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Aegean Shores – TUI Marella Discovery 2 (7 day cruise) This was our second TUI cruise and overall it was enjoyable and due to the ports of call. Booking I booked through the TUI offices in West Lothian and spoke to a lady ... Read More
Aegean Shores – TUI Marella Discovery 2 (7 day cruise) This was our second TUI cruise and overall it was enjoyable and due to the ports of call. Booking I booked through the TUI offices in West Lothian and spoke to a lady called Lynne. She was absolutely fabulous and I can’t thank her enough for her time and assistance. Flights and Transfers The flights were on time and the in-flight service was excellent. My only issue is that once checked in we then had to collect our cases on arrival and haul them to coaches. Previously, once we’d checked in, the next time we saw our cases was outside our cabin door. Cabin Our cabin was spacious and I only have praise for housekeeping staff, Irinya who serviced our cabin on a daily basis and was excellent. Food We ate almost exclusively in the 47° restaurant for breakfast, dinner and the occasional lunch. The waiter service was friendly and efficient. Sometimes we had to wait for a table but never longer than 20 minutes. The food was varied and of good quality. Unfortunately the food elsewhere on board was not so good. Snack Shack – This busy pool side food area serves chips, battered fish and chicken wings, all day EVERY DAY! This became very monotonous which was frustrating and disappointing. Also the sandwiches were wrapped in a paper bag and had minimum fillings of very poor quality. The salads came in a flimsy cardboard container that fell apart once you picked it up and the salad was 80% lettuce. The Glass House – Only visited this once and that was enough. Very poor selection of food available which was hidden behind glass counters, very poor quality and variety. The Islands – Busy self-service restaurant, only visited this for afternoon tea. Again very disappointed in the quality and variety of food offered here. Sandwiches made with thick sliced bread and minimum fillings. Selection of cakes (if you could call them cakes) was of very poor quality and the only hot choice on EVERY DAY was sausage roll! With the exception of the 47° restaurant the food on offer was of poor quality and cheap! Drinks It is an all-inclusive package so most drinks are included in the price. My only issues with this are: * Unless you pay an extra £50 bottled water is chargeable * When ordering drinks if you don’t specify the brand name of the alcohol you want you get served the cheap rubbish! * The bar staff were very thin on the ground and on occasions you had to wait some considerable time to get served. And the bar staff had trouble keeping a check of who was next to being served and on occasions just wandered off. * The cocktails were very disappointing, the bar staff simply threw them together so each time you had one they tasted different. Also the glasses were never decorated or accompanied with fruit that you would expect to be part of the cocktail experience – again very disappointing. Entertainment This was the most disappointing aspect of the cruise, with the exception of the Broadway Show Lounge. Elsewhere on the ship the entertainment was shabby, boring and a holiday camp could have provided a better standard. There were 3 grand pianos on board, one in the 47° restaurant, the Atrium and the Live Room. The only piano played was in the Live Room. So no background pianist during dinner or in the Atrium, despite the fact a pianist was on board. In fact on one occasion two of the entertainment staff were holding an evening dance class in the Atrium bar and the music came from a laptop placed ON TOP of the piano! It seems more common that the Atrium is used for entertainment when a pianist playing music or taking requests would have been more than sufficient and relaxing. On the last night the entertainment staff gave a farewell musical event in the Atrium bar, they were all casually dressed, un co-ordinated and singing to a backing track which was very amateurish, uninspiring and cheesy. The opera singer was superb but singing Time to Say Goodbye on the last night was a cringe-fest. On the day of departure many of us had late flights but had to vacate our cabins by 08.30. As a result passengers were sat in the Atrium and other bars killing time and milling around. During the whole day no entertainment was provided and the shops were shut. Passengers sat around as if they were in an airport departure lounge or doctors surgery, very disappointing. Clearly an example of key staff assigned other duties and a possible reflection of how understaffed the ship was. Excursions The excursions were more expensive than our last cruise and we only booked two as a result. The Athens excursion cost £65pp. We set off about 9am and were back on the ship by 1pm. During this time we spent just over an hour at the Acropolis, the rest of the time was spent on the bus with places of interest pointed out to us as we drove past. This was by no means value for money and I certainly would not recommend this excursion to anyone. Although our guide was excellent and well informed and her capabilities not a result if any input from Marella. The bicycle ride in Crete cost £36pp. On our last cruise we took a bicycle excursion in Ibiza which we thoroughly enjoyed. They are not cheap but as we enjoyed the bike ride we booked again in Crete expecting similar. I have to say that the staff in charge of the bike excursion were fantastic (Sophie & George) and I have no complaints about them, however I do feel disappointed with the excursion. My complaint centres the duration and time spent actually cycling. Within 20 minutes of starting we had a 45 minute stop in Heraklion, which was fine. We then cycled for approx. 30-40 mins to some obscure beach and spent about 11/2 hours there. We then headed back to the ship and arrived approx. 2pm. All in all very disappointing due to short duration and minimum time actually cycling! Summary Aspects of the cruise were enjoyable and met our expectations but it was crystal clear that TUI were trying to cut costs wherever possible, particularly the standard and quality of food offered, the entertainment and the number of staff. It’s tempting to say that it was a floating holiday camp when, with a little creative thought and small expense, it could be so much more than it was. It has certainly made us think twice about booking again with TUI. Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
Marella Discovery 2 Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.5 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.7
Family 3.5 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 3.5 3.3
Service 4.5 4.1
Value For Money 4.0 3.7

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