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We booked our trip directly with Celebrity using their online reservation process. I found it easy and straight forward. After placing the reservations, I received a call from Celebrity a few days later to confirm our information. They ... Read More
We booked our trip directly with Celebrity using their online reservation process. I found it easy and straight forward. After placing the reservations, I received a call from Celebrity a few days later to confirm our information. They were friendly and helpful! We had received a direct email with a fantastic rate offer, which is why we booked with them instead of using one of our "usual" online TA's. We embarked from Bayonne, NJ. Never having been there, we were a little concerned about directions, parking, etc. The wonderful Cruise Critic members on the Bayonne board provided us with fantastic directions and good insights about how to board with a walker and handicapped parking. It was quite easy, and within 40 minutes of arriving in Bayonne we were on board and in our cabin, even though it was well before the 1 PM "rooms ready" timeline. We were warmly greeted by our Room Steward and shown the features of the room. We headed upstairs to the Buffet for a delicious lunch. The Buffet line is broken up into sections, with Pizza being one place, sandwiches and Paninis all the way in the back, and the hot buffet offered on usually one side only. It took a few days to get the hang of where to find things. Breakfast is the same way, with the popular waffles, pancakes and french toast being all the way Aft. Don't miss the fantastic orange butter for your waffles, etc.! Also in the back is a small covered open seating area. It's a little windy while at sea, but nice when in port. Back down to our Stateroom to unpack. This was our first experience with an Inside cabin. We had been warned to 1) always leave the lights on, and 2) pack an alarm clock! It gets really DARK when the lights are off. The second morning, my DH turned off the alarm clock, intending to snooze a little longer. We didn't wake up til 10 o'clock! Very easy to sleep in when there's no light. The room was a littler narrow than what we're used to, but had lots of storage cubbies and nooks. There were plenty of hangars available in the spacious closet. The bathroom was nicely appointed, toilet was roomy and not stuck in the corner like some ships. Shower was a little narrow, but lots of hot water available! Shelves on the mirror as well as below the sink provided lots of storage room for toiletries. There was a clothesline in the shower for drying swimsuits, etc. The beds were a little hard, but not overly so. We requested them apart, which gave us more leg room. Small sofa came in handy for storage, didn't really use it for sitting. Our suitcases fit neatly under the beds. Our mid-ship location was very convenient for me, and kept to a minimum the amount of time I spent walking from one end of the ship to the other. Food was aft, entertainment forward. Casino and shops were midships, as well as some really nice lounges. The ship is aging gracefully; the marble atrium steps are still impressive, and the classic theme is well done and kept remarkably clean. Our dining experience started off badly, but ended well. We were not provided with a dining assignment, so had to wait 20-25 minutes standing off to the side until we were told where our table was. Finally wound up on the upper level of the dining room (5th deck) at a wonderfully friendly table for 10. We all enjoyed it so much, not one of us missed a seating! The menu was a little fancy for my tastes, but I was able to find something to try on every night but one -- and then ordered the fall back chicken Caesar salad. Coq au Vin, Chateaubriand and Encrusted Turkey Parmesan were several of my favorite offerings. Wonderful soups and salads accompanied the meals. Desserts were heavy on the chocolate -- not a favorite of mine. So, I just ordered the Creme Brulee, which was available every night. It never failed to impress. The wait staff was friendly, approachable, and funny. They provided us with impeccable service. Thank you Ashpura and Nelson! The shows were typical cruise fare: a comic, a Broadway show, and a magician. The comic was hysterical, though, much more enjoyable than normal. The singers and dancers on board the Summit were fabulous and very talented. I wasn't enamoured of the magician (sorry, Adam.) The biggest surprise was the aerial ribbon act with Dominic and Marsha. Absolutely stunning! They were pieced into several of the shows, but I felt they should have had their own show, they were that good! We did not take advantage of the children's club offerings, although we overheard several families offering them high praises. We also did not participate in any shore excursions, using our own knowledge as well as a good tour book to guide us around the Island. The various activities on board were standard cruise fare. We enjoyed with Wii for adults (tennis only -- bowling takes too long!), the trivia contests, and the various lectures. The pools were always busy, with all poolside chairs "taken," of course. We were able to find a few free lounges in the Thalassotherapy pool area, which was wonderful. Just like a big hot tub! We used it while in port, as it was always crowded while at sea. The casino was fairly large and easily navigable, even with my walker. ATMS were down more than they were up. Internet access was available, but slow, and pricey. We had a little trouble with disembarkation. I normally disembark using a wheel chair so I don't have to stand for long periods. We were provided a wheel chair the night before disembarkation to our stateroom. Our room steward then pushed me to the disembarkation lounge in the morning, telling us "someone" would be along when our luggage tags were called. Well, they weren't. My husband finally had to go looking for someone, and it was almost 30 minutes after they'd called our tags before a porter finally arrived. When we got down to deck 1, it was chaos. The area between the mid-ship elevators is very narrow, and there were a hundred people or better trying to get out through the one gate. It was crazy! Then, when we finally got outside to the luggage area, our luggage was nowhere in sight. Long story short, it had been left on the ship. After another 30 minutes of waiting, we were finally reunited with our luggage. There was a long,long line of cars pulling up to the covered tent to pick up their luggage, but we were able to bypass it by the grace of our porters. They pushed me and our luggage cart all the way out to the handicapped parking area, where we loaded up the car, tipped them (generously) and finally took off! We started out at 8:30 AM in the lounge, and finally pulled away from Bayonne at almost 11 AM. NOT a smooth process, for sure! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Our May 9-16, 2010 cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity's Summit showed us why we love Celebrity. After a short Caribbean cruise on a competitor's ship in Feb., we were more than pleased to come back to Celebrity. No cigarette smoke on ... Read More
Our May 9-16, 2010 cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity's Summit showed us why we love Celebrity. After a short Caribbean cruise on a competitor's ship in Feb., we were more than pleased to come back to Celebrity. No cigarette smoke on Celebrity. No drunks on Celebrity. No having to run the casino gauntlet (blue with smoke) to get anywhere on this Celebrity ship. No one hawking drinks every five minutes on Celebrity. In fact, Celebrity = Classy as they greet you with champagne when you board (no charge) and ply you with champagne in situations where you have prolonged waiting (e.g. when we had to wait in line for the galley tour). Since it was Mother's Day weekend, Celebrity even had a rose and chocolates for every lady. Boarding and disembarking are well organized and done quickly. It was only a short wait til we were onboard and another short wait when we left the ship at the end of the cruise. Well managed and impressive! Our stateroom was near the stairs and elevator beneath the theater. We had pre-cruise concerns that it might be a busy and noisy location but it was not. Our stateroom was well cared for by the very friendly and accommodating staff. Our steward even found a bud vase to hold my Mother's Day rose! The food was great. We tried the anytime dining experience for the first time and enjoyed the flexibility and the chance to meet new people each night. The menu choices and the service were very good. The only complaint about food that I might have is that the food at the grill by the pool was not hot, actually not even lukewarm in the case of my onion rings and my husband's fries. I appreciated the health bar's choices, just wish that bar was more accessible - nearer the "regular" food instead of near the spa. The shows were exceptional! Phenomenal talent - singers, dancers, etc. Probably the best we have seen in our limited cruising experiences. The Neptunes, a mens' a cappella quartet, were outstanding. Could have listened to them all day and night. Note: We heard cruisers asking the same question we had: "Why does it take 3 days to get to Bermuda and only 2 days to get back?" Obviously this is a Celebrity choice. We would much rather have spent an extra day in Bermuda than going around in slow circles in the Atlantic In short, we were glad to be back with Celebrity, the cruising was great, and we had no complaints about our week on the Summit. We were returning to Bermuda after living there 44 years ago and we found LOTS of changes. More and faster traffic, new buildings, more people, and fewer genuine Bermudans with their distinctive accent. The #1 main change is that the ships no longer dock at Hamilton or St. George. Though the new dock at King's Wharf is modern and nice, there is just not the ambience of looking out your window or balcony and seeing the real Bermuda towns and being able to step right out into the hustle and bustle of the streets. King's Wharf is a manufactured place, not the REAL Bermuda. The real shame about the advent of the King's Wharf "culture" is how this seems to be affecting St. George. When we lived there, the streets of St. George were busy with tourists at all hours of the day and night. The White Horse Tavern was hopping till late at night and shops were thriving. Right now, you can tell that St. George, with all its quiet charm, is struggling. Townspeople told us tourists come early and leave early and they don't come in great numbers as in the past. There is so much to see in and around historic St. George and I think many cruisers may be missing things like St. Peter's Church, Ft. St. Catherine, the quaint town square with its stocks, the Perfumery, meandering streets, etc. St. George is the epitome of the old Bermuda. Don't miss it. On the bright side, the transportation system in Bermuda is great - fast, efficient, and on-time. You really don't need any excursions here. It is very easy to explore on your own. We bought a ferry/bus 3-day ticket - very reasonably priced - and used it to get all over the island. Just be careful when stepping off the curb! Remember that they drive on the LEFT side of the road, a hold-over from the days of British rule. We walked a lot so we could visit some of the more out-of-the-way places. Par-de-Ville Park in Hamilton is beautiful and Ft. Hamilton is worth the climb for a fantastic view of Hamilton's harbor. A bus ride along the South Shore gives you a great sense of the island's beauty. Don't forget to stop at Gibbs Hill lighthouse and climb to the top for a bird's eye view of the shoreline. And go to at least one beach to sample the pink sand and hunt for sea glass. John Smith beach is a lovely and quiet place if you want to avoid the crowd at Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Bay, etc. And don't miss photo ops at the many moongates around the island! It was great to not have to worry about money exchange rates. Bermuda accepts USD. Be aware that prices are pretty steep. If you are budget conscious, plan on bringing snacks and water bottles in your backpack or you will spend a bundle for food on the island. We talked to people who dropped $50 on a small lunch at a restaurant near the South Shore. As former Air Force people, we enjoyed the ride on #6 bus that took us through parts of the old Kindley AFB. Many of the military buildings are gone but many are being renovated and repurposed and I applaud all those who are making this possible. In short, the island is still beautiful, the flowers are fantastic, the beaches are pristine, the people are friendly, and shopping is still good. Bermuda is a place that should be on your bucket list. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Celebrity Summit Sept 18/09 Embarkation/ Disembarkation This process was amazingly smooth. The airlines could learn a great deal about efficiently and quickly dealing with this process. We were on the ship eating lunch at the wonderful ... Read More
Celebrity Summit Sept 18/09 Embarkation/ Disembarkation This process was amazingly smooth. The airlines could learn a great deal about efficiently and quickly dealing with this process. We were on the ship eating lunch at the wonderful buffet in the Waterfall cafe about 20 minutes after arriving in the port. Luggage was delivered promptly and accurately. Cabin/Ship Our cabin was kept in a spotless condition throughout our journey. Our cabin steward cleaned about 3 times every day. Towels were replaced regularly, ice was placed in the ice bucket and the water jug was always full. We think he might have had radar because he seemed to clean and make up the cabin within moments of our departure. Our steward Des, noticed that we had purchased a bottle of white wine prior to embarkation and he put it on ice without even being requested to do so. Beds were turned down at night with a chocolate on the pillow. We wanted to change our disembarkation time and we had the new luggage labels delivered to us by Des about 15 minutes after the request was made. The ship was also kept meticulously clean and shining at all times, including the public toilets. Food This was truly a highlight of the voyage! Every meal in the dining room was a great new experience. Attention was paid not only to taste, but the presentation was beautiful as well. I found that the beef dishes were so tender, you often did not require a knife. They have many chocolate delights for desert and once our waiter , Rodel, discovered that we had a weakness in this area, many different chocolate treats were produced which were not on the menu. Any time I wanted to change a detail about the meal, it was always met with "certainly" as a response. We also purchased the wine package and came to love our sommelier, Gabriel. We felt it was good value for the quality of wines presented. We also attended one of their wine tasting events on a sea day. This was a great deal of fun as we got to taste about 10 different wines, make notes and get lots of really interesting information on the wines.( We also got a few extra glasses at the end of our favorites which were left over.) We then asked our sommelier if we could include some of these wines in our package at night. Although it wasn't always possible ( I don't know why the $150. bottle presented a problem), he did accommodate us quite a bit. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Waterfall cafe most days and the salads were fabulous every day! They also had a whole range of hot foods etc. which changed daily. The ice cream bar was a terrific addition, when we felt in need of just a little pick-me-up around 3:00 pm!!! There is also an Aqua Spa cafe near the Thassolotherapy pool with lovely healthy food. Yes, I did try it and it was good too! Entertainment We did not attend all the events held in the main theatre due to the fact that we took a Mediterranean cruise and were often tired at night. However, the large production shows (with singing and dancing) were very well done. Many of the smaller lounges had singers, piano players, string quartets entertaining where you could just sit and relax in the evening. There was always dancing in the lounges after the main shows - which seemed to be very popular. The card room also seemed to have several people playing every evening. One thing we particularly enjoyed was a seminar given on the sea days by Maria, in the photo shop, regarding digital photography. These sessions were free and held in Michael's lounge . She provided many tips on using our camera more effectively and how to take better travel shots. She also invited us to bring our cameras to the photo shop in the evening and she would help us with our particular cameras in person . She even gave me some tips on improving the photos I had already taken. I must admit, I enjoyed playing with my camera more while I was on shore excursions! Facilities I loved the thassolotherapy pool! It is located in a large solarium near the spa area. The lounges have really comfy pads and there is very light spa music playing in the background. It was a lovely place to go for a quiet read, whirlpool or a small snooze! When I saw the giant waterfall taps running into the whirlpool, I wondered what they were for - other than a pleasant waterfall sound. However, I put my shoulder under one and found the massaging quality of this feature. The "loungers" in the whirlpool were also a pleasant surprise from the typical whirlpool setup. Best of all, I never found this area overly busy. The 2 story library was also a nice addition and included some very up-to-date paperback novels. If I had known this, I would have reduced my suitcase weight a touch by bringing one less book. You can also get daily newspaper updates there - if you care. I found the internet quite expensive- 65cents /minute- on board, so we just looked for an internet cafe onshore and saved quite a bit of money that way. By the way, if you have postcards they will provide stamps and mail them for you from the purser's desk - at a reasonable cost. There is an ATM onboard and of course, everything goes on your account in USD. The tipping goes on your account daily and you can access your bill on your TV in your room. In fact, the service was so good, that we got envelopes to give extra tips at the end of the voyage( we have never done this before).This was in no way expected nor encouraged. We just wanted to do it. They also have port lectures recorded on the TV which gives you a bit of a preview of the ports to come. Shore Excursions We used Rome In Limo for Naples and Rome. We loved them. They were right on time in both ports and we maximized our time in those place. Although tired at the end of the days, we had seen and done all that we had wanted in comfort and with ease. When I saw the other passengers get back on the ship from their shore excursions and listened to their tales, I realized we had made the right choice with private excursions. Since there were 4 of us, it worked out cheaper than the ship excursions and we could do what we wanted, when we wanted in the comfort of a Mercedes van!When we had had enough, we just said " OK, that's enough- take us back."WE also got to say how long we wanted for each stop and when we were ready, we moved on. We also got to choose where and when we had lunch.The drivers, Gianni in Naples, were friendly and suggested local spots to eat which didn't take up too much of our days and yet gave us quiet spots to take a break. We used Port Promotions in Turkey and they were also terrific. Both guarantee to not miss the boat if you listen to the drivers and come back to the ship when they recommend. Both outfits also allowed us to miss some of the crowds as they both know the secrets to avoiding the worst of the crowds. You can do Nice by train or bus, Dubrovnik by taking a taxi to the old city walls and Venice by using the water vaporetto down the Grand Canal. Overall I would go Celebrity again in a heartbeat! Take private shore excursions when you can- especially for Naples and Rome. I would also do Florence that way if I could do it again!Save money in the other ports so that you can do it this way! Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Background: We took a standard balcony. Married, early 60's, with numerous annual cruises on multiple lines from Carnival to Seabourn. We selected this cruise for the itinerary, not the ship or line. Short version: Celebrity ... Read More
Background: We took a standard balcony. Married, early 60's, with numerous annual cruises on multiple lines from Carnival to Seabourn. We selected this cruise for the itinerary, not the ship or line. Short version: Celebrity remains and excellent choice in the so-called "mass marketing" cruise lines. Positives: Service and guest care, room, and itinerary. Negatives: Dining room closed for lunch, major reason to avoid. Fixed dining only in dining room. Specifics: Boarding: (4/5) Pretty standard and efficient considering most guests were there an hour or more prior to earliest time. Keep in mind that on all larger ships you can go right on with no waits by showing up about 1.5 hours after the earliest listed boarding time. Stateroom: Everything you would expect for a ship of this class with excellent service in every regard. Well maintained stateroom that was of average size for this class ship. Common areas: Not the best use of some space, but clean with no excess wear. Again, excellent service. Entertainment: Quite variable guest entertainers with lots of comedians. Staff entertainers and orchestra were average for this level of ship. The itinerary was so busy that there was little time for shipboard entertaining during the day. Itinerary: (5/5) Many guest like ourselves were on this particular ship for the outstanding ports of call for anyone interested in World History. Food: (3/5) We rarely ever eat in the cafeteria as we can do that at work; however, the dining room was only open for 2 or 3 lunches on the entire 14 day cruise which will probably keep us off Celebrity in the future. Breakfasts were good, but again not available everyday. Dinners are fixed seating (6:15 or 8:45) which is always risky depending on the table. Food was slightly above average for this class ship. Good , but rarely memorable. No one at the table had a bad meal, but all agreed that the food was pretty average in terms of quality of materials and preparation. Service was outstanding! Family: Celebrity is probably not the line of choice for younger children. Celebrity Captain's club perks: (1/5) Nothing notable for multiple return customers. We will be a higher level with our next cruise, but even that has nothing of value offer. Most important question: Will we book another Celebrity Cruise? Certainly not our first choice, but this is our first choice to recommend to those in our age group who have never cruised. Read Less
Sail Date October 2008
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Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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