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4 Costa Amsterdam Cruise Reviews

Let me just start by saying this: if Costa cruise line offered me an all expenses paid cruise to any of their destinations, I wouldn't take it. Costa is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. If you haven't booked them yet, please trust me and save ... Read More
Let me just start by saying this: if Costa cruise line offered me an all expenses paid cruise to any of their destinations, I wouldn't take it. Costa is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. If you haven't booked them yet, please trust me and save your money. I am on the ship right now as I type. I simply couldn't wait until I got home to do this review because I am so angry and disappointed. We are so miserable and unhappy on this ship that we hardly enjoy the cities once we arrive. Mostly lousy food, terribly uncomfortable and dirty accommodations make for a stressful, awful vacation.  We are seriously considering getting off at the next port and heading home from Hamburg instead of Amsterdam, which is where the cruise ends. Our first impression of the ship (Mediterranea) was that the outside looked tired and dingy. The check-in process was very hectic, disorganized and chaotic. The hallway carpet is absolutely filthy, with clearly visible dirt and stains. The carpet in our room is completely disgusting, to the point where we dare not walk around without shoes. The ship's decor in the public areas is VERY cheap looking, gaudy and dated. We booked a 7-day cruise in a 3 person cabin. It is decorated in colors of the 1980's - light peach, mauve and turquoise.  The bedding is very minimal: one thin comforter, no flat sheet. So, if you get hot at night and only need a light covering, too bad. All you get is a comforter. The extra blankets they provided are very old and worn, they smell awful, and they have rips and tears in them. One extra blanket actually has a huge, yellow stain. I have no idea what it is but it looks like urine. This ship is in DESPERATE need of updating/renovation and of a deep, thorough cleaning. The beds are extremely, ridiculously firm (like nothing I've ever felt, like sleeping on wood) so we can barely get up each morning as we are aching all over, in pain from the awful beds. Food in the buffett is mediocre and it is THE SAME EVERY DAY! Sure, you might have mashed potatoes one day then sliced, roasted potatoes the next but there is very little change to the menu, for breakfast and for dinner. The meats are pretty much always overcooked, and most food items are luke warm, rarely piping hot. Very limited desserts at the buffet...one day, there were only two choices! The waiters/waitresses walk around like unhappy zombies, never smiling and interacting with passengers grudingly and with zero enthusiasm. And  most of the employees in other areas are snarky, rude, barely tolerant and blatantly disrespectful to passengers. If you dont purchase a drink package of any kind, all you get to drink is water, except at breakfast and at "tea time", which is from 4-5p daily. At breakfast, you get unlimited juice, coffee and tea and at tea time, you get coffee and tea, no juice. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy water. We considered buying a drink package until I figured out that the cheapest, non-alchoholic drink package is like €69 (approximately $77 per person USD), and you only get a total of 20 drinks per person for the whole 7-days! That amounts to about $3.85 per drink. That is a total ripoff. So, in our luggage, we brought empty, leakproof plastic bottles from home (Dollar Tree) and fill them with juice at breakfast every morning. We dont let the waiters see us but it's pretty easy to do. Just fill the provided cups with juice (pineapple, grapefruit, orange and apple), bring them to your table, and when the waiter isnt looking, fill your container. There is a little refrigerator in the room so we kept it in there. Had we known, we would have also brought a thermos for hot water or coffee, so we could have it later in the day, without having to pay for it. I'm only giving this advice to those who've already booked and will lose money if they cancel. Otherwise, JUST DON'T BOOK ANY CRUISE ON COSTA!!!! They nickel and dime you for everything! For example, ice cream isn't free on Costa...you have to pay extra for it. The restaurants and buffets completely close down for hours and, unless you pay, there is nothing to eat until they open back up or you are willing to pay for the pizza station or something else that remains open. The buffet closes at 9 or 10 at night and doesn't reopen until 7am! It also closes for some hours before opening back up for dinner. There is nothing for my 12-year old son to do. There are stand alone activities here and there (a lot of them you must pay extra for, like playing Xbox games and air hockey), but no actual kids' club for his age range. There is no movie theater and the shows are kitschy, amateurish and just not well done. At port, they charge you to take a bus into the city center. Yesterday, we arrived into LeHavre, France and were told that it would cost €13 ($15 or so USD) roundtrip, per person to take the Costa provided shuttle to the city center. Turns out the ride is literally about 4 minutes! We opted to walk (for free) and it only took about 20 minutes. The library was closed during prime daylight hours on our day at sea, so my son (who'd run out of his own books to read) had to sit and do nothing. We went to the library 4 or 5 times, at different times of day, and although the room was open, all of the books were locked away. This cruise is BOOOOORRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG. I could go on writing for hours about how awful this cruise is but suffice it to say: Celebrity is world's above Costa, absolute perfection from beginning to end. They make a laughingstock of Costa...there is absolutely no comparision. Save your money and book pretty much any other cruise line but Costa. Read Less
Sail Date June 2018
Our family and friends has been looking forward to this cruise for a long time, it was our first time on Costa Fortuna (we've been on several other cruises before). We are so disappointed and frankly, upset about the way they treated ... Read More
Our family and friends has been looking forward to this cruise for a long time, it was our first time on Costa Fortuna (we've been on several other cruises before). We are so disappointed and frankly, upset about the way they treated us throughout the trip. The worst part is, there were BED BUGS (as several of our group was bitten) and many of us was diagnosed with allergic reaction to these bites even weeks after the trip. The Boat - The ship itself is much smaller and older than other cruises. - Activities are made for people who either own a COSTA card or speak Italian/French. Not particularly friendly to outside tourists. The Rooms - Wifi cost 30 Euros an hour. And boy it is super slow. - The rooms are decent, we didn't have any issues with the room itself. - Bedsheets, towels, or wherever the bed bugs lived on, is DISGUSTING. Of course everything is bleached so by the looks of it, everything (looked) clean but clearly many of us that experienced these bites have a lot to say about the hygiene of their sheets!!! The Food - Not great but we expected this given our past experiences with cruises. - Prepare to pay to drink water. In the past, water as given to us at no additional cost. On the trip, it would cost 25 Euro for drinking water a day. The Service - If I could give negative stars, I would. Throughout the cruise, we were astonished by the quality of service received from our rooms, the restaurants and management. - Rooms: Because we lived in suites and was paired with butler service, there has been snarky remarks made by these staff to us about asking for additional towels, water etc. - Restaurants: They make it very difficult to order (often serving the wrong dishes that we ordered), but maybe, they are very understaffed/stressed/underpaid. But when we make any sort of request (nicely of course) we are shut down by rude responses and answers. - Medical: When some of our group members found out they had bed bugs bite, the doctor on board told us that it would be "impossible" to have gotten it from the boat since bed bugs can't live in this type of ventilation (thinking we are dumb). They charged us quite heavily for the medicine and IV and did not offer in any way to compensate for it. When we clearly stated the obvious pattern as more of our group got the same diagnosis, which we received these bites DURING the cruise and SLEEPING ON THEIR BED, they reluctantly told us to submit a request to their management. Of course we did, and received a slap in the face by the team claiming they don't have the authority to grant our request for medical claim (or any sort of apology really). The only thing they offered was laundry service for the clothes and a change of room (because obviously, they know it is bed bugs). Till today, we still have NOT RECEIVED any word from them. - Bonus: One of the room service personnel told us in confidante that in the past, there has been many bed bugs incidents. Still denying?? We are appalled and strongly suggest that you DO NOT take any of Costa Fortuna's cruise lines unless you want to also get bitten and spend weeks of applying medicine to your bites all over your body AND get treated horribly throughout the cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
COSTA DELIZIOSA: BALTIC CRUISE ALL GREAT PORTS BUT . . . 1. Bad food badly cooked. Absence of fresh ingredients renders all dishes bland, often breaded and undercooked, covered with glop. Even pizza and minestrone not Italian on ... Read More
COSTA DELIZIOSA: BALTIC CRUISE ALL GREAT PORTS BUT . . . 1. Bad food badly cooked. Absence of fresh ingredients renders all dishes bland, often breaded and undercooked, covered with glop. Even pizza and minestrone not Italian on this over-Italian fiasco that does not represent Italy well. Hot food is seldom hot. The coffee is no good. There is no menu on display at any time. Everything is over-salted. Pasta everywhere. The joke is these not-so sophisticated Europeans are all pretending to be enjoying themselves with their constant reliance on wine and bottled water but the food is half outright inedible, half same-old same-old. The cheapest ingredients prevail. For instance, the apple juice is only 10% of fruit origin. 2. Temperature issues. Zero air circulation can render the Albatros Restaurant -- effectively their only -- uncomfortably hot and humid. The Buffet area can be way too cold. Cigarette smoke prevails in corridors and gathering places. 3. There is no buffet option after lunch, only a pizza bar that the hungry over-rely on despite its lack of flavor. Plastic food. Cheese is everywhere "cheesefood". No pizza ten through ten, only a tea and coffee station that can run out of milk and be refused absolutely replenishment. "No" is often the answer, mocking laughter the response. 4. While the magician and the mime are good, the general sashay and leap is not choreography (Kim excepted). Except for the jazz trio, the acts are generally mediocre. Fran, the emcee, is useless and not social. She actually upstages each act by announcing her own entrance into the audience after introducing the act by not dousing the backlight. "I HAVE A DREAM" is the worst show I've seen in my life (from NYC I've seen thousands). The lights are aimed at the eyes of the audience. This includes lasers. Not nice, escpecially for old people. Not professional. Amateurism abounds throughout. Salting the food injures the old particularly. In the general melee, old people are actually in danger -- on the fjord trip one gentleman fell amid the onboard confusion and had to have his leg amputated that day. 5. Since you pay in euro for everything, Costa can exact an exorbitant rate of exchange along with their already exorbitant price for everything (except medical attention). They tack on four or five cents US per euro. You want room service, it will cost, as will movies in cabin or out. Even ping pong balls cost in this brave new world. Forget the FREE ship's tour. Toss out tradition. You want a beverage? How much you got? 6. Babel. It was obvious from get-go as we wait four hours to be allowed on the ship. Why can't the entire cruise experience be taken into account? More pushing and shoving among Europeans than Americans or Brits, we notice, more xenophobia. No real mixing on the fjord cruise if you're Anglo. Cacophony. 7. Excursions run generally twice the going rate but not in St Petersburg, one tour you have to take because the Russians won't let you in without an expensive and punishing visa processing from them. The $600+ price tag for the weekend seemed safer with Costa than doing business with the Russians, which I found no less dodgy. Problem is Costa tour guides are corrupt and Euro tourists are docile. In our case, we're hauled out of the Hermitage by Olga, which has 45 minutes still to go, and led to this nasty windowless tourist shop on a pearl of a day. I actually witness the bribe go from the shopdealer to the bus driver. When I point this out to Costa, the rep shrugs (always with the comeback) tourist shops are standard on these excursions. Actually that weekend we do another tour with another guide Tatiana whose bus-driver offers to do a drive-by on another tourist site rather than take us to a shop. Tatiana has us vote. She is a country girl, she tells me. Maybe that explains her willingness to give us what we want. But the food offered on lunch both days is a joke. Vegetarians, we get a little pile of plain rice and another pile of frozen peas and carrots. 8. Costa knows all this, and I know they are cynical. I know this from my conversations with the staff, who will readily lie to you. An unnecessary conversation with the chief service person Katia (this our first request) consisted of a tirade from her when all we asked for was a discreet chat with the maitre'd. No library, by the way. The books are literally trash. 10. Invasive overuse of the speakers in languages most of us don't understand. One comes to ignore them as tasteless pitches for more business. Evidently other than silly games the few free events this ship offers are but brief pitches for our financial expenditure. Exception, a decent lecturer who gave but two in each 12-day period. PLUS THE NORWAY FJORD CRUISE FAILS IN HALF ITS PORTS . . It's just that Costa is so cheap we wind up in cargo ports and places useless to non-excursionists. Finally, are those of us so few who don't want to queue up and sit down and be led around like children? Are ports ships can berth in becoming useless for the traveler? It's true that the three ports out of seven I take issue with as deeply dull (Honningsvag, Leknes, Andalsnes) I secured some payoff out of (a herd of reindeer, a stave church, a 19th c. octagon church) but we could have done so much better in near-by real ports. Nice as Norwegians are, their cost of living is the highest in the world, twice NYC! It's also cold, windy and fickle with fog and showers, so inevitably you end up with a respiratory ailment, especially with this nonfood we're trying to survive on. I think the fjords are overrated, at least from what I've seen on this cruise. Alaska's Inside Passage is but half the price and Vancouver is a great port. Just rent a car for a week and head to Denali. Sure, the euro is $1.24 but there are people here who charge you $1.49 anyway. For two cups of java and one danish in a modest dive in Bergen, we were charged 132 Kroner, which comes to $30. We thought Costa, being the biggest fleet in Europe, would double-down and raise their ante for excellence. Instead, having cruised four continents with them in the past, I think they're cashing in on the credibility achieved by other more accountable brands. I could never have imagined there could be such a confluence of disappointments possible within one established brand. Without meaning offense, I'd say the Concordia disaster is completely understandable under the circumstances. As well as default as a mode, this two-year old ship has serious air issues they're aware of. It is not a good value. It does not represent the industry. Europe is losing its way. While US and Canada become more European, Europe has dumbed down. In 55 years of sailing the food is the worst we've seen on a cruise ship. We both became ill from it as a consequence. Neither of us ever do vendetta, but in this instance we feel the information should be out there. There is a lot more negatives we could cite such as St Petersburg ballet which did not have an elevator forcing the patrons (one coming in a wheelchair) to be hauled up several flights only to get half-sight of a stage for their dream of a lifetime. St Petersburg, they say, is nine months of anticipation and three months of disappointment. That could very well be MO of the Costa Deliziosa instead of the lie "Experience pure pleasure" while they bombard you with videos in Italian of gold facials. How delude yourself with extras when half the basics are missing? Our last meal with them, by the way, was a total disaster -- impossible for anyone to eat. It's hard not to believe giving us the worst meal of the trip was the chef's way of saying good-bye. Costa-style. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
embarkation day was messy and a long wait in a very hot room with few seats. finally getting called to board, we made on our onto the ship, but were not allowed to go directly to rooms, as they were not all ready yet, so we joined the ... Read More
embarkation day was messy and a long wait in a very hot room with few seats. finally getting called to board, we made on our onto the ship, but were not allowed to go directly to rooms, as they were not all ready yet, so we joined the hoards in the Buffet area. This would prove to be the first of many disappointing meals. When we found our rooms, they were nice, roomy and well-lit, but with smaller closet spaces than I had expected, and very basic needs in the bathroom. Our steward was very nice, and was accessible at all times thru the cruise, in fact, he was the one bright star on the trip. After the long,(as it was given in many, many languages) safety drill, we all met up in the dining room for the second of bad meals. I doubt I have ever seen such a display of boring-to-mediocre offerings on any cruise line. You had little to no choice but to buy drinks-even non-alcoholic types. There was orange juice (or grapefruit some mornings) tea, coffee and water for lunch and dinner, and everything else had to come thru the bar, even iced tea, which was canned! The one thing that I would label edible was the pasta with meat sauce, most everything else was just this side of passable. For an Italian cruise line, you would think pizza would be good, but the frisbees they offered were more like three-day old crust with a thin smear of sauce, thinly sprinkling of cheese, and your choice of either margarita style or sliced (and really greasy and awful) hot dogs......yes, hot dogs for sausage!I have eaten a lot of pizzas, even in Italy and they would probably chuck these things into the garbage, also. The soft serve ice cream machine was thinned down with water to make it go further, but also added chunks of ice to your dessert, salad dressings were watered down to serve more people, and the desserts were just plain bad. The staff in the MDR tried their best to serve, but are so over-worked it was hard for them to do a decent job. Courses were skipped, food forgotten, drinks never served and bread baskets not filled was pretty much the norm every night. And no buffet for dinner? Come on, it was the MDR, the pay-for-dining venue, or nothing. One night one of our people didn't wait formal dinner, and wandered up to the buffet where he spied hamburgers being cooked only to be told he wasn't allowed to have one, as it was for the kid's formal meal. Would one burger really short them that much? The decor of the ship, I find loud and garish, nothing seems to match or have a scheme to it, it looks like random, brassy items shoved into a room together. altogether a cruise that made us flee the ship at every port to seek out food and make me resolve to never set foot on a Costa ship again. In case you think I am judging this by one bad cruise, we did a Costa trip a couple of years ago, and as mad as I was at that cruise, this one topped it by a mile! Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
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