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4 Costa Deliziosa Group and Theme Cruise Reviews

Grabbed this cruise first the balcony price was great and second for the opportunity to scuba dive in some warm waters, forget it about it! The strong cold front chased us all the way down to Belize, the only spot Millie and I got to get ... Read More
Grabbed this cruise first the balcony price was great and second for the opportunity to scuba dive in some warm waters, forget it about it! The strong cold front chased us all the way down to Belize, the only spot Millie and I got to get wet at, Grand Cayman and Roatan were weathered in. By the time we got to Cozumel both of us had congested heads. Must complain about the dive operation Cozumel they kept our deposit NEVER again will we make a deposit ahead of time without refund ability. Roatan without scuba diving gave us time to visit a nature refuge with sloths, monkeys ande parrots that climb all over you, really cool place to visit while at Port. Costa Maya we took our own tour for a 2 hour drive each way to some Mayan ruins that most do not get to with large faces chiseled in stone. I like dancing for some reason the disco did not open until 12:45 no way! The first day at sea we all were informed that there was no ice cream on this cruise, the screaming was unbearable and a mandatory headcount was ordered to make sure nobody had jumped overboard. Group of formal dancers took up some to rooms perhaps this is why disco was late? Read Less
Sail Date January 2018
My mother and I (20-year-old daughter) were traveling for the first time on a cruise - but with that said we have been traveling around the world since I was born; which of course mean that we have seen and experienced quite a lot and ... Read More
My mother and I (20-year-old daughter) were traveling for the first time on a cruise - but with that said we have been traveling around the world since I was born; which of course mean that we have seen and experienced quite a lot and therefore are a bit critical about our surroundings and vacations. We are VERY shocked to see so many critical and harsh reviews here on this site. Really, it is so unexpected. Well let’s start our review on this amazing vacation! Surroundings: From the second you step in at Costa Deliziosa you immediately get goosebumps. The atmosphere is incredible! Not only are you welcomed with the most smiling, accommodating (and well dressed) crew members, but also a multitude of delicious, beautiful, and luscious environment. Everything (and everyone) had this amazing attitude and charisma – and you would not be able to keep yourself from smiling and feeling exciting. From the first second, we sat food on Costa Deliziosa, we were so thrilled and loved it instantly! They have without a doubt thought about everything, to every single detail. Every deck has it own charm and impression. From the huge globe on the main deck (deck 2), the external elevators, to the carvings, the decorations and colors – everything is created to make their guests drop their jaws. Cabin: As a middleclass cabin, we could not expect more or less. It is very cozy and it is not a place you are ashamed to call your temporary home. There is everything you need and there is always very clean and nice – without any exception. The beds might not be the softest, but it is not a metal bed! Dinning: There is a lot of different opportunities to satisfy your hunger – also if you are picky as my mother and I. You can choose for yourself where you would like to eat, there is a lot of different restaurants. There is buffet where you have a huge variety of food in morning and at lunch (deck 9), and there is the classic restaurant style where the waiter will come to the table for requests. Even though there is some restaurants you have to pay for, (unless you have some special package), there is still a lot of variety of opportunities. At dinner there is not a very big variety at the buffet – but it should still be satisfying for the most. The food (especially breakfast) is of great quality, is very viand and there is a huge variety to satisfy your hunger no matter what kind of food you like. High praise to the absolutely delicious bread and their huge variety of desserts (changes every day). The only negative thing (yes, we still have to be critical at some points, right?) ice cream should be included in the dessert standers and you should not be paying for it. Pizza should also be included in the evening (not only at lunch). The variety at the buffet should be bigger at night. Entertainment: It is differently your own fault if you are bored aboard a cruise. Deliziosa offers a lot of different entertainment all day and all night. The animation team make sure that there are games, dance and sport all day and creates some funny activities at night for the different theme nights. If you would rather relax at the pool(s) or get some tan, there a plenty of opportunities for this as well. Deck 11 is the best place for tanning, it is not as crowded, there is a lot of space and it is also a bit cooler up there. It is very important to remember a lot of different night gowns and suits – of course if you want to blend it at the different themes, if not do not worry – you are still more than welcome. The themes at our cruise were: 70’s night, 80’s night, Gala, Caribbean night, Italian night, masquerade – just to name a few.) Again, it is really your own fault if you are bored. There is so many places to see and be on at cruise. Do yourself a favor and explore it all! There is many cafés, bars, shopping, fitness, spa, and discotheque. Every night there is also some performance in the theater with the best dancers and singers ever seen. They are incredible (and very beautiful/handsome – that should be enough to make you want to go!). Such a beautiful and creative scenery that chances every night. Simply amazing! Crew members: I just read a pretty nasty review from the same time as we were on the ship – saying the crew was unfriendly. It made me really angry. The person has to be very negative and not very outgoing. I think I had to reply to a greeting thousand of times a day! Everyone was so friendly, smiling and extremely kind. Everyone had a big heart and everyone wanted to speak with us. Many of them knew us by name after the first day. From the moment, you step onto the cruise, you are greeted with the sweetest, helpful and amusing crew. I would really like to thank them all, and it is very heart breaking that I cannot remember all of the names. All the gentlemen from the animation team were the sweetest and differently made our stay even greater and for sure unforgettable. They have to be highly praised for their humor, entertainment skills and the way they always made sure that everyone had a blast. Simply genius. My mother is really not a person that likes to dance, be on a stage or like to get involved in the entertainment – but they manage to do so! And she loved it. A huge, special thanks to the gentlemen of the animation team (especially Agusto and Michéle), our so sweet and lovely cabin steward Ade, all the waiters from deck 9 (especially my dear waiter with the glasses from the Philippines and the head waiter/manager, sorry dear we cannot remember your names), the photographers, Larisa and Alvaro. In general we would love to thank ALL OF THE COSTA DELIZIOSA CREW for making our vacation so unforgettable. Every one of you should get this high praise for being so accommodating and forthcoming. There is NOT A SINGLE bad thing to put on the crew members! You have become our second family and we miss you all (and everything) so badly – which is why we already have booked a new costa cruise! Another thing that strikes me in some of the reviews is that you should not book at this company if you do not speak Italian. My mother and I are from Denmark and does not speak a word Italian. We did just fine with our English. Everyone understood us perfectly and with that said everyone might have learned Italian (it is a Italian company, so why blame them?) the crew members came from all over the world: Germany, Spain, Italian, Brazil, Mauritius, Philippines, India, Peru, Indonesia, South Africa and much more! That is many different nationalities and ALL of them speak just fine English! Ports: Fort Lauderdale (& Quality Inn & suites) If you have some spare time before or after the cruise, there is differently a lot of things to see in Fort Lauderdale. Like the Everglades and there should be a lot of shopping as well (We did not had so much time to explore it all). Miami should be even greater to explore. We had one night at Quality Inn & Suites which is a fine hotel for a night or few. The breakfast is good (not as great as the Cruise’s but there is enough variety to satisfy your hunger). Very soft beds and clean rooms. It is very close to the Port Everglades and there is a free shuffle bus to the Cruise Terminal. It is recommended if you should have a night in Fort Lauderdale before boarding the cruise. Bahamas - Nassau, Dominicans republic - Amber Cove, Jamaica - Ocho Rios, Cayman Islands - George Town, Honduras - Roaten, Mexico - Cozumel/Playa del Carmen: There is not many activities on the different islands but browse around the excursions papers in your cabin and you will get to know what there is to see, but be aware the prices is pretty expensive, and you can do it cheaper yourself (still many money you have to spend, but again, it is cheaper to do it by yourself and the taxis and tour excursions is there as soon as you go ashore). We differently recommend swimming with stingrays and visit the Dunn River Falls (very beautiful scenery!). If you have not tried to swim with dolphins, it is differently a thing to do as well! My mother and I have tried it a few years back so we did not do it again, but many recommend it! They are really sweet animals! The islands have many beautiful scenery, nature and beaches – and if you want to do shopping that is not survivors do not bother to try on the islands you visit. There is really not much to come for. If you want to do some hardcore shopping, you should differently pay a visit at Playa Del Carmen, when you come to Cozumel. There is a like never-ending shopping street and it only takes 30 minutes from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen with boat and it is cheap. If you are traveling with some anti-shoppers, put them on the beach – it is simply amazing! And plenty of restaurants as well! We differently recommend Costa (and this route) to everyone! Keep going! Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We were on the ship during the dreadful storm in the Philippines, and as a large proportion of the crew were Philippino it was very difficult for them. There is not high enough praise for all the staff on the ship, they were fabulous. The ... Read More
We were on the ship during the dreadful storm in the Philippines, and as a large proportion of the crew were Philippino it was very difficult for them. There is not high enough praise for all the staff on the ship, they were fabulous. The service was wonderful,nothing was ever too much trouble, and even when things were very difficult they were marvellous. They work over 13 hours a day and go home rarely and are astonishing people in their kindness and helpfulness. I became ill on the last part of the voyage and this ship is the place to be ill at sea, They were concerned, careful of me and very kind indeed. Thank you Dottore and Beatrice for your time and attention, and also to the nurse in charge, you were all very good friends to me. The chapel is lovely and as we were on pilgrimage to the Holy Land we really appreciated having both a beautiful spiritual space and new Canadian Philippino friends to share it with. They were lovely people who squished up on small benches, shared their teachings, Father Joe and their service sheets and we became a group of travellers on the road together. Our cabin was small but comfortable, the shower was not particularly luxurious, but ok. I was disappointed that the balcony was noisy and needed attention, keeping us awake at night, but it was lovely to have one even though the clouded glass did not allow a good view of the sea when we were sitting down, clear glass would have been much better. All our large group were grateful to have a table together on early sitting, especially as we had a very old and disabled lady with us who wouldn't have been able to wait until late for her dinner. The maitre d' was lovely to help us out over this. Everyone enjoyed the 'all in one' drinks package and it was amazing value. We also enjoyed the table tennis and swimming and the ability to have a cigar in the evening without going on deck. So positive I hear you say. Well yes. What didn't we enjoy? The entertainment. We tried it for 3 nights and it was terrible - too loud, to amateurish, too weird altogether. The theatre itself is lovely but they really do need to bite the bullet and employ much better acts, which will mean finding English/American entertainers and not regional German/Italian poor quality acts. The piano bars are too loud and sometimes it is good just to be able,to sit and talk and not be blasted constantly with loud music played not very well. Turn if off in the breaks! The lack of enrichment activities and those that happened were badly planned, involving terrible shouting, blaring music, all being held in the same place on the top deck. We tried a bit of arts and crafts that would have been too easy for junior school children and wouldn't have minded but couldn't stay as the noise was unbelievable with awful shouting the music too loud for anyone to bear. The food. Unbelievably bad. Please change the head chef immediately Costa. Many nights there was very little I wanted to eat on the menu. One day burgers and chips appeared at lunchtime and everyone cheered to have something good to eat. It never came again. The fruit was constant melons sometimes there were tiny portions of cake, the salads were always the same, lettuce and tomato and really Eggs Benedict is not a poached egg on stale toast covered with cheese sauce and bits of cold tomato. It was inedible. It was much worse than a ferry. Even the 'Italian' food was dreadful. I can say this now as at the time the thought of those poor people in the Philippines made any moaning about food so inappropriate that we just ate to stave off hunger. This Will Not Do. The dinners were also shockingly bad and we sighed and drank more wine, also on the all in one package, hooray. The puddings fit only for the nursery in their dreadful sweetness and the fruit salad? You guessed it - melons all over again. There were very few English speakers aboard, and we think we were the only people from England at all. The Italians we encountered on board were extremely rude, unfriendly and wit only one exception amazingly dreadful towards someone in a wheelchair. (Hello Stella Maris's mum and dad!) At one time we were getting on board very wet, along with a young couple with very small children in a pram and the rush for the lifts was terrible, leaving the children and the very old lady sitting very cold and wet for a long time. Not one person stood back and showed concern. I was amazed and saddened. We tried smiling at them, trying to chat in the lifts and public places, making way - by the way never do this they only took advantage, rushing past without a thank you or a smile. Astonishing. People kept places in the buffet by using towels and coats, sometimes saving a table which would seat six for only two or three people, and being aggressive on a number of occasions when we tried to sit down in half used tables,. Waiting in the buffet was hopeless, people just marched up to the front and picked their food, ignoring everyone waiting to be served behind them.The Germans we met, who also saved places living up to their stereotype, surprised us by speaking very little English and were also not friendly or easy to talk to. We were glad to be in a group as if we had gone as a couple we would not have enjoyed ourselves at all. There was a large Korean contingent, also from Canada, who were beautifully dressed in national costume on Gala nights. Hello Yudi and Kim, hope you arrived home safely! Hardly anyone else made an effort and the men in our party were glad they had not packed a tux, thanks to reading other reviews, and a lot of men didn't even bother wearing a suit. However, change the food and the entertainment Costa and we may come again. We know there is nothing you can do about the culture, well maybe you could serve weaker coffee to calm down the impatience! We did miss P and O and the civilised lifestyle, but loved the all in one package! We loved the staff A Lot, without exception. Than k you Danny for telling us about the Canadian Philippinos and Father Joe, they made our trip a beautiful thing, and the rudeness easier to bear.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
Note: this review was originally written in response to a query from a dance group sailing on Costa Luminosa, with comparisons to other ships we have sailed on. The photos referenced are not included. From the deck plans, the Deliziosa ... Read More
Note: this review was originally written in response to a query from a dance group sailing on Costa Luminosa, with comparisons to other ships we have sailed on. The photos referenced are not included. From the deck plans, the Deliziosa and Luminosa should be very simlar. The Atlantica/Mediterranea have same basic design, but the Fincantieri builds (which include Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth) have some important internal changes. Three dance floors have been deleted. The theatre, formerly decks 2-4, has been dropped one deck, to decks 1-3. The deck 1 lounge has been deleted, which is a serious concern for a group like Stardust. Restaurant now has a Samsara open seating dining area, where the disco used to be. The disco is now decks 2-3. Dance floor deck 2 aft in front of the restaurant has been deleted (although there's a tiled area that can be used), bar area deck 3 aft reduced. Lobby dance floor deleted, replaced by big hood ornament. You'll know what I mean when you see it. There was still a piano player, playing some decent music. Restaurant seems to have a better layout, with enough room for waiters to move between tables. Menu was Costa standard, I always found something I liked and never went hungry, but you do have to watch opening times. There was a buffet some evenings. Excite Piano Bar- Deck 3 bar midships (Florian on Atlantica). It does have a piano but is a regular lounge, capacity about 150. The dance floor is roughly semi-circular, 19' radius from stage. Rectangular area about 22' x 10', total area about double. The area is fully enclosed and non-smoking. There was a very good keyboard/singer duo, plus a violin duo. Sharazad disco floor is 3' plexiglass panels, oval about 20' x 30'. DANGEROUS- raised 6" Mirabilis lounge- Has a strong family resemblance to the Fortuna. The staircase is moved to the side, giving a more open feel. The dance floor has pillars, about 16' x 40' between pillars, 30' x 50' overall. The furniture does not crowd the floor as much as it appears on the Luminosa photo, you can dodge around the pillars quite easily. There was a 5-piece group plus a duo, both were very accommodating. Cafeteria Sugar is actually the chocolate bar. Stardust will probably use the deck 9 TV screen area for their private parties. I don't have a picture, I think the publicity photo is pretty accurate. Smoking- There were at most 20 hard-core smokers, with maybe 200 casual ones. I never saw more people smoking at once than would fit into the cigar lounge. Smoking seems to be mostly banned in Western Europe now and a lot of people were shunning the smoking areas. The big problem was far too much space was designated as smoking area, far more than actually needed. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013

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Service 2.0 3.2
Value For Money 4.0 2.9

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