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I just returned from a Celebrity Summit 8 day Cruise that my wife and I booked as an anniversary cruise. Being a long time Celebrity cruiser, I figured this would be just another great vacation on a "Luxury" Cruise ship. What I ... Read More
I just returned from a Celebrity Summit 8 day Cruise that my wife and I booked as an anniversary cruise. Being a long time Celebrity cruiser, I figured this would be just another great vacation on a "Luxury" Cruise ship. What I found was anything but "Luxury". For starters, Celebrity has decided to take another 30% of the main dinning room away and make a new specialty restaurant for its Suit guest. In order to do this, they jammed all the tables in the main dinning room closer together. Basically to the point where you need to squeeze between tables and have to slide your chair out carefully so as not to hit a passenger at the table next to you. To add to this, the Main Dinning room (MDR) has only 7 or 8 waiters serving it, where the new Suite Restaurant has 10 waiters and blue has 7. Basically 7 or 8 waiters to serve 80%-85% of the guest, while 17 or 18 waiters serve the other 15%-20% of guest. The special treatment doesn't stop there though... After you sit, it can take a half hour before your waiter gets you a menu or water or even has time to acknowledge you. After you order, it could take up to 45 minutes to get any food. The food in the MDR now is simple and basic stuff you would expect from your local sports bar or chain restaurant, nothing special or classy or gourmet about it. In fact, it is so bad that the captain and officers prefer the buffet over the MDR. They only showed up at the captains table in the MDR on formal nights. I don't blame them! The food in the buffet was more gourmet and better tasting (not to mention, it didn't take more than an hour to get it to the table). As stated, the cruise line has decided that Suite and Aqua class guest are all they care about. Their restraints had better food, more waiters and were better appointed and decorated. I understand you should get a bit more when you pay more for a suite, but when you buy any room on a cruise, especially one that sells and advertises itself as a "Luxury" cruise, you should at least receive a sign of "luxury" or appreciation for your business. The MDR tables are old and many are wobbly with bad legs or other issues (especially doesn't help when the ship decides to sail through a storm with 70 MPH winds and 30-40 foot waives, but I will get to that). On the second day, my wife and I decided to go to the pool. We spent 20 minutes looking for a lounge chair. We finally found one along side the pool in the blazing hot sun. We walked amongst the hundreds of chairs in better locations (shade) with towels and books placed on them by other passengers who weren't even at the pool at the time or anywhere near the chairs. We placed our stuff down and went to take a dip in the pool. The chairs were in our sight the whole time as we looked at all the chairs that guest had marked for themselves even though they weren't there using them. Kind of selfish if you ask me. After about 20 minutes, a pool butler walked by our chairs and placed a small laminated card down on one of our chairs. I figured it was a menu, being that he had saw us place our stuff on the chairs and also saw us sitting on the side of the pool looking at our stuff. We walked over and found out it was a laminated sign that said "As a curtsy to other guest, we will remove any items left on a chair unattended for more than 30 minute. You may reclaim your stuff at customer relations later." The pool butler did not take our stuff, and our stuff (unlike stuff on the chairs around us) wasn't "Unattended". We were there. I took the card and found the pool butler and asked him why he put that card there when he saw us by the pool. He replied it was a warning card and he did it because we weren't in the chairs. I asked about other chairs that had stuff with people no where around and he said "That stuff belongs to other guest." I continued to ask why those chairs weren't getting the card I got and he told me to not worry about it since he didn't remove my stuff. I pushed further and he finally said that the reason other chairs (with no people around) didn't get the cards was because he didn't know who the stuff actually belonged to and didn't want to remove stuff that may belong to suite guest. But since I was around, and he saw me, he knew who the stuff belonged to and could easily tell me where my stuff was if he did have to remove it. We decided to leave the pool area and go down to the shops where we encountered a rude Australian cashier, who was unhelpful and neglected to tell us (after we spent over $300) that there was a raffle taking place on the cruise and that for every $150 you spend, you get a card to fill out as your raffle ticket. We found this out later in the cruise from a friendly Romanian cashier who was shocked we weren't informed about it by her co-worker. Bad service aside, there were a ton of "private" parties held in public lounges for suite members only, and a ton of other functions for suite members only. Basically if you weren't a suite or Aqua member, you didn't exist on this ship (less than 20% of the cabins are suits and Aqua and most were either sold out or over priced when we were looking to book). Next I will mention Maintenance. While we were in the pool, we noticed some form of algae or other slimy build up on the inside walls of the pool. Showing that it wasn't subbed for atlas a few days. Most lines that I have sailed on empty the pool at night and clean it. This wasn't the case on this ship. The pool was not cleaned the full 8 days. There is also a window above the solarium that is fully shattered and just waiting to fall on someone. It is in the front right corner of the roof of the solarium and is very noticeable. If you are sailing on the summit, look for it, and lets see how long it is before the cruise line fixes it. The canopy above the band stand by the pool was ripped, and was almost torn off on the last sea day when the captain chose to sail through a storm rather than wait it out (like another ship behind us did and was only 3 hours late pulling in to port the following day). Steps on the forward and aft stair cases had rips under them and carpet coming lose. One night my wife almost tripped because of it. Our cabin attendant was excellent, however we had to practically beg him every night for towel animals. Any night we didn't ask, we didn't get them. This was my wives first cruise and I thought it would be a nice thing for her every night. A friend of ours who had an Aqua room got the towel animals every night without asking (better made as well) and so did a friend of his in a suite. Another friend of ours with an inside cabin didn't get towel animals at all. Towel animals don't cost the cruise line anything and I don't see why this is such a hard thing to get your attendants to do. We tried a few specialty dining restaurants while on the cruise and while the food was better than the MDR, it wasn't worth the added $50 per person. Basically, by the end of the cruise I was exhausted from asking for things and seeing suite guest get treated like gold, while none suite guest were treated like they didn't exist. By the last day, I was looking forward to getting off the ship (especially after watching things get tossed around my cabin while we struggled to stand and walk because the captain chose to sail through a storm with 50+ MPH winds and 30 foot waives. In the end, this cruise made it obvious that Celebrity advertises "Modern Luxury" but leave out that it is only for their suite and Aqua class guest. This cruise was far from "Luxury" and "Modern". It appears that Celebrity is trying to bring back the old days of cruising, where first class (suite and Aqua Guest) are treated like gold or royalty and second class (Veranda and Ocean view guest) are treated like trash. I don't even want to know their plans for guest traveling with inside cabins. It is okay to give Suite and Aqua class guest a little more since they pay a little more, but doing it at the expense of other guest is unacceptable. Why should 80-85% of guest be squashed together in the MDR so the 10% of Suite guest and 5% of Aqua guest can have extra space? Why should they have more waiters in each of their dining rooms than the entire rest of the guest have in the MDR? Why does the quality of the food in the MDR have to go down so Suite class food quality can go up? The ships main dining room was not designed to be separated the way they did it, and was not designed to hold all the tables it has for 80-85% of guest in the 60% of the MDR that is left now. Why dose 15% of guest get 40% of the dining space? To add to it all, they removed a port (Tortola) to add an extra sea day and raised their prices almost 25%. So they expect people to pay more for less. The last sea day (Saturday May 2nd) there was a storm (The crew and captain warned it was coming on Thursday April 30). The captain or the cruise line decided to sail through it (despite warnings from weather officials). The ship rock back and forth all day and passengers were sliding into walls as huge waives and high winds tossed the ship around like a toy. Several passengers were pushed into each other as they struggled to walk down the halls. Deck chairs and other objects slid across the decks, plates and cups fell on the floors, and the canopies above the band stand were torn further than they were. Even a few canopies above the aft bar and the suites on deck 6 got a bit torn. The NCL Breakaway was more considerate of customer/ Passenger safety and decided to hold back and wait the storm out. They arrived only 3 hours late to NYC. The summit was sailing at 13 knots, and could have easily waited the storm out and picked up to 20 knots and still made it on time. Disembarkation was even worst. Suite guest and Aqua guest sat in Michael's club and other cafe's and received food, drinks and snacks while they waited to leave the ship. None suite or Aqua guest had to wait in other lounges with no snacks or food or bar services while they waited hours to disembark the ship. If you plan on cruising on the Summit or any Celebrity Ship, and are not going to be in Aqua or a Suite, prepare to experience low quality service. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 5.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness & Recreation 4.5 N/A
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.5 N/A
Service 4.5 4.4
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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