it was not on the package, i was quite happy to pay the difference, but not the full wack, the whole time this cruise director trying to have his say, whilst waving his arms about, i just had to tell him to keep 2 yards away. Will i go back with Costa NO, Neo ships or any other Costa ships. By the way it is nothing to do with Italian Cruise lines, we already booked our 4th cruise with MSC, sailing in August 2014. hoppy5   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Let me first start by telling everyone that is planning this trip =>> Make sure that your connecting flights from US to Savona or any other connecting city is at least a few hours apart. Mine was only 35 min and I missed it because ... Read More
Let me first start by telling everyone that is planning this trip =>> Make sure that your connecting flights from US to Savona or any other connecting city is at least a few hours apart. Mine was only 35 min and I missed it because we spent 45 min on the runway in New York's JFK airport due to traffic. Please take a small carry on with all the necessary toiletries and 2-3 days worth of underwear/clothing change in case they lose your luggage. Mine was lost due to AlItalia's negligence and I did not get it until Barcelona (6 days later). The lost luggage assistance is very poor (no proper tel numbers or contacts on board or on land) and there is nothing to buy on board to help. Costa Cruises do not offer anything except for a small survival kit (toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo). Laundry is free, but what do you wear while they are washing it? The Carnival Corp. has purchased Costa Cruises and you can feel it right away. The food is very average and the service is just ok. The Costa Fortuna ship itself is big and nice, however the dEcor is dizzying. Typical of Carnival's luck of taste and limit. The cabin #9205 (suites class S) on the 9th deck is very nice, and not expensive if 3 people are sharing it. It is spacious and very clean. Early sitting dinner starts at 7-7:30PM and does not end till 9PM. Late sitting dinner is too late starts at 9:30PM. The crowd is mostly middle class Italians, French and Spanish, only a few Americans. Everyone pushes into elevators and there is no consideration for space or people. Very strange behaviors regarding other passengers, children are everywhere, even if it's specified that it be for adults only. Smoking is allowed everywhere except for the theater. There are non-smoking sections, but the air-conditioning is not working at all and it is very hot and stuffy everywhere. The cruises excursions are nice and worth the money, not the dinner and show, but the history and the city's sight seeing tours. The nightly shows are very primitive and uninteresting. The music in all lounges is very nice and there is lots of dancing going on everywhere. I do not recommend any Carnival cruises here in USA or Europe, very poor standards even for the money. Read Less
Sail Date August 2005
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