58 Celebrity Summit Cruise Reviews for Senior Cruises to Bermuda

Don't think there is much of a need to talk about the ship. Since she is headed to dry dock early next year for a $70 million make-over, dents and dings really didn't matter. That said, I continue to be ... Read More
Don't think there is much of a need to talk about the ship. Since she is headed to dry dock early next year for a $70 million make-over, dents and dings really didn't matter. That said, I continue to be amazed at the level of service on the Summit. This was my fourth week in the past two years, and I was not disappointed. Although the ship is showing age, she was nevertheless cleaned on a continuing basis. I have yet to get used to going into a public men's room in the evening and having some there cleaning. The cast in the show room seems to have more members than on some Celebrity ships. I found the quality of the singers to be above-normal. Having been on the Solstice class ships (4 times) it took a bit of adjustment to the older design and layout. The staff tells me that the redo will include "Solstice" type upgrades. I still like the older designs just as well as the newer. This class of ship reminds me of a nice hotel; rich looking with great service. Now---if you are planning to go to Bermuda...READ THIS!!!! Each year, around the last week in July they have the "Cup Match." It is a cricket match between Somerset and St Georges. It is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. So, shops are closed on Thursday and Friday. A lot of people were upset they were not told about it by their TA. West End shops remain open, but there are not that many. Getting around Bermuda is easy. Buy a $12 all -day ticket and it's good on the ferry's and buses around the island. Bus travel? Avoid it if you can. They tend to be crowded. The #7 runs from Hamilton to West End (and back) and goes by the beaches. Nice very but the trip takes more than an hour. Ferry takes 20 minutes! Wednesday night there is a street fair in Hamilton starting at 6:30. If you miss it, catch it the next night at the fort by the ship. That's all from the bridge. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
This was our first cruise sailing out of Bayonne, N.J and our second cruise to Bermuda. The check-in facilities at Bayonne were adequate really need to be updated. We dropped off our luggage and then parked our car. The check-in (and ... Read More
This was our first cruise sailing out of Bayonne, N.J and our second cruise to Bermuda. The check-in facilities at Bayonne were adequate really need to be updated. We dropped off our luggage and then parked our car. The check-in (and security) were a short walk from parking. Around 12:30 it took about 10 minutes to get though security and 5-10 minutes to check-in. From there we had to stand in line and WAIT FOR A CROWDED BUS TO TAKE US TO THE SHIP (which was within a 5 minute walk). Once on board, Celebrity gave us the usual welcome on-board drink (unlike RCL). The require muster drill went very well and unlike out experiences on the Mercury, we did NOT have to go outside by the lifeboats. (Mercury was in Baltimore in January and we were not told to bring coats-COLD). The trip to and from Bermuda was uneventful and smooth. The ship never seemed crowded and we could always find a seat for breakfast and lunch. The pool area you sometimes had to hunt a bit, and the hot tubs were always busy. It had been 19 years since we had been to Bermuda. This time we docked at King Wharf on the West-End of the island. The major city is Hamilton which is located mid-island and the other city of size is St. George on the far east side. Last cruise we went on a ship about 35,000 tons vs the Summit of 90,000 tons. The size of the ship somewhat controls where you are docked and how you get around the island. Last cruise we spent 1 day in St. George where we could walk off the ship into town and 2+ days in Hamilton where we docked on Main Street. From Main Street it was a short trip to the bus terminal that took you anywhere on the island (east or west). The Summit on the other hand was docked on the West end of the island far away from anything. In order to get to Hamilton you needed to take a ferry or bus (schedules are available on the net). It always took some planning for each time you left the ship since you needed to know the ferry/bus schedule and what connections needed to be made. One day we went to St.George on the 10:00 ferry and arrive too late for the "official" walking tour. We did some shopping and went to the noon "dunking" on the square. People were dressed in period attire and they dunked the town gossip. The official presiding(acting) invited anyone to join him for a free walking tour afterward. The first stop was the courthouse which had pictures of former majors. He was one of them. His walking tour was very worth the effort. After the tour we spent some time in the town and waited for the ferry back to the "other end" of the island. The highlight of this cruise was being chosen for some special perks. We are elite members (10+ cruises) and were celebrating a birthday. One night we were asked (along with 3 other couples) to join the captain at his table for dinner. At dinner he extended a special invitation for us to visit the bridge as we left Bermuda. This was special but the view was just as good from the front lounge of the ship. Overall the cruise was one of our better ones and we would go back again (from Bayonne). Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Our family of nine just got back from a week aboard Celebrity Summit after a cruise to Bermuda. We are from the Philadelphia area and Bayonne N. J. was a convenient port. We used a Limo to get there and that was the best thing since the ... Read More
Our family of nine just got back from a week aboard Celebrity Summit after a cruise to Bermuda. We are from the Philadelphia area and Bayonne N. J. was a convenient port. We used a Limo to get there and that was the best thing since the area to drop off luggage was narrow to park and very crowded. Once aboard the ship, we experienced excellent service and friendliness from every crew member on the ship that continued til the end of the cruise. Summit is 10 years old but a gorgeous ship with only slight signs of wear. It is going to dry dock in January 2012 for a multi million dollar makeover. Our week was filled with excellent service; Restaurants, stateroom, spa, pool... Entertainment was excellent with a comedian who was fantastic. Al Ducharme was very funny and clean. Food was excellent. Our waiter would bring another entre if there was something you didn't like that you ordered. In Bermuda, we booked an excursion for a 5 hour air cond. bus ride all over with a stop in St. Georges for shopping. Souvenirs were pricey there and we found out you could get better priced items at the King's Wharf shopping area right around where the ship was docked. We used a van to get to the Horseshoe Beach. It was worth it since it took us down the road to Beach access. The bus which is also economical dropped you off at the top of the main road and you had to walk down to the beach and then back up to get the bus back. We had a Glass Bottom Boat ride at night which was our only complaint. It was almost 60.00 per person and definitely not worth it. We had a Veranda room on the 6th floor and it faced the Bay instead of the dock and we enjoyed watching all the water activities and boats. It was a wonderful experience. If you needed anything anywhere on the ship, they were very accomodating. I would definitely like to go back to the Summit after its dry dock renovation next year. I highly recommend the Summit. Sue Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Suffering through a terrible NJ winter, my wife and I needed a change of scenery. Although both retired we still needed a "vacation" from our everyday routine. Since we don't fly and Bayonne(Cape Liberty) is about an hour ... Read More
Suffering through a terrible NJ winter, my wife and I needed a change of scenery. Although both retired we still needed a "vacation" from our everyday routine. Since we don't fly and Bayonne(Cape Liberty) is about an hour drive we decided on Bermuda from Bayonne. We decided on the Summit as we previously sailed on her and enjoyed that 2003 sailing very much. Now 8 years later and 8 months from refurbishment we found the Summit to be delightful as ever. There were some dings, dents, wear, and fading but the ship was spotless. The crew and officers from stateroom, dining, and ship maintenance were courteous, friendly, and helpful. The food in the both the Waterfall Cafe and main dining room was excellent. Pizza although not up to NJ standards wasn't bad. Food from different areas was spiced according to region and actually had some "zip". We never went to the specialty restaurant do to the excellent food in the main dining room and the great people at our table. Alcohol was enjoyed on this trip. We bought the $99.00 3 bottle package which was fine for a 7 day cruise . TIP: buy from the sommelier at your table and he/she will get the 15% tip. Do try the six martini tasting in the martini bar. Entertainment best seen in years. Singers and dancers were excellent and don't miss the agile Russian pair. This being our third trip to Bermuda we took no tours and just walked around the Royal Naval Dockyard. Found a few things made in Bermuda but much came from China. Greatly enjoyed the Bermuda Maritime Museum and Dolphin Quest. The weather in Bermuda was not fit for Bermuda or any other shorts. High temperature for the 3 days was 72 with WNW winds and on and off showers. We still had a wonderful time. Embarkation and disembarkation were the best for us ever. That being said, NJ needs desperately to upgrade the facilities at Cape Liberty. The Celebrity Captains Club events were very nice as well as the cruise critic get together. The backstage tour for Select Captain Club members was enlightening and most enjoyable. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Though I have never reviewed a cruise in my life, I figured after disembarking from our third cruise a month ago, I had better get started before I forget the details. I don't ... Read More
Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Though I have never reviewed a cruise in my life, I figured after disembarking from our third cruise a month ago, I had better get started before I forget the details. I don't enter into reviews lightly so you can be sure that I will be as honest as possible in my opinions so that perhaps your experience will be a better one. Ok, Here we go. Sailing date: 5-29-11 Ship: Celebrity Summit Embarkation: Port Liberty, Bayonne, NJ Cruise Itinerary: 7 Nights, Bermuda 2 days at sea, 3 nights docked, Getting to your destination for embarkation is always a challenge. Typically if I can be driven to point A without the hassle and expense of flying, I will opt for that everytime. This trip was no different. I had been saving for a while for this and since it was a delayed anniversary trip for us, I thought I would hire a town car for the trip down and back. It costs roughly 275.00 one way for the trip. Is it worth it, to me, yes. Everyone will have different opinions on this issue but everyone's circumstances are different. We have two 10 plus year old vehicles and neither of which I would want to depend on to fight NYC traffic coming from central CT where we live. The boat leaves when it leaves and you have to be there on time. End of Topic. What would make it easier would be to find someone here on cruise critic in the same general area who was on the same cruise and share the costs down and back on our next cruise 9-4-11. So we are talking central CT area to Bayonne and back, perhaps we can find that. So we were picked up and dropped off at the ship at around 12:30pm on Sunday, May 29th. Had a small bottle of champagne in the limo on the way down and listened to 70's rock and roll. Now that's what I call chillin before the sail. Immediately upon exiting the car, a young man was on us in a flash to grab our luggage and place it on the cart. Of course he was looking for a tip and he, not having change (of course not), I probably gave him more than it was worth so remember to have change when you arrive. This trip was our first balcony room and Concierge Class (C2) so we had some extra privileges for early boarding and disembarkation. We moved fairly quickly through the boarding process and before we knew it, they were handing us a glass of champagne and we were off to our room. I never expected it to be so quick. We actually felt like we had an extra day on board because of the early arrival. Not really sure how early you could arrive and get on board but we may try on our upcoming trip The Summit is a smaller ship in comparison to the other two ships that we have sailed over the last 15 years, the Sovereign of the Seas, and the Enchantment of the seas. Both RC lines. Personally I like a smaller ship. No matter how much you slice it though the mass and size of all of the cruise ships is a wonder. I marvel every time at the mechanics of running these monsters. We signed up for the 6pm seating for dinner and shortly after we left the pier it was time to get ready to go. The first night was a casual night. Now though I can't remember the menu, rest assured all of the food on this ship is great. I learned on our first cruise however that you could easily gain 10 pounds in a week if you are not careful, and on our first cruise, I DID. This time however I actually lost a couple of pounds. One of the tricks of that is by taking advantage of the healthy menu at the aqua spa grill in the over 18 spa area. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only place to eat breakfast. Never a line and the food is healthy. Of course there are the special buffet nights and little snack bars but it's just about control and saying no. So much for my lecture on diet. We debated heavily over the drink packages and opted not to sign up for them. We are glad we did. The day before departure I learned that you are allowed to bring on board 2 750 ML bottles of wine to keep in your room. We did that and enjoyed a glass of red wine in the evening, it was great. I brought a glass to our dinner table each night to avoid getting charged. Didn't think you could do that but I learned its ok. We are not big drinkers so the occasional mixed drink would not have paid for the packages over the week. We do feel thought that the small amount of money that you pay for the upgrade to balcony Concierge Class is worth it. The room we had on the Summit was 9056. I read on the web somewhere, perhaps here, that there were noises from the pool area above and to some extent that was true but I am an early riser and my wife sleeps more soundly than I so it didn't bother us. The room was wonderful. I read about the things people complain about in bad reviews of ships but I'll tell you what, is it any worse than what they run into at home? Think about that. I did read that in CC class there were flat screen TV's. Not in our room. We had a regular old box TV. We were not there to watch TV so no big deal. The Concierge Class also offers appetizers in your room in the afternoon, which in my opinion is not big deal. Just a half dozen or so tiny bread crackers with different toppings. Nothing to write home about. There is always a basket of fruit in the room. The Bottle of Champagne in the room upon arrival is very nice in CC class. The bed was comfortable. The shower area and bathroom were large enough for getting ready. I still am not brave enough to venture into the bathroom however to share it when my wife is getting ready in there. I think that is just a personal safety issue. LOL! Its not a two person bathroom. Please remember that there is a hairdryer in CC class. We found the hairdryer on the last day. It was kind of hidden in the cabinet below the sink. The one on the wall my wife said was way to hot and it was burning her hair. Good info for you ladies, but remember you cannot bring your dryer from home. They say its a safety issue and will take it from you if they find it. You can pick it up on the way out though. But who needs that hassle on the way home. Don't bring extension cords. I brought one for my CPAP machine and the confiscated it saying it was a safety issue on board. We had some difficulty with the safe in the room however I do believe that was my fault. No unreasonable noises from other rooms adjacent to us. I personally think that you run into this more on other lines rather than celebrity. I hope this trend continues on our next cruise on the summit coming up The Summit has many areas to explore. I kind of get lost with my camera in the evening and wander around the ship looking for unusual shots with all the unique lighting. I need to post those !!!!! We did go to the aqua massage area one afternoon and partake in the specials they had for facial and massage. I think that I should have done that on the first day to chill out. Perhaps this next time I will. A bit more expensive than we had planned on for a massage but I do feel it helps you come down from the stress levels when you start your vacation. I have to be honest regarding the over 18 pool and spa area. One morning i went to enjoy the spa pool very early and i saw some unidentifyable foam on the surface, kind of a greyish color. I refused to get in and have that attach itself to my body. Sorry Celebrity, you need to get rid of that issue. I owned a hot tub for years and know that its an issue and with the many people using this facility, it should be monitored closer. I believe that the main public pool area and hot tubs are probably cleaner. This is something you will have to judge for yourselves. We took a galley (kitchen) tour, which was interesting. We also did some snorkeling on our first day in port however the water was very cold and I ended up with a respiratory thing the rest of the trip. It wasn't bed ridden ill but just annoying ill respiratory thing. Hey, a bad day at sea is still better than a good day at work. Right? So if you are going snorkeling and the water temps are 72 or less, prepare yourself for some cold water or wear a wetsuit. At least in May. The second day we took the famous beaches tour. It was ok but not long enough on the beach. They take you to a private secluded beach and there are only a dozen or so umbrellas, chairs and snacks all waiting for you. Kind of nice but like I mentioned for the price, not long enough. This was a tour booked through the ship. The Third day we took the ferry to Hamilton and explored the city a bit. We really messed up on a bus and the driver never told us when our stop came up so we blew two hours and never got back to Hamilton. We are doing it right next time, with a private Cab. Ok, moving on. This review is about the ship. We did not take advantage of the private restaurants. The Normandie seems very special however we paid for excellent service and great food in the main dining area and stuck with that for the entire trip. Take the galley tour as I mentioned above, Only an hour or so and you get to see the kitchens and prep area and the take you through the Normadie restaurant as a promo at the end of the tour. The shows on board, Well, we did attend one show after dinner one evening and I must say that as compared to other shows we have seen on other cruises, it was just ok. It was shorter in length than I expected and to get really good seat, you have to sit there for 30 to 45 minutes prior to the show starting. So you are now talking about 3 hours of an evening, gone. Kind of a waste of an evening I felt. But that also is a personal choice. On the second night of our cruise, on formal night, my wife got terribly seasick as we were now further out at sea (400 miles) and the dining room is aft as far as you can go. The Summit was rocking and the evening was kind of shot after that. Many people were feeling the same. My wife never made it through the appetizers and had to get back to the room. A very kind soul in our hallway donated one of her patches to us and my wife was fine after that. So with that in mind bring a patch with you that your doctor prescribes. Or maybe a couple of them. My wife's patch fell off during a full body massage but at that point she was ok. The docs on board cannot issue the patch because it is a script. I never saw the doc for my medical issue because my insurance probably was not going to cover it. I have to say that the service on board this ship is just excellent. The gentleman who was tending to our room was there whenever you needed him for anything. I brought our cell phones but decided that if there is an emergency people know how to reach us. Never used them @ 7 dollars a minute or whatever the outrageous charge was. Brought our netbook just as a dumping ground for photos. I did not want to pay the outrageous minute prices either for checking email in the apple computer center. Kind of nice to get away from all that for a week. Try to attend some of the small gatherings while at sea. The events in the daily publication are described. As an example, we went to the xbox kinnect demo in one of the lounges to hang out and had great fun. The casino is great, it never seemed to be crowded when I went and it was just a great place to hang with a cup of coffee and watch your coins disappear LOL I don't do sun intentionally but there are plenty of opportunities and spaces to enjoy it if that is your thing. Each person is different obviously and enjoys different venues when on a cruise. There is so much to do even while at sea that you just have to pick your fun. And that is what cruising is all about, having fun. This next cruise I will make a personal effort to disconnect from the real world earlier on in the trip than I did before. Try to do this yourself. For some its easy, for me its not so easy. It usually takes me about three days to realize I'm on vacation. Maybe I can get that down to the day of departure on this next trip. That's why getting there as early as possible on departure day is good. That several hours before the ship leaves is kind of the breakdown time to adjust your mind. I hope that some of the information that I posted will be helpful to some of you out there. Perhaps not to you veteran cruisers but perhaps to you who are going to be taking your first cruise. We are still learning about cruising and this will be our fourth. Thanks again for taking the time to read my thoughts. Have a great trip !!!!!!!! , Wavewriter Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
May 2 - May 9 Celebrity Summit to Newport and Bermuda Embarkation: Arrived at Cape Liberty cruiseport at 2:30. We thought the lines would move quickly, but it was 45 min in a long winding line before we got our sea passes. (so much for ... Read More
May 2 - May 9 Celebrity Summit to Newport and Bermuda Embarkation: Arrived at Cape Liberty cruiseport at 2:30. We thought the lines would move quickly, but it was 45 min in a long winding line before we got our sea passes. (so much for online boarding passes...not so quick anymore) This process could improve greatly if Celebrity opened those windows to everyone when the "concierge class" and suite's line were empty. I looked over several times to see several windows open while our line hardly moved. We got onboard around 3:15. Room: We booked room 7176 (balcony aft) We prefer this location as it is close to the elevators and the aft elevators are usually less crowded. Our room was very pleasant and our balcony about twice the size of the Cat 2A balconies. Beds were very comfy, and although the bathroom is showing it's age, it was still very clean. Our room steward Peter Rodriquez was awesome. If I needed something I would write it down on a memo and place it on the mirror. Whatever I needed was there when I arrived back to the room. He was always pleasant, as was his assistant, and our room was always clean. Ship: The ship inside is in great shape, everything sparkles and shines. She is a pretty ship. We did notice however, that the outside decks and railings and the suite decks were in bad need of refurbishing. Food: We ate breakfast and lunch in the Waterfall Cafe' and were very pleased with the selections. (breakfast: eggs whatever way you want them, Belgium waffles-delicious, fresh pastries, whatever you wanted for breakfast you could find in one of those stations.) Lunch-I love the panini sandwiches, they were so good! But again, they offered many choices for lunch..and don't forget the pizza station any time of the day. We had 2nd sitting, so around 3:30 we would grab a few slices and bring it to our balcony, poured a glass of wine and watched the ocean go by. For dinner we ate at the Cosmopolitan, table for 2, #589 5th floor. Thank you Crescent and Dragan for a wonderful week of dining. Crescent was always attentive, pleasant, and made sure we were happy with our choices. Our dining experience was fantastic, and delicious! Entertainment: We felt disappointed in the entertainment choices. The Celebrity singers/dancers were awesome, but the outside entertainment was rather blah for our taste. We also felt the during the sea days, a better variety of speakers would have been nice. (Also, changing the computer courses would make it interesting instead of offering the same "beginner" classes on every cruise) Fortunately I brought 2 good books to read. Ports: Newport and Bermuda! 2 beautiful places. The weather in Newport was pretty bad, rain and fog. I stayed onboard and read, but hubby went to shore and although it poured, he enjoyed the historic port. We live within 2 hrs of this spot so we'll be going by this summer. Bermuda: Who doesn't love Bermuda! We've been here quite a few times, and knew where we wanted to go. Got the 2 day bus/sea pass and headed for St. George's by ferry the first day. It started off a beautiful day, we walked/shopped about for a few hours, then hopped on a bus for Horseshoe Bay. The water was splendid, but the sky's quickly darkened, so our beach stay was only 1 pleasant hour. The 2nd day we took the ferry to Hamilton, did more shopping, museum and planned on the beach, but the sky's looked threatening, so we headed back to the ship. We really had a relaxing, wonderful 7 days. (I wish they would have a 8 day cruise to Bermuda so you could stay at least 4 days...that would be sweet) Celebrity is still a great line, and I would gladly sail the Summit again. Happy Sailing! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We booked our trip directly with Celebrity using their online reservation process. I found it easy and straight forward. After placing the reservations, I received a call from Celebrity a few days later to confirm our information. They ... Read More
We booked our trip directly with Celebrity using their online reservation process. I found it easy and straight forward. After placing the reservations, I received a call from Celebrity a few days later to confirm our information. They were friendly and helpful! We had received a direct email with a fantastic rate offer, which is why we booked with them instead of using one of our "usual" online TA's. We embarked from Bayonne, NJ. Never having been there, we were a little concerned about directions, parking, etc. The wonderful Cruise Critic members on the Bayonne board provided us with fantastic directions and good insights about how to board with a walker and handicapped parking. It was quite easy, and within 40 minutes of arriving in Bayonne we were on board and in our cabin, even though it was well before the 1 PM "rooms ready" timeline. We were warmly greeted by our Room Steward and shown the features of the room. We headed upstairs to the Buffet for a delicious lunch. The Buffet line is broken up into sections, with Pizza being one place, sandwiches and Paninis all the way in the back, and the hot buffet offered on usually one side only. It took a few days to get the hang of where to find things. Breakfast is the same way, with the popular waffles, pancakes and french toast being all the way Aft. Don't miss the fantastic orange butter for your waffles, etc.! Also in the back is a small covered open seating area. It's a little windy while at sea, but nice when in port. Back down to our Stateroom to unpack. This was our first experience with an Inside cabin. We had been warned to 1) always leave the lights on, and 2) pack an alarm clock! It gets really DARK when the lights are off. The second morning, my DH turned off the alarm clock, intending to snooze a little longer. We didn't wake up til 10 o'clock! Very easy to sleep in when there's no light. The room was a littler narrow than what we're used to, but had lots of storage cubbies and nooks. There were plenty of hangars available in the spacious closet. The bathroom was nicely appointed, toilet was roomy and not stuck in the corner like some ships. Shower was a little narrow, but lots of hot water available! Shelves on the mirror as well as below the sink provided lots of storage room for toiletries. There was a clothesline in the shower for drying swimsuits, etc. The beds were a little hard, but not overly so. We requested them apart, which gave us more leg room. Small sofa came in handy for storage, didn't really use it for sitting. Our suitcases fit neatly under the beds. Our mid-ship location was very convenient for me, and kept to a minimum the amount of time I spent walking from one end of the ship to the other. Food was aft, entertainment forward. Casino and shops were midships, as well as some really nice lounges. The ship is aging gracefully; the marble atrium steps are still impressive, and the classic theme is well done and kept remarkably clean. Our dining experience started off badly, but ended well. We were not provided with a dining assignment, so had to wait 20-25 minutes standing off to the side until we were told where our table was. Finally wound up on the upper level of the dining room (5th deck) at a wonderfully friendly table for 10. We all enjoyed it so much, not one of us missed a seating! The menu was a little fancy for my tastes, but I was able to find something to try on every night but one -- and then ordered the fall back chicken Caesar salad. Coq au Vin, Chateaubriand and Encrusted Turkey Parmesan were several of my favorite offerings. Wonderful soups and salads accompanied the meals. Desserts were heavy on the chocolate -- not a favorite of mine. So, I just ordered the Creme Brulee, which was available every night. It never failed to impress. The wait staff was friendly, approachable, and funny. They provided us with impeccable service. Thank you Ashpura and Nelson! The shows were typical cruise fare: a comic, a Broadway show, and a magician. The comic was hysterical, though, much more enjoyable than normal. The singers and dancers on board the Summit were fabulous and very talented. I wasn't enamoured of the magician (sorry, Adam.) The biggest surprise was the aerial ribbon act with Dominic and Marsha. Absolutely stunning! They were pieced into several of the shows, but I felt they should have had their own show, they were that good! We did not take advantage of the children's club offerings, although we overheard several families offering them high praises. We also did not participate in any shore excursions, using our own knowledge as well as a good tour book to guide us around the Island. The various activities on board were standard cruise fare. We enjoyed with Wii for adults (tennis only -- bowling takes too long!), the trivia contests, and the various lectures. The pools were always busy, with all poolside chairs "taken," of course. We were able to find a few free lounges in the Thalassotherapy pool area, which was wonderful. Just like a big hot tub! We used it while in port, as it was always crowded while at sea. The casino was fairly large and easily navigable, even with my walker. ATMS were down more than they were up. Internet access was available, but slow, and pricey. We had a little trouble with disembarkation. I normally disembark using a wheel chair so I don't have to stand for long periods. We were provided a wheel chair the night before disembarkation to our stateroom. Our room steward then pushed me to the disembarkation lounge in the morning, telling us "someone" would be along when our luggage tags were called. Well, they weren't. My husband finally had to go looking for someone, and it was almost 30 minutes after they'd called our tags before a porter finally arrived. When we got down to deck 1, it was chaos. The area between the mid-ship elevators is very narrow, and there were a hundred people or better trying to get out through the one gate. It was crazy! Then, when we finally got outside to the luggage area, our luggage was nowhere in sight. Long story short, it had been left on the ship. After another 30 minutes of waiting, we were finally reunited with our luggage. There was a long,long line of cars pulling up to the covered tent to pick up their luggage, but we were able to bypass it by the grace of our porters. They pushed me and our luggage cart all the way out to the handicapped parking area, where we loaded up the car, tipped them (generously) and finally took off! We started out at 8:30 AM in the lounge, and finally pulled away from Bayonne at almost 11 AM. NOT a smooth process, for sure! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Our May 9-16, 2010 cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity's Summit showed us why we love Celebrity. After a short Caribbean cruise on a competitor's ship in Feb., we were more than pleased to come back to Celebrity. No cigarette smoke on ... Read More
Our May 9-16, 2010 cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity's Summit showed us why we love Celebrity. After a short Caribbean cruise on a competitor's ship in Feb., we were more than pleased to come back to Celebrity. No cigarette smoke on Celebrity. No drunks on Celebrity. No having to run the casino gauntlet (blue with smoke) to get anywhere on this Celebrity ship. No one hawking drinks every five minutes on Celebrity. In fact, Celebrity = Classy as they greet you with champagne when you board (no charge) and ply you with champagne in situations where you have prolonged waiting (e.g. when we had to wait in line for the galley tour). Since it was Mother's Day weekend, Celebrity even had a rose and chocolates for every lady. Boarding and disembarking are well organized and done quickly. It was only a short wait til we were onboard and another short wait when we left the ship at the end of the cruise. Well managed and impressive! Our stateroom was near the stairs and elevator beneath the theater. We had pre-cruise concerns that it might be a busy and noisy location but it was not. Our stateroom was well cared for by the very friendly and accommodating staff. Our steward even found a bud vase to hold my Mother's Day rose! The food was great. We tried the anytime dining experience for the first time and enjoyed the flexibility and the chance to meet new people each night. The menu choices and the service were very good. The only complaint about food that I might have is that the food at the grill by the pool was not hot, actually not even lukewarm in the case of my onion rings and my husband's fries. I appreciated the health bar's choices, just wish that bar was more accessible - nearer the "regular" food instead of near the spa. The shows were exceptional! Phenomenal talent - singers, dancers, etc. Probably the best we have seen in our limited cruising experiences. The Neptunes, a mens' a cappella quartet, were outstanding. Could have listened to them all day and night. Note: We heard cruisers asking the same question we had: "Why does it take 3 days to get to Bermuda and only 2 days to get back?" Obviously this is a Celebrity choice. We would much rather have spent an extra day in Bermuda than going around in slow circles in the Atlantic In short, we were glad to be back with Celebrity, the cruising was great, and we had no complaints about our week on the Summit. We were returning to Bermuda after living there 44 years ago and we found LOTS of changes. More and faster traffic, new buildings, more people, and fewer genuine Bermudans with their distinctive accent. The #1 main change is that the ships no longer dock at Hamilton or St. George. Though the new dock at King's Wharf is modern and nice, there is just not the ambience of looking out your window or balcony and seeing the real Bermuda towns and being able to step right out into the hustle and bustle of the streets. King's Wharf is a manufactured place, not the REAL Bermuda. The real shame about the advent of the King's Wharf "culture" is how this seems to be affecting St. George. When we lived there, the streets of St. George were busy with tourists at all hours of the day and night. The White Horse Tavern was hopping till late at night and shops were thriving. Right now, you can tell that St. George, with all its quiet charm, is struggling. Townspeople told us tourists come early and leave early and they don't come in great numbers as in the past. There is so much to see in and around historic St. George and I think many cruisers may be missing things like St. Peter's Church, Ft. St. Catherine, the quaint town square with its stocks, the Perfumery, meandering streets, etc. St. George is the epitome of the old Bermuda. Don't miss it. On the bright side, the transportation system in Bermuda is great - fast, efficient, and on-time. You really don't need any excursions here. It is very easy to explore on your own. We bought a ferry/bus 3-day ticket - very reasonably priced - and used it to get all over the island. Just be careful when stepping off the curb! Remember that they drive on the LEFT side of the road, a hold-over from the days of British rule. We walked a lot so we could visit some of the more out-of-the-way places. Par-de-Ville Park in Hamilton is beautiful and Ft. Hamilton is worth the climb for a fantastic view of Hamilton's harbor. A bus ride along the South Shore gives you a great sense of the island's beauty. Don't forget to stop at Gibbs Hill lighthouse and climb to the top for a bird's eye view of the shoreline. And go to at least one beach to sample the pink sand and hunt for sea glass. John Smith beach is a lovely and quiet place if you want to avoid the crowd at Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Bay, etc. And don't miss photo ops at the many moongates around the island! It was great to not have to worry about money exchange rates. Bermuda accepts USD. Be aware that prices are pretty steep. If you are budget conscious, plan on bringing snacks and water bottles in your backpack or you will spend a bundle for food on the island. We talked to people who dropped $50 on a small lunch at a restaurant near the South Shore. As former Air Force people, we enjoyed the ride on #6 bus that took us through parts of the old Kindley AFB. Many of the military buildings are gone but many are being renovated and repurposed and I applaud all those who are making this possible. In short, the island is still beautiful, the flowers are fantastic, the beaches are pristine, the people are friendly, and shopping is still good. Bermuda is a place that should be on your bucket list. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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