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This cruise was suggested to us by the Tui agent. Had he told us what we would have to go through regarding visa's etc we wouldn't have agreed to it. The Indian visa was a nightmare, my husband Pete isn't stupid and can ... Read More
This cruise was suggested to us by the Tui agent. Had he told us what we would have to go through regarding visa's etc we wouldn't have agreed to it. The Indian visa was a nightmare, my husband Pete isn't stupid and can usually sort things out but it took him 3 hours..! Immigration in India was awful, we had to wait for ages as each passenger had to sit in front of an official or three, have a photo and finger prints taken, what the hell do they want finger prints? you feel more like a criminal than a tourist. You do not need this after a 9 hour flight. We chose our cabin which was 6054 with a balcony. Our first morning we had a trip booked and as we had plenty of time we were having a leisurely breakfast, but then an announcement came over the tannoy asking anyone booked on a trip to go immediately to the lounge, (the usual meeting place for trips). We then had to rush our food. We were told that there was a strike on and most places were closed including the market we were going to, an alternative trip was offered, although disappointed, we accepted it. We got on the coach and sat waiting for 20 minutes til we could leave the parking bay as it was so congested everywhere, it then took just 2 minutes to reach our destination..!! The following day we were on another trip which was meant to start at 12 noon but we didn't arrive at port til then, our captain apoligised but said they had problems with paperwork in India which caused us a late departure, so even the captain was given a hard time, he got the impression we weren't welcome in India, so did we..!!! This trip was for 8 hours, again if we had known it was starting so late we wouldn't have booked it. We were going to a hotel for lunch but the journey would take over 2 hours and as we were late starting we would only be allowed 30 minutes to eat. Why we had to travel so far to eat I don't know. Our guide spent the whole time giving a history/geography lesson, I have never been so bored in my life. We then walked around a fort, then finally went to a turtle sanctuary which was the only good thing about the trip. We were meant to have some shopping time but this didn't happen.On the return journey he carried on with the lesson..I heard quite a few groans from other passengers. We didn't arrive back to the ship til 9.15 so it was a rush to get to the restaurant for dinner, no time to shower. Food wise I have no real complaints though the cheese board was very basic and apparently the the scrambled egg was quite disgusting and I heard several people complain about it including Pete. He didn't think the food was as good as on our last Marella cruise back in July. Unfortunately Pete was ill with possible food poisoning or a tummy bug so on Dr's orders neither of us were allowed out of our cabin for 2 days as it was highly contagious. We have no idea what caused it but we only ate on board and the food provided on the organised BBQ's.Luckily he was ok after the second day and we were finally allowed out of the cabin.! I noticed how so many passengers walked straight past the hand sanitizers including staff, I was watching people coming back on board from my balcony and saw two crew members walk on no attempt to use them. We had trouble with the kettle in our cabin. It kept boiling over so when I tried to use it on Christmas morning I rang reception to ask for another one, she asked if I was overfilling it, I said I wasn't, I do know how to use a kettle! She said she would send an electrician up, Pete was still in bed and we just wanted another kettle so we could have a cuppa, we didn't want an electrician in the room. No one came, I rang again, She asked if the electrician had been yet, I asked if someone could just bring up another kettle, we waited. By now it was time to go for breakfast so we gave up and spoke to Jason our cabin steward who said he would get a kettle for us...SIMPLES...!!!! We thought the entertainment was very poor especially considering it was Christmas, there was very little to do during sea days. I know that you can't please all the people all the time but we were a little bored at times. This is our second Marella cruise, we have done two with P&O. Would we choose another Marella cruise?? Possibly but we would definitely look at other options first. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018

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